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Plastic Barricades ‘Mechanics of Life’ Album

Based in North-West London, indie three piece Plastic Barricades have released their new album ‘Mechanics of Life’. Comprised of members Dan Kert on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Daniele Borgato on bass and Frazer Webster on drums the band have been nominated for “Oxjam Band of the Year ” and “MTV Brand New”, voted #1 out of 222 bands participating in Hard Rock Cafe London Global Battle of the Bands competition, won Camden Rocks Battle of the Bands, got nominated for “Brand New Artist”, landed 2nd place in Sziget Festival band competition and won Enfield Battle of the Bands and Songwall’s “Songs in the Sky”. Two songs from “Tree of Ideas” EP were also featured in Channel4 “Hollyoaks” TV show.

‘Mechanics of Life’ is a fine display of the chilled indie soaked sound Plastic Barricades do so well. The previously featured on Indie Buddie ‘How Goldfish Grow’ kicks off the album drenched in bright peppy vibes and crunching guitars. It’s bright bubbly indie with melancholic dark undertones adding depth to the track. They keep their sound radiant and glowy while slapping a nice bit of passion and meaning on top. ‘Singularity 2045’ and ‘Our Favourite Delusions’ display slick nimble solos, sharp piercing licks and blazing guitar moments that are divine. The tracks are punchy and meaty with melty glorious melodies and laid back beautiful vibes. They pack so much into their sound adding multi textures and intricate layers. The little peppy sparkling gem ‘Be the Change’ is golden sweet honey to the ears. Smooth tender vocals coo while a sun kissed instrumental backing, lights the track to heavenly heights. It’s passionate and delicate with zests of guitar refreshing the velvety melancholic track. ‘Around the Sun’ gives a groovy element to the album. Catchy vibrant melody illuminates the track with positivity. Each track that follows is easy going mellow and perky. They create music for hazy days in the sun. Though some have a gloomy undertone the tunes are soothing, sweet and melodic. For me the stinging jingles on guitar really stand out and add a squirt of beaming energy and glorious bedazzlement to each track. The luxurious melodies in ‘Half of your Soul’ interweave blending longing and inspiriting tones creating a heavenly blissful sound. ‘Masterminds’ brings us to the end of the album. It does feel like a farewell track, soaked in melancholic tones with a delicate stab beat. With elegant little guitar jingles and a sway-like tempo, it’s a delightful end to the album.

Plastic Barricades ‘Mechanics of Life’ is a laid back glorious album to wrap your ears around, soothe your soul and relax your mind. Its sun kissed and sweetly melodic with bright bubbly indie pop melodies coated in spongy rapid rhythms and flashes of sharp glistening guitar. They add their own glimpses of pizzazz in there too keeping it fresh and edgy but all round it’s a sublime wholesome listen.

Stream ‘Mechanics of Life’ below

Kev Howell ‘Haunting Ambition’ Album

Glasgow based singer-songwriter Kev Howell has recently released his debut album, ‘Haunting Ambition’. After beginning writing original material back in 2014 with an old 8-track machine, some Cubase software, and a lot of ambition and talent, Howell has come a long way. Over the past 3 years, he has grown a solid and dedicated fanbase and gained support slots for the likes of Ben Ottewell and Bill Ryder-Jones. Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, ‘Haunting Ambition’ boasts nine alternative rock tracks, driven by melodic guitar chords and a haunting and distinctive vocal line.

