Harrison Rimmer ‘Veins’ Video Premier

Hailing from Blackpool, Harrison Rimmer has released his new video for the single ‘Veins’. His gruff, passionate sounds have resonated with many over the years and the passionate emotional hard hitting single ‘Veins’ follows this legacy. The track deals with personal themes and ideas that many can relate too, whatever their career, including depression and battling against self-doubt. This anthem-like track is coated in fiery gritty rock and motivating tones. Mighty punchy drums and blistering razor sharp guitar add electrifying energy and sizzling heat to this dynamic track. Soothing raspy vocals cool the track and add grit and texture.

The video displays Rimmer singing next to a frustrated artist while he tries to create his masterpiece growing increasingly frustrated with his attempts to achieve his desired painting. As he tears sheet after sheet of paper off he turns to Rimmer to shout about his dissatisfaction. Finally the artist looses it and begins to punch his canvas and throw it around in anger.

When asked about the track Rimmer said

“Following the release of my third EP, ‘C’ and the tour that followed, I found myself in a place I haven’t been before; the tour was so much fun and a great experience but I was burnt out from playing so many shows in a year and among other things going on I ended up getting writer’s block. It was my first battle with it and it nearly drove me to quit music because it wasn’t fun anymore.I felt that what I was doing with my music was hurting people I really loved and cared about. I kept battling through it and I ended up with this song, This song is for anyone who feels trapped, feels like they can’t do anything or keep getting put down.”

Watch the video for ‘Veins’ below

Billy Moon ‘Different Song (Same Girl)’

Ontario, Canada’s garage rock phenom Billy Moon has released the video for his single ‘Different Song (Same Girl)’​ which is taken off the recently released EP ‘That Which You Can’t Throw Away’. This track is raspberry ripple ice cream, smooth and luxurious with a feathery light sway  and dreamy tones. Velvety swoony vocals coo with a delicate charm against sharp guitar chords and cushioned beats. Its an almost doo whop delight with an effortless  daydreaming glide. Elegant and simple but oh so good and satisfying. The edged guitar adds a rough texture to the wispy flurrying track while the creamy falsetto vocals and sweet  luscious melody give a silky cotton candy smothered swagger that compels you to put the track on repeat and let your mind drift into a hazy dreamy euphoria.

Watch the video for ‘Different Song (Same Girl)’ below

Jack Woodward ‘Let it Happen’

Jack Woodward is an Indie singer-songwriter from Warrington and living in Manchester.He has released his new single ‘Let it Happen’ which is the first single release since his debut EP ‘Fly Away’ and displays Woodwards indie / band sound. It was recorded with Sugar House (producers), who have worked on Viola Beach (Swings and Waterslides) and Pale Waves records. It is likely to be the first single to his next 4-track EP, which he is looking at releasing later this year. Woodward supported the band 706s at the Manchester Academy and Rae Morris at her sold out show at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. He released his debut EP ‘Fly Away’ in November 2016 with a launch event at Gullivers, Manchester (performing with a backing band). ‘Fly Away’ EP was #2 best-selling singer-songwriter album on iTunes pre-order chart and #82 on the singer-songwriter itunes chart on its release day. ‘Honey’ the lead song on the EP was nominated for Best Song of 2016 by Best of British Unsigned while the single ‘Fly Away’ has been played multiple times on Amazing Radio.
‘Let it Happen’ is a display of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bubbly indie. Glowing and radiant with bursts of rich sprightly guitar. Its that fun cheerful and immensely energetic track that makes you want to dance around the room. With the frolicsome bouncy rhythm building into a mighty powerful chorus, its a spirit lifting “scream the lyrics as loud as you can” feel good track that is infectious. Woodward’s dynamic strong vocal lifts the chorus into another dimension. If your feeling glum put this track on, let it all go and dance like a fool. You will feel better.
Stream ‘Let it Happen’ below

Indie Quick Picks


Genre: alt-rock

Bio: Veins is the new project of Stevie Rees, Scott Warner and Dan Appleyard, who have toured the UK, Europe and Japan in bands as diverse as The Junket, Defenestration and Acoda playing everywhere from pubs to major festivals and arenas. Veins brings together their combined experience and influences to create a band and sound that is greater than the sum of its parts.
For their debut release, the band have been in the studio with legendary producer Russ Russell (The Wildhearts, Napalm Death, New Model Army) who has added a stadium-ready gloss to their anthemic, yearning rock.

