Indie Buddie Introducing: The Ringards

The Ringards are a newly formed band based in London made up of four members, Freddie (lead guitar), Gary (bass), Koby (drums) and Enzo (lead vocal and rhythm guitar).Since forming a few months ago they have been busy self-producing their songs in a small shed in one of the member’s flat. The band have played a warm up gig in France with members of the French band Papooz, where they received positive feedback and were offered a potential support slot with them for their second album. The band have also had a slot on a local radio, the Boogaloo radio, where they played The Ringards track, ‘Stay Where You Stand’. The four piece have now released their new single ‘CPS’.

‘CPS’ is honest pure vintage British indie with a rawness that evokes a cold bitter chill on your shoulders. It’s melodic with sluggishly laid-back verses that make you just want to lie there and listen, soaking up the nonchalant melancholic vibe. The chorus however explodes with shredding razor-sharp guitars that wound with a jagged shrilling sting while punchy drums erupt into spirited intense dynamism. The guitars sweet melodic melody comforts and soothes through the crisp blunt icy verses. These guys deliver an intoxicating sound that swallows you up and consumes you in the emotion of the track then whacks you back with a vibrant instrumental bashing. It’s an impressive sound from this newly formed band.

Stream ‘CPS’ below

Mowbeck ‘Crawl’

Nottingham based Mowbeck have returned with their highly anticipated new single ‘Crawl’. The track was self recorded, produced and mixed by the band’s guitarist Phil Clark after the band had moved to London and run out of money to afford professional studio time. Sighting influences from the moody sway of the Cardigans to the arena rock vibe of Muse, the band decided to push themselves out of the exclusive rock/pop bubble that they’d previously fallen into.Their previous release ‘The Basement’ raised their profile significantly after being chosen by BBC Radio 1 as their ‘Introducing Track of the Week’ in June. A run of touring dates followed as the band continued to build their following on the unsigned scene selling out shows in London, Nottingham and Sheffield.

‘Crawl’ is a darkly hued indie rock track swirling in thick murky soundscapes and a light pop melody scattered on top. Wandering keys add a haunting elegance while punchy drums and deep mysterious vocals give a spine chilling eeriness. The chorus lightens the ominous atmosphere by drizzling a nice dose of catchy pop into the cryptic concoction. Strong shudders on bass build a multi-layer into the track while biting guitars and churning electronics flood the track with a chilling psychedelic haze of distortion and delusion. These guys have crafted this track meticulously building each layer with care to create a thrilling and eerie listen that still smacks with a decent amount of pop infectiousness.

Stream ‘Crawl’ below

Sea Girls ‘Heavenly War’

Arriving in London via Leicestershire and Kent alternative rock band Sea Girls have released their new single ‘Heavenly War’. Following quickly on the heels of the R1 approved (Annie Mac/Huw Stephens/BBC Introducing) ‘What For’, their new single ‘Heavenly War’ furthers the bold claim that Sea Girls are one of the most reliable new bands for penning these instant indie-disco, festival ready anthems. Written and fronted by Henry Camamile, ‘Heavenly War’ now follows ‘Call Me Out’, ‘Lost’, and ‘What For’ as another timely example of what this young British band are capable of.

‘Heavenly War’ is mouth watering indie pop at its best. This track bursts with juicy vibrant guitars jaggedly striding through a sticky elastic beat. The vibrant vocals and luscious melody are dripping in a sugary sweetness that will leave you craving for more. It’s sun kissed refreshing and vibrant. The flexible bassline slaps and rebounds through the infectious melody creating a rich luscious texture that is like honey to the ears. It’s a well-crafted, succulent track that rushes with youthful adrenaline and luminosity. It’s sing along ready and one for large crowds bellowing back at festivals. This four piece have crafted a sound that is heart racing, intoxicating, elevating and fist pump ready while flooding with a delicate sweet sense of nostalgia. Keep an eye out for these guys.

When asked about the track Henry Camamile said: “This song is about that weirdly exciting but quite difficult conflict of feelings and events that makes our lives worth living. Ultimately describing that moment when you feel the best about life. I think it’s a really positive message.”

