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MUNKY ‘7am’

Grungy-disco four-piece MUNKY have released their new single ‘7am’. With an oh so smooth funky intro of soft taps and sweet backing vocal croons ‘7am’ glides in, swagger soaked locked and loaded to flood your ears with bluesy drenched bliss. With a moody bass line and mellow twinkles on guitar to start they ease you into the laid back sombre filled track. The song builds becoming more gritty and expressive as scratchy slivers of guitar wail and whine over an elastic rhythm. These guys know how to deliver a clean cut, crisp track while blurring it with wobbly psychedelia and adding a healthy dose of fuzz on top. Zachary Stephenson’s vocals agonise while slick grooves and sizzling riffs cruise in with bluesy sensuality and panache. The track builds to a massive instrumental crescendo that pierces through you with an intense jolt of electricity. Smothered in dark tones it’s a heavy hitter and who doesn’t love a good “do do do” lyric. These guys are maturing nicely if you thought their sound was good before check ‘7am’ out and be prepared to be blown away. Such refined production meticulous musicianship and intense sultry energy all packed into one perfectly timed brooding track. So good.

Watch the video for ‘7am’ here


Public Access TV ‘Lost In The Game’

Public Access T.V. have released another appetizer from their upcoming album ‘Street Safari’ which is set for release in February. ‘Lost In The Game’ is the second single teasing the glorious joys to come from the bands sophomore album. It’s a funky effortlessly smooth track that drifts in with swagger soaked vocals spread upon a sleek liquefying flaunty melody and buoyant rhythm. It’s stamped with the chicness and cruising swagger of this swanky four piece.  With an elastic exuberant bass teamed with vibrant shimmers on guitar its a rich luscious display. The brass elements and jazzy keys add a sprightly lift and wiggle-ready dynamism. It is oh so cool with a soul tinged hue smothered in infectious melodies, steamy guitar licks and a laid back disco vibe. It hits all the right spots and will have you grooving and boogieing in no time. Refined and smooth this number is an ear worm that charms its way into your brain leaving you uncontrollably bopping and sliding along the dance floor.

Stream ‘Lost In The Game’ below

Factory ‘Violet Lips’

Merseyside’s Factory have released their new single ‘Violet Lips’. Factory have been shaking up venues all over the country supporting bands like SPACE, as well as selling out headline gigs in Manchester and Liverpool. In 2016 they were chosen by Alan McGee to open up for Primal Scream at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester and 2017 saw the band kick things off with the sold-out release of single and music video for ‘Step a Little Closer’ which received radio play from Dave Monks at BBC Radio Merseyside. Factory also completed their first UK tour, with dates at Sound City ‘Suburbia’, TRAMLINES, Dot 2 Dot and even their first gig in the capital.

‘Violet Lips’ continues their quest for world domination. Its more shrilling fierce and savage than its predecessor. With funky guitar injected between slick basslines and punchy drums it’s a swagger soaked demand for attention. This track seeps chic rooted grooves from its very core, with a bass line so elastic beefy and slick it steam rolls through with relentless tyrant stamina. With steamy guitar wails and a refined shimmy ready rhythm these guys have what it takes. It’s a solid rough and tumble track, yet sensually smooth to make you dance effortlessly. With a raspy vocal adding raw rock and roll muscle teamed with a catchy melody and sweat and leather adrenaline pumping instrumentation, this track is a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye out for Factory these dark horses have some serious talent and they have burst onto the music scene gung-ho and are ready to rock.

