The Assist ‘Give It To Me’

Indie four piece The Assist have released their new single ‘Give It To Me’. These guys have had a massive impact on 2017 since their debut EP, ‘Trouble’ was released. Their recent single, ‘Wonderful’, made the Spotify Viral 50 and they’ve played sets at Isle of Wight, Reading + TRNSNT (Jack Rocks/This Feeling) as well as support slots with Blossoms, Rat Boy and The Twang. ‘Give It To Me’ fleshes out their infectious blend of indie rock sprayed with danceable grooves and enough energy to have a live audience going crazy. Infectious melodies are coated in biting guitars and rich shakeable rhythm. Drenched in attitude it’s a no-nonsense belter that is insanely catchy. Just that “do do do” backing lyric will have you hooked – you will have to prise it from you brain. Upbeat immensely energetic and fresh these guys shake thing up with a simple tune that radiates bright scintillation while also packing a nice bit of grit and punch to keep it interesting. Slick guitar lines and groovy bass add a touch of swagger and greasy slickness while the spoken lyrics add a smack of Brummy attitude.  Fine track from the four piece.

Watch the video for ‘Give It To Me’ below

The Curious ‘Gentleman’

The Curious are an Indie/Alternative band from London. The five piece consists of members Dominic Smith (Lead Vocals), Sam Roberts (Drums), Lewy Rutherford (Guitar and Vocals), James Cooper (Guitar and Vocals) and Alexander Nuti (Bass). They have released a video for their track ‘Gentleman’ taken off their ‘Electric Sheep’ EP. This infectious snappy ditty bops, hops and shakes with refreshing zing and swagger oozing indie. It’s an intoxicating guitar driven slice of slick, musicianship from the shredding razor-sharp guitar solos and jagged stinging riffs to the sticky elastic rhythm that rebounds and springs with a glutinous vitality. With a melty delicious melody and slick panache drenched vocals, its sure to get those feet tapping and body grooving in no time. Animated, extremely energetic and likable its one to put on repeat, let everything go and dance around the room to. These guys have a tight refined sound that is so cool, slick and fun all while packing some luscious melodies with sophisticated snazzy instrumentation. Keep an eye out for these guys.


Watch the video for ‘Gentleman’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Enola Fall

Enola Fall are an Australian indie rock, pop band formed in Tasmania in 2001, now currently based in Portland, USA. They have released their new single ‘London’ from their upcoming album ‘Bloodhound’ which is being released next year. The album was recorded with Lachlan Mitchell who produces the Jezabels. This striking slow-jam boasts Muse-esque flavours wrapped in subtle elements of mystique. It creeps in with a catchy jingly hook that sends chills up your spine. Joe Nuttalls cold and expressive vocals exude intense passion and repressed agony. He simmers between his sweet falsetto and deep eerie range creating a mysterious and emotionally tearing atmosphere. The soundscapes are light and breezy with haunting ghostly backing vocals and flickering soundscapes. It’s well-crafted as the track slithers in gently building to the extremely emotive anthemic chorus. These guys make the most of the instruments at their disposal creating a track that is icy, captivating and emotionally charged. With crisp freshness created by guitar whines swirling around the biting raw soundscapes and melty melody, its cleverly thought out. All of this backed by a punchy durability on drums Enola Fall’s ‘London’ gradually and meticulously wriggles and bleeds right up to the massive powerhouse chorus. It’s a little gem.

Watch the video for ‘London’ below

A Chat With : Meltybrains?

We sat down for a chat with Tadhg Byrne, Brian Dillon, Donnacha O’Malley and Ben McKenna ( who joins half way through) from Meltybrains? before their show at Oktoberfest in The Bowery Rathmines. We talked about their crazy live shows, having children and the lads treated us to a…. unique rendition of the Irish National anthem.

Watch the interview here


The Bridport Dagger ‘Wolves’

The Bridport Dagger have released their new single ‘Wolves’ which was recorded at Brixton Hill Studio. Band members Chaz Foster (Bass and Guitars), Lawrence Rice (Guitars), Neil Walsh  (Viola), Jason Idnani-Powdrill (Vocals, Guitars) and Arran Goodchild (Drumming, Keys, Percussion) have created a track so stirring and hair raising it will  leave you on the edge of your seat, constantly looking around for something to jump out of the shadows and get you. ​

‘Wolves’ enters with palpitating guitars quivering over rumbling drums as frontman Jason Idnani-Powdrill’s vocals shudder with an eerie theatrical tremble. It’s cinematic and dramatic as scurrying guitars build tension while the lyrics deliver an ominous narration. The music paints a picture like your watching a pistols at dawn western between dark mysterious characters. The blood curdling suspense tells you this story won’t end well. It’s a chilling goosebump inducing rush of adrenaline. Smothered in delectably enticing drama and a thrilling apprehension of this harrowing dooms day, it’s a captivating tale depicting the breathtaking cusp of demise. These guys contain an intense surge of anxiety and urgency in this four minute track relentlessly bombarding you with a slick swaggered rush of panic and terror. It’s well crafted, dark yet seductive and blood thirsty but sounds like it was made for a Tarantino movie. A riveting listen.

The band will soon be heading back to the studio in November to record songs for their debut album and judging from this track it’s going to be heart stopping and amazing.

Stream ‘Wolves’ below

Swine Tax ‘Feels Like’

Newcastle upon Tyne based noisy, artsy indie-rock trio Swine Tax have released their fourth single ‘Feels Like’. Taking influence from Pavement, the National and Parquet Courts, Swine Tax continually strive to create music prolifically and unerringly explore new sonic and emotional territory – an ethos which is underpinned by their commitment to writing, recording and mixing every song independently. The track was largely written and recorded during the band’s intensive August residency at the iconic Sage Gateshead music venue, having been chosen from artists across the north-east of England to compose new material in their time there. Born out of these productive sessions, this latest single perhaps provides the most accurate representation of Swine Tax’s unpredictable, emotional and, at times, euphoric live performances.

‘Feels Like’ is a woozy spin of blusterous indie rock. Beginning disguised as a croony, hazy, dream pop tune with a smooth guitar jingle and soft beat doused in a sun kissed melody. The track builds becoming more intense and sharp. Crashing guitars shrill and smash against boisterous pounding drums and strident soundscapes add a piercing razors edge. With a playful vocal delivery and boppy bubbly exterior it’s instantly likeable. The splintery guitar solo radiates golden flashes of scintillation while still piercing with a shrilling sting. Upbeat and fizzy it has all the elements of a perfect indie rock track.

Stream ‘Feels Like’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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