Sea Girls return to the road in February 2018 for their first headline tour of the UK including an opening night at London’s Omeara on the 1st February. You can catch them live at:

1st February – Omeara, London

2nd February – Exchange, Bristol

3rd February – The Cookie, Leicester

8th February – Deaf Institute, Manchester

9th February – Community Room, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

10th February – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Stream ‘Heavenly War’ below


Jack Woodward ‘Higher’ EP

North-West singer-songwriter Jack Woodward has released his second EP ‘Higher’.  With his lead single ‘Higher’ receiving confident support from tastemaker radio stations such as Amazing Radio & BBC Introducing he follows through with his full EP demonstrating his electrifying sound to establish himself as one of the UK’s most promising new singer-songwriters. Like many great singer-songwriters, Woodward has been brought up on a strong musical diet. His musical palette has since developed to the likes of Newton Faulkner, Tom Odell, John Mayer and Foo Fighters, igniting his great passion for song writing.

‘Higher’ is a triple strike of what Woodward does so well. Title track ‘Higher’ is a strong example of his fine pop musicianship. The catchy chorus swooshes in with a surge of emotion exuding through Woodward’s passionate vocals and lush backing vocals. It’s a delicately paced track that spends time gently trickling emotion throughout the verses before building into the gushing chorus. Elegant piano accompaniment introduces the track while strong chords add stability. With stinging melancholic guitars lifting the crescendo, it’s an uplifting powerful piece that sets this EP off to a great start. Woodward is intent on showcasing his wide scope and multi genre style as each track shifts subtly between genres. ‘Pray’ displays the pop electronic flavour to this delicious Neapolitan ice cream -like EP. With a lighter bouncier feel, this snappy little ditty is fresh and crisp. Flashing electronics teamed with a sticky beat and luscious melody create a summer ready anthem. Woodward maintains his dark deeply emotional undertones; however, he wraps it in a pretty energetic little bow that charms and sparkles delicate bursts of luminosity. ‘Seven Seas’ is a little more alternative and definitely takes the darkest tone of the three tracks. This track marries the themes of both its predecessors and takes a fiery anthemic fist pump approach. Woodward’s vocals are deeper and dynamic as the shadowy instrumentation of bubbling basslines and jagged guitars add a conflicting vibe like a storm of uncertainty and agitation. It’s haunting and a little eerie but a mighty end to the EP.

Woodward has built a strong three point attack that displays his flexibility and versatility as an artist. His impressive depth and maturity teamed with refined prudent musicianship makes this singer songwriter stand out.

Stream ‘Higher’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Bad Lungs.

Bad Lungs are a garage/punk band from North London. The band comprised of members Tom Rowlett(vox/ Guitar), Frank Lada (Guitar), Dominic Sennet (Bass), Winfred Kent (Keys) and Chris Britain (Drums) have released their debut single ‘The DT’s’ which the five piece self released and pressed themselves.

‘DT’S’ is a vicious bombardment of garage punk, relentlessly wacked out at a neck breaking pace creating the ultimate dizzying hyper assault to the senses. With vocal howls that spit and snear, shrilling guitars that whine pierce screech and wail teamed with pummelling drums it’s a mammoth cyclone ready for those sticky blood thirsty mosh pits. Its fast-heavy garage rock played dexterously and ferociously by this quintet. Ghostly keyboards eerily creep while meaty guitars stride and stomp with raging hysteria. It’s a force to be reckoned with topped off with thrilling distortion bashed along with mighty powerful drumming. This beast of a track shoots you with such a high voltage it will take days to recover.


Stream ‘DT’s’ below

Moon Loves Honey ‘Lonely Day’

Moon Loves Honey is a dream rock band from Aarhus, Denmark. On February 26th 2016 their debut EP ’Apart’ was released on Tapetown Records to great acclaim.Following the release of the EP the band toured Denmark and has since released two singles. One of which was ‘Before I Crash’ which was chosen by Danish national radio as a standout track and was subsequently aired as the band was interviewed by media from cities all over the world, such as NYC, London and Barcelona. Their debut album entitled ‘You Drift Away From Me’ will be released in April, the new material brings their music in a new direction, with the incorporation of electronics and synths, without losing the ethereal vibe. Jeppe Dengsø writes all of the music and records all instruments except for about half of the drum tracks in the studio along with guitars, bass, synths and vocals. Live the band takes on members Ludvig Kastberg on drums both in the studio and live, Albert Burchardt on synths and Johan Gudmandsen on bass. The band have just released their lead single ‘Lonely Day’ from their forthcoming debut album ‘You Drift Away From Me’.

