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Fighting Caravans ‘Blue Heart Motel’


Fighting Caravans are an alternative rock band from Leeds. Band members Daniel Clark (Lead Vocals), Roff James (Guitar), Cinnamon Lees (Bass), Ali Fletcher (Guitar) and Joshua Hagzenberg (Drums) released their debut EP ‘Beasts Of England’ in 2015, which was promoted alongside a UK and EU tour, earning strong local and international acclaim. The quintet have already played at Live At Leeds, Liverpool Sound City and Tramlines and they will start work on their second EP in the autumn, alongside additional tours of the UK and Europe in association with Sofar Sounds.
Fighting Caravans released a new single ‘Blue Heart Motel’ earlier this year. Its is a dark mysterious track to start with deep eerie vocals and ghostly backing vocals. The drums are steady and give a “marching of the dead” feel. The track becomes more funky with elastic bluesy bass and smooth sensual guitars. The song builds into a psychedelic trip with screeching guitars and dynamic haunting vocals that create an aching longing atmosphere. The spiralling narcotic effect builds for the crescendo creating an intoxicated confused atmosphere with a shredding guitar solo. The intense vocals teamed with the ghostly backing vocals that echo and wail will give you goosebumps. ‘Blue Heart Motel’ is an eerie haunting psychedelic trip hybridised with gritty rock and embroidered with funky bluesy elements.
You can catch Fighting Caravans live at:
Aug 26 Leeds Festival Leeds, United Kingdom
Aug 28 Reading Festival,Reading, United Kingdom
Sep 06 Bar Bloc, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Sep 07 Secret Show, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Sep 09 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading, United Kingdom
Sep 10 Brudenell Social Club (Games Room),Headingley, United Kingdom
Sep 11 Blues Bar, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Sep 23 The Magnet, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Sep 24 The Underground, Bradford, United Kingdom
Sep 28 Dog & Parrot, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Sep 30 FAC251 Manchester, United Kingdom
Oct 01 The Rocking Chair, Sheffield, Uk
Oct 14 Cafe De Speeltuin,Breda, Netherlands
Oct 15 Huize Spoorloos, Emmen, Netherlands
Oct 16 Secret Show, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Oct 17 The Waterhole Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 18 Dorett Bar,Mainz, Germany
Oct 20 Secret Show, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Oct 21 Subway to Peter, Chemnitz, Germany
Oct 24 Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic
Stream ‘Blue Heart Motel’ below

The Chris Paterno Band ‘Pressure’

The Chris Paterno Band are a seven -piece indie-pop-soul band from New York. The band pull together elements of rock, soul, blues, and folk music to create their unique sound. They have released their new single, ‘Pressure’ which is the third release from their debut, self-titled EP due for release in late 2016.

‘Pressure’ is a groovy strut worthy track that exudes a stylish swanky persona while maintaining a cool smooth sensual tone that is captivating. The velvety vocals are coaxing for the verse then become more dynamic and soulful for the chorus. This track has a classy flamboyance to it with glimpses of cheeky sass. The horns add a rich luxurious texture to the track and give us a big band feel while the groovy rhythm adds a flexible quality. The guitar is soft and mellow and warms up the track adding a subtle glow of passion and spirit. ‘Pressure’ is a juicy multi textural track to sink your teeth into.
Stream ‘Pressure’ below


Edgar Duke ‘You And I’

Edgar Duke are a psychedelic-funk rock band from Leeds. The band consist of members Tom O’Reily (lead guitar and vocals), James Raymond (drums) and Luke Strange (bass). Their slick bluesy track ‘You And I’ caught our attention this week. Its a confident funky track oozing swagger and strut quality. Edgar Duke pull in a variety of styles and sounds creating their own blend of seductive smooth tones that spark fiery steamy 70s suave while maintaining cool and indifferent. The sharp sting of the guitar keeps the track fresh and adds an edge and zest, while the elastic bass gives that hip swaying flirtatious effect. The rapid beat is smooth and keeps the track spirited and light while adding a brawn and muscle. The track is catchy and with dynamic vocals is a fantastic listen. Keep an eye out for Edgar Duke. ‘You And I’ shows these guys have great potential.
Stream ‘You And I’ below