‘Haunting Ambition’ is a swirling dark concoction of alternative soft rock churning and coiling in a sixties psychedelic dissolving fermentation. Smooth and crooney ‘Distance’ sets the mood of the album. The underlying groovy hints present itself through the bouncy rhythm while spooky spine chilling soundscapes wisp around haunting vocals. The smooth melody is delicate,soft and almost fragile while sharp guitars sting with a stabbing shrill creating a goosebump inducing thrilling listen. The shadowy narcotically hazy ‘Kamikaze’ follows. Vaporous and smouldering this sultry track exudes eerie tantalising mystery wrapped in a psychedelic rock mirage. There is definitely a Beatles-eque vibe in the song maybe it’s something about Howell’s soothing McCartney-like smooth vocals or the melty melody smothered in dark creeping sixties psychedelia. Each track flows fluidly into the next bringing you further into Howell’s cloudy dream state. ‘Ode to an Angel’ lightens the mood and tone of the album. Gentle, sweet and delicate with soft accompaniment it’s heavenly and calm. Warm guitar twangs twinkle in and out of the lush emotional vocal melody while glistening soundscapes add a heartfelt sprinkle of affection. It’s an elegant mood shifter. Each track is well layered yet arranged meticulously in such a way so each note, each pluck and strum makes its own impact and striking imprint on your soul. With this album when it’s swoony and dreamy it’s divine but Howell knows exactly when to break that up and add a wobbly mirage of sharp guitar stings. Each song tells an absorbing story which pulls you right into the depths of the track creating a wholly engulfing experience. ‘Nightbird’ brings a shimmy dance quality with an impressive array of instrumentation from banjo twangs to electric and acoustic guitar intertwined with electronic soundscapes. It’s infectiously boppy and very catchy. ‘Grave Lament’ is just simply beautiful and mesmerising. Howell gives you just under a minute and a half of this blissfully sweet relaxing track. Warm guitar takes you to a dreamy island paradise while a gentle snapping beat soothes your mind. It’s mind melting soul fulfilling and oh so good. With velvety vocals caressing a creamy melody it’s like he takes away all your worries and for a brief moment you are in Utopia. ‘Snipers Blues’ closes the album off with a gritty punch of blues rock. Dirty riffs drive the track while kinetic drums bounce and pound with ferocious energy. It’s effortlessly cool, swagger driven and ballsy while also holding an air of breezy laid back attitude. Sultry and eerie with sharp guitar wails it’s a dramatic memorable end to the album.

Kev Howell’s ‘Haunting Ambition’ album blends the brawny fiery punch of rock with sublime smoky poetry and sensual steamy psychedelia, showcasing his refined and proficient musicianship. It’s an album you can put on and will listen to all the way through finding new intricate details each time. He leaves space for thought and contemplation while still layering and weaving fine textures and sublime melodies. An impressive debut.

Watch the video for ‘Kamikaze’ below


Heez ‘This time will be different’ Album

Heez has released his new album ‘This time will be different’. The sensual groovy ‘Aphysical’ kicks off the album featuring sweet vocals from Culture Child. Previously featured  on Indie Buddie this track has R&B soul entwined with  dark clammy sultry flexwave. ‘Whoa there’ is brimming with Heez’s swagger filled attitude and sauve. Sticky beats ricochet off ethnic tinged swirling  soundscapes while aggressive rapped vocals flow with venom-filled vigour. Its cruising slick and steamy while holding a nice bit of punch. ‘Sins’ featuring Trip Carter displays a brighter bubbly side to Heez’s sound. Still oozing swagger and panache from its core this sleek ditty radiates sunshine and good times. Sweet melody caresses the soft beat and gliding electronics. This is the perfect summer tune – cool breezy, sun kissed and catchy as hell. ‘Curfew’ bleeds emotion and passion to a body grooving beat and flashes of electronics. Dramatic and heavy its hard hitting and deeply emotive. With an exotic guitar feature its delicate and balmy and richly textured. ‘Slow me down’ featuring the beautiful voice of Kiki Halliday closes the album with pulsing beats dreamy tones and a delicious arrangement. Its melty melody is delicate and tender flowing with such grace and beauty while still maintaining Heez’s sticky drippy electronics. Halliday’s vocals blend perfectly with Heez’s it’s quite touching and sweet.

Heez has proven with ‘This time will be different’ album that he has a knack with melodies and a refined ear for complex sublime arrangements. At times, its tough and aggressive punchy and dark other times its sweet delicate and touching. He blends these seamlessly creating a unique exquisite album that’s absorbing.

