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Indie Quick Picks

The RPMs

Genre: Alt Pop

Bio: Brighton trio Jack Valero (lead vocals, guitar) Callum James (drums and backing vocals) and  Miguel Cosme (bass,backing vocals) have only been together a few years and they have made short work of grabbing people’s attention. Making waves on Huw Stephen’s BBC Introducing and John Kennedy’s Shock of the New on Radio X, tipped by 6 Music taste-makers Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson, taking up invitations to Glastonbury Festival two years in a row, plus scoring ‘track of the day’ features in the likes of Clash, Giglutz, Record Of The Day and more.

Track: ‘Things I Forgot To Do’

Why We Like It: It’s a bubbling can of catchy hook driven indie pop. With an infectious bass groove, a relentless finger clicking beat that bounces back with snappy vitality teamed with strut quality guitar strides. it’s an effortless cool smooth track that flows in on a wave of good times and peppy attitude. This trio have created a slick warm tune polished, sweet and sunkissed.

Watch the video for ‘Things I Forgot To Do’ below


 Glass Hour

Genre: Piano Pop-Rock

Bio: Glass Hour is a pop-rock band from Montreal comprised of members Caleb Smith (Bass), Joey Reda (Guitar), Will Bennett (Drums) and Keegan Boulineau (Vocals, Piano, Guitar). With a generous incorporation of piano combined with a signature guitar sound, their music ranges from massive arena rockers to intimate, soul-warming songs. Their debut album entitled ‘Minute Hand’ is set for release today August 18th, 2017.

Track: Burn

Why We Like It: It’s a sweet elegant blend of soaring electronic soundscapes and delicate piano twinkles. Lush vocals and heavenly harmonies create a graceful passionate and highly emotional track that lifts to new heights as the song progresses. With thumping clap along bridge and anthemic arena ready chorus, it’s a sparkling firework erupting into the sky with majestic magnificent beauty.

Stream ‘Burn’ below


Genre: Alternative/Grit Pop

Bio: Vertebrae is London based trio Daire Mulvihill, Josh Clark and Jonny Rogers. They have previously been involved with numerous festivals around the U.K including Tramlines in Sheffield, Great Escape in Brighton as well as Camden Rocks in London. They have also been busy building up a loyal following by working with some of the UK’s top promoters and playing some of it’s best venues including O2 Academy Islington, The Old Blue Last, Birthdays, Seabright Arms and The Black Heart among others. Vertebrae have just released their exciting new single ‘Half The Time’ (which is already receiving much attention including radio airplay and numerous features in respected music publications, webzines and blogs) and was produced by the renowned Neil D Kennedy who has worked with many up and coming bands on the U.K Alternative scene including Creeper, Milk Teeth, Trash Boat and Bad Sign to name just a few

Track: ‘Half The Time’

Why We Like It: It’s a thrilling gritty kick ass rock track complete with raspy vocals punchy drums and slick guitar. Passionate and emotional with a Nickelback-esque nostalgia with  guitar melodies and bass rumble reminiscent of Kings of Leon this hard-rock anthem is a throbbing head nodder. Building as the track progresses becoming a little heavier and mosh ready Vertebrae know when to hold a tender gentle tone and when to overwhelm with raw heavy moving melodic longing.

Watch the video for ‘Half The Time’ below

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Kid Luna ‘Alive’

Last year, we featured a solo artist under the name of Lewis Murphy and his EP ‘Lighthouse’. Well a lot has happened since then, Lewis has now formed a full, four piece band under the name Kid Luna. Comprised of members Lewis ( Guitar/Vocals), Kieron (Guitar/Vocals), Declan (Bass) and Matt (Drums) the band have just released their debut single ‘Alive’ with an accompanying music video, which is soon to be joined by a debut EP, due for release in September. Fresh from a short spree of UK dates, playing alongside the likes of Wild Front and Misfires, Kid Luna are the new kids on the block and they are taking it in their stride.

‘Alive’ is an infectious blast of sparkling indie rock. Smothered in a toothsome sugar-coated melody it’s a delightful ear worm that oozes oodles of bright fun youthful vibes. Catchy hooks laced with sharp zealous tones and shrilling zest add a free soaring lift to the track while the rich meaty elastic rhythm gives it a bouncy vitality and spring. The soothing soft vocals are sweet and dynamic. It’s the perfect young fresh indie sound that will have you bopping and dancing in no time. Heck it’s a catchy little summer tune with raw fiery energy and pumping beats.

Watch the video for ‘Alive’ below


Galapagos ‘Potential Space’ EP

Canadian band Galapagos have released their new EP ‘Potential Space’. Band members Adam Ferris (vocals/guitar), Jamie Orser (drums), Matthew Wood (lead guitar), and Gerardo Mantecon (bass) play gritty rock songs laced with Capital City strut and Midwest mosey mixing honest lyrics with jagged guitars and syrupy melodies.