Mucklo ‘Double Dealing’

Hailing from Frankfort, Indiana, the man behind Mucklo, Michael J. Hall, started writing music at a young age. In High School, Michael played many punk rock shows as the guitarist and vocalist for a progressive, genre-clashing four piece psych rock band called, Split Lips and Lemons. After departing from Split Lips and Lemons, Michael began meeting a lot of phenomenal local musicians and commenced to playing bass for both an original blues rock band, The Down Low Kickers, and a Grateful Dead cover band, The Graciously Departed (formally known as Band And Dave). Hall has taken his experience and has been perfecting the lyrics and sound of the project he now calls Mucklo. The name Mucklo stems from a bolt-making artist who worked out of the same local factory Hall and his family worked at for a time. Hall fully composes, writes and produces his music. He has a passion for home recording and a knack for instruments, Hall can play the guitar, mandolin, drums, harmonica and autoharp, to name a few.
Mucklo released the track ‘Double Dealing’ earlier this year. It is an alluring and enticing song with entrancing shadowy tones that lure you into the darkest depths of the track. Mucklo traps you in this intoxicating atmosphere while seducing you with his bass- driven bobbing groove. The track develops into a sticky gooey head bopping trip with bouncy guitars and a soft pop punch beat. The shredding guitar solo freshes up the track and adds to the psychedelic trip while the vocals are dismal and draw the listener in giving a narcotic hypnotic effect that is eerie yet soothing.
Stream ‘Double Dealing’ below

Airport Impressions ‘Mariette’

Airport Impressions are a 4-piece band from Malta. The band consists of Errol Sammut (lead vocals, guitar), Johann Schembri (guitar), Chris Curmi (bass guitar), and Steve Farrugia (drums). Starting out as a duo in search of new musical experiences, Errol Sammut and Johann Schembri’s six-month stay in Ireland in 2005 proved to be an important step in their journey. Apart from consolidating their love of Irish music, it also ignited a new spark in the way they went about writing songs. Airport Impressions have clocked up countless radio hits along the way, among them ‘Borderline’, ‘Wake up’, ‘Walk with Me’ and, more recently ‘Hymns of June’ and ‘Berlin.’ The latter (Berlin) also won first place in the Unsigned Only 2014 edition for the Adult Album Alternative category. Airport Impressions are continuously raising their name and have already booked festivals for 2016 including Midstock and a UK Tour.
The latest album ‘Mariette’ perfectly captures the band’s musical journey to date, its twelve songs reflecting a versatility that has evolved over the years. On this record Airport Impressions show us their blend of pop and rock embroidered with country and indie folk. The country rock influence is evident from the first track ‘Wishing Well’. This track radiates bright vibes coated in country twang with Sammut’s husky vocals adding grit and depth to the track. The blazing guitar lifts the track and gives it a glow and luminosity.
‘Come Along’ has an Irish power ballad feel. Its a melodic track with a proud “hit your chest, call the clan together” and bellow the chorus at the top of your lungs feel. The uplifting positive atmosphere teamed with emotional lyrics pull at the heart strings and evoke joyful triumphant tears.
‘Berlin’ begins with a sweet heartening whistle. The track is bright and bubbly with a bouncy beat and lustrous guitar it will cheer up any glum chum. Try to get that whistling tune out of your head its near impossible.
Title track ‘Mariette’ caught my eye as it is a beautiful gentle track with tender tones to begin with. It starts with a country ballad vibe that builds and develops into a lavishly textured track with sprinkles of folk . Its lamenting tone is conveyed through a graceful and elegant guitar feature that twinkles throughout the track. It has a Bryan Adams feel and warmth that is comforting and charming.
‘Star Signs’ , ‘While You Wait’ , Hymns of June’ and ‘If You Abandon Me’ continue to flesh out Airport Impressions stunning melodies with country rock arrangements each track showing its own individuality while maintaining the bands upbeat positive style and showcasing their exquisite musicianship. ‘Ballymena Sun’ presents us with an almost tropical sun kissed sound, every note in this track is ablaze with golden rays of sunshine. With its sway- like beat and charming guitar feature you will loose yourself in its beach evening vibes.  ‘All We Got’, ‘Let It Shine’ and final track ‘Silhouettes’ shows the bands tender ballad skills as they wear their hearts on their sleeve with meticulous instrumentation and beautiful lyrics they serenade us with lamenting tone and sweet sombre vocals.