Stream ‘This time will be different’ below

Queens of the Stone Age ‘Villains’

Rock dare devils Queens of the Stone Age have released their new much anticipated album ‘Villains’. Eager fans have awaited the album nervously. Finger nails have been chewed to a measly stump as they hoped the Mark Ronson produced album wouldn’t disappoint. Mixing the funky pop production we know Ronson for, with the gritty heavy rock that we are used to from Homme &Co, it could have gone either way. But these guys pulled it out of the bag. They shame us for our doubt with the slickest tightest most thrilling album, arguably their best to date

‘Feet Don’t Fail Me’ keeps the suspense with nearly two minutes of a moody dark eerie intro before blasting into a vivid riff that bounces, rebounding off the swagger soaked hair raising sound these guys do so well. It’s slick well-oiled with razor sharp guitar and a tight rhythm that snaps with instant vibrancy and elastic effect. It’s just too cool. Shredding guitar solo blisters leaving burn marks behind. Homme’s vocals coo and wail with sizzling vigour. It’s the perfect start to the album. The strutting hip shaking danceable ‘The Way You Used to Do’ follows. Finger clicking and soaked in a slick bluesy guitar riff it’s insanely catchy and shimmy worthy. This track alone will have you dancing embarrassingly around the room with its ear worm melody and infectious foot tapping beat. ‘Domesticated Animals’ is a punchy dark throbbing track with a nice little clap feature. Its sultry guitar licks and pulsing rhythm create an eerie gliding dramatic atmosphere. With Bowie hints in places and spooky dark tones all wrapped in a cinematic striking soundscape, it’s a scorching dazzler.‘Fortress’ slows the pace becoming sombre and shadowy while still packing QOTSA’s gritty shaded punch. The rock and roll flamboyant swagger stained track ‘Head Like a Haunted House’ follows with a rush of gyrating hip causing grooves. With 60’s surf-like guitar glides punchy drums and Elvis-like vocals this track makes a delightful shift in the album. That running bass is just sublime. The spacey wails give a unique twist while whistles add a cheeky chappy charm to the song. Still remaining heavy, it’s fantastically obscure and diverse. ‘Un-Reborn Again’ follows the rock and roll laced style however with elegant string feature and sharp guitar stings. The track glides with feminine grace while still maintaining a razor-sharp edge. ‘Hideaway’ slinks in, sultry and stealthily with a hush hush manner. It’s scorching guitar blisters with steamy humidity while Homme’s vocals smoothly and enigmatically caress the lyrics. ‘The Evil Has Landed’ is a spray of bluesy groovy rock. It’s a flexing of their rock, psychedelic muscles between crunchy riffs and pulsing beats. Sinister with hints of sweetness Homme stays mostly in his falsetto range as the track builds to an electrifying crescendo. It shifts becoming heavier and mightier and mosh frantic. ‘Villains of Circumstance’ brings us to the end of our journey with the ‘Villains’ album. Delicate and gentle with sweet guitar jingles and breezy soundscapes the song starts tender yet eerie. Building into an almost anthemic bright chorus, they manage to pack so much into this track. With echo brooding passion-filled vocals its moving yet positive. The chorus is very hopeful and vibrant with sonic twinkles throughout and dramatic instrumentation it definitely leaves you wanting more.

Sweet luscious melodies instant danceable grooves and enough heaviness to make a room shake and shimmy at the same time ‘Villains’ hasn’t let us down. Queens of the Stone Age have been shifting  slightly since the ‘Rated R’ days but not negatively. ‘Villains’ is sophisticated refined and fun while still packing some gritty punches.


