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Golden Curtain ‘Underwater Gospels’ Album

Golden Curtain is the collaborative relationship between an indie rock band from New Zealand and a California poet. The band consists of members Andrew Mckenzie (vocals, guitar), Andrew Gladstone (vocals, drums), Brad Gamble (bass).After striking up a friendship with Hawkes Bay’s Golden Curtain around the time their debut album came out in 2011, Alex Green and Golden Curtain front man Andrew Mckenzie started collaborating via Skype on a truly transpacific musical endeavour. The result is the release of the ‘Underwater Gospels’ album
‘Underwater Gospels’ is ten tracks of laid back indie pop. From the twinkling soundscapes coated in edgy guitar strides of ‘Heart Attack Summer’ to the almost country warmth and bounce of ‘Etc Etc’,Golden Curtain give an album that is light and cosy while also displaying a knack for sublime melody and rich rhythm. ‘ I Changed My Mind For You’ has a beachy reverb laden, catch a wave vibe. It’s relaxed with echoing backing vocals and a bouncy rhythm. ‘Amen’ blasts with soulful handclaps lushly textured rhythm and nautical basslines. With a catchy percussion section that draws you into its groove and sweet passionate melody, it’s hot summers evening fireside bliss. ‘So Easy’ is sun soaked nostalgia smooth with a day dream melody and bright guitar feature that flickers and glows lifting the track into a hazy vibe. Soft beat, velvety raspy vocals and warm tones it verges into country territory without actually crossing that line.’The Captain’ is your tender slow jam while ‘The Pier’ closes the album with a doo wop vibe mixed with subtle swirling guitars and bouncy drums. The “bop shoo be doo wop” lyrics add a quirky catchy element that will have you singing along in no time.
‘Underwater Gospels’ is a display of Golden Curtain’s intricate attention to detail as they create an album easy to listen to and relaxed while maintaining rich luscious soundscapes.

Stream ‘Underwater Gospels’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Trooper Charlie

Dublin’s indie four piece Trooper Charlie have released their new single ‘Indigo’ which was self written and produced. The band consisting of members Adam Lunnon-Collery  (Lead Vocals), Luke O’Brien ( Lead Guitar),Victor Bell (Bass Guitar & Vocals) and Colin Jackson  (Drums & Percussion) have been playing together for the best part of almost 8 years since the age of 13 years old where they met in secondary school. They have played shows all over Dublin and Ireland from Cyprus Avenue in Cork to Whelan’s in Dublin.

‘Indigo’ is a lush laid back sun soaked track drenched in tropical tones and hazy vibes. Sharp zesty guitar and elegant twinkling keys add spurts  of fruity freshness while smooth bouncy  percussion and mellow vocals soothe creating a calm relaxed atmosphere. This catchy daydream laced track cruises with an effortless flow and infectious groove. It’s polished and breezy, well layered and richly textured. These guys have created a slick fluently smooth track that is just heavenly.

Watch the audio video for ‘Indigo’ below


The Real Fits ‘Pretty Bastard’


The Real Fits are a rock band from Phoenix, Arizona the band consists of members Nick Smith,Raquel Willand, Blair Furmanski, Jared Wood and Johl Driscoll. They have just released their new single ‘Pretty Bastard’. Exuding slick effortlessly cool swagger wrapped in a hazy dreamy mirage-like vibe. Infectious sharp guitar lines glide throughout the track adding a zesty sting while the punchy drums and elastic bass round out the sound with a cushioned yet mighty punch and rapid flexibility. Willand’s compelling vocals are filled with emotion and vulnerability. The slight rasp in her vocals add a luring almost fascinating quality that draws you into the track. Tightly layered these guys have created a catchy compact track that grooves and fluidly flows all while blasting a mosh worthy chorus and bewitching you with dark tinted verses.

Stream ‘Pretty Bastard’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Fontaines

Los Angeles based The Fontaines have released their video for their new track ‘Two Bodies’ due for release on 9th June. Continuing the rich lush sound of their previous releases this year ‘Vacant’ and ‘Evaporate’, ‘Two Bodies’ is a sultry silky track that glides with effortless smooth swagger. The silky melody is melty and creamy while Charlotte Fontaine’s vocals coo with a soft soul tinged entrapment. Smothered in a hazy dreamy vibe, it’s a sticky muggy bubble. The fuzzed sharp guitar injections add a zesty sting and almost tropical flavour to this sensual indulgent track. The elastic spring on bass and soft beat gives the track a limber pliable texture. It glides with a steamy heavenly grace that is simply splendid. The Fontaines never disappoint, their sound is so refined and sublime they really are first rate musicians.