Track: Ambi

Why we Like It: its a captivating piece of epic alternative rock. Mighty and airy with ethereal guitar lines that sweep you up into their brooding breezy atmosphere. The absorbing gritty vocals pull you into this gripping emotionally deep track while the pounding drum patterns add brawn and a potent punch.

Follow Veins on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/veinsbanduk
Watch the video for Ambi below

 The Magic Es

Genre: rock n’ roll

Bio:  Since forming in 2014, The Magic Es, Pete Thompson (Vocals/Guitar), Jasper Stainthorpe (Bass), Stuart Catchpole (Drums/Vocals) and Phil Woods (Guitar) have been busy. All lifelong musicians with world tours, top 40 singles and a wealth of musical experience under their belts, the boys came together after a chance meeting at a wedding led to them finding common ground in the simple pleasures of classic records and punkish rock n’ roll.

Track: Running Scared,
When asked about the song frontman Pete Thomson said :
“It’s about the oldest topic in town – love & relationships. It’s about a relationship I was in that ended many years ago. I should be thankful, as it produced a few good tunes that have made it into Magic Es sets. For me it’s the bass and drum groove at the beginning that really set up the song and once we’d got that down it flowed quickly. Funnily, the “La, la, la” chorus was supposed to have words but the first time we gigged it I forget them so improvised – it seemed to work so we kept it in!”.

Why we Like It: Its gritty punchy rock that blends out into a bright friendly anthem. Tight harmonies, blistering guitar and a melody that will have you singing along to that “La la la” in no time.

Follow The Magic Es on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/wearemagicuk
Watch the video for ‘Running Scared’ below

Follow our Indie Quick Picks Playlist on Spotify here

Fighting Caravans ‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’

Leeds alternative rock band Fighting Caravans have released their new single ‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’ by cult label, Clue Records. After sets at Leeds and Reading Festival in 2016, band members Daniel Clark (Lead Vocals), Roff James (Guitar), Cinnamon Lees (Bass), Ali Fletcher (Guitar) and Joshua Hagzenberg (Drums) have gained a reputation as an explosive live band which is exemplified by the accompanying music video made up of clips from their most recent headline tour of Europe in October. The band have recently completed a stint recording at the renowned, The Nave, and plans are in place for an even bigger 2017 having already announced appearances at a number of Festivals, including Outlines and Blue Dot.
‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’ is a venomous attack cloaked in smooth eerie tones and a slick glossy flow. This psychedelic acid trip wails with shrilling distorted guitar and a bitter fierce lyrical sting. Soft lush backing vocals add a ghostly haunting quality while that razor sharp  guitar shines with spine chilling flare and animation right into the kick ass riveting solo. The stirring malleable bass is shiver inducing-ly sinister. The track sweeps with their melodic yet vicious creepy territory with nods towards Nick Cave, The Walker Brothers and The Last Shadow Puppets. The track is lush and sublimely layered with dark tones and grippingly intense instrumentation. A chilling and thrilling must listen from Fighting Caravans. Watch out for theses guys.
Watch the video for ‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’ below

Event News : Check out Ditto Live Event, Liverpool



Award-winning independent global music distributor, Ditto Music has announced  the launch of its first major live event  Ditto Live  which will take place in Liverpool on Friday 24th March 2017.  Hosted by BBC Introducing’s Dave Monks, Ditto Live will showcase some of the best independent artists and record labels from across Merseyside and will take place in Liverpool’s Camp and Furnace; a venue which has previously hosted Psychfest, Liverpool Biennial and the city’s Music Week’s Closing Party.

