Rylands Heath ‘Best Friend’

Rylands Heath is made up of school friends James and Jack who’ve been playing music together since they were 13. They have recently released 6 songs to Spotify and plan to release another 4 over the summer with the first “Best Friend” being released today, followed by a new release every 3 weeks.
‘Best Friend’ is a peppy indie pop track smothered in a sweet sun kissed melody. Vibrant guitar glistens adding beaming luminosity to the track. With lively buoyant drums and a nice rubbery bass, it is a refreshing burst of energetic indie perfect for hot sunny frolicsome days. Its tight well crafted and polished with a catchy chorus that will have you compelled to put it on repeat while you dance around the room ridiculously.
Stream ‘Best Friend’ below

Paradox ‘All Life Matters’

Corks Alternative Rock band Paradox have released their new single ‘All Life Matters’. It is the eagerly awaited follow up single to their last album ‘Chapters’. Paradox have released 4 studio albums to date. Their debut album ‘Circle of Growth’ was recorded in Los Angeles in 2000 and released on a US label. Their second album ‘Sacred’ was recorded and released in 2004, ‘Corporate Pollution’ was released in 2011 and their latest album ‘Chapters’ released in 2015. They have toured both Europe and the US as well as playing support to the likes of Therapy?, Kerbdog and Shonen Knife. 2014 saw Paradox back in the studio recording their 4th album to date at Wavefield Recording Studios in Bantry, West Cork with multi tasking musician and engineer Brian Casey on the desk.
‘All Life Matters’ flows like a rock ballad brimming with emotion but packing a mighty punch.Starting melodic with soft drum beats and warm acoustic guitar the track glides with a sway-like comforting quality.The raspy vocals soothe with a melancholic melody dowsed in tender tones.The track builds becoming more grunge infused breaking into a proper hard hitting almost fist pumping fury filled classic rock anthem.With a shredding shrilling guitar feature that rips gripping emotion while the drums become more punchy and mighty. The lyrics criticise the current media climate creating a gloomy and dismal almost heartbreaking tone. However Paradox tell it how it is while strongly knocking us back to our senses relaying how it should be “All Life Matters Whatever race or colour All Life Matters”. There is depth behind this band and it really come across in this track.
Stream ‘All Life Matters’ below

Swedish Death Candy ‘Won’t be long’

London four piece Swedish Death Candy have released their bruising new track ‘Won’t be long’. Band members Louis Perry (Vocals/Guitar), Jiwoon Whang (Bass), Marco Ninni (Drums)and Francesco Codardo (Guitar) create heavy blues dowsed in heavier psych in a giant cast-metal kiln, the end result from this particular forging is a three minute metric tonne of rock entitled ‘Won’t be long’.
‘Won’t be long’ is rough raw garage swallowed up in a hefty rhythm while spitting acidic bluesy riffs.The maddening blues tinged riffs wallop through the track with sensual slick frenzy while the pummelling drums kick out a stomping beat. Its hair raising, thrilling mania that batters your skull with the most electrifying invigorating assault it can endure. Brimming with distortion and oozing cool sweat and leather swagger with massive harmonised guitar choruses and catchy lyrics, its a mighty meaty punch and exhilarating surge of heavy rock. What a track, it has everything you want and more. Definitely a band to watch out for.
Stream ‘Won’t be long’ below

The Lizards ‘She Goes Down’

Birmingham, garage-psych band The Lizards have released their new single ‘She Goes Down’. The band consists of members Cameron Harris,Dan Whitehouse,Liam Radburn and Harry Shaw. ‘She Goes Down’ is a wavy dazed prism of blissful psychedelia. Gentle explosions of ecstasy burst from each note like sparkling fragments of magic, enticing with wonder and elation. Soft swaying guitars like a narcotic sedative soothe with an instant mind numbing effect while the wobbly rhythm flickers with mystifying euphoria. Hazy honeyed vocals and pacifying melody gives the track a swoony daydream vibe. Its a liquefying illusion masterfully crafted to melt your mind. The Lizards have created a trance-inducing track that is just magnificent.
Watch the video for ‘She Goes Down’ below