Stream ‘Villains’ below


Pandovisia ‘Gone With The Solar Wind’

Net artists Pandovisia have recently announced the release of a mini LP titled  ‘Gone With The Solar Wind’. The release marks the anniversaries of the Voyager space programme and the cult sci-fi TV series Space 1999. The duo’s second album takes us to the far reaches of the solar system, and beyond. Exploring the ultimate challenge of single-sided communication, this record is conceived as a message in a bottle bound for outer space, including samples from the Voyager golden record and private audio clips.  ‘Gone With The Solar Wind’ is a story of reaching out to the unknown in search for love. In Pandovisia’s world, the wandering Voyager probes and forever gone Eagle Transporter spacecraft are metaphors for hope and dreams of scientists, children and artists alike. ‘Gone With The Solar Wind’ was pre-released on 20th August the day of the launch of Voyager 2, and will be officially released on 5th September, 40 years since Voyager 1 left this planet to become the first human-made object to leave the solar system and cross into interstellar space. The album will be available to stream or download from all major digital stores.

The wobbly spacey ‘The Golden Record’ kicks off the mini LP with warm guitar strums swooned in a dreamy atmosphere of soft jingles and drum thuds. The sweet toned guitar is lulling and calming while spaced out alien eerie synths slide in and out creating a haunting tone. The soft flickering ‘Solar Wind’ follows breezy and drenched in mirage like synth delusions. ‘Space 1999,’ Silent Ambassador’ and ‘Outside The Solar System’ are the only tracks that feature vocals. ‘Space 1999’ features both male and female vocals that coo with breathy rasps through fluctuant soundscapes, Asian hints and retro multi textured synth grooves. ‘Outside The Solar System’ is a melancholic tender track thudding with heavy somber tones teamed with warm glimmering guitar and wavy synths. With a catchy groove, sticky beat and repetitive spoken vocals its quite compelling and closes the LP on a thought provoking note.

‘Gone With The Solar Wind’ is brimming with some sweet toned melodic guitar moments that are simply divine while blending that among a rich spacey mirage of wavy synths, whiny jangles and slapping beats. It’s a unique LP and an experience all to its own.

Watch ‘Silent Ambassador’  below


Cornerstone ‘Reflections’ Album

Austria’s rock band Cornerstone have released their new album ‘Reflections’. The band composed of Alina Peter (Vocals, Guitars), Michael Wachelhofer (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals), Steve Wachelhofer (Guitar, Vocals) and Christoph Karas (Drums, Percussion), was signed by the US- label ATOM Records and is successfully representing Melodic-Rock: a US-tour, eight tours in the UK, a number of concerts at famous European festivals, airplay, TV-appearances on stations like BBC and much more. Additionally, they took part in the soundtrack of the film Little Alien, and in the beginning of 2012 their song “Right or Wrong” was awarded by the British ROCK REALMS Magazine as “Ballad of the Year 2011”. In 2013 the band released their version of the eighties-hit “Smalltown Boy” (by Bronski Beat), that appeared in the charts. All of the revenues from this success were donated to the “Room to Breathe”-campaign and to the charity organisation for the research and treatment of the immunodeficiency disease cystic fibrosis at the Nottingham City Hospital. In 2016, the bands third studio-album ‘Reflections’ was produced in Canada in cooperation with producer Harry Hess (Billy Talent, Muse, Harem Scare).
‘Reflection’ is an album with an interesting mix of sounds from the rock anthem tinged ‘Nothing To Loose’ with shredding riffs punchy drums and massive chorus to the slightly more pop-like nostalgic sweet melody of ‘Last Night’ which has a horn feature and ABBA influence. Big chorus’ seem to be a theme with these guys. ‘Heart On Fire’ gives an 80’s classic rock anthem vibe with brawny strides on guitar and melancholic sharp licks. Alina Peter’s vocals soar with a powerful emotion- filled range. These tracks are packed with dramatic explosions and slick guitar solos that are air guitar worthy and fist pump ready. ‘Whatever’ takes the croony ballad, it’s soft and wispy with an elegant piano feature and delicate beat. The funky bass driven ‘True Confessions’ gives us a Disco Stu vibe with glittering guitars – it’s disco balls and flashy dance floors oozing swanky swagger. The album continues the seamless blend of alternative rock with 80’s rock and pop creating a 10 track accumulation of classic anthems. Featuring some really intricate guitar work weaving in and out adding a nice refreshing zest and vibrancy to the album. ‘Believe In Me’ screams out a jazzy piano feature and perfect 80’s pop melody- you almost forget it’s a modern track.
‘Reflection’ takes you on a time travel journey with bitter sweet nostalgia while Cornorstone put their own spin slightly warping classic 80’s rock. Each track sounds familiar yet takes a unique turn as they take these genres and make them their own.