See the full live line up here :


The Wicked Whispers



Little Triggers

The Sneaky Nixons

The Mono LPs

Oya Paya




Venus Demilo

Neil Noa


“Musically Liverpool is buzzing at the moment and already there are things in place for 2017. I am looking forward to hosting Ditto Live, they have announced XamVolo as the headliner who has a voice that we first spotted two years back with his Binary in Blue EP. Since then he has been getting lots of support from BBC Introducing and Radio 1 and recently signed to Decca. The night is building up to be a top night of local music with a selection of bands we have supported on the radio during 2016.”  Dave Monks, BBC Introducing

Liverpool is renowned for its music culture. From its celebrated history of producing legendary bands, to its current thriving independent music scene; Ditto Live will stay true to the city’s long-held love of music and aims to showcase and celebrate the best local artists in the heart of the city.

Ditto Music is a global digital distribution and record label services company servicing over 100,000 artists and labels across the world. Their services include music distribution to major stores like iTunes and Spotify, chart eligibility, royalty collection and online promotion. Ditto’s record label services handle accounts for major and independent artists and include social media, radio plugging, online / offline promotion and project management.

 Early Bird Tickets for Ditto Live are available for £8.00 at dittomusic.com\live

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Get Inuit

Kent four piece Get Inuit released their new single ‘Barbiturates’ earlier this year. Band members Jamie, Ollie, James and Rob have been fine-tuning their fuzzed-out live show and have supported the likes of VANT, Spring King, The Magic Gang, PUP, Slaves and DZ Deathrays.
‘Barbiturates’ is dynamite of insanely infectious fuzzed up jagged guitar rock, coated with sublime melodic bubbliness. This snappy tense explosive track is bursting with bloodcurdling thrilling screams and frenzy drenched episodes, coupled with razor-sharp shrilling guitar, punchy drums and driving roll on bass. This is almost theatrically contrasted with brief silences and afflicted whispers creating a breathtaking manic conflict. One minute Get Inuit are screaming at you with pulling your hair out frenzy the next calming with gentle eerie whispers and coos. All hysteria and mania aside this dynamic four piece pull out some glorious sweet Vampire Weekend-esque melodies that create a blissful ear-worm effect surrounded by ferocious guitars and robust drums. The vocals on this track are amazing with such height, powerful range and control that will have you in awe. The track finishes delicately with a trembling almost spoken vocal like tidying yourself up after a psychotic enraged episode, all is normal again. These guys are too good.
Stream ‘Barbiturates’ below

Ian Janco ‘Life’

Ian Janco has released his debut single ‘Life’, his first musical offering since moving to Liverpool. Janco grew up on an isolated ranch in Idaho, USA, owned by his role model and recent mentor, Carole King. The track is a faultless example of Ian’s unerring ability to write a chorus that is equal parts catchy and endearing. It has already been picked up by Graham Norton and Paul O’Grady on Radio 2, and is getting a whirlwind response.
‘Life’ is a bright cheerful hop and skip of feel good joy. Chirpy whistle along feature kicks off the track with peppy light acoustic guitar and perky bouncy beat, its a charming shimmering track that is soul fulfilling and warm. This joyful, folk/pop propelled slice of adoration will put a smile on even the most bitter persons face and put a spring in their step. Catchy sing along chorus and chirpy vibes makes this song insanely infectious, it almost calls the sun out to shine and lifts away all your worries. The sweet lull on backing vocals teamed with Janco’s smooth clear almost cooling vocals give the track a relaxing free vibe.
When asked about the track Janco said “Life is about missing somebody, and telling them that you love them and want only the best for them… I hope this song makes people happy, It’s really as simple as that.”
Stream ‘Life’ below

A Chat With: Cassia

We caught up with Rob from Cassia following the release of their new single ‘Weekender’ to have a chat and see what makes them tick

Tell us a bit about Cassia?

