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Public Access TV ‘Lost In The Game’

Public Access T.V. have released another appetizer from their upcoming album ‘Street Safari’ which is set for release in February. ‘Lost In The Game’ is the second single teasing the glorious joys to come from the bands sophomore album. It’s a funky effortlessly smooth track that drifts in with swagger soaked vocals spread upon a sleek liquefying flaunty melody and buoyant rhythm. It’s stamped with the chicness and cruising swagger of this swanky four piece.  With an elastic exuberant bass teamed with vibrant shimmers on guitar its a rich luscious display. The brass elements and jazzy keys add a sprightly lift and wiggle-ready dynamism. It is oh so cool with a soul tinged hue smothered in infectious melodies, steamy guitar licks and a laid back disco vibe. It hits all the right spots and will have you grooving and boogieing in no time. Refined and smooth this number is an ear worm that charms its way into your brain leaving you uncontrollably bopping and sliding along the dance floor.

Stream ‘Lost In The Game’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Vaccines

The Vaccines have released their new single ‘I Can’t Quit’ from their upcoming album ‘Combat Sports’ which is their fourth record to date and is set for release March 30th. The album follows on from ‘What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?’ (2011), ‘Come of Age’ (2012) and ‘English Graffiti’ (2015).

‘I Can’t Quit’ is a morphine shot of the raw passionate youth-filled rock and roll that the Vaccines do so well. It’s a punchy blitz and relentless onslaught of luscious melodic adrenaline,driven by jagged rough and ready guitar riffs and an oh so catchy pop smacked melody. Hayward-Young’s raw dynamic vocals slap you in the face with firm lyrics that are sing along ready. It’s one to be played loud while you jump around brutishly bellowing out the lyrics. Though razor sharp and electrifying the five piece showcase their refined, ruggedly boisterous sound with snappy drums piercing guitars and a melody that grabs you by the ears, tackles you to the ground like a rock and roll immersed bear until you’re singing it in your sleep. They are back and if ‘I Can’t Quit’ is anything to go by its going to be one heck of an album.

Listen to ‘I Can’t Quit’ below

Mark Crozer ‘Shock To The Heart’

Alternative rock artist Mark Crozer has recently announced the release of his newest single ‘Shock To The Heart’. This comes after 5 albums, 4 EP’s and countless single releases as a continuation of a successful 20 year career as a musician. Crozer is best known for the song, ‘Live In Fear’, which later became the successful entrance theme song for WWE superstar Bray Wyatt and achieved over 10 million YouTube views and 2.5 million Spotify plays. Crozer and his band ‘The Rels’ had the opportunity to perform live at Wrestlemania 30 to an audience of 75,000 at New Orleans Superdome, making them one of the two British bands to have ever performed at Wrestlemania. In addition, Crozer is the bassist with alt-rock band The Jesus and Mary Chain with whom he has performed since their comeback performance at Coachella back in 2007. After a busy 2017 writing, recording and releasing his most recent album ‘Sunny Side Down’, produced by legendary REM producer Mitch Easter, Crozer chose to maintain his creative flow and upon returning from an 8 month tour with The Jesus and Mary Chain, Crozer wrote his newest single ‘Shock To The Heart’. Inspired by the blistering guitar riffs of the likes of Killing Joke, Pixies and Nirvana, the single is a snapshot of Mark’s long running battle with anxiety and a panic disorder.

‘Shock To The Heart’ boils, bubbles and coils with sizzling fiery alternative rock. With a rumbling bassline that sends shivers up your spine and punchy drums driving the track into a frenzy of pounding adrenaline, it’s a thrilling rush of tantalizing musicianship. Eerie vocals coo, creep and tease with goosebump inducing hysteria while scorching guitar riffs pierce through the track screeching and scalding all in their path. It’s an ominous electrifying display from Crozer and absolutely invigorating. A must listen.