Stream ‘Reflection’ below

The Strypes ‘Spitting Image’ Album

The Strypes have released their third album ‘Spitting Image’. It was written and rehearsed in the local Town Hall in the bands hometown Cavan, and recorded in legendary Rockfield in Wales. The explosive four piece comprised of members Ross Farrelly (Lead Vocals/Harmonica),Josh McClorey (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Pete O’Hanlon (Bass Guitar/Harmonica) and Evan Walsh (Drums/Drums), kick started their career with a well-received performance on the Late Late Toy Show in the winter of 2010, the indie foursome released their debut EP in April of 2012 before following it up with two critically-acclaimed albums ‘Snapshot’ and ‘Little Victories’ in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The band who all grew up within a few miles of each other, all the same age have toured relentlessly together for over 5 years. Now they return with their highly anticipated new album ‘Spitting Image’ which sees the band take a step further with their sound.
‘Spitting Image’ is a thirteen track collection of tight, slick surf rock blended with their signature R&B, with new wave flows and ridiculously catchy pop smacks. ‘Behind Closed Doors’ kicks off this beachy upbeat vibe. It’s snappy bright and oozing feel good sunshine. With a melody that is The Beach Boys – esque and luscious, it becomes clear they have tightened up their sound becoming more sophisticated while still holding a fun care free vibe.It’s playful, energetic and exuberant as it bounces with an infectious beat with sharp zealous guitars that stride and sparkle with vibrant enthusiastic luminosity. ‘Consequence’ has a gleaming guitar feature that adds a sting to the hazy track while passionate vocals give a raspy grit. Rich percussion and well crafted, it follows its predecessor blazing with intensity and a golden radiance. The jaunty ‘(I Need A Break From) Holidays’ is up next with dazzling guitars and a punky vibe while ‘Grin and Bear It’ bring us mellow nostalgic tones with a melty sweet melody and zesty golden guitar flickers. The riff based infectious ‘Easy Riding’ glides in with a strutting tempo and swagger infused charm. The infectious explosive chorus will have you dancing around the room like a fool. It’s a confidence building little gem, play this song in the morning and you will be set for the day nothing will get you down. With a shredding harmonica feature it’s got all the quirky components you need. It’s the lion tamer of the album. ‘Great Expectations’ introduces itself with a beautiful warm instrumental. This track bounces with a peppy fun rebound. Another melodic delight with blissful guitar – it’s sublime. ‘Garden of Eden’ begins with a steamy sultry guitar feature and sizzling distortion with gently luring vocals it’s the scorching hot temptress of the album. Sticky muggy tones and sensual sway add an enticing bewitching almost psychedelic effect while the harmonica stings break up the hazy delusion with refreshing sharp bursts. ‘A Different Kind of Tension’ brings us back to the animated sprightly sound and ‘Get Over It Quickly’ returns us to the sun soaked breezy shimmy summer fun sound. ‘Turn My Back’ is vibrant with a neck snapping beat and rapid tempo that will have you bopping along uncontrollably. ‘Blue Shades Over Red Eyes’ is a smooth glide of positivity. It’s a shades on and prance like a boss kind of track. ‘Mama Give Me Order’ takes the role of the tender gripping heartfelt track.It’s simple with just acoustic accompaniment yet quite powerful. The rhythmically rich ‘Oh Cruel World’ brings us to the end of the album with a warm twang and African beat. It’s hard not to clap along to this insanely catchy track. It sums up the album well, irresistible melody tight production and extremely danceable. This track will make you want to listen to the entire album again and again.
The Strypes have created an album rich with great tunes. Their knack for an irresistible melty melody is undeniable and their slick refined musicianship for this album is incredible. They really have grown immensely creating an album that is a treasure trove of opulent sounds.