Airport Impressions  will be heading to Scotland on a UK Tour check out their website below for all the dates
Check out Airport Impressions video for ‘Mariette’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Farebrother

Farebrother are Bath’s latest indie alternative band. Tom Hunt, Michael Vowell and Matt Day, make up the indie three-piece. The band have become known for their electric performances and have already won an endorsement with Mass Records while also receiving interest from All Saints, Olympus and Mini who have incorporated the high-energy, hook filled tracks into their media campaigns. 2015 saw them perform at some of Bristol and Bath’s most iconic venues, such as The Louisiana and The Nest. Farebrother have now released their debut EP ‘Rapture’ this year.
The title track from their debut EP is our worth a listen track this week. ‘Rapture’ is a fully formed snappy track that is so well composed its difficult to reconcile yourself to the fact that it was taken from their debut EP. Farebrother ease you into the track with a reserved verse to start. Its stripped back with light accompaniment and bare vocals that give a rawness to the track and establish the vocal melody. They then introduce their fantastic energetic sound with walls of crunching guitar and pounding rapid drums that drive the track forward. The vocals are strong and confident and exude swagger and emotion. The track builds into an anthem fist pump that is arena worthy. Its a crowd -pleaser with its catchy chorus that is infectious and gives that feel good fiery atmosphere to the track. Farebrother appear to have mastered the art of writing tunes that connect with an audience, these guys definitely have a bright future ahead of them.
Stream ‘Rapture’ below

The Lemon Twigs ‘These Words’

The Lemon Twigs are brothers Brian (19 years old) and Michael (17) D’Addario. The duo present us with their unique style of baroque rock through their new single ‘These Words’. On my first listen of this track ill admit i was dumbfounded, first thoughts were “wow how do i describe this” followed by “I need to hear more”. The Lemon Twigs blend mystical music with blissful melodic pop all while adding sprinkles of jazz and a snazzy solo on keys.This track is ridiculously catchy with a velvety slick ear worm chorus and rich lush uplifting harmony. The soft tender vocals for the verse are delicate and creamy and have a hazy daydream effect.  ‘These Words’ will transport you to a skewed 1960s era of euphoric melodies with a 21st century twist. This track is tightly bound together with such precision and skill that shows fantastic musicianship from the these young brothers. The Lemon Twigs’ debut album ‘Do Hollywood’ will be released October 14 and boy it looks promising.
Watch the video for ‘These Words’ below

Atlas Will Sound ‘August’

Boston-based, rock-duo, Atlas Will Sound, announced the release of their newest single, ‘August’. The single is the first release among a string of singles coming out later this year. The track reflects on a past relationship that proved to be very one sided. The single was recorded at 9B Studios in Milford, Massachusetts and was written as a journal entry that quickly transformed into ‘August’ a solid rock track bursting with explosive sounds.The track is driven by gritty vigorous guitars that steam roll through the song with brisk forceful energy that is daring and fearless. The rapid robust drums add punch and brawl to the track while also keeping a flexible rumble, creating a massive powerful sound that pounds through your body. The fierce drums teamed with husky aggressive vocals makes this track hard hitting rock that is mosh pit worthy.
Stream “August” below