Stream ‘Shock To The Heart’ below


Event News

MUNKY ‘7am’ Single launch in Whelan’s February 9th is sold out, 2nd date added due to demand, proceeds from the second show going to the Peter McVerry Trust in aid of the homeless crisis

Dublin’s alt-rockers MUNKY are releasing their second single ‘7am’ on 17th of January. The release will also be accompanied with a music video written and directed by the band’s frontman Zac Stephenson. This is the follow up to their smashing debut single ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ which resulted in a sold out Whelan’s mainstage show in February 2017. MUNKY made their mark on the Irish music scene last year with a plethora of high energy live performances around the country. Within a year they played Whelan’s Ones To Watch, opened for Le Galaxie, The Hot Sprockets and Raglans, were picked by Hot Press as one of the must see BIMM acts, played in Aviva Stadium and at festivals including Longitude festival, YS festival & Electric Picnic, as well as shows in Donegal, Dingle, Mullingar and Galway. The band are also known for their silly videos on Facebook, including a mock chat show with Eddie Durkan from RTE programme the Hardy Bucks.

Their ‘7am’ single launch will take place on the 9th of February which sold out within a month of the announcement and as a result a second date has been added, Saturday 10th of February. All the proceeds of this second date will be given to the Peter McVerry Trust to help combat the homeless crisis. Tickets are on sale now via eventbrite and donations will be welcome on the night.

Make sure to check these guys out. They put on an energetic swagger soaked show brimming with rich grooves, slick, psychedelic guitar and some hefty mosh ready chunks thrown in. It’s one not to miss we are looking forward to it for sure.

‘7am’ which was recorded by Graham Byrne in Herbert Place Studios and mastered by Fergal Davis will be available on all major streaming services and online stores January 17th.

For more information follow MUNKY on Facebook here

Watch ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ below

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! We would like to thank you all for your support, follows and likes this year. Thank the amazing artists we found and have featured on our blog, the dedicated and lovely PR Companies who we have had the pleasure of working with to promote the rich variety of music that surrounded us this year and the immensely kind donators who have bought us a coffee through our donate button keeping us all caffeinated and aiding to help keep the blog spreading the word about amazing artists. As we look forward to finding and featuring more exciting music in 2018 we would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

You can follow our 2018 Playlist on Spotify  which features an infectious collection of all the bands and artists we featured on our blog in 2017 below


Olly Flavell ‘Paint the Sky’

Olly Flavell is an innovative singer songwriter whose originality captivates with ease. With wisdom beyond his years and a youthful flair, carefully crafted material naturally flows from this talented 20-year-old making him stand out from the crowd. In combining influences from the realms of Pop, Country and Rock Flavell creates an unseen contemporary sound with nuances of classic melodies and traditional lyricism. Flavell who is currently recording his new EP ‘My Heart In My Hand’ is set to  release his new single ‘Paint the Sky’ on Christmas day.

‘Paint the Sky’ is a beautiful melodic track that bleeds soulful passion and romance. It’s delicately swayable with a luscious melody and warm soaked heartfelt instrumentation to whisk you away into a sweet tender lovely bubble. With gentle guitar strums, a soft tapping beat and some steamy guitar injections it’s one for a romantic slow dance and perfect for the idealistic Christmas scene- soft snow fall and romance. Flavell’s soulful vocals exude a beautiful sense of love and devotion and pull at your heartstrings while a sultry guitar solo adds a nice hint of passion. It’s fireside, dreamy warmth perfect at this time of the year. Flavell has a knack with elegant melty melodies and refined arrangements and this treasurable wispy ballad is another example of his charming, polished evolving craft.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Paint the Sky’ below


Boston Manor ‘Drowned in Gold’

Blackpool’s Boston Manor have released a video for their new single ‘Drowned in Gold’ which was produced by Mike Sapone (Taking Back Sunday, Mayday Parade, Public Enemy etc) at Barbershop Studios in New Jersey. The band formed in 2013 and, in two short years, worked their way to signing with renowned US indie label Pure Noise Records. They released their debut album ‘Be Nothing.’ in 2016 to widespread acclaim and the band have continued to tour the world since then, whipping up a frenzy in the US on tours with the likes of Moose Blood, Have Mercy and Can’t Swim, as well as completing their first full headline tour of the UK. 2017 also saw Boston Manor perform all summer on the penultimate Vans Warped Tour in the USA, play packed out rooms at Slam Dunk Festival and make their first appearances at Reading & Leeds Festivals.

