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Fears Chella ‘Polaroid’

Fears Chella are an evocative Stoke/Manchester based ‘Slackerpop’ band who cheekily blur elements of grunge and pop with sparkles of dreamy and chaotic 90s indie-rock. Forming in 2016 Fears Chella quickly gained support from Huw Stephens on Radio 1, Shell Zenneron Amazing Radio, Hattie Pearson, The Unsigned Guide’s ‘Artist Spotlight’, Ditto Music and BBC Introducing. The band have now released their new single ‘Polaroid’ which follows the success of their previous singles ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Lush’ which have earned the band playlisting slots with Spotify, 150k streams and a plethora of blog and radio coverage. The new single ‘Polaroid’ is “A song about the intoxicating feelings of that freeze-framed teen abandon you get with new loves, and about the games people play when really everyone just needs to feel wanted”. Having spent 2017 playing shows like headlining stages at Dot To Dot Festival and slots at Threshold Festival and Sonder Festival the band have also been busy playing shows with the likes of The Big Moon, Get Inuit, Honeyblood, All Tvvins, King No-One and PINS. All of this has been in culmination for Fears Chella upcoming 2018 tour starting in March.

‘Polaroid’ is a fizzy luscious can of sugar indie pop bursting with sunny vibes and energetic youthfulness. Vibrant zesty guitars interweave between a foot tapping beat and an irresistible honey coated melody. This track explodes with sparkling luminosity as swirling adrenaline infused soundscapes deliver a sugar rush of bliss while jangly guitars add a refreshing spritz of sharpness to the sweet syrupy euphoric track. Its a peppy, catchy, sun kissed anthem bursting with oodles of youthful pizzazz and intensity.

You can catch Fears Chella live at:

2nd March //  Birmingham // Actress & Bishop

8th March //  London // Old Blue Last

9th March //  Brighton // Hope & Ruin

10th March //  Norwich // Epic Studios

13th March //  Leeds // Oporto

15th March //  Glasgow // Broadcast

16th March //  Manchester // Night and Day Cafe

17th March //  Stoke // Sugarmill

22nd March //  Nottingham // Boedga

Stream ‘Polaroid’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Kingpins

Kingpins are a Brighton-based five-piece formed in May 2017. The band have already played a handful of gigs throughout Brighton including a sold out This Feeling night as well as featured on local radio stations. The band comprised of member Henry Foulkes on lead vocals, Chris Udell on lead guitar, Joe Simmonds on drums, Sam Glinsman on rhythm guitar and Hayden Prenter on bass have released their new single ‘Don’t Go’

‘Don’t Go’ is a blistering swagger soaked display from this quintet. With punchy drums and a boisterous bass laying down a rumbly elastic foundation for the crashing guitars to rebound off these guys have created an electrifying wall of sound that is both intricate and well layered. It’s catchy and explosive in all the right places with the fiery chorus erupting instrumentally while the cool vocals douse some effortless swagger on top. It’s a fine track from Kingpins and a confident panache driven offering. Keep an eye out for these chaps.

Stream ‘Don’t Go’ below

Tender Glue ‘With You Here’

New York City based alternative folk artist Tender Glue has release the first single from his forthcoming album ‘Closet Leftovers’, which will be released monthly over the coming year. Self-recorded in the closet of Tom Gluewicki’s studio apartment, the album is a delicate blend of indie rock, alternative folk and elements of post punk. As an active and passionate member of the artist community, singer-songwriter behind Tender Glue, Tom Gluewicki set up his own label ‘Don’t Label Me Records’ which has a main focus of building an integrated and like-minded community whose priority is to create genuine songs. Furthering that ideology, Tom set up his own live project ‘Smartphone Sessions’ created to support passionate musicians and artists by documenting live performances recorded by volunteers using their smart phones.With a passion for genuine music and the sole aim to create and experiment, Tom wrote the first single ‘With You Here’ in a five-minute burst of creativity before work. The single itself is a textural and ambient modern take on alternative folk. Following his DIY ethos, the track was recorded in Tom’s closet, leading to some challenges with static and interference along the way, all adding to the endearing and warming character of the single. Written, performed and recorded by Tom himself it gives a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming releases. Release dates of all next singles will be posted on social media throughout the coming months.