Heez ‘Aphysical’

Heez has released his new track ‘Aphysical’ featuring Culture Child. This sensual groovy slow burner cruises with sharp blips and gooey beats. Coated in a darkened clinging almost gluey electronics with a luring steamy melody this track brings R&B soul intermix with clammy sultry flexwave. This muggy track suffocates like a stuffy room on a hot day with nothing but the gentle refreshing cooing vocals from Culture Child and zesty instrumental twangs acting like a brief cooling breeze.
‘Aphysical’ was recorded by Heez and Culture Child in Heez’s college apartment in June 2016. When asked about the track Heez said “The song is about creating your own world that you want to live in outside of this one and sharing that beautiful experience with somebody else”
Stream ‘Aphysical’ below

Emma O’Reilly ‘FRACTURES’ EP

Songwriter Emma O’Reilly from Ballinasloe in Co. Galway, has released ‘FRACTURES’ her second independently produced studio EP, recorded by mixing live and multi-track processes in Arad Studios with Les Keye (Squarehead, Kevin “Herm” Connolly, My Sweet Beloved).
‘FRACTURES’ is a collection of Emma’s unique brand of peppy dramatic pop rock tightly bound in a beautifully polished bow. The snazzy ‘Shake’ kicks off the EP with a theatrical lively approach. Jazzy piano and stabbing beats dramatise the track. Complete with melodramatic vocals it seems like a tap number from a musical. ‘Count’ takes a sweet acoustically backed approach. Delicate vocals and warm sun kissed vibes teamed with “do do do” lyrics its simple, syrupy and joyful. With wistful tones this track bops along light and floaty coated in a toothache sugary dreamland. ‘Cervantes’ is a sorrow-filled emotional track cold and icy with sharp lull on vocals and rich twinkles on piano.The track flows with grace and elegance. Brush tap beats on drums create a soft silky texture to this delicate song. ‘Codladh Sámh’ is again a gentle little soulful track. Emma’s whisper like vocals are teamed with beautiful accompaniment and a fairy like vibe. Sung in Irish its intensely emotional. The track builds with a mighty punch and takes a darker turn. Once again this track displays Emma’s dramatic cinematic style. ‘Geneva’ closes the EP with Emma’s vocals taking the lime light to start. It sounds like a Sean-nós song. A superb piano feature takes over from the vocals leaving a peaceful tranquil atmosphere to just relax into as the track winds out.

‘FRACTURES’ is a  strong  EP displaying Emma O’Reilly’s unique diverse sound as she glides from dramatic to pop, folk  with rock flavours drizzled on top. It is proficient as Emma has clearly created a little niche for herself to create music that is beautiful and bursting with colourful fragments of wonderful art.

Emma will be celebrating the launch with an intimate gig in her hometown on May 25th and full band performance in The Grand Social in Dublin on July 20th. She’ll also be touring with the EP.
Stream the ‘FRACTURES’ EP below

Sub Dub Micromachine ‘Unkind Exit’

Industrial metal group Sub Dub Micromachine have announced the release of their most recent single ‘Unkind Exit’ which is set to be released on 7th July 2017. Founded in Berlin in 1997, interestingly the group were inspired to get together through a lack of inspiration in music they listen to. ‘Unkind Exit’ was self-recorded and -produced under the bands own label ‘Black Cookie Records’ and comes after two previously well received album releases earlier on in their career.
‘Unkind Exit’ is a hefty mammoth of gritty all powerful industrial metal. With dark gravelly vocals contradicted by melodic, sing-along choruses its gritty yet joyful. Pounding drum beats pummel through the track with low power chords and a sub slap bass creating the perfect neck snapping beat to headbang to. This manic frenzy causing track gives a demonic bashing to your skull while seducing you with its ear worm melody.
SDMM who are rarely seen live, are set to perform at Wacken Open Air Festival in August this summer so make sure to catch that. ‘Unkind Exit’ will be available via all major media providers and more information about the foursome can be found on their social media pages below.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SUBDUBMICROMACHINE/?fref=mentions

