Mellor ‘Fire on Fire’

Reading indie quartet Mellor have released their new single ‘Fire on Fire’. It’s a catchy number brimming with sweet ear worm melodies, punchy drums and warm blazing guitar moments. This adrenaline pumping anthem bursts with vibrant slick guitar licks and thrilling basslines. Intricate guitar melodies add depth and swagger soaked  in effortless golden scintillation while the raspy vocals flood the track with passion and explosive emotion. With a western-like twang and oodles of rock & roll stamina and panache Mellor have knocked it out of the park again with an infectious rich textured track. These guys have a knack with melody, each track they produce is irresistible to the ear and this one is no different, it’s one to put on repeat.

Stream ‘Fire on Fire’ below

Swedish Death Candy ‘Oh My’

Swedish Death Candy have released their blistering new single ‘Oh My’.Band members Louis Perry (Vocals / Guitar),Francesco Codardo (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Jiwoon Whang (Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals) and Marco Ninni (Drums) are a clashing combination of cultures, boasting members from Italy, South Korea and Britain but they call London their base. The four piece create a heavy blues sound dowsed in heavier psych and its ridiculously good.
‘Oh My’ is a cut throat blast of thrilling psych-pop. It creeps in like an assassin with an innocent organ jangle only to blast you with the most lush rich riveting burst of gritty bluesy riffs distorted over punchy drums and spaced out trippy soundscapes. With a sweet delicate melody, velvety Tame Impala- esque vocals and dense psychedelic swirls it’s a brutal bash of hair raising noise that is euphoric and a mind bending electrifying experience. These guys know what they are doing- slick, tight, red hot sounds smothered with enough distortion and sultry guitar riffs chilled with psychedelic bliss, it’s a crafted work of genius. These guys are fast becoming one of my favourite bands out there at the moment.

Stream ‘Oh My’ below

The Real Fits ‘Roadblock’

Phoenix, Arizona rock band The Real Fits have released their new track ‘Roadblock’, it is the first song they have released with the band in its current form, Raquel Willand (vocals), Nick Smith (bass), Jared Wood (guitar) and Devin Russell (drums) and is also the first song they started working on with producer, Dominic Armstrong.
‘Roadblock’ is a sway-like indie track with subtle reggae hints. Starting with delicate guitar twinkles and a groovy bassline the track eases in with a mellow soft atmosphere. The song builds towards the chorus becoming more raw and sharp. Coated in darker tones with edgy guitar strides and emotional vocals its spine tingling and chilling in parts. You witness the track grow and blossom  with its sweet melody and gentle light instrumentation to start, to a darker hued heavier sound  with stinging splintery guitar bursts. The Real Fits manage to create a track that blends smooth and heavy sounds filled with emotion and passion.
When asked about the track guitarist Jared Wood said
“Roadblock has been on the shelf for a little while and finally working it through has felt incredible. The song took on a heavier sound while remaining delicate. Having a producer with an outside perspective has been a treat, helping us push our songs to their potential. It’s a great feeling to be 100% satisfied with our product and to be so proud of it. We’ll be in and out of the studio regularly for the remainder of 2017 as we continue to push ourselves and our sound.”

Stream ‘Roadblock’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Otherkin

Dublin’s garage-rockers Otherkin have released their new single ‘React’ and it’s a fire cracker. The track comes with the announcement of their much-anticipated debut album ‘OK’, which is set to be released on September 29th.‘React’ is a dirty sweat and leather rock riff driven smasher. Exuding adrenaline and swagger from the opening vocal wails this track is a kick ass atomic bomb blasting through your skull at a powerful mighty force. Blazing guitars shred through the track with piercing zesty sting while punchy drums relentlessly keep the neck snapping pace.The slick infectious melody will give you a sudden fever inducing dose of stuck song syndrome while raspy gritty vocals soaked in attitude pumps a rush of energy through your body. With its frantic pace, shrilling guitars and flickering percussion this track is a blazing example of the fine musicianship from this four piece. Keep an eye out for these guys.
Otherkin will play a Dublin show at The Button Factory, December 15th make sure to check that out its going to be insane.

Watch the video for ‘React’ below


The Rocking Horse Club ‘Straight White Man’

Brighton’s basement rockers The Rocking Horse Club have released their latest single ‘Straight White Man’. The track was recorded in January 2017 with the producer of Demob Happy’s album Christoph Skirl, alongside six other yet to be released tracks.
‘Straight White Man’ is a kick in the nards to gender, sexual and racial imbalance with a catchy rock & roll backdrop. It’s slick and effortlessly cool with a shrilling sharp guitar solo, scuffling punchy drums and jazzy elements. The band shed light on how ridiculous society is. Delivered with tongue in cheek honest black humour its a kick ass brutal Kung Fu attack on the senses. Put all controversy aside it’s good old rock & roll that’s catchy as hell.

