Ape Rising Album Launch with special guests Bicurious & Slouch at The Bowery Dublin

If you are looking for music “you can send men into space to” then Friday night in The Bowery was the place for you. It was Ape Risings’s debut album launch and the five piece were raring to go, ready to blast the ears of the crowd with their unique blend of fiery retro spacey flavoured alternative rock.

Dublin trio Slouch kicked off the night with their raw ruckus sound. Feisty and meaty the tracks are heavy powerful and kick ass. Moody, grungy with a shout and growl here and there teamed with pulverising drums, sharp shredding guitar lines and rumbling prominent bass it’s an impress heavy mosh worthy set. With slick Queens Of The Stone Age- esque wails and sulky melodies backed by shattering instrumentation these guys pack a serious bruising punch. With a simple stance on stage they let their music speak for itself.

Instrumental and experimental duo Bicurious follow with an energetic set of infectious smooth grooves smothered with sweet guitar melodies and hefty doses of mosh ready heaviness. On stage guitarist Taran, who according to himself (jokingly) “turns into an asshole on stage” bounces jumps and bops around. Hair flying everywhere he urges the crowd to move closer to the stage and join in. Their tracks fluctuate between pounding head banding to sweet melodic sways and everything in-between seamlessly. Each track coils, twists, hops and grooves with sharp stinging guitar injections throughout creating a wholly unique experience. The melodies are so rich and lushly textured you can get lost in their set, forgetting the absence of a vocalist and lyrics they still mange to hold your attention. This duo have honed in on their style and perfected it meticulously. From the funky doused new track ‘Sleep’ to the crowd pleaser ‘Sugar Beats’ they deliver a satisfying set that has the crowd in a mad frenzy of dancing wiggling and moshing. These guys have an infectious refined sound all of their own and it’s pretty impressive.

Ape Rising take to the stage. ‘In Their Masses’ begins their set, full sounding with retro wobbly synths, punchy drums, elastic bass and crashing guitars it’s an anthemic start. The tracks fluidly follow each other with little banter between. This five piece belt out their dance alternative rock with ease. The flickering synths add that alien whine and obscurity to the tracks that set Ape Rising apart from the other bands out there. Energetic and passionate the lads pour their entire body and soul into their live set with Johno and Jimmy stopping to wipe their brows with a towel, it’s a sweaty spectacle. With songs about PlayStation games (Space Odyssey), Pac-Man and Fatal Deviation (an Irish martial arts movie) set to dance fuelled mosh ready punchy music with quirky synths it’s a fresh aerial experience. ‘Divide’ slows the tempo, introduced as the track for the “shift… to go in for the strike”. It’s sway-like with sweet harmonies and escalating synths. The five-piece put on a vigorous and spirited show packed with catchy tunes explosive crescendos and humorous banter with a sound that’s unique to them. It’s impossible not to be drawn into the band’s hypnotic whirlpool-world of spacey rock. It’s definitely worth checking them out live.

New Valley Wolves played the after party which though I had an early start the next day I had to stick around for. These guys are just too cool, too slick and fierce and their sound is unbelievable. Professional to the core and oozing fiery shit-hot power this supreme duo are the Dublin kings of rock and roll. Bluesy soaked and mighty, smothered in brawny basslines and skull bashing drums their tunes were crafted in the fiery depths of hell and polished by the devil. Too good for our mere mortal ears. An Epic end to an amazing night.



Fick As Fieves ‘English Weather’

Aldeburgh’s energetic Indie-rock trio Fick As Fieves have released their new single ‘English Weather’. Comprised with members Archie Arthur (Guitar + Bass/Vocals), Harry Campbell ( Guitar + Bass/Vocals) and Richard Aries (Drums) the band have been championed by BBC Introducing in Suffolk, and currently being featured on Spotify’s “HOT NEW BANDS” playlist, they play an upbeat style of indie rock with riff driven ear worms and tight catchy hooks which their growing audience widely recognises as their ‘own’ sound. 2017 has seen the trio release a series of singles which have generated hundreds of thousands of views and streams across many platforms, as well as playing across the UK in many well respected venues and festivals. They have supported the likes of Redfaces and have also appeared on the same bill as Slaves, Madness and Seasick Steve.

‘English Weather’ is an exuberant bouncy ball of slick indie rock. These guys have produced a snappy infectious groovy track that exudes swagger and strut- like flamboyance. Zesty shredding guitars shrill, pierce and lick while punchy peppy drums and elastic bass add a meaty yet flexible texture to the springy track. Each verse brings a new fresh dimension and layer to the sound as they showcase their ductile and proficiently intricate guitar work and musicianship. It’s finger clicking good and catchy as hell while remaining laid back and cool. ‘English Weather’ glides in on a wave of foot shuffling slicked back panache induced rock and roll. It’s a pretty impressive track that blast these guys into the ones to watch list.