The Restless Venture

The Restless Venture are a rock band from Manchester/Liverpool. The band took a hiatus for a little while but are now back with their strongest lineup to date which consists of Tom Mann (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Andy Pilkington (Lead Guitar/Vocal Harmonies), Davy Taff (Bass) and Lee Gee (Drums). They have previously played shows all across the North West mainly in Liverpool and Manchester, even supporting Gordon Gano and The Ryans (lead singer of The Violent Femmes) in Manchester’s Ruby Lounge. Their witty cheeky characters add a charming smugness to the band as they claim their lead guitarist Andy Pilkington’s “masculine charm leaves women wanting him and men wanting to be him”, while drummer Lee Gee is “the bands prominent sex God and legend”.
All humour aside these guys do deliver soaring, anthem- like songs with richly textured melodies that stick in your head. They swivel from massive foot stomping anthems with irresistible energy to tender uplifting and emotional tracks with ease taking you on a fantastic journey packed with a roller coaster of emotions that leaves you rejuvenated and renewed.
The track that introduced me to The Restless Venture was ‘Bring On The Furnace‘. A gritty rock track full of fiery attitude. This track is punchy and rebellious while still maintaining the bands sensual swagger. Mann’s vocals are gravelly and raspy yet velvety and smooth for the verses. Like all their tracks The Restless Venture present us with a warm american desert-like atmosphere which brightens up the tracks and makes them instantly likeable. This track gives an old school rock feel with a slight country jingle on guitar.
‘Both Barrels’ is my favourite of their tracks so far as its a bluesy dark whiskey soaked track full of shadowy burning emotions. It has bitter tones contrasting with a longing heated atmosphere. With again dynamic vocals that become almost theatrical adding an eerie mysterious atmosphere to the track. The stirring guitar is intense and passionate while the bass and drums add that flexible sensual tempting and enticing quality.
The Restless Venture are definitely a band to watch and with live shows that promise “there won’t be a dry armpit in the room by the end of the set” what other assurance do you need.
Stream ‘Bring On The Furnace’ and ‘Both Barrels’ below

The Barmines ‘Reliance’

The Barmines are an Indie Rock band from Leeds.The band consists of members Rob Burton (Singer/Guitarist), Liam Lockey (Drums/Backing Vocals), Leam Hayes (Guitarist) and James May (Bassist). The four piece have been causing a buzz across the festival circuit this summer with slots at festivals such as Isle Of Wight and Down To The Woods, Party In The Pines and Blackthorn Festival. They have released a video for their new single ‘Reliance’ and they will be heading out on tour around the UK this year starting off in Leeds for a two date single launch at Headrow House in September.
‘Reliance’ raises the bar with its strong hefty blow to the head explosive sound. The rapid nature of this track causes a frenzy effect for the chorus. The Barmines cleverly hold this back for the verse leaving you in anticipation. The vocals are intense and filled with emotion while the entire character of the track is displayed as dark and eerie. The strident bursts of guitar add energy and vibrancy while the slapping elastic bass adds agility and bounce. The punchy drums maintains a momentum throughout the track giving a solid foundation and muscular power to the song. Another fantastic track from The Barmines.

The Barmines are known for their energetic explosive live shows so make sure you catch them at one of their shows below
9th Sept Headrow House Leeds (SOLDOUT)
10th Sept Headrow House Leeds
16th Sept Hoodoo’s Croydon
17th Sept Pi Bar Leicester
24th Sept O2 Institute Birmingham
7th Oct The Underground Bradford – Live Music Venue Bradford
8th Oct The Rocking Chair Sheffield
14th Oct The Aerodrome Music Club Stockton-on-tees
15th Oct The Fleece INN North Allerton
22nd Oct Dublin Castle, Camden London
29th Oct The Buff Club Glasgow
19th Nov Gullivers NQ Manchester
26th Nov Kazoopa Festival Leeds
Watch the video for ‘Reliance’ below