Stream ‘Violet Lips’ below

Accidents in the Workplace ‘Wake Up’

Accidents in the Workplace have released their new single ‘Wake Up’ along with an accompanying video. It is the second single from the Dundalk based funk / rock band and was recorded in Black Mountain Studios, Co. Louth and produced by Alex Borwick of The Young Folk. The band were formed in early 2016 and made their live debut that June at Vantastival Music Festival. A string of captivating performances at various festivals and renowned venues over the last year has earned them a reputation of being a must-see act. ‘Wake Up’ is a swanky stomp and shake of infectious funky swagger. This track flexes and struts with sass, panache and sweltering flamboyance. Brimming with a rich luscious sound from triumphant brass bursts to snazzy guitar licks this track sprinkles a vibrant shower of sparkling chicness. With powerful expressive vocals teamed with shimmy and shake ready instrumentation this track comes to life and hits you with an instant rush of vitality. The keys bounce along the bass and drums with a spring and animation that is dance around the room ready. It’s well layered and meticulously crafted to bring a sweet oh so satisfying sound that is so cool, sassy, funkadelic and instantly likeable. Accidents In The Workplace bring a track that packs some serious muscle behind it’s pizzazz soaked giddy funk swagger. It’s dripping in finesse and displays a considerable musical depth through the bands lavish attention to detail.

Accidents In The Workplace will be supporting the amazing Jerry Fish on December 28th and have a headlining show on New Year’s Eve in The Spirit Store, Dundalk so make sure to check them out.

Watch the video for ‘Wake Up’ below

Public Access T.V. ‘MetroTech’

The boys are back, rejoice, New York’s finest Public Access T.V. have followed their stunning debut album, ‘Never Enough’, with their new release ‘MetroTech’. It’s the first single from the quartets upcoming sophomore album ‘Street Safari’ which is due for release February 2018. This effortlessly cool track seeps and oozes swagger, drenched in funkadelic bravado. It’s a chilled shuffle and strut of infectious funk. With a running elastic sensual bassline that pulls you to the dance floor and rich jittery rhythm this track cruises with finger clicking panache. So danceable, prance worthy and strut ready it’s the definition of slicked back flaunty flamboyance. Smooth sliding lyrics glide and lure while jagged sharp guitar injects a gritty, warm burst into the steamy track. Dripping in finesse it sizzles and burns hot vapor off every note while glissading on a mellow laid-back coolness. An exciting new track from the four-piece, can’t wait for the album.


Stream ‘MetroTech’ below


Birdsworth ‘Treat You Good’

Formed from the ashes of a Puerto Rican cult band, Birdsworth began its collective life 18 months ago. Since then they have opened for The Milk, The Rifles, New Street Adventure and host their own club night known as the GRAVY BASS SOCIAL. They have recently released their new single ‘Treat You Good. The trio have self produced and recorded all of their singles  themselves in a shed. They also have their own brand of teabags thrown out for free at every gig, so if your a tea lover head to one of their live shows for that.

‘Treat You Good’ is a rippling flexuous track with a groovy bass and wobbly beat. Its infectious melody  and effortlessly cool style makes this track instantly likable. Smothered in dreamy tones with a rush of Funkadelic  waves its richly textured and layered. With sing along friendly falsetto “oh oh” lyric you will be hooked from the start. These guys know what they are doing and have created  an energetic little ditty exuding swagger and strut-like oomph.


Watch the video for ‘Treat You Good’ below

Amazing Planes ‘Lost In Translation’ album

UK Garage rock duo Amazing Planes have released their new album ‘Lost In Translation’. Hailing from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire the band consists of rock duo Mark Nelson and Daniel Hard. Amazing Planes pull in elements of Rock, Blues and Indie to create their multi-faceted album ‘Lost In Translation’.
First up is ‘Saving The World’ with a gritty fuzzed bass riff its down and dirty raw kick ass attitude driven brawn. Slick and smooth this track charms with steamy attitude and a mighty punch. Slight country twangs shake up the track while heavy instrumentation pummels with smooth moshing frenzy. ‘Only When You Call’ displays the duo’s funky groovy side with bouncy instrumentation and sing along “ba baaa” feature. This track has a Blur feel in the verse which breaks away for the catchy chorus. Strong bass pulses through the track while vocal harmonies coast through with cruising charisma. Slick sharp guitar drives the track weaving in and out playfully while the soft drums and elastic bass keep the funky tempo.Title track ‘Lost In Translation’ continues this groovy shimmy and 60’s vibe, its flower power fun with brass elements warming up the flowing free track. The song breaks into a raw instrumental bridge with rattly guitar and rapid rumble on drums before leading into the massive chorus. ‘Coming Back To Me’ slows the tone down taking a more emotional tender persona. Soft soulful instrumentation accompanies the vocals while strong sharp interjections on guitar freshens up the otherwise delicate track. The album continues with Amazing Planes’ funky blends fizzling with rock and gritty elements. Shredding guitar licks and big chorus’ become the duos signature moves while they swoon in with cool tones and swagger soaked vocals. The stomp worthy ‘Good Thing’ is empowering and will definitely have you busting all the moves from shimmying to bopping and even pulling out the disco stew move with pride just before you air guitar to that thrilling solo. ‘Loves Gone’ closes the album, bass heavy and smooth its cool and polished raw and steamy. Punchy rumbling drums teamed with a blistering guitar riff and sensual sway-like verse, its a temptress to the ears.