Watch the video for ‘English Weather’ below

Fears Chella ‘Lush’

Stoke/Manchester based band Fears Chella have released their new single ‘Lush’. The track follows the success of their last single ‘Girlfriend’, which earned the band playlists slots with Ditto Music, Spotify, Hattie Pearson and Shell Zenner along with BBC Introducing ‘Track of the Week’, support from Huw Stephens on Radio 1 and a plethora of media. With upcoming shows supporting The Big Moon and MISFIRES, whispers of a headline tour around the corner and previous shows headlining a stage at Dot To Dot, slots at Threshold and Sonder Festival as well as slots supporting All Tvvins, Honeyblood, LIFE, King No-One and PINS these guys are really grabbing attention and making their sound heard.

‘Lush’ is a juicy burst of refreshing indie pop. Smooth and breezy these guys glide in on an effortlessly cool wave of sun soaked indie sprinkled pop with a hint of grunge underneath. Dreamy lavish soundscapes swish around sharp guitar stings and a soft bouncy beat. It’s anthemic with a catchy chorus and exhilarating instrumentals. It’s an adrenaline rush of youthful bliss. Sugar coated and sweet yet blustery and raw. Fears Chella keep their sound edgy and polished at the same time to create a hazy dreamy, airy almost chaotic 90’s tinged indie banger. To put it simply it’s well ‘Lush’.

Stream ‘Lush’ below

Feuds ‘Anything I Wouldn’t’

Wicklow band Feuds have released their new single ‘Anything I Wouldn’t’. The track was recorded in the Hot Spot, Greystones and recorded, mixed and mastered by Eoin Whitfield. A beautiful ethereal guitar melody introduces the track followed by gritty heavy crashing guitars and pounding drums. The track finds the perfect blend between sweet and sour as Feuds seamlessly flicker between  luscious delicate guitar melodies and heavy mosh worthy soundscapes. Light and twinkly they excel with intricate nimble blissful guitar lines and wispy dreamy soundscapes. You could relax safe and comfortable in the hazy sun kissed, honey coated guitar refrains. The rumble elastic rhythm gives the track a rippling quality and adds movement and body. The simple vocal melody lets the music speak for itself as it encapsulates and wraps you in its dreamy state. When it’s heavy it’s striking and powerful yet still maintains that hazy structure however a little more fuzzed and darker toned. An impressive track from the Wicklow lads.

Watch the video for ‘Anything I Wouldn’t’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From FAMILY JOOLS

Bristol’s FAMILY JOOLS have release their fourth single ‘American Dream’ on End Of The Trail Records. ‘American Dream’ is blissful sun soaked nostalgia in the form of blistering alternative rock smothered in unadulterated Americana. With a honey drizzled melody that is instantly catchy and euphoric, it’s a sweet luscious two-minute nostalgic dose of heaven. A sharp stinging guitar riff announces this track triumphantly with piercing scorching humidity. Spikey, jagged and a bit The Strokes- esque, its instantly thrilling and wholly satisfying. Punchy drums add a sticky elasticity while smooth vocals coo with a soothing warmth and passion. It’s fiery and tightly knit. This sweltering track exudes soul yet is fresh and modern. There is no doubt about the slick musicianship of these guys.
FAMILY JOOLS are now working on completing their debut LP (still unnamed) which will be released before the end of the year. So, keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, watch the video for ‘American Dream’ below

Delphina Kings ‘Like You’

Manchester-based alternative trio Delphina Kings will release their new single ‘Like You’ this Friday. This slinky, steamy psychedelic smothered track coils and curves with sinister sensual tones between sharp guitars and crashing drums. The verses creep in with eerie spine chilling mystery and crooning vocals. Warped and twisted in a wobbly 60’s psychedelic mirage the track seeps out sensual sultry delusions. With swirling trippy soundscapes that slip through your fingers like quicksilver it’s a hallucinogenic mind-bending prism. Delphina Kings add a rough sharp belt of rock with harsher guitar strides and punchy drums for the thrilling chorus adding a mosh quality to the melty liquefying soundscapes.

Follow Delphina Kings on their socials to listen to the track as soon as it’s released here

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/delphinakings/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/delphinakings

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/delphinakings

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/52g02VODwHXGGJw7eV03Z8


Ben Bateman ’Make Believe’

Ben Bateman is a singer/songwriter from the northeast of UK. He began playing guitar at the age of ten and writing songs at thirteen. He traveled to New Zealand at the age of 17 to perform music and develop his live performance skills, which he brought back to the UK shortly after and began performing at all the folk clubs in the north east. He has recently released his new single ’Make Believe’. Acoustically based it’s a sweet gentle track that warms the cockles of your heart. Feathery light plucked guitar adds a nice little bounce and elasticity while soft percussion fills out the sound creating an uplifting peppy vibe. Reminiscent of a simple barn or pub dance from The Shire (Lord Of The Rings reference) it’s swoony and swishy while having a hop and skip liveliness. Wholesome and pure ’Make Believe’ is quite the joy to listen to and raised my spirits on a very dull morning.