Instragam https://www.instagram.com/subdubmicromachine/

Event News : MUX EP Party

Electro-stoner three piece MUX celebrate the release of their first Ep ‘Can You See Who?’ with help from the legendary The Telescopes at The Lexington in Angel, London. Alongside Inscape, Flights of Helios and a special DJ set by Ola From Ola’s Kool Kitchen it’s shaping up to be an unmissable night.
You can get tickets (+ free digital copy of the Ep and free poster) here:  https://billetto.co.uk/e/mux-release-party-the-telescopes-tickets-190987

We featured the ‘Can you see who?’ EP earlier this year and compared it to a swirling invasion into your mind showing you a shadowy kaleidoscope of abstruseness. So imagine what a live show is like. Head down to The MUX EP Party and check these guys out for yourselves.
Stream MDMA from the  ‘Can you see who?’ EP  below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Himalayas

Cardiff four-piece Himalayas have released a video to coincide with the release of their new single ‘Thank God I’m Not You’. The Tom Large directed video takes place at the derelict St. Luke’s Church in the Welsh town Abercarn. Filming of the video took place in one day and spanned 22 hours, with the generator almost cutting out in the middle of the night. With a slew of network radio plays and rowdy gigs across the country, the first half of 2017 has seen Himalayas catapulted to completely new heights.
‘Thank God I’m Not You’ is a scorching indie rock track, boisterous and fiery with strident guitars and punchy drums. Exuding rebellious swagger filled attitude this track hits with high voltage energy and explosive might. Piercing guitar riffs shrill through the track leading to that lusty solo that is so slick its air guitar ready. Brawny rhythm pounds with headbang ready potency as the track builds to a strong vigorous crescendo. Its a catchy effective blow to the head of loud and noisy indie/alt-rock and is absolutely riveting.
You can catch Himalayas live at
27th May – The Verve, Leeds.
9th June – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
7th July – The Magnet, Liverpool
8th July – The Half Moon, Putney
18th July – The Social Bar, Doncaster
5th August – The Verve, Leeds
30th September – The Gate, Cardiff
Of the video, the band said, “The concept of the video is a sense of torture, not only from other people but from your own self; the idea that you and many others criticise every last detail of your person.”
Watch the video for ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ below

Strange Cages ‘Leader Of A Cult’

Strange Cages are set to make their return with an epic new EP this June. With their frenetic, snotty, psych-surf rock ‘n’ roll sound in the vein of The Cramps or Ty Segall, Brighton’s Strange Cages have made big strides in their short existence, gaining support from the likes of Clash Magazine, NME, Q Magazine, The 405 and The Line of Best Fit, whilst tearing up stages in support of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Night Beats, and Boogarins. Having followed up their Theo Verney produced debut ‘Desert’ with their next release ‘Pony’, the trio are now set to release a new 6-track EP ‘The Cracks’ on Vallence Records this June, with new single ‘Leader Of A Cult’ being the first track to surface from the upcoming EP.
‘Leader Of A Cult’ is a dark sinister track all menacing with spine chilling elements of krautrock combined with post-punk. Floppy wobbly riffs smothered in sultry psychedelia create a tranquillised dreamy half passed out state of delusion. Punchy drums and foreboding vocals create an eerie creepy vibe within the musical hallucination. Its like a 60’s trippy dream that has taken a dark perilous turn into a shaky paranoid nightmare. The track becomes more intense with fuzzed distortion perfectly placed like a mind boggled unfortunate soul frothing from the mouth on the cusp of a seizure. ‘Leader Of A Cult’ is a stirring opaque mind-bending trip sweltering in sticky psychedelia that will have you in a hazy paralysed daze . These guys are a band to get excited about.
You can catch Strange Cages live at
19 May – BRIGHTON – The Globe
20 May – MANCHESTER – The Peer Hat
22 May – BRISTOL – Crofters Rights (w/ Vulgarians)
23 May – LONDON – The Old Blue Last (w/ Vulgarians)
25 May – HULL – The New Adelphi
27 May – NOTTINGHAM – Rock City (w/ Vulgarians)
28 May – LEEDS – Eiger Studios
Watch the video for ‘Leader Of A Cult’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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