Potential Space’ EP  is a lush bubbly collection of tracks laced in beautiful zealous guitar lines and heavenly melodies blended with some grittier elements at times that keeps the sound refreshing and radiant. ‘Bike’ kicks off the EP with bright sparkling indie soundscapes. Sharp guitar jingles playfully throughout with the sweetest tone and refreshing spurts of zest while the soft beat and honeyed melody glide with a daydream tempo and hazy atmosphere. It’s smooth and soothing while also packing a nice little punch between the dreamy wisps.‘What I Deserve’ bursts with oodles of catchy upbeat guitar lines while the track bounces with a peppy beat and lush melody soaked in a lazy day somber tone. It’s a bopping sway like delight packed with emotion and lush sweetness. Smooth vocals ooze passion while instrumentally this track places you in a mellow state of melancholic peace. ‘Again’ takes a heavier approach. Jagged guitars and punchy drums add a danceable quality and gritty texture. Snippets of distortion give a thrilling dramatic effect while the melody and candied guitar elements glimmer through with bright upbeat scintillation and sun kissed luminosity. A little more aggressive than its predecessors this mosh friendly track displays Galapagos heavier punk-like side with sprinkles of indie pop embroidered on top. ‘Lungs’ closes the EP with tender delicate guitar flickers between acoustic strums and sweet dainty vocals. It’s a twinkling beautiful and emotional track that pulls at the heart strings and places you on a soft fluffy cloud of euphoria. Cool breezy tones, sweet lush harmonies and call and response vocals create a floaty feathery light approach with very subtle hints of flower power psychedelia.

Galapagos ‘Potential Space’ EP takes you on an emotion journey while showcasing their knack for sweet delicious melodies nimble refined guitar work and slick musicianship. It’s a laid back beautiful EP that is perfect for summers evenings or that all important unwind time.

Stream ‘Potential Space’ on Bandcamp here


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Late Night Episode

New York alt-rock band, Late Night Episode have released a video for their single ‘Golden Age’. Signed to Dirty Canvas (American Authors, Young Rising Sons) the band have received previous acclaim from Billboard, Nylon and Pigeons and Planes. Their new single for this video is set to be added to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, as well as being on rotation on Sirius XM’s Alt-Nation. The band was formed in New York City’s East Village neighbourhood by lead singer Daniel Lonner and guitarist Eric Sherman. Brett Daniel (drums) and Giovanni Stockton-Rossini (bass) would later join to complete the band’s line-up of stellar musicians and songwriters. These guys are starting to prove their ability to attract audiences from all genres. In fact, in addition to producing their own music, Late Night Episode have also executive produced Topaz Jones’ critically acclaimed soul-funk record, Arcade.

‘Golden Age’ is a rush of anthemic indie with a healthy dose of pop slapped on top. Bursting with bright bubbly vibes and catchy melodies this rich intricately rhythm driven track explodes with sun soaked feel good upbeat vibes. It’s a slick swagger drenched refreshing bust of fruity indie pop – chilled, sweet and shaken to create the ultimate summer tune brimming with soaring buzz fueled elation. With dynamic rugged vocals and crowd friendly chorus it’s a lively animated ball of bliss. Cheeky lyrics and strut ready charisma make ‘Golden Age’ the instant pick me up and an infectious gem that blasts these guys into the ones to watch list.

Watch the video for ‘Golden Age’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Delphina Kings 

Manchester-based alternative trio Delphina Kings have released their new single ‘Kid Calm Down’.It’s a blistering indie track soaked in vibrant explosive energy. Smouldering verses add a sultry swagger while the anthemic chorus bursts with infectious dynamic intensity. Rooted elastic basslines keep a hip shaking sensuality to the track while crashing guitars and punchy drums add an eruptive heavy gritty wallop. Brimming with adrenaline and thrilling distortion this track is a rush of blood to the head. With a raw edgy feel while also maintaining a cool polished sleekness this track is on fire. Delphina Kings are ones to watch.

Stream ‘Kid Calm Down’ below

Mellor ‘Fire on Fire’

Reading indie quartet Mellor have released their new single ‘Fire on Fire’. It’s a catchy number brimming with sweet ear worm melodies, punchy drums and warm blazing guitar moments. This adrenaline pumping anthem bursts with vibrant slick guitar licks and thrilling basslines. Intricate guitar melodies add depth and swagger soaked  in effortless golden scintillation while the raspy vocals flood the track with passion and explosive emotion. With a western-like twang and oodles of rock & roll stamina and panache Mellor have knocked it out of the park again with an infectious rich textured track. These guys have a knack with melody, each track they produce is irresistible to the ear and this one is no different, it’s one to put on repeat.