Stream ’Make Believe’ below

 Mellor ‘Bone Idle’

Reading Indie four piece Mellor have released their new single ‘Bone Idle’. The band consisting of members Gary, Sam, Kris, and Josh have had a whole host of national and regional media support from the likes of Absolute Radio, BBC6 Music, BBC Berkshire, BBC London, and BBC Introducing. Labelled by Alt Reading as “one of Reading’s most exciting acts”, they bring a live show packed with high energy, raucous vocals, big guitar riffs, and pounding drums. The bands dedicated following is steadily on the rise thanks to shows up and down the UK sharing stages with the likes of The Kooks, Frankie & The Heartstrings, Carl Barat & The Jackals, Flyte, and The Milk.

‘Bone Idle’ is a snappy infectious buzz filled blast of indie rock. Energetic and high powered it sends shivers down your spine creating groove induced dance and shimmy symptoms. Punchy drums slap against shredding razor sharp guitars while elastic bass rebounds with vigorous stamina. Its fizzing instantly catchy indie rock that explodes with youthful energy and some slick piercing guitar moments. With a delectable melody and anthemic chorus ‘Bone Idle’ is destined to be epic live. Raspy vocals and intricately weaved instrumentation add a nice little gritty texture and multi dimension to the track. Once again Mellor knock it out of the park with this peppy effervescent track. These guys just keep on belting out some pretty slick bangers.

Stream ‘Bone Idle’ below

Atlanta House ‘Cold Love’

Leeds indie rock five-piece Atlanta House have released their new single ‘Cold Love’ which is taken from their upcoming ‘Home’ EP due for release September 29th.The band who have receive slots supporting Circa Waves, Marsicans and King No One, as well as performing Tramlines 2016 and the inaugural Kazoopa Festival in November 2016 have built a reputation in the local music scene through energetic shows and memorable hooks. Consisting of members Matt Hirst (Lead Vocals), Jake Ingleson (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals),Luke Williams (Lead Guitar), Nigel Ngwenya (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals), Connor Carbutt  (Drums & percussion) the band have also released a video to accompany the new single.

‘Cold Love’ is a dark throbbing breezy indie rock track. Thudding drums back a luring eerie verse while guitars glisten and flicker in-between. The chorus blasts in with a catching pop drizzled melody while blistering guitars stride, piercing against rich textured percussion and smooth swagger filled vocals. It’s anthemic and mighty with sharp injections of breezy stinging soundscapes. Passionate and melodic it strikes you with a melancholic melody and powerful intricate instrumentation. The rumbling elastic bass and sliding guitars brings the shadowy bridge to life creating a hair raising effect. The track builds to a massive crescendo featuring soaring instrumentation with crashing guitars and meaty drums. Atlanta House have created a track that is immensely emotive and explosive yet chilling and eerie. Slick and radio friendly it’s polished but maintains enough rawness to keep it sharp and thrilling.

Watch the video for ‘Cold Love’ below

Event News

Oktoberfest Live at The Bowery Rathmines Dublin.

Oktoberfest is a week-long celebration of Food, Drink and Music  kicking off October 2nd to October 8th in The Bowery- taking the best parts of the German / Bavarian traditions and infusing it with Craic agus Ceoil, hosted by Martin Maloney aka Eddie Durkan of The Hardy Bucks its going to be a blast. With the best music Ireland has to offer drenched with tankards of the most luscious traditional Oktoberfest beers, it promises to be a week to remember or not depending on how smashed you get.

The Line-up:

Monday 2nd October – Lisa Canny + Eddie Durkan + The Hit Machine Drummers

Tuesday 3rd October – The Hot Sprockets + MUNKY + Sub Motion

Wednesday 4th October – Paddy Casey + Blackbird & Crow + Jem Mitchell + Sina Theil

Thursday 5th October – Paul Alwright (FKA Lethal Dialect) + Daithi + The Scratch

Friday 6th October – Meltybrains? + Circus Viii + Mik Pyro & The Shogunz Of Stank + Accidents In The Workplace + EHCO + Free Sunshine Acid

Saturaday 7th October – Raglans / Heroes In Hiding / Jamie MacColl (Bombay Bicycle Club) / New Valley Wolves / Creative Crime / Backroad Smokers Club / Fever Solstice

Sunday 8th October – Hardy Bucks Live + GRAND + Bunoscionn + Scally & The Dirty Rats

A pretty impressive line up with something for everyone. We might head down ourselves to check it out.

You can get your tickets here

Tickets – www.thebowery.ie

Check out the event on faceboohttps://www.facebook.com/events/1207347659370416/?ti=cl&__mref=mb



Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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