 ‘Lonely Day’  is a swoony dreamy immensely mellow little gem that exudes chill vibes and lusciousness. With a buoyant elasticity on bass teamed with a soft light bounce on drums this track takes you to a groovy cloud of marsh mellowness. Twinkling synths caress the delicate soothing vocals while ethereal guitars lift the track into a hazy beautiful state of utopia. This magical track shimmers with an airy purity and joyous luminosity. The refined production and musicianship creates a track that is laid back- it takes its time giving the listener a smooth creamy angel delight to bop and dance to. Light and fluffy this track wisps around with happy little bursts between the silky scrumptious texture.

When asked about the track Jeppe Dengsø  said: “It’s a groovy, chill and dreamy track about loneliness caused by the absence of someone special. About finding comforting happiness in the sadness of not being able to do anything but think of this person”

Stream ‘Lonely Day’ below

Dead Vibrations ‘On A Sunday Morning’

Dead Vibrations burst onto the booming Stockholm music scene in 2015 and have been flying the flag high for Scandinavian shoegaze ever since. Their dark and gloomy noise pop channelling a mix of visceral Mary Chain-esque guitars, droning psychedelia a la Spacemen 3 and even Seattle grunge at times – resulting in a reverb-drenched sound that manages to sound both unapologetically indebted to its influences yet completely modern. Having spent the last couple of years touring Europe, bringing their blistering live show to venues and psych fests across the mainland, and releasing just two releases – their debut 12″ EP ‘Reflections’ and 2017s 7″ single ‘Swirl/Sleeping In Silver Garden’ – Dead Vibrations have signed to London imprint Fuzz Club Records for the release of their self-titled debut album, due for release January 26th. To kick-start 2018 the band have released their crushing second single from the album, ‘On A Sunday Morning’.

‘On A Sunday Morning’ is a thunderous assault of dizzying noise pop concealed among a swirling intoxicating blur of shoegaze guitars and blinding psychedelia. Razor sharp guitars pierce through the track drenched in stinging acid as they scorch and blaze between pulverising drums. Its hazy delusional psychedelic soundscapes swivel and swirl like a hypnotic dazed invasion on your senses while lo-fi vocals echo throughout soothing the dazzling soundscapes. Using a sublime amount of shrilling distortion the band create a trippy relentlessly biting track wrapped in a frenzy coating of buzz fuelled darkness. With a gloomy moody tone propelling the track and forming its thick sulky fuzz tainted foundation it’s still surprisingly light and zesty. Dead Vibrations have found the perfect blend of dynamized, shrilling psychedelia and smooth hazy pop to create an invigorating kinetic track.

Stream ‘On A Sunday Morning’ below


MUNKY ‘7am’

Grungy-disco four-piece MUNKY have released their new single ‘7am’. With an oh so smooth funky intro of soft taps and sweet backing vocal croons ‘7am’ glides in, swagger soaked locked and loaded to flood your ears with bluesy drenched bliss. With a moody bass line and mellow twinkles on guitar to start they ease you into the laid back sombre filled track. The song builds becoming more gritty and expressive as scratchy slivers of guitar wail and whine over an elastic rhythm. These guys know how to deliver a clean cut, crisp track while blurring it with wobbly psychedelia and adding a healthy dose of fuzz on top. Zachary Stephenson’s vocals agonise while slick grooves and sizzling riffs cruise in with bluesy sensuality and panache. The track builds to a massive instrumental crescendo that pierces through you with an intense jolt of electricity. Smothered in dark tones it’s a heavy hitter and who doesn’t love a good “do do do” lyric. These guys are maturing nicely if you thought their sound was good before check ‘7am’ out and be prepared to be blown away. Such refined production meticulous musicianship and intense sultry energy all packed into one perfectly timed brooding track. So good.

