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Indie Buddie Introducing : The Hemingways

The Hemingways are a five piece rock band from London. Consisting of Louis Takooree, James Burrage, Ben Butler, Jack Ames and Noah Henry.  Despite mostly still being in their teens, some members have been playing together for close to 10 years resulting in a musical chemistry not expected from a band of their age. Their debut single ‘Never Alone’, produced with Tom Donovon (Monster Florence, Animal Noise) is now available to stream on Soundcloud and will be officially released on all other platforms May 1st.
‘Never Alone’ is a catchy energetic track, invigorated with plenty of scuzzy elements to add a gravelly raw texture. Its infectious light anthemic melody keeps the track fun while sharp guitars and mighty drums keep it endearing enough to pack a punch. Raspy powerful vocals are reminiscent of a good classic rock track, full of emotion and wallop. Zealous guitar flickers in and out with feathery light nimbility and sizzling intensity while this mighty track explodes into an arena worthy feverish chorus. The Hemingways have created a blistering track that introduces them in a blaze of fire onto the scene. Keep an eye out for these guys.
Stream ‘Never Alone’ below

Ivy Nations ‘Live By Design’

Indie-pop quartet, Ivy Nations have released their new single ‘Live By Design’. The band are setting the dance-rock scene on fire in their native Dublin. Only two singles deep, the group have been praised for the refined sound that they have established with producer Phil Magee (Kodaline, The Script). Their previous releases have broken the HypeM chart top 5 and received international airplay in the US, Australia and Ireland. They’ve toured with major artists such as Kodaline and have also released their first ever music video, for ‘Live By Design’ directed and produced by Blacktooth Films.

‘Live By Design’ fleshes out Ivy Nations energetic dynamic indie pop only with darker tones. Haunting twinkling guitar gives flashes of light through the eerie shadowy mysterious track. A murky bass line gives the foundation to the ghostly verses. The track explodes into a fruitful full bodied sonic flashing chorus. The woozy hectic chorus accelerates the track into a dynamic dance anthem. Blending and churning intense dreamy verses with high energy chorus’ Ivy nations create a sublime fun track that hits all the right spots. The shredding stinging guitar solo builds the track up to the mighty crescendo. Ivy nations brings us a chilling track that is both goosebump inducing and thrilling while also vibrant and dynamic.

Stream the video for ‘Live By Design’ below.

Sonera ‘Claustro’

Four piece Alternative Rock band from Ireland Sonera, (formally Beautiful Corruption) have released their new single ‘Claustro’. Band members Oisin Wolfe, James Brown, Simon Cooke and Rory Cooper have raised the playing field with this new blistering track.

‘Claustro’ is a sultry dark alternative  track warped with dizzying distortion and a mighty anthemic chorus. The rapid flex of drums laden with scorching guitar riffs against a sticky elastic bass line gives the track rich layers and sweltering tones. It exudes smoldering confidence and panache while smothered in cool chilling vibes. Teasing verses hold intensity and eerie spine chilling suspense before the mosh worthy powerful chorus bursts in with explosive energy. A sublime razor sharp guitar solo finishes their track with a piercing thrilling buzz. Sonera have taken on a new slick mature sound with hints of psychedelia to tranquilize their subtle knock out punch. Along with the new name Sonera have honed in on their sound and tightened it up and ‘Claustro’ is the fine result. Take these guys seriously they have some talent.

Sonera will be embarking on an Irish tour soon with an EP on the horizon as well, you can catch them live at