Watch the role reversing comic video for ‘Straight White Man’ below

The Struts ‘One Night Only’

UK rock band The Struts have released their new single ‘One Night Only’ on Polydor/Interscope Records. It is the first piece of music to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated follow up to their 2016 debut ‘Everybody Wants’. Formed in Derby, England in 2012, The Struts are Luke Spiller (vocals), Adam Slack (guitar), Jed Elliott (bass) and Gethin Davies (drums).The band have been touring nonstop since forming, including worldwide headlining shows, prestigious festival plays and support slots for The Rolling Stones, The Who, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe and The Killers. The Struts will now be opening the first leg of Foo Fighters’ autumn tour across the US.
‘One Night Only’ is the anthemic big rock track you expect from The Struts. With colossal fire fuelled chorus’ and theatrical bursts its got showmanship written all over it. Spiller’s powerful vocals explode emotion while dramatic guitar strides and punchy drums set a scene of excitement and massive adrenaline filled anticipation. Soaked in comradery with hints of nostalgic tones it’s a classic rock anthem. With a shredding air guitar worthy solo these guys have gone all out to blast us with the biggest rock whopper, filled with mighty spirit and a larger than life persona. It’s ambitious and mighty and is sure to be epic live.

Stream ‘One Night Only’ below

Crow Black Chicken and New Valley Wolves with support from Scally and Stitch Jones at The Workman’s Club Dublin

I was invited to The Workman’s Club last Friday night to see Crow Black Chicken and New Valley Wolves with support from Scally and Stitch Jones.The Workman’s Club is one of my favourite venues so naturally I didn’t refuse. Whiskey in hand I settled down to what promised to be one heck of a show.
Punk rock duo Stitch Jones kicked things off with the resounding rumbling neck snapping frenzy of ‘Beast In The Field’. Dedicating their set to their recently deceased friend Cal Grimes (who wanted to do a hip-hop album, with the lads as the backing musicians called “Space Jones”) they put on an entertaining show of witty remarks and mighty punk rock. The mischievous two piece banter between tracks about tinder dates ( hope it went well for you Watchy),voices in their heads and the wise words “smoke weed except on Wednesday”. The gritty ‘Old Public Firearm’ and lengthy robust  ‘Hold Me Klausly’ showcases their versatility as musicians. The accelerated ‘Innocent Wilson’ finishes their energetic ear popping set with pounding drums and rowdy basslines, These guys do loud rebellious tunes that scream attitude with bruising punk punches while cracking a smile. They are a really entertaining band to watch.
Scally follows. This guy has more energy than a Duracell Bunny on speed. With an Anthony Kiedis- esque persona and a swagger laden ballsy ego he strides in on a tidal wave of boisterous rock n’ roll bravado. His band The Dirty Rats are a slick bunch of lads bringing intricate suave licks and flicks, elastic grooves and body pounding drums. These guys are serious musicians that ooze finesse. Prancing around with a bottle of liquor in hand Scally embodies everything you can imagine when you think of rock n’ roll – sunglasses, attitude and panache. With catchy tracks and such a tight band behind him it’s an entertaining show brimming with insane energy. I was told before the gig  to “watch out for Scally-he’s such a front-man” and for sure he was. I definitely would recommend seeing these guys live.
Scally introduces Dublin’s fiercest rock duo New Valley Wolves. They kick off their savage set with ‘Fire In The Blood’. This set is full of dirty gritty riffs, pummelling drums and the thrilling raw sound that is New Valley Wolves. The enthusiastic crowd howl as Jonny Lucey announces “we are New Valley Wolves” before belting into another pure aggressive rock track. ‘Silver Tongue’ ‘Animal’ and ‘Shake Your Bones’ set the frenzied audience alight. These guys have established themselves as a straight up blood and sweat rock band. ‘Gospel’ has members of the audience bowing in worship, in awe of their magnificence and blood thirsty skull bashing sound. New Valley Wolves deliver a vicious raging set that fills you with a riveting pounding sound that compels you to mosh along in a delirious frenzy. They finish their powerhouse set with the rip-roaring single ‘Trouble’ . These guys never disappoint, always delivering a crushing performance.
The bluesy rock’n roll Crow Black Chicken follow with a hour and a half set of sweet southern twangs and rich accelerated rhythms that will rattle your bones. These guys groove and bop with swagger soaked  euphoric shrills on guitar-  it’s a shaking dancing riot. With bassist Steven McGrath stroking the fretboard of his guitar with a pint these guys have the crowd in the palm of their hand. Audience members do a wiggle flap flap dance while adding the odd chicken neck forward and back movement in there as well. With clap along friendly tracks and humorous banter from Christy O’Hanlon about 1 channel T.V.’s back in 1978 and Kool Aid drinks these guys go down a treat with the crowd. The audience shout for one more song and the trio oblige giving us one last shredding bluesy soaked rock n roll track to send us on our way.

