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Limerick band A Weekend Away have released their debut EP. The band jumped onto the music scene during the Spring of 2013. Initially with six members, they were praised for mixing jaw dropping punk sound with indie and blues influenced rhythm and lead guitar. With the assistance of Music Generation Limerick, they thrived for 2 years regularly playing in venues such as Dolan’s pub, Cobblestone Joes and the Limetree Theatre, creating an impressive portfolio of tracks in the process. Following a line up change in 2016 and the edition of singer/songwriter, Peader Storey the now five piece, started thriving with their newly released single ‘Parseltongue’ being praised for its punchy riffs and catchy chorus. Following a packed out headline show at the Kasbah Social Club, and supporting Blaming Hannah at The Kino, A Weekend Away won the University of Limerick Battle of the Bands and supported ALL TVVINS. The five piece consisting of members Peader Storey (Frontman), Patrick O’Donnell ( Lead guitar), Peter Corbett (Bass), Jacob Woulfe (Rhythm Guitar) and Evan Berry(Drums) have now released their debut self titled EP which contains six tracks recorded by Mike Gavin (Even Audio), Tony Monaghan (Music Gen) and Ciaran Woulfe (Woulfe) and mastered by Richard Dowling of WAV Mastering.

The bluesy soaked ‘Haze’ kicks off the EP. It’s slick and oiled in sensual bass slapping against shredding sharp guitars and punchy drums. Raw, edgy and drenched in attitude this track hits the spot for gritty bluesy rock. It’s vigorous while remaining slick and cool. With passion filled vocals and the thrilling shrill on guitar it’s a dark tinged wallop of their organic sound. ‘Parseltongue’ blends dark eerie tones for the verse with the summer tinged bright vibes of the catchy chorus. With a pop tinted melody blasting out on crashing guitar strides and elastic bounce on bass it’s snappy gritty while smudged in light bright tones. Exuding a youthful vibe with soft mosh elements this track is a catchy radio friendly tune with some sweet guitar moments. ‘Phone Home’ has a The Fray feel, it’s an emotional hard hitting melodic track with a delicate melody packed with passionate vocals and gentle little twinkles on guitar. Vocal harmonies are tight and the track becomes slightly heavier instrumentally for the massive dramatic crescendo. It really packs an emotional mighty blow you can imagine it accompanying a tender or heartbreaking scene in a movie or T.V. series. It’s quite beautiful and tear jerking. If you feel nothing while listening to this song you’re probably dead inside. ‘Going Down’ brings back the dirty gritty heavy rock. With fuzzed guitars heavy moshing is guaranteed, as vigorous guitars blast across a foundation of pounding drums and dynamic vocals. ‘Free of the Land’ brings us a snapping sleazy rapid rock and roll rhythm and  scuzzy stained guitars. With vocals that exude swagger and attitude it’s a finger clicking dark blast of eerie entrapment. It’s a cocky display of brashness but tastefully displayed. ‘Terminal Blues’ closes the EP with the return of the bands bluesy signature sound. With a swing like strut and wiggle tempo once again it’s slick and sharp with thrilling heavy mosh ready elements.

A Weekend Away have produced a raucous raw EP that has all the gritty elements of rock while polishing it up a little and soothing the frenzy with pop tinged melodies and a bit of heartwarming emotion thrown in. A strong debut from the Limerick quintet.

Stream the EP below

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