Stream ‘Fire on Fire’ below

Watercolours ‘Feel Tomorrow’

Watercolours are a Cheltenham based indie trio. Band members Conal Kelly, Matt Sharlot and Hamish Woolley have just released their debut single ‘Feel Tomorrow’. This sparkling indie pop track glides in on a sticky beat and breezy sunny soundscapes. Smooth cruising vocals and shimmering synths create a laid back dreamy vibe of bubbliness. It’s a shimmering gleaming bright track with sombre raw undertones. With silky zealous guitar features and wispy hypnotic psychedelic elements it’s instantly likeable and enchanting. Lush backing vocals and sweet sugar-coated melody create a glistening little gem that is succulent and rich. A strong debut from Watercolours as they display a tight well rooted sound and fine musicianship.


Watch the video for ‘Feel Tomorrow’ below

SPINN ‘Notice Me’

Liverpool dream-pop janglers SPINN have returned with their new single, ‘Notice Me’. Jonny (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Andy (Lead guitar/ Synthesizer), Sean (Bass/ Backing Vocals) and George (Drums/ Backing Vocals) have supported Will Joseph Cook, TRASH, and had a nifty little spot at FestEvol. Since the release of their last single, ‘Home’, SPINN have been admired for their dreamy sounds and youthful exuberance. The four lads, who met at school, have been shown a lot of love online, garnering 50K (and still climbing) streams on Spotify, whilst also being booked for Kendal Calling, and selling out their first headline show in their hometown, Liverpool.
‘Notice Me’ is a glucose filled syrupy shot of sweet indie pop. Filled with dreamy hazy vibes and infectious zesty hooks. Jangly guitar adds a refreshing sting and sunny warmth to this delightful track as it oozes summer sunshine vibes. Laid back day-dreamy vocals soothe with sombre longing tones while peppy beats and shimmering synths keep the track bouncing along with vibrant animation. Well layered and blissful ‘Notice Me’ is an honest guilt free slice of luscious indie pop.
The track was first made to gain some radio play from SPINN’s local BBC Introducing host, Dave Monks. The idea was to write a song about wanting the attention of Monks. Of the track, singer Jonathon Quinn said: “Notice Me started out as a way to get some radio play. We used to say it was a homage to BBC Radio Merseyside because when we wrote it we couldn’t get any radio play, and wanted to be noticed by them. The lyrics are a bit more meaningful, it’s essentially us trying to portray the concept of Hero Worship in a pop song. That’s why we’ve got a load of our gorgeous lovely heroes on the artwork.”

Stream ‘Notice Me’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From thanks.

Psych pop/acid folk band thanks. have released their latest single ‘Your World’. thanks. is Steve Pagano and Mario Borgatta. They combine psychedelic pop, cinematic vibes and electronically influenced beats and melodies to create catchy indie pop with an edge. The duo emerged after meeting at Berklee College of Music in 2009. It was then that Pagano and Borgatta realized they shared the same sentiment for music and how aligned their goal really was. Their highly anticipated debut album ‘Colfax’, named after the location of their recording studio and where the majority of the album was conceived, is the result of the pair uniting and a culmination of their mutual thoughts and beliefs. Pagano and Borgatta have seen previous success with numerous TV placements on major networks including MTV, ABC and Netflix, as well as having engineered on records from world renown, critically acclaimed artists such as Muse, Death Cab For Cutie, Foster The People and many more.
‘Your World’ is a vibrant burst of luscious psych pop with refreshing sweet juicy melodies and revitalised spurts of thirst-quenching synths. Climatic choruses and sticky upbeat funky rhythms give the track a bright summer sunshine feel. Soaked in groovy danceable beats with sun kissed rich textures drizzled on top in rich honey coated layers this track is instantly likeable, upbeat and strut worthy.

Stream ‘Your World’ below


Indie Buddie Introducing : Bon Villan

Bon Villan is a three piece electro pop band from Toronto preparing for the release of their first single ‘Outta Cash’. The band’s three members, multi-instrumentalist/Vocalist Jared Parker, multi-instrumentalists Julian Powell and Alex Hanes are all seasoned members of the Toronto music scene. Collaboration between the three began back in the spring of 2016 and the project has been picking up steam since.
‘Outta Cash’ is a fizzing bubbly can of electronic pop. Deliciously sweet and juicy with simmering electronics darting between sticky sugary beats. The candied lush vibrant melody exudes swagger and instant likeability. With raspy vocals adding a touch of grit this track oozes oodles of rich luxurious textures. It’s energetic and refreshing with snappy beats and a blissful rush of exhilarating soundscapes. This track takes you on a floaty nectarous journey of ecstasy. It’s a slick swagger infused effortlessly cool blend of electro mouth watering pop. A sublime debut from Bon Villan.

Stream ‘Outta Cash’ below