We’re a three piece trop rock band from Macclesfield! Started properly around two years ago in Wetherspoons, we were all smashed so the old memory’s a bit hazy but I do remember asking Leff if he knew anyone who was alright at drumming. Me (Rob – guitar) and Lou (bass) were already doing stuff together and I think one of our mates ended up telling us he played drums or something.
After that we were gigging as much as we could locally, then Y Not Festival came up. I think we applied online and someone pulled out so we only found out a week before it. That was insane. It all kind of started moving from there really!

What do you guys do when you are not making music?

Different for all of us really, Lou’s always playing football, me and Leff run a studio. Do fancy a bit of tennis actually, when the weathers good. We all like watching other bands and musicians and stuff so we do that quite a bit. Love watching TV shows on Netflix. Always got a couple of those on the go.

What inspired you to make music?

Just enjoyed doing it really. I started at school writing and producing all kinds of stuff and it just went from there. Something I’ve always loved doing.

How did you decide what style/ genre of music you wanted to do?

I got interested in Afro/Caribbean music probably when I was around 18, after I bought an old West African cd down in Cornwall. As soon as I got back to home I just began to break down the guitar licks, shoving riffs into tunes I was writing at the time trying to make it all work. It changed the music I was making so dramatically; everything became really upbeat and feel good.

Could you briefly describe your music-making process?

So at the minute, it usually happens one of two ways. Either we’ll just
start messing around when we’re supposed to be rehearsing for something and a decent riff or beat or something will happen and we’ll build a song around that. Or I’ll write lyrics or a melody on my own with a riff I’ve got and then bring it to the guys and we’ll put it together there.

You have interesting infectious melodies did these melodies just come naturally or did they take time to craft and piece together?

It does take ages to get something that sounds happy/feel good without being annoying or cheesy, we’ve thought about it a lot. As you do it more and more, you do tend to naturally come up with things quicker but it still takes a fair amount of time!

There is a tropical element to your guitar and rhythms where did this influence come from and what sparked your interest in these sounds?

So yeah I just accidentally started listen to loads of old Afro Caribbean stuff and starting to play it. It began to influence all the music I was writing and it just went from there. Then Leff joined and I remember there was a time he had to play for some blues guy who wanted him to play the djembe and a kick drum and in practicing that he ended up coming up with all these cool afro rhythms and that.

The harmonies in your tracks are pretty sweet and tight was it difficult to achieve tones and vocal pitches that matched and blended perfectly?

Ah cheers mate. Well naturally for some reason our voices have always sounded pretty cool together, which was lucky. Having said that though, none of us were singers to begin with so we’ve all had to learn how to sing and that’s been an interesting and mildly painful experience at times. Leff has had to learn to do all this crazy African shit and sing at the same time which was funny to watch.

Any plans for an album?

Nothing on the immediate horizon but the word has started popping up a lot more frequently recently so we’ll see! I know we all can’t wait to make an album and have it out there. That will be mint!

What can fans expect from one of your live shows?

Loads of energy, a big beach party is what we want. We love it when everyone has a mint time and a good dance and all that.

So far which is your favourite song to perform live and why?

It changes quite often which is good because in our minds that means that we’re buzzing off all our songs and not just one or two. So hopefully everyone else will. At the minute ‘100 times over’ is going down really well, ‘Moana’ as well, the ones that people know are always going to be the maddest live so that’s another reason we want to get as much music out there!

Any plans to come to Ireland in the future?

Yeah there is actually, I don’t know if there is a set in stone date just
yet but we’re definitely coming over pretty soon. Next couple of months kind of thing!

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band?

Go for it! Grab a couple of mates, have an awesome time. Spend your time writing great music. Get tight and good at what you do, but mainly enjoy it. If you’re lucky like we’re starting to get, you get to see loads of really sick places and play awesome gigs and meet mint people. Its ridiculously good really. I’m always just sat there like this is insane.

Whats next for Cassia?

Got loads of shows coming up all over the UK as well some in Europe later in the year I think. We might even be going further than that too but not sure! Releasing as much music as we can! Think a couple of festivals too this year which is always well fun. Just keeping on making it better and bigger.

Stream ‘Weekender’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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