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Divining Rod ‘Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling’

Americana, folk singer-songwriter Miyuki Furtado has announced the release of his debut EP with his newest band Divining Rod, a new direction for the previous member of popular post punk band The Roger Sisters. The double A side single was released yesterday and it illustrates the earliest and the most recent paths Miyuki’s songwriting has taken. Released under Killipaki Records, Divining Rod take inspiration from the likes of Bert Jansch, Stephen Stills and Fairport Convention to present a soul tinged, country sound and a taste of what is to come from their full album, ‘Return to Crystal Cove’ which is  set to be released later this year. During his upbringing in Kauai, Hawaii, Miyuki was surrounded by live music and the inspiration from that environment carries through to the tracks in this EP. Recorded by grammy-nominated Brian Forbes (Emily King, Bilal), both tracks on the EP have an interesting story behind the lyrics, with Hemlock Blues being a story of the sensationalism of news in the modern day and the repercussions it can have and Love Come Tumbling inspired by a dream of Miyuki’s which lead him to put pen to paper.
‘Hemlock Blues’ is bouncy soul infused Americana that rushes through you like blood in your veins, it’s wholesome and honest with dark sinister tones lying beneath its rooted sound. Rich country twangs fill the track with sharp bursts of refreshing zest while smooth vocals and soft beat add warmth and comfort. Dramatic stops and vibrant guitar twinkles create a delicate yet striking track that is foot tappingly good.
‘Love Come Tumbling’ is a melodic gripping track with a kick drum acting as the heartbeat of the song. Once again sharp bright guitar melodies flicker in and out adding bright little speckles of luminosity. With a sweet instrumental feature Divining Rod display their slick refined musicianship as lush guitar lines and mellow harmonica twangs blend seamlessly with sweet tones creating a well layered lavish experience. Its vocal melody is simple but with a hearty wholesome sound backing this track it is sublime and warming.

These intricate well layered tracks act as the perfect appetiser for the album ‘Return to Crystal Cove’.

Stream ‘Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling’ below

Ben Bateman ‘Don’t Breathe A Word’

Ben Bateman is a singer/songwriter from the northeast of UK. He began playing guitar at the age of ten and writing songs at thirteen. He travelled to New Zealand at the age of 17 to perform music and develop his live performance skills, which he brought back to the UK shortly after and began performing at all the folk clubs in the north east.He is releasing his new single ‘Don’t Breathe A Word’ on July 31st. Its a warm dreamy folk pop track. Swoony and light doused in gentle romantic tones with a sweet melty melody it’s a tender delicate delight. Reverb laced guitar adds a mellow comforting tone as Bateman’s smooth slightly rasped vocals coo and soothe you into a gentle swaying lull. The subtle bass adds depth to the feathery light fluttering heart track. It’s simply composed and as sweet as pie.

‘Don’t Breathe A Word’ is the first of six songs Bateman will be releasing monthly over the next half-year so keep an eye out for those.
You can hear ‘Don’t Breathe A Word’ on YouTube below


Delta Howl ‘Mary’

Folk-Rock / Americana duo Delta Howl have released their second single ‘Mary’. Grant Ashman and Mark Neat both grew up in the small town of Dudley, in the heart of The Black Country, England. Both experienced musicians they first met during a live music showcase in the West Midlands over 8 years ago and since then worked diligently on various music projects including various shows in the States and tours with the likes of Simple Minds & Blackberry Smoke. During late 2016 the duo re-united and spent the rest of that year writing and recording the material that has become Delta Howl. ‘Mary’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by the duo in their own studio. It’s the second single off a four track EP which is due to be released in late August of 2017.
‘Mary’ is a toasty track that sounds like summer. Drenched in youthful free vibes with slide guitars adding a wind in your hair carelessness and bongo drums giving a bounce and dance quality it’s instantly likeable. Sweet elegant piano introduces the song until it erupts into a breezy warm heartland county rock track. The big chorus featuring “hey” lyrics on backing vocals gives life and comradeship to the track filling you with oodles of daydreaming emotion.
When asked about the track vocalist Grant said:
“It’s a song that sounds like the summer, it describes a crazy relationship but the best kind of crazy, we hope it transports the listener to a past, present & future time. One that looks happy and fun and that’s what the song is all about, making people have a good time”

James Holt ‘Whatever Happened to John?’