‘With You Here’ is a reverb laden track laced in sweet vibrant hazy guitar and a soft tapping beat. It’s tender and beautiful brimming with sun kissed vibes and luscious melodies. For me the golden zesty guitar lines which wistfully whine are the magnificent gem of this track, they flood it with such passion and emotion while lifting it to aerial celestial heights. Tom’s vocals exude emotion and tenderness while the sublime layering on the track creates a special unique experience. Its an ethereal majestic piece from Tender Glue and a sublime beautiful track to hold dear.

Stream ‘With You Here’ below

Galapagos ‘Even This Glow’ EP

Galapagos are a four piece indie band from Ottawa. With the release of the debut Potential Space EP in June 2017,  Galapagos continue to create a presence in the Ottawa musical landscape. Their debut charted highly on Ottawa’s CKCU and CHUO stations and topped the CHUO charts in the fall. Ottawa Showbox, APT 613 and PhotogMusic all placed Potential Space on their lists of top local releases in 2017. The band have now released their second EP ‘Even This Glow’ to a sold out show at Pressed.

‘Even This Glow’ is a laid back thoroughly satisfying EP drenched in mellowed out sweet nostalgia. With a retro indie rock feel opening track ‘Wall’ struts in with thrilling sharp guitars laced upon an infectious bright melody and peppy animated drums. These guys deliver a quality sound, richly packed with sublime luscious layers that bring sun kissed vibes to their pure heartfelt tunes. ‘Lungs’ and ‘Jersey’ add a grittier texture into the mix with distorted guitar crashing for the pounding chorus and zealous illumination for the latter track. These tracks evoke a 90’s vibe as sweet melodies and velvety vocals soothe a wistful longing tone. The songs feature some golden guitar moments so mouth-watering and sweet they are like honey to the ears leaving you craving more. ‘Coffee’ takes a darker tone with acoustic accompaniment twinkling between sombre vocals. It showcases a diverse melancholic side to their easy going sound. It’s a soothing track one which takes its time caressing your soul. Gentle and beautiful on the ears it’s truly immaculate and tender. Though their sound is mellow and laid back it is by no means simple, intricate guitar lines weave between passionate vocals creating music that really makes you feel every note, every beat and guitar quiver. ‘Decide’ closes the EP with beaming sweet marsh-mellowness. It’s melodic, utterly emotive and richly nostalgic. Zesty vibrant guitar lines dazzle through a charming delicate melody while a running bass line wanders adding a lavish texture and meaty depth to this superb track.

‘Even This Glow’ is an EP to relax and watch the sun set to. Each track is refined and precisely layered to create a beautifully nostalgic experience that is heart-warming and wholly satisfying.

Stream ‘Even This Glow’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Martha Ffion

Irish-born, and now Glasgow based singer-songwriter Martha Ffion has announced her eagerly anticipated debut LP entitled ‘Sunday Best’ which is released 9th March 2018 on Turnstile Music.’Take Your Name’ is the first single to be announced from the album and has an accompanying video which was directed and edited by Beth Chalmers & Claire M F McKay.Initially breaking through with a ‘postcard single’ on Scotland’s flourishing Lost Map label, Ffion’s reputation soared with last year’s ‘Trip’ EP, a swooning five-track collection that was released by Turnstile Music (Cate Le Bon, Gruff Rhys, Charlotte Church, Emmy the Great etc.) and championed by Gold Flake Paint for its “beautifully melodic sway”.

‘Take Your Name’ follows the swoony lusciousness of her EP. A 50’s, 60’s- esque melty melody unfolds upon delicate sweet instrumentation. With its sway-like tempo and heavenly backing vocals teamed with light guitar twinkles and a soft dragged laid back drum beat it’s a timeless little gem that soothes the soul and fills you with an innocent sense of longing and wistfulness. Ffion’s flawless crisp vocals smoothly caress this delicate dreamy track and adds a contemporary hazy filter over this picturesque delight. Filled with heartfelt tenderness and pristine sweetness it’s a soft centered utterly beautiful elegant composition.

Watch the video for ‘Take Your Name’ below


Demons of Ruby Mae ‘To Be Adored’

Coming quickly off the back of last year’s rousing single ‘Someday’, the Leicester-born, Manchester-raised duo Demons of Ruby Mae are set to begin 2018 in a big way with the release of their new single ‘To Be Adored’.