Watch the video for ‘7am’ here


Juniper Nights ‘Human Rush’ EP

Juniper Nights are a four-piece alternative rock band that formed in Oxford at the start of 2017. Founded entirely online through a musician finding website, the band consists of James Gallagher (Vocals/Guitar), Zach Wilmott (Guitar), Rob Crussell (Bass), and Tom Lindsay (Drums).Their first single, `So So Kelly’ featured as a first play on BBC Introducing, Oxford, and has been played on the radio as far afield as Honolulu, Hawaii. The band will be releasing their debut EP, ‘Human Rush’, in February 2018, and will be supporting the release with a UK tour in January and February.
‘Human Rush’ blends heavy mosh ready guitar shredding tracks with subtle tender gems effortlessly, creating a seamless quilt of raw emotion and sweet moments that hold a brooding sombre silence among the beautiful melodies.‘All At Once’ kicks off the EP grabbing the bull by the horns. Jagged guitars roughly shred through the track while punchy rumbling drums belt and wallop creating the perfect mosh ready atmosphere. The melody and vocal line smoothly cruise through the verse with a hint of R.E.M blended with Radiohead vibes which creates a moody dark brooding atmosphere that seeps and creeps with gripping mystery. It’s ominous and haunting yet thrillingly sharp and powerful. The rest of the EP becomes soft and lamentably sweet. ‘Antidote’ twinkles with a frosty guitar accompaniment and melancholic piano feature. It’s a chilly sombre and honest display that fills you with bitter emotion. Juniper Nights showcase their beautiful melody skills within this EP and striking ability to cut deep with their tracks. ‘Bloodflow’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ feature some beautiful guitar moments that glow and add a tear jerking warmth to the tracks. The vocals are tender and passionate yet gentle and exuding emotion. Swirling gentle soundscapes rush through the tracks delicately as Juniper Night display a sophisticated sound- raw and powerful, intricate,nimble and extremely emotive.’ Lemonhead’ closes the EP with a charming guitar jingle to start interrupted with crashing instrumentation fragments between the delicate soundscapes. This track keeps you on your toes. It lulls you into a melancholic dreamy state before shocking you out with harsh shrilling jabs.
‘Human Rush’ is an impressively refined collection of tracks with lyrics that express the harsh raw open wounds of the themes backed by remarkable instrumentation and fine musicianship. It’s a grown-up EP -serious precise and well crafted.

Stream ‘Antidote’ below

Zach Leon ‘Sail Away Heart’ Album

23-year-old pop-indie singer Zach Leon has recently released his full-length album entitled ‘Sail Away Heart’. Leon is an alternative artist originally from Kansas City. He was front man for a rock band called ‘Project Zero’ in his earlier years. Leon released his first solo EP ‘The Great And Terrible’ in  2016 which lead to music videos, local recognition and a growing fan base.

‘Sail Away Heart’ devotes itself to gloriously triumphant anthems like the richly textured ‘California (Girls Don’t Sing)’ with its lush rhythm, snappy catchy melody and superb sing along chorus. ‘The Villain’ follows this pattern with a jazzy vintage piano feature introducing the track before it blasts into a fiery anthem of crashing instrumentation and mighty vocals. Leon uses every weapon in his arsenal to offer up a wide assortment of genres from heavy alternative tunes to the sweet doo wop 50’s- esque romantic elegance of ‘A + K’ and the tipsy swayable ‘Drunk Eggs’ .The first half of the album glides and flows with delicacy and warmth with ‘Sad Tonight’ acting as the acoustic little charmer which displays Leon’s ability to hold your attention with a simple arrangement, beautiful melody and captivating lyrics. The sweet little jingle of ’Sailawayheart pt. 1’ marks the end of that delicate tone as ‘Pretentious Love’ shakes up the album with an alternative rock heaviness. Shouty vocals swear and scream with attitude while guitars crash and drums pound throughout. ‘Fight Me’ smashes through with punk attitude demanding attention with its infectious mosh ready bounce. These particular tracks add a rough and tumble edge to the album making for an invigorating listen. I love the short little interludes in the album ‘Sailawayheart Pt. 2’ and closing track ‘Sailawayheart pt. 3’ are just sweet little dittys you could put on a loop, they are peppy and refreshing.

‘Sailawayheart’ is a refreshing array of beautiful romantic tunes covered in a warm glow and tenderness with some feisty rock and punk whacks thrown in. Leon blends his multi genres well slipping and sliding between genres showing the highs and lows of life and the magical glimpses between. An impressive collection from this young singer songwriter.

Stream ‘Sailawayheart’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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