Stream ‘Spitting Image’ below

Golden Curtain ‘Underwater Gospels’ Album

Golden Curtain is the collaborative relationship between an indie rock band from New Zealand and a California poet. The band consists of members Andrew Mckenzie (vocals, guitar), Andrew Gladstone (vocals, drums), Brad Gamble (bass).After striking up a friendship with Hawkes Bay’s Golden Curtain around the time their debut album came out in 2011, Alex Green and Golden Curtain front man Andrew Mckenzie started collaborating via Skype on a truly transpacific musical endeavour. The result is the release of the ‘Underwater Gospels’ album
‘Underwater Gospels’ is ten tracks of laid back indie pop. From the twinkling soundscapes coated in edgy guitar strides of ‘Heart Attack Summer’ to the almost country warmth and bounce of ‘Etc Etc’,Golden Curtain give an album that is light and cosy while also displaying a knack for sublime melody and rich rhythm. ‘ I Changed My Mind For You’ has a beachy reverb laden, catch a wave vibe. It’s relaxed with echoing backing vocals and a bouncy rhythm. ‘Amen’ blasts with soulful handclaps lushly textured rhythm and nautical basslines. With a catchy percussion section that draws you into its groove and sweet passionate melody, it’s hot summers evening fireside bliss. ‘So Easy’ is sun soaked nostalgia smooth with a day dream melody and bright guitar feature that flickers and glows lifting the track into a hazy vibe. Soft beat, velvety raspy vocals and warm tones it verges into country territory without actually crossing that line.’The Captain’ is your tender slow jam while ‘The Pier’ closes the album with a doo wop vibe mixed with subtle swirling guitars and bouncy drums. The “bop shoo be doo wop” lyrics add a quirky catchy element that will have you singing along in no time.
‘Underwater Gospels’ is a display of Golden Curtain’s intricate attention to detail as they create an album easy to listen to and relaxed while maintaining rich luscious soundscapes.

Stream ‘Underwater Gospels’ below

Sive ‘The Roaring Girl’ Album

Songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Sive first began to delve into songwriting when she was 15. She released her first album of original material, ‘We Are Moving’, to critical acclaim in 2012.She has toured extensively in Ireland, The UK, Europe and New Zealand, sharing stages with the likes of Kila, John Spillane and Gemma Hayes. She was voted viewer’s choice to appear on RTE’s Other Voices in 2014 and has also performed on TG4’s Róisín, TV3’s Ireland AM, ARTE’s Metropolis (Germany/France) and ETV’s Terevisioon (Estonia). Sive has now released her second studio album ‘The Roaring Girl’.
‘The Roaring Girl’ is a stunning unique venture, rich with complex subtle instrumentation and warm melodies mixed with conflicting explosive emotions that create an album to get lost in. From the warm deep melancholic string intro of ‘Turn Down The Silence’ you are instantly made aware of the intensity and depth of the album. The track lightens becoming a little more peppy and bouncy yet underneath this is the menacing strings niggling like a lingering worry. Sive pulls in theatrical elements in all the tracks which makes each track more meaningful and important. ‘Swallow Me’ has a jazzy piano and brighter atmosphere with a bubbly rippling warm guitar feature which playfully flickers in and out of the jittery percussion and jazz like piano.The track leads you down a dreamy path as the music subtly wanders into a hazy state.‘Wingless Bird’ hooks with lush sweet backing vocals as Sive’s main vocals soothe with charming warmth and luxurious texture. The track is a simple little gem with tropical African-fused pop rhythm and blissful honeyed melody, it’s perfect, rich and delightful. ‘If I Had A Home To Go To’ has an eerie waltz-like sway and glide. Full of grandeur and elegant string accompaniment with haunting backing vocals. Its a hair-raising yet sombre drizzled fairy tale. ‘Maude’ glimpses at Sive’s folk tinged style while ‘Humans’ takes a dainty simple approach. Sive’s sweet powerful vocals shine, packed with passion and emotion. Slowly building into a mightier crescendo with darker bewitching tones and rumbling beats teamed with luscious tantalising backing vocals this track again is chilling and goosebump inducing. It’s perfectly breezy and eerie with easy gently sway-like glides that build into an enchanting wind swept flow. ‘Hoverfly’ brings us to the end of our beautiful musical journey with gentle tones, warm acoustic guitar and stunning vocals.
‘The Roaring Girl’ showcases Sive’s ability to gracefully pirouette between genres, effortlessly blending jazz with hints of indie and funk elements wrapped in cloaks of classical whims while creating cinematic images and striking emotions within the listener. The album is mature well crafted and deeply moving.A solid body of work. Refined elegance oozes from every track while you witness the turmoil and emotions flooding through the album without becoming overwhelmed, its satisfying and soul fulfilling. A sublime album from Sive.
Stream ‘The Roaring Girl’ below