A solid album from Amazing Planes ‘Lost In Translation’ is a fizzing can of delicious indie rock that will leave you thirsty for more.
Stream  ‘Lost In Translation’  below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Fontaines

The LA duo Hank Fontaine and Charlotte Fontaine have released their new single ‘Evaporate’. Sprinkling their new-wave rock with energetic funk The Fontaines glide in with swooney effortless cool grooves smothered in steamy sensual vibes. Dripping in sticky bouncy guitar riffs its a tempting bounce of sassy swagger. Charlotte’s vocals softly cruise with flirty charm and a sultry smoulder that is thrilling. The gentle drum beat teamed with elastic slap on bass gives a sensual luring sticky effect that adds to the entire sizzling sweltering humidity of the track. The lyrics narrate a “catch and release” relationship which only exists in the bedroom. The Fontaines are currently finishing up their debut full-length album which is set for release later this year.

Stream ‘Evaporate’ below

Endless Peaks ‘Fairweather’

Endless Peaks

Endless Peaks are a four piece indie rock band.The band are based on the South Coast of England in Bournemouth consisting of Lloyd Allen (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Luis Allen (Bass Guitar), Chanelle Smith (drums) and Connor Dean (keyboard). They have released their new single ‘Fairweather’ this week which shows us their smooth funky side. A soft rapid supple beat and flexible strutting bass introduce the track with a swank and prance that oozes slick magnetic swagger and style. Developing into a slower tempo that pulls you back from the groove and into a slow mosh with heavier instrumentation and distorted psychedelic guitars adding a drowsy intoxicated feel. Endless Peaks tugs you back into the funky bright verse just before you become consumed by the thick gooey pull of hallucinogenic spiralling keyboard and guitars. Smooth velvety vocals keep the track pliable and easing to the mind while the instrumentation seduce and coax you with its changing rhythms and magnetic panache.
Stream ‘Fairweather’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Hidden Charms

London band Hidden Charms have released their new single ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ ahead of their forthcoming EP ‘Harder From Here’, which is set for release on October 28th, the band consists of members Vincent Davies (singer, guitarist & bassist), Ranald Macdonald (co-singer, keyboardist, guitarist & bassist), Josh Lewis (guitarist & bassist) and Oscar Robertson (drummer). The four piece have scored support slots for the likes of Hanni El Khatib and Yak, a four-week NME Koko residency and radio airtime from Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Huw Stephens. They have generated a mass of attention from successful slots at Kendal Calling, The Great Escape and the iconic Isle of Wight Festival. We previously featured their single ‘Cannonball’ on Indie Buddie and were extremely excited and eager to hear their new single.
‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ is a hallucinatory rumble of spine chilling neurosis encased and composed in cool strutting swagger. Enduring smooth vocals repeat the chorus, engrossing and consuming you into a maze of intense claustrophobia. The rapid rumbling drums adds a thick gooey humid effect as the spin of psychedelic razor sharp guitar riffs give this track a sultry sensual luring quality while adding an eerie sting. The elastic slap bass gives that strutting prance, stride and groove keeping an upbeat charm and flaunt. Its an infectiously hypnotic and catchy track that creeps up behind and seeps into your brain replaying when you least expect it.
Stream ‘I Just Wanna Be Left Alone’ below