‘To Be Adored’ is a sparkling gulp of luscious electronic pop. Its dreamy soundscapes create a sweet delicious twinkling of pop heaven while warm passionate vocals soothe throughout. The snappy lively rhythm creates an instant danceable quality and flickering texture to the track. Ethereal guitars jangle while spacey sonic soundscapes swish and swirl with euphoric adrenaline that is heart stopping and thrilling. The track floods through with a spirited sense of positivity and breezy aerial joy. It has a Coldplay feel while still remaining unique and refreshing. It’s all set to be a summer hit for sure.

Stream ‘To Be Adored’ below


Blank Parody ‘Underachiever’

Formed in 2015 Blank Parody, a bunch of noisy lads from Birmingham, began with a year of songwriting and recording. After a year of gigging up and down the country they have supported the likes of Vukovi, Seprona, Tigercub and Electric Six! and played slots at festivals such as London’s Camden Rocks, Sheffield’s Tramlines and Birmingham’s ValeFest. Following the recent release of their highly well received debut EP ‘A Tension’, which featured tracks such as ‘Dark Pretenders’ and ‘Marching Through The Smoke’, the band now present their biggest offering from the record yet ‘Underachiever’, before playing a string of dates across the country.

‘Underachiever’ with its subtle explosive bursts is an indie anthem all rolled up in a tight little package ready for live show sing-alongs. These guys are no strangers to meaty hefty instrumentation that bashes with thrilling adrenaline and this track is no different. However ‘Underachiever’ does offer a little more emotionally. This track wallops out a melancholic melody drenched in enough nostalgia to hit you right in the chest and force out that little tear you’ve hidden for years. This is a track for the down trodden, displayed through ethereal guitars and a rumbling bass. Its one everyone can relate to and sway along mournfully to, but these guys let you have that tear then whack you through it with some shredding rugged guitars and punchy drums filled with hopefulness and powerful fist pump indie rock. These guys are relentless in showcasing their versatility as a band and ‘Underachiever’ displays this perfectly- they can be melodic and sentimental yet still pack a mighty meaty punch.

You can catch Blank Parody live at:

11th February – The Black Heart, London

22nd February – The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

8th March – The Shed, Leicester

30th March-1st April – Your City Festival, Stoke On Trent

Check out the video for ‘Underachiever’ below


Dry Roasted Peanuts ‘Former Child Stars’ EP

Cork based Indie-pop four piece Dry Roasted Peanuts have released their second EP ‘Former Child Stars’. Following on from the success of their debut ‘Sometimes I’ll Stay In/Sometimes I’ll Go Out’ in May 2017, Dry Roasted Peanuts are back with another barn-storming effort. Marc O’Cearnaigh (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), JJ Lee (Bass), Robert McDonnell (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Chris O’Sullivan (Drums) have conjured up a two-track compilation of indie-pop bliss, tinged with punk-rock sensibilities.

One thing I have come to love about this band is their sound has begun to reach a maturity beyond their years and ‘Former Child Stars’ displays this perfectly. ‘Honey + Lemons’ with its depth and musical precision pierces like a proficient swordsman at an unsuspecting opponent. The track progresses slowly with sweet toned guitar and steady rhythm leaving the dramatic effect to the compelling vocals. The lyrics are striking and the bands ability to hold the listeners attention through the narration with subtle instrumentation is remarkable. When the track finally does reach its crescendo it is phenomenal. Warm hazed wobbly guitars stride through a buoyant punchy rhythm creating the ultimate dazed blissful peak to the track. Second track ‘Upstanding’ fleshes out their swagger-soaked strut worthy sound. Once again euphoric golden guitar lines flood the track with sparkling luminosity while a spongy beat cushions you in their dreamy tranquilising soundscapes. With its sweet, delicious tone, for me the guitar melody is the highlight of this track. It’s light, nimble, zesty and infectiously calming. This short little ditty is a gem for sure. I could listen to both these track all day on a loop. This four piece are getting better and better with each release. I’m looking forward to what they have planned next.