29 April, Central Arts, Waterford

30 April, Murphys, Thomastown

Stream ‘Claustro’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Factory

Rock and Roll four piece Factory have released their new single ‘Step A Little Closer’. The band consists of members James Shelley (Lead vocals/Guitar), Karl Richardson (Vocals/Lead Guitar, Tony Dainteth (Vocals/Bass Guitar) and Benjamin Worrall (Drums/Percussion). They have played countless gigs and festivals up and down the country at venues like the Queens Hall and The Cavern as well as packing out venues in their home town. The band are no strangers to big stages, playing academies and theatres such as the Epstein Theatre and the Brindley. They were also chosen by Alan McGee (Creation Records) to open up at the British Sound Project for Primal Scream at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.
‘Step A Little Closer’ is a swagger soaked rock and roll doozy, infusing swinging 60’s blues with the razor sharp edge of modern rock. Dripping in panache with slick splintery guitar and shimmying percussion its an infectious blistering triumph. This high energy track builds in intensity right up to the sultry steamy bridge which slows the tone to a hip swaying sensual psychedelic trip. Punchy drums and dynamic powerful vocals give the track a rugged texture and a Jagger strut vibe. These guys have crafted a staggeringly good hair raising track that is definitely worth a listen.
Stream ‘Step A Little Closer’ below



The Recoupes ‘Lovinit’

London alternative indie band The Recoupes have released their new single ‘Lovinit’. The band consists of members Michael Niner (Drums), Louie Cameron (Bass), Alan Li (Vocals/Guitar) and Oli Zanetti (Lead Guitar), all aged 18/19 they have received radio plays and recognition from BBC introducing. Their single ‘Drunk Messages’ was recently played on BBC introducing Essex (30th July 2016) and shortly after they supported The Hoosiers at the O2 Academy Islington. The group create driving, danceable indie songs that capture a live sound. Already having venues such as Dublin Castle,Undersolo Camden and The Goodship in their arsenal the boys look to strive outside of London with upcoming gigs and new songs to be released.
‘Lovinit’ Is a sweet toned zippy track masked in cool effortless vibes. This hazy dreamy track comes swinging punches of gritty alternative rock. Warm mellow tones on guitar radiate rays of vibrant sunshine throughout the track breaking up the whimsical bounce. Soft to start the song coaxes its way in before the mighty shredding crescendo that adds a rough texture and shows these guys aren’t afraid to get heavy. With blissful melodies teamed with creamy raspy vocals ‘Lovinit’ is perfect for those sunny lazy afternoons.
The Recoupes will be playing at Shindignation Festival in association with Indie Buddie, Music Muso and DIY Thursdays on Saturday 5th August so make sure to check them out at that.
Stream ‘Lovinit’ below

Little Triggers ‘Silly Cigarettes’

The four-piece rock ‘n’ roll outfit, Little Triggers, have released their latest offering, ‘Silly Cigarettes’. Band members Thomas Hamilton Hughes (vocals, guitar), Chris Carragher (bass), James Crawford (keyboard, backing vocals), Sam Gallacher (drums) slow things down with this emotionally powerful track. This slow burner nonchalantly reels you in showcasing their musical finesse and ability to hold the listeners attention. Lavish shredding guitar elements add a slick swagger while Thomas Hamilton-Hughes’ vocals add intensity and and emotional gut wrenching punch. The track builds for the chorus becoming passionate and mighty while still maintaining a tender delicate approach. Little Triggers show us there is depth to their musical inventory. They are definitely fast becoming one of my favourite bands out there at the moment. Watch out for these guys they are going to sky rocket to the top.

Stream ‘Silly Cigarettes’ below

Bayonet ‘Call Me When It’s Over’

Sheffield’s indie four piece Bayonet have released their new single ‘Call Me When It’s Over’. Bayonet have rapidly made a name for themselves as Sheffield’s indie poster boys,with their last single ‘Heart Attack’ premiering on Rebel Culture back in November, the last few months have seen Bayonet’s focus turn to the writing and recording of new material, their own inimitable brand of synth-pop now honed to polished perfection thanks to the handful of headline shows the band have already enjoyed this year.2016 saw band members Lewis Cain (Lead vocals/Guitar), Vince Ringrose (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Danny Higgins (Bass/Backing Vocals)and Sam Chapman (Drums/Backing Vocals) sell out various venues, wow crowds at both Dot to Dot and Tramlines festivals and release four rapturously received singles.
New single ‘Call Me When It’s Over’ follows this upward climb to success. Glowing with bright shimmering indie pop Bayonet display their smooth polished sun-kissed sound with a sugar coated melody against spongy beaming soundscapes. Twinkling guitars lift the track with peppy bright jabs and warm golden licks while the soft cushioned rhythm adds a bouncy vitality. Flowing in waves of cool tones of wistful longing this track is silky smooth and instantly likeable. Velvety vocals soothe with slick panache while the track takes a subtle groovy almost disco vibe. Bayonet skillfully balance sombre chilly tones with optimistic energetic instrumentation giving a well formed glossy track.
Stream ‘Call Me When It’s Over’ below