James Holt is a singer,songwriter from Manchester whose unique alternative rock sound, is receiving attention and praise from music industry giants and the listening public alike. He has recently released his new single ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ which was chosen by world-renowned producer Brian Eno for the NOISE arts festival.Holt performs regularly at venues and festivals in towns and cities across the UK including prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London.
‘Whatever Happened to John?’ is a speedy energetic track blended with rich varieties of euphoric sounds, from country twangs and rock and roll bounce to sensual ethnic sensibilities and loads in between. With a snappy beat and mellow harmonica twangs, it’s an infectious relentless brisk ball that constantly rebounds back with infectious enthusiasm. Slick guitar flickers and mysterious ethnic feature provides a sultry steamy bridge with psychedelic delusional hints. The track continues it’s steam engine pace laced with adrenaline and heart stopping excitement. It’s a refreshing cracking track smothered in bustle charm and staggering swagger. This guy has some talent.

Stream ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ below

Lisa Loughrey ‘Coming Up’

Irish Singer Songwriter Lisa Loughrey has released her debut single, ‘Coming Up’ today. Loughrey has previously written songs that have featured in documentaries (RTE Radio1), radio, music blogs (Folk Radio UK, Tradconnect) and local and national press.Up until now, she has been primarily known for her work with Dublin based Alt Folk outfit, The Mariannes. She also won the inaugural Clancy Brothers Award for Songwriting in 2014.The track was recorded in The Nutshed Studios, and was mixed and produced by Nathan Maher and Joe Egan. Performing on the track with Loughrey is multi-instrumentalist Nathan Maher (Buffalo Sunn, Slackers’ Symphony), veteran bassist Damian McMahon (formerly of Tupelo), percussionist/drummer Jacob Fry (BIMM graduate) and Eoghan Keane on trumpet.
‘Coming Up’ is a track that holds the weight of the world on its shoulders but withstands its brutal force. Buoyant light guitar twangs and lush soft lull on backing vocals set the track afloat creating a weightless warm feel while throbbing bass and steady drums add a heavy pulse and thud. Coated in dark tones this track gives a sense of endurance however the elasticity and spring adds hope and strength. Loughrey’s hazy raspy vocals simmer with moving emotion. Simple and smooth the track is foot tapping friendly with an authentic country tone however with striking lyrical depths that hit you hard and cast an eerie shadow. ‘Coming Up’ is richly textured and sophisticated displaying a compelling vocal expression from Loughrey .
When asked about the track Loughrey said “‘Coming Up’ plays like a confessional and deals with the universal themes of disillusionment and remorse, it acknowledges a person’s constant struggle to get ahead in life despite facing withstand from both outside and within. The song itself is also a hat-tip of sorts to the 1970’s folk song ‘Sonny’s Dream’, written by Ron Hynes”
‘Coming Up’ is the first release from Lisa Loughrey’s forthcoming solo album. The single release will be followed by a launch on 8th June at Arthur’s Music Venue, Dublin 8 so make sure to check that out.
Stream ‘Coming Up’ below

Delta Howl ‘Reach The Shore’

Grant Ashman and Mark Neat who are collectively known as Delta Howl are set to release their debut single ‘Reach The Shore’ this Friday. The duo who both grew up in Dudley recorded, mixed and mastered the track in their own studio. It’s the first single off a five track EP which is due to be released in the summer. ‘Reach The Shore’ is a foot tapping clap along friendly track wrapped in warm nostalgic tones. This track bops along with a chirpy spring in its step. Simple yet effective with mellow acoustic guitar jingles and hand clapping feature it glows with bright qualities and a honeyed melty melody. Sweet county twangs create a cosy camp fire atmosphere while soothing passionate vocals give a snug toasty comforting quality. Bursting with raw emotion this catchy track leaves an imprint in your mind and will have you swaying and singling along in no time.

Watch the video for ‘Reach The Shore’ below

Indie Quick Picks


Genre: singer -songwriter, indie-folk

Bio: UK singer-songwriter Bandini is becoming known for his timeless songs which arrive fully formed and without unnecessary embellishment. With a yearning, vulnerable voice accompanied only by sparse acoustic guitar, these deceptively direct melodies soon burrow into the gaps between nostalgia and memory, between child-like innocence and painful life experience. Little is known of the reclusive singer-songwriter’s background and personality, other than his love of analogue recording.Sometimes, especially in our age of information overload, it’s better to let the songs speak for themselves.

Track: Little Room

Why we Like It: Its a haunting emotionally raw track soaked in nostalgia. With light accompaniment on guitar Bandini’s passionate vocals resound throughout with an eerie mysterious yet soothing quality. It takes you into a dimly lit room of solitude with nothing but the track to comfort you. Its oddly consoling yet skin crawling-ly haunting.