Stream ‘Former Child Stars’ below

Gentlemen Jackals ‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ EP

Gentlemen Jackals are set to release their debut EP titled ‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ on Friday 2nd of February. Hailing from Kirkcaldy/Cowdenbeath, Scotland, Gentlemen Jackals includes Mark Wilson (vocals and guitar), Craig McMahon (guitar), Scott Thomson (bass and backing vocals) and Douglas Harden (drums). Since first coming together in summer 2015,the band have already had performing success, sharing the stage with bands such as Silver Coast, Clay, Lemon Haze, Pyro, Lost in Vancouver, and Dancing on Tables. The group’s success is greatly down to their DIY attitude; organising and promoting gigs, designing their own publicity materials and shooting their own music videos. In 2017, the band performed at numerous festivals, including Montrose Music Festival, Rockore and the Dunfermline ‘Fake Fest’. On February 10th, the band are scheduled to perform at the O2 ABC in Glasgow in the Scottish Final of the SoundWaves’ Music Competition. The quartet have recorded and released four independent singles ‘Hold My Body’, ‘Oh Tanya’, ‘Wisdom to the Wise’ and ‘Waiting for the Day’–all of which are produced by Mark MorrowAudio and their new EP, ‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ will be released on Apple Music and Spotify as well as a limited run of physical copies which can be ordered through their Facebook page or at their live shows.

‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ is a five-track collection of hook filled indie anthems that glitter with sublime power pop melodies drizzled on top of a fire fuelled indie rock foundation. From the punchy opener of ‘Heathens + Broken Hymns’ these guys waste no time in displaying their versatility as a band. A rumbling driving bass line slaps and rebounds off a snappy hyper drum beat while crashing guitars shred through an infectious melody and powerful vocals. It’s difficult not to bop along to this catchy fiery track. Their tight dynamic rhythm and gritty guitars cut through the tracks creating a body moving groove and mosh ready heaviness which is displayed in tracks such as ‘Preacher’s Son’ and the light sprightly ‘Wisdom to the Wise’. Here, Gentlemen Jackals display a swagger soaked shredding sound that exudes sass and confidence with blazing instrumentation that is sure to have a live crowd going wild. I mean check out those scorching guitar solos they are electrifying. ‘Out of Reach’ slows the tone a little. With its sombre filled melody, it takes the role of a power ballad filled with Bon Jovi- esque passion and a fist pump your chest teary anthemic chorus. Final track ‘Waiting for the Day’ closes the EP with a glistening guitar creating a magical airy vibe before they blast into their anthemic sound. It’s somewhat U2 – esque blended with a bit of Bruce Springsteen vibrancy. Blissfully melodic and passionate it’s a heart warming end to the EP that fills you with sweet nostalgia.

Gentlemen Jackals ‘The Open Door Within Your Mind’ is a sublime debut EP. Filled with sweet heavenly infectious melodies superb instrumentation and musicianship that makes you feel every note and lyric, it’s a strong foundation for this four piece. These tunes flood you with an instant surge of heart racing adrenaline that could move crowds of people. Music that makes people feel something is hard to create but when it’s achieved it’s golden and these guys have obtained this through each track. Not a bad start.

Stream ‘Wisdom to the Wise’ below



Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir ‘Stop Shakin’

Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir have released their new single ‘Stop Shakin’. Blake Brown is an American singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado. After participating in many collaborative projects, he started Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir in 2013. The idea was to have the flexibility of playing solo, but to also include a revolving cast of musician friends when they were able to join him. Part of the cast includes close friends and musicians of groups, The Fray, The Films, and Tennis. After 3 EP’s, countless shows, and a debut full length, ‘Long Way Home’, to be released in March 2018, Brown has found mainstay players. His wife, Tiffany Brown and long time friends Jason Legler, Adam Blake and Trent Nelson make up The American Dust Choir, creating a blend of indie-rock and Americana. Brown’s music is rooted in acoustic sounds, and characterized by his seemingly simple, yet complex melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

‘Stop Shakin’ displays their meticulously created indie Americana simply and sweetly portrayed as a infectious tune. This foot tapping gloriously twangy little ditty is a radiant ball of vitality. Sharp golden guitars illuminate the track with an instant shot of pizzazz and stinging zest while a buoyant beat and raspy warm vocals create a laid-back fun danceable vibe. This track radiates sun kissed tones and easy-going attitude. It’s definitely one to get you up shimmying and shaking. It is well layered with each intricate guitar melody adding a fantastic new dimension and sparkling facet to the track while the rich rhythm livens up the song adding a meaty groovy texture. The luscious honey drizzled melody in so catchy and vibrant it’s a joy to listen to and will be stuck in your head all day.

Stream ‘Stop Shakin’ below