Everywhere ‘Man Up’

UK band Everywhere have announced their first 2017 offering in the form of new single ‘Man Up’. The single is currently available for streaming on Soundcloud and the official release to all digital stores including Spotify will happen on June 9th. At the end of last year, Everywhere released their critically praised sophomore EP ‘Fiction Act’. The EP single ‘Some Other Dude’ was featured on BBC Introducing in London and has received over a million streams on Spotify.
They made their first International appearance at the 2013 NME Awards in the UK, playing alongside Django Django and Palma Violets and later went on to support the Kaiser Chiefs and headline Notting Hill Arts Club in London. New single ‘Man Up’ continues the bands strike for world domination.
‘Man Up’ is a blissful explosion of sweet electro- pop. Swirling electronics kick the track off to a suspenseful start. Followed by a catchy chorus and infectious beat, this track seeps sugary pop from its core while holding enough raw cool tones to contain the sugar rush. The addition of vocals from Swedish singer-songwriter Rebecca Nohr blends smoothly and perfectly with the track and with Max Berga’s velvety vocals. With a funky dynamic bassline and shimmering synths this track is packed with oomph and honey coated melodies that will compel you to put  ‘Man Up’ on repeat.
Stream ‘Man Up’ below



Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From HotKid

Toronto based trio HotKid have released their new single ‘Caught In The Light’ from their new LP, ‘Late Night Mornings’ which is due for release on May 5th. ‘Caught In The Light’ is a blistering snappy enthusiastic track that will cause a frantic dancing epidemic. Rapid in its nature this track swarms in at full force with blazing guitars and a mighty adrenaline pumping chorus. The elated endorphin releasing track will have you up and dancing in no time. The elastic groove on bass teamed with the rapid punchy drums gives a flexible rebounding slap and bounce to the track. ‘Caught In The Light’  relentlessly keeps its tempo, tirelessly attacking your senses with luscious melodies and infectious beats.

When asked about the track HotKid said

Caught In The Light” is about that feeling of escape you get from watching your favourite old movie, or when you’re upfront at a concert. It’s about that longing to be taken outside of yourself, out of the everyday. It also recognizes how we all exist in-between those moments of escape.

Stream ‘Caught In The Light’ below

Miccoli ‘Lights’

English-Italian sibling trio Miccoli (pronounce ‘me-co-lee’) have announced the release of a new single ‘Lights’, which is set to be released on the 5th of May. The new track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘1/2’ which is set to be released on the 12th of May ahead of their UK and US tour dates. Dubbed as “Ones to watch” by BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson, Miccoli is made up of twin brothers Adriano (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) and Alessandro (piano, vocal and acoustic guitar) and their younger sister Francesca (vocal, piano and harmonica) who formed a few years after the twin’s studies at the London School of Music. The trio are known for their haunting yet endearing harmonies, melodic catchy tracks and definitive sound that developed through years of fine-tuning. ‘Lights’ is the second release from the forthcoming EP, which was recorded and self – produced over the past year at Clarion Studios off the coast of Malaysia.

 ‘Lights’ is the creamy playful angel delight that no one can resist. Smooth and delicate with a perfect treasure of  sweet melodies sung with velvety vocals and lush harmonies. Sprightly perky guitar playfully jingles throughout the track adding glimmers of sunshine and luminosity. Catchy and perky it shines with good vibes and a light airy flow. Packed with warm tones and fuzzy cosy emotions ‘Lights’ will brighten your day for sure.

Miccoli have recently toured extensively throughout Europe and America and after a year of recording, the band are set to play the following dates in the coming months. More UK and US shows will be announced for later this year to coincide with their debut album release. You can catch them live at


MAY 31ST                 THE MINT, LOS ANGELES



JUL 27TH                  THE TROUBADOUR, LONDON

Stream ‘Lights’ below