Aja Volkman ‘Sandy’ Album Review

Aja Volkman, the former female front for the LA rock-trio Nico Vega, has announced her long awaited solo debut with the release of her debut album ‘Sandy’. Featuring the lead single ‘My Man’, the album will be available to download on all major media providers from May 19th. Born and raised in Oregon, Aja Volkman began her musical career at a young age and it quickly progressed into a prodigious talent. Volkman’s musical career opened up after she joined forces with War Paint front woman Emily Kohal and for the first time in the public sphere, she unleashed a provocative vocal that would soon define her career. Her foray into the music world continued in 2004 when she forged the successful LA rock trio Nico Vega. After teaming up with Linda Perry (Gwen Stefani, Pink, Christina Aguilera), Nico Vega released their first full-length album in 2009, which received critical acclaim. In 2015 Nico Vega continued to gain popularity after landing an opening slot for Imagine Dragons and now after a short hiatus, Aja Volkman announces her return to music with her debut solo album ‘Sandy’.
‘Sandy’ is a cosy intimate album immersed in beautiful heartfelt delicate tones with country twangs drizzled on top to add a speckle of fun and vibrancy to the album. Dripping in vintage bluesy soul the album displays a sophisticated sound with rich depth and satisfying textures. ‘My Man’ kicks off the album setting a 50’s or 60’s romantic sway-like scene. Elegant and graceful it glides like a fairy tale waltz. The soft instrumentation and sweet lulling backing “sha la la” vocals create a dreamy swoony affectionate flow and glide to this beautiful track. Volkman’s honey soaked vocals coo the luscious melody creating the perfect soothing fanciful scene to blissfully loose yourself  in. This track is irresistibly smooth and velvety as it oozes and seeps idyllic romance. Volkman follows this with track after track featuring  sweet gentle lusciously rich textures. ‘Bother Me’ brings warm country twangs to the candied delicious sound. While ‘Nobody’ adds a bounce and vibrancy with a sassy attitude. The album is speckled with jazzy piano elements in tracks such as ‘Deep Love’ and mysterious steamy tones in ‘Skeletons’ all while maintaining an exquisite knack for ear worm melodies. ‘Sandy’ winds down to a graceful, tender almost peaceful end with ‘Cracked’. Volkman has created a collection of heartfelt eloquent tracks that display her classy elegant and affluent musicianship.
Aja Volkman recorded the album with singer-songwriter Joshua James in Utah and it has taken over a year to put together. ‘Sandy’ is out May 19th and you can get her brand new single ‘My Man’ as an instant download when you pre-order the album from April 28th.
Stream ‘My Man’ below