Watch the video for ‘Two Bodies’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Vast Robot Armies

Toronto’s Vast Robot Armies have released their new single ‘Dinner Music’. The four piece Jason Thomson (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards), John Agee (Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Piano), Joseph Wells (Guitars, Bass) and Chris Metcalf (Drums, Percussion) have created a garage indie rock track oozing with effortless swagger and subtle bursts of anthem like might. Its slick cool and filled with bright exuberant energy.Hazy echoed laid back vocals and shredding guitar riffs fill your veins with a powerful supreme feverous sound. Sharp guitars add a blissful shrill of ecstasy while punchy drums and rich percussion add a meaty elastic texture. It’s a rapturous delight and sweet honey to the ears.
Stream ‘Dinner Music’ below

Galants ‘Evergreen’

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Dublin post-punk-pop purveyors Galants have released their new single ‘Evergreen’ taken from their self titled debut 10” EP. Band members David Kennedy (guitar, vocals),James McDonald (drums),Colin O’Dwyer (bass, vocals) and Ruairi Paxton (guitar, keys) slap you in the face with a mighty piercing hurricane of punk. This blistering tune is disguised as a bubbly indie track with warm bright tones and honeyed melody however backed by a powerhouse of relentless drumming and vigorous crashing guitars, it’s a whirlwind of aggressive snappy punk. Breezy vocals and fresh tones create an exhilarating track that is frenzy inducing and i’m sure makes for manic live shows.

Stream ‘Evergreen’ below

Shamona ‘FLY’


Shamona are a three piece band from Liverpool which consists of members Pete Riley (Lead Vocals and Bass guitar), Andy O’Connor (Lead guitar and Backing Vocals) and Matty Colfar (Drums).They have been named in Fred Perry’s top 20 bands in Liverpool, while their track ‘Game Is Yours’ was recently used in the Everton Fc Season Ticket Campaign. They have also opened for many national touring acts and have received plaudits and endorsements from the likes of Edwin McCain (platinum selling US singer/songwriter), Dave McCabe (The Zutons) Nile Rogers (Chic) Garry Christian (The Christians) Tom Clarke (The Enemy) and footballer, Everton and England’s Leighton Baines (EFC). Shamona have also recently been championed by BBC Radio Merseyside’s Dave Monks, Billy Butler, Spencer Leigh, and Jay Hynd and Ellie Phillips of Juice FM, Bay TV Liverpool. Shamona have recently released a brand new music video for their track ‘FLY’ on Curious Fox Records.
‘FLY’ is classic rock tucked up in a warm melody and  tight instrumentation. It’s a cruising laid-back track backed by rich luscious sweet toned guitar and a soft bounce on rhythm. It’s simple yet opulent with passion and soul. Velvety vocals with raspy hints add a smooth coating as the track floods with a free airy vibe. It’s a track that hits you with heartfelt emotion and cosy tones and really warms the cockles of your heart.
Shamona have started to gather a lot of momentum and are set to embark on their first European tour this summer, (including a number of sold out shows in the Netherlands) and are currently on tour in the U.K. check out their Facebook page here for more
Watch the video for ‘FLY’ below

Basement Revolver ‘Johnny Pt. 2’

Formed in the honest grit of Hamilton, Ontario, Basement Revolver have seen a quick and notable ascent into the spotlight with their unique brand of 90’s infused indie-rock. Their first EP racked up over 800,000+ plays on Spotify and nearly 100,000 plays on SoundCloud and they have also managed to open for accomplished national acts like Dave Monks (Tokyo Police Club), We Are The City, Evening Hymns and The Acorn. The three piece have now released their new single ‘Johnny Pt. 2’ which follows last year’s EP and debut single ‘Johnny’. The song comes from their forthcoming second EP ‘Agatha’ out this July 21st on Yellow K Records in the US and fear of missing out in Europe.
‘Johnny Pt. 2’ is emotionally translucent, like glass this track is delicate and breakable as Chrisy Hurn’s vocals display raw emotion and longing while instrumentally it holds strong and firm. It’s a slow burner brooding from the start and soaked in yearning tones with a soft beat and electronic hints, it’s a captivating and refined experience. Elastic beat and strident sting on guitar adds a raw edge and organic coarse texture. The sweet soft vocals smoothen the track and highlight the tender lyrics. Building as it progresses with sonic blends winding in and out, its almost hypnotic and mesmerising yet so delicate.
When asked about the track the band said “This new track continues the story. Johnny Pt. 2 was written almost directly after I broke up with “Johnny” – it was the heartbreak caused by an end, the wish that I could have been better, and the desire to continue a friendship. When a friendship wasn’t possible, I wanted them to know that heartbreak or not, I would be there if needed – I would put aside all the things that broke our relationship and the things that gave me identity for a chance at friendship. In hindsight, I have since learned a lot about myself, and that I don’t need to disappear in order to have people that I care about in life.”
Stream ‘Johnny Pt. 2’ below