Crow Black Chicken,New Valley Wolves, Scally and Stitch Jones are four bands you really need to see live, flying the flag for no nonsense ballsy rock and roll, all taking it to different levels and directions but delivering on top quality tunes.

Watercolours ‘Feel Tomorrow’

Watercolours are a Cheltenham based indie trio. Band members Conal Kelly, Matt Sharlot and Hamish Woolley have just released their debut single ‘Feel Tomorrow’. This sparkling indie pop track glides in on a sticky beat and breezy sunny soundscapes. Smooth cruising vocals and shimmering synths create a laid back dreamy vibe of bubbliness. It’s a shimmering gleaming bright track with sombre raw undertones. With silky zealous guitar features and wispy hypnotic psychedelic elements it’s instantly likeable and enchanting. Lush backing vocals and sweet sugar-coated melody create a glistening little gem that is succulent and rich. A strong debut from Watercolours as they display a tight well rooted sound and fine musicianship.


Watch the video for ‘Feel Tomorrow’ below

Elephant Bay ‘Everest’

Elephant Bay are a five piece alternative rock band based around Lancashire. Band members Emily (Lead Vocal/Guitar), Bella (Backing Vocal/Guitar), George (Lead Guitar),John (Bass Guitar) and James (Drummer) have released their debut single ‘Everest’. It’s a croony smooth track that burns with a fiery edge and razor sharp guitar stabs while still remaining velvety and fluid. Piercing guitar adds a refreshing sting while steady soft drums and feathery hushed vocals add a soothing creamy texture. With haunting dark tones smeared on top, this track is raw, passionate and striking. Refined production and proficient writing create a strong solid debut from the five piece. Elephant Bay are in the process of recording a debut EP to be released in later 2017 so keep an eye out for that.

Stream ‘Everest’ below

Lana Del Rey ‘Groupie Love’ and Summer Bummer’

Global superstar Lana Del Rey has unveiled two new singles ‘Groupie Love’ and ‘Summer Bummer’ with further details of her upcoming studio album ‘Lust For Life’ which is set for release July 21st via Polydor Records. Alongside the full tracklist and list of featured artists, ‘Lust For Life’ is now available to pre-order which will unlock instant downloads of her new singles.
‘Groupie Love’ featuring A$AP Rocky is sweet smooth dreamy coated retro tinged pop. Del Rey’s reverb glazed vocals croon with a sultry soft sweetness while breezy wispy soundscapes and pulsing beats create the perfect narcotic backing. It’s majestic and beautiful gliding with elegance around A$AP Rocky’s rap which adds a favourable dose of hip hop swagger.
‘Summer Bummer’ has a heavier hip hop influence with snappy floppy beats and a larger verse for guests A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti. Del Rey croons with a smokey lull and sultry swagger. Backing vocals wail adding a ghostly haunting atmosphere to the dark drenched track. This track gives us a summer haze with a shadowy opaque stained hue. Lana Del Rey presents us with two new luscious dreamy tracks with ‘Groupie Love’ and Summer Bummer’.

Including the already-released singles ‘Love’ and ‘Lust For Life’, the full album tracklist is as follows:
1. Love
2. Lust For Life (ft. The Weeknd)
3. 13 Beaches
4. Cherry
5. White Mustang
6. Summer Bummer (ft. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti)
7. Groupie Love (ft. A$AP Rocky)
8. In My Feelings
9. Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind
10. God Bless America – And All the Beautiful Women In It
11. When The World Was at War We Kept Dancing
12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (ft. Stevie Nicks)
13. Tomorrow Never Came (ft. Sean Ono Lennon)
14. Heroin
15. Change
16. Get Free

Stream ‘Groupie Love’ and ‘Summer Bummer’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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