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Stream ‘Little Room’ below


Genre: Indie-folk singer-songwriter

Bio: Penny’s Anglo-American heritage and upbringing is a prime influence within her music.The new single ‘Misery Gut’ is lifted from the new ‘If, Buts & Maybes’ EP. ‘If, Buts & Maybes’ comes after several years hiatus since her 2011 self-titled release.With her earlier singles gaining airplay support on BBC Introducing, this new collection of timeless songs will see her music gaining wider recognition and acclaim.

Track: Misery Gut

When asked about the track Penny said:
“I wrote this song when I was surrounded by those who seemed to relish being negative about everything, I’m an upbeat and optimistic person, so I sing Misery Guts to myself when I start to drift into pessimistic thoughts or if my mood gets dragged down by something. It reminds me to just go with the flow, and not let whatever it is ruin the day”.
Why we Like It: Its a bright peppy earthy folk-pop song displaying lyrical wit and an infectious foot tapping beat. Driven by Penny’s strong vocals and hints of country twang its a snappy ball of quirky fun.

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Stream ‘Misery Guts’ below

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Indie Quick Picks

Marie Danielle

Genre: indie-folk singer

Bio: US indie-folk singer-songwriter Marie Danielle will release her debut UK single Soldier on Tuesday 18th April. Marie’s stunning debut album Hustler picked up Stateside acclaim last year. She’s currently touring the US, working on a new album with Simone Felice & Drive-By Truckers’ Mike Patton and will be touring the UK later this year. Marie’s dark and intelligent songwriting connects with audiences through a naked honesty about love, loss and addiction. Within a year of her first live show, Marie was touring throughout the US and Europe and her song One of My Kind was featured on an episode of the Showtime series ‘Billions.’ Currently recording new material with Drive-By Truckers bassist Mike Patton, Marie will soon be visiting the UK for new live dates.

Track: Soldier
When asked about the inspiration for ‘Soldier’ Marie Danielle said:
“I’ve tried so hard to settle down, but the only thing I’m any good at is music. When you’re in a different city every night, love is fleeting. That incessant march makes you feel like you’re fighting some kind of imagined war.”
Why We Like It: Its warm twangy indie folk that’s soaked in melancholic tones but still manages to stay positive, upbeat and bouncy. Its a timeless country track blended sweetly with folk-influenced Americana that will have you humming along and tapping your foot in no time.

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Stream ‘Soldier’ below

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Justin Lacy ‘Sealed’

Justin Lacy has recently released his new single ‘Sealed’ from his upcoming record ‘Control Burn’ out on April 13. Lacy is not your typical singer-songwriter, he is equal parts lyricist, arranger, composer and performer.  His oddball vocal delivery of image-heavy lines, steeped in sweeping orchestral arrangements creates his own little pocket of unique yet captivating indie guitar folk.

‘Sealed’ is a prime example of Lacy’s bright quirky approach to song writing that twists your ears to a blissfully unique blend of sweet melodies and subtle bursts of joy. Featuring a  bouncy and optimistic array of inventive instrumentation. With child-like warm toned flickering on guitar, honeyed lull on backing vocals and luscious ear worm melody, ‘Sealed’ fast warms its way into you mind and heart. The use of the glockenspiel adds a darker bittersweet tone while also creating a rich contrast. The song is almost cinematic and theatrical at times adding a little tension and drama to the fluffy candy coated track. For me Lacy’s nylon-string guitar creates a beautiful delicate sound with a warmth and tone that I cannot stop listening to. Lacy’s quirky vocals adds a dramatic almost striking quality however its perfect for this track and completes the songs blossom into the delightful peculiar track that will put a smile  on your face.

Stream ‘Sealed’ below

Ian Janco ‘Life’

Ian Janco has released his debut single ‘Life’, his first musical offering since moving to Liverpool. Janco grew up on an isolated ranch in Idaho, USA, owned by his role model and recent mentor, Carole King. The track is a faultless example of Ian’s unerring ability to write a chorus that is equal parts catchy and endearing. It has already been picked up by Graham Norton and Paul O’Grady on Radio 2, and is getting a whirlwind response.
‘Life’ is a bright cheerful hop and skip of feel good joy. Chirpy whistle along feature kicks off the track with peppy light acoustic guitar and perky bouncy beat, its a charming shimmering track that is soul fulfilling and warm. This joyful, folk/pop propelled slice of adoration will put a smile on even the most bitter persons face and put a spring in their step. Catchy sing along chorus and chirpy vibes makes this song insanely infectious, it almost calls the sun out to shine and lifts away all your worries. The sweet lull on backing vocals teamed with Janco’s smooth clear almost cooling vocals give the track a relaxing free vibe.
When asked about the track Janco said “Life is about missing somebody, and telling them that you love them and want only the best for them… I hope this song makes people happy, It’s really as simple as that.”
Stream ‘Life’ below