OFFICERS ‘Born in May’

OFFICERS have released their new single ‘Born in May’. OFFICERS creative heartbeat consist of Jamie Baker and Matthew Southall who write, record and produce the band’s music and videos. The band who are based in Leeds and Manchester have written and recorded tracks for TV and Film including for ‘The Blacklist’, ‘The Finder/Bones’, ‘Scrubbing In’ and ‘BBC Earth’. They have remixed, toured and collaborated with artists such as Placebo, and Linkin Park. Following the release of the their debut album, ‘On The Twelve Thrones’, OFFICERS embarked on two celebrated tours with electronic music pioneer Gary Numan, forming a strong friendship that led to the penning and releasing the C.A.L.M. charity-supporting single ‘Petals’ together on the bands own label (hitting No.2 on the German airplay singles charts), and collaborating on various remixes together.
‘Born in May’ is an aerial slice of indie rock completed with sharp ethereal guitars, elastic smack on drums and breezy electronics. With rippled soundscapes giving the track a bubbly wavy texture and a ruffled passionate vibe. Smooth lo-fi vocals coo throughout the track with a warm sun kissed soothing relaxed melody creating a daisy filled image of bliss. The dark tinged electronics give a sticky swirling neon vibe which blends and playfully contrasts the bright light flickering strides on guitar. It’s razor sharp in places holding a sense of raw energy while also maintaining a creamy, smooth polished indie sound.
Speaking recently, OFFICERS said; “Born In May has greater depth than our previous work, as do the 30+ tracks we’ve now accumulated – It’s all quite cinematic. The lighter sides have more neon, and the darker sides feel more hypnotic and malevolent. We’re more confident in what we do, and we’ve got better at what we do. The people we’ve worked with and things we’ve learnt over the last few years has all helped to inform that. Getting it to fit on an album and put it out coherently in the traditional sense though became a challenge, and we agonised over that.That’s why we’ve taken so long to put new stuff out. It’s time to relinquish that anxiety a bit and just let people hear the songs, so we plan to put them out one at a time. People listen to music in a completely different way now, so hopefully, discovering new music from us regularly is something that new and existing fans will look forward to discovering.”

Stream ‘Born in May’ below

The Temps ‘Moment’

Dublin’s four piece indie band The Temps have released their new single ‘Moment’. Band members Owen Soper (guitar/vocals), Alex Smirnov (lead guitar), Conor Kennedy (bass) and Chris Bradshaw (drums) have graced the stages of The Button Factory, Workman’s Club, Fibbers, Whelans, Sweeneys and the 96/1 Festival in Cork (Sober Lane and End of the World). They have supported bands such as The Tapestry (Manchester) and The Dead Heavys. New single ‘Moment’ has already received radio play from the likes of 98fm and is officially released today.

‘Moment’ displays The Temps easygoing carefree indie pop. It’s a smooth, relaxed, casual tune embroidered with subtle little bursts of joy. Light twinkles of sharp juicy guitar inject the track with a succulent spurt of vibrant energy while soft bounce on drums and warm elastic spring on bass wraps the track in a cosy hazy blanket. It’s loose and breezy smothered in blissful daydreaming vibes and relaxed tones. ‘Moment’ is such a peppy fun laid back summer song. Definitely one for those lazy summer foot tapping days.
The Temps have recently been spending some time in the studio so they will be putting out some new tunes over the next few weeks on Spotify and some acoustic videos on their Facebook/Breaking Tunes so keep an eye out for that.
Stream ‘Moment’ below