‘Drowned in Gold’ is a fierce no nonsense relentless rush of gluttony inducing alternative rock. It’s a catchy, bold, brash incarnation brimming with snappy pulverising drums, crashing guitars and a mighty overload of instrumental bashing. With attitude driven vocals that scream and exude passion this track is an instant shot of fiery adrenaline. Toeing the line between chart fodder and alt-anthem this track is a smashing display from the five piece that is sure to have the Kerrang heads going crazy. It’s one for those manic sticky mosh pits. Warning whiplash guaranteed.

When asked about the track vocalist Henry Cox explained: “Drowned in Gold’ is about people being followers; people who never question anything & surround themselves with trivialities and mundanity, We had been writing for a while and wanted to put something out. We’re really proud of this one and so decided to release it ahead of the upcoming UK tour.”

Boston Manor are currently working on the follow-up to ‘Be Nothing.’, which is expected for release in 2018.

Watch the video for ‘Drowned in Gold’ below

Changing Gears ‘Hold On Tight’

Changing Gears are a five-piece pop rock band based in Dublin, who recently have released their new track ‘Hold On Tight’. Comprising of Eoin O’Donnell (guitars & vocals), Colin Reid (guitars & vocals), Steve Power (piano, keys & vocals), Danny Spelman (bass & vocals) and Morgan O’Brien (drums/percussion), ‘Hold On Tight’ was released as part of their upcoming studio album which will be out in early 2018. It is a laid back track that cruises in with sharp guitar jangles and a punchy beat. It’s mellow, sun kissed and hazy with a jazzy piano feature springing up where you least expect it. Smooth vocals and a dreamy atmosphere create an effortless easy-going track with zealous guitar stabs to keep it refreshing. Perfect for summer days.

Watch the video for ‘Hold On Tight’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen This Week Comes From Ragmans Daughter

Ragmans Daughter are an indie band from London who have released their debut single ‘Lazy’. This hazy sun sprinkled track is a crisp display from a band who are sure to go far. Vivid juicy guitar jangles weave playfully between the laid-back melody and punchy drums which bounce and hop with a contagious spring and elastic rebound. The track becomes more fuzzed and heavy as it progresses adding an effervescent buzz and gritty texture to their luscious mellow sound. The production is on point. The track is fun, fresh and appears unfussy until the psychedelic whirls and grungy flavours kick in and you realise this is a band with a difference. The melody is drenched in sugary melty syrup that seeps into your ear rendering you hooked to their delicious sound. This track announces Ragmans Daughter as an energetic and creative band with a lot of success ahead of them.

Stream ‘Lazy’ below


Gallus EP

Gallus are a Glasgow band comprised of members Barry Dolan (Vocals), Craig Duris (Bass), Eamon Ewins (Guitar) and Paul Ewins (Drums). They have released their debut self titled EP and played their first gig at the legendary King Tut’s. These fresh young lads have shown some serious potential within this EP. The rowdy ruckus causing wallops of ‘Weapons’ which features crashing guitar riffs against a jagged driving bassline and pummelling drums showcases a shrilling mighty display that I can imagine is insane live. That instrumental is so snappy, raw and elastic it’s sure to set the mosh pit alight. ‘Making Tracks’ introduces itself with a slick riff and rumble on drums. It’s bouncy, edgy and smothered in rock and roll. It’s my favourite track on the EP as it showcases some really striking nimble guitar work. The shouty vocals maintain the rawness and brawn of their sound while the instrumentation displays an organic whiff of finesse. ‘Maybe Next Time’ begins disguised as the delicate track on the EP. Twinkling guitars and soft vocals introduce the track before it explodes instrumentally into their brand of garage rock. It’s a bit Pixies- esque at times with vibrant golden guitar lines adding a sun kissed glow to the grungy attitude soaked track.

These guys have whacked out an impressive EP that showcases their talent and slick musicianship with tracks that exude energy, adrenaline and some exciting instrumentation. Gallus will be finishing of their year with a free show in Glasgow at Broadcast with 0141 and Heavy Rapids. Following this, they will be supporting Retro Video Club as part of Independent Venue Week so if your around make sure to check them out.

Stream ‘Gallus’ EP below