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Of Clocks And Clouds ‘She Had To Go’

Founded in 2013, Brooklyn band Of Clocks And Clouds are Joe Salgo ( vocals, guitar, electronics ) and Ross Procaccio (drums, vocals, electronics ). They combine classic and modern rock with a hint of electronic and psychedelic influences. They have released their new single ‘She Had To Go’ from their forthcoming, self-produced album, Better Off, due out July 15th.
‘She Had to Go’ is a heavy brawl like track full of intense festering emotion and dark, driving, electric guitar. The track begins with a strong infectious guitar hook that runs throughout the track. The husky smooth vocals adds a psychedelic trance feel to the song. The addition of a slick seductive guitar lick in parts reinforces a tone of conflicting emotions. The intensity of the song breaks briefly for the bridge into softer strumming on guitar with vocal harmony. This then builds into a massive mosh instrumentally into the verse that follows, which gives you a breather before the final chorus where the vocals intensify for the final chorus.
This is a huge rock track showcasing Of Clocks And Clouds  talent for song writing. We are eagerly awaiting the release of their new album this summer.
Stream ‘She Had To Go’ below

Fable Cry ‘Dead Or Alive’

Nashville, TN based “Theatrical-Scamp-Rock” band Fable Cry consist of Zach Ferrin ( vocals/guitar), Jo Cleary (violin/ vocals), Scott Fernandez (bass) and Rachel Gerlach (percussion). They draw their inspiration, musically and poetically, from all things imaginative, mythical, and spooky and their new song ‘Dead Or Alive’ is definitely an imaginative narrative of spooky supernatural happenings.
‘Dead Or Alive’ is a wild unique theatrical track that takes you on a journey of eerie entrapment. With its colourful haunting melody and menacing, yet cheery vocals definitely gives you those creepy ominous goosebumps while still maintaining a light hearted fun vibe. It has an elaborate tango style instrumental before the chorus that gives the image of a slick dark deceptive villain that can lure you into a trap. The bouncy percussion and strings add a humour to the story and give this song a dance like quality. The fast passed vocals in the second verse adds to the imagery of this song as it acts like a pulse or heartbeat that has quickened due to fear. The music slows down to a waltz like pace played on strings and then builds again to heighten the dramatic tension before we return to our tango like main melody. This song is definitely a unique experience and it showcases Fable Cry’s ability to not only tell a story through their music but also convey the emotions of the characters and in turn make you feel those emotions as if you are there.

This track is an unusual yet refreshing track and fun to listen to Look forward to hearing more from these guys!
Watch ‘Dead Or Alive’ below

La Bête Blooms ‘SUMMER’

La Bête Blooms are a Post-Punk band from Hull. The band consists of members Daniel Mawer (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Jack Gallagher (Bass) , John Copley (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Louisa Robinson (Keyboard) and James Coggin (Drums). Their song ‘SUMMER’ which is released on Adult Teeth Recordings is a track about unrequited love in the summer heat.
‘SUMMER’ bursts into a sunny grunge sound to start which softens to light guitar strums while we focus on the melancholy vocals of the verse that conveys a hopeless atmosphere. The interruption of angry heavy guitar strums and pounding drums displays the singers frustration of his love for someone who doesn’t love him back. The catchy chorus has a gritty sound with bright slick guitars which give us a sunny ” intense heat” vibe while the contrasting, irritated and almost enraged vocals give us that grunge punk feel. This track is full of conflicting emotions and depths which makes this a great diverse track to listen to and shows us another way you can write a summer song without it being all lollipops and rainbows.
Stream ‘SUMMER’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is Stevie Appleton’s ‘This Is America’

Stevie Appleton is a Twenty six year old multi-instrumentalist from London, his long awaited new single ‘This Is America’ which was released on the 6th of May via Stevie Appleton’s own label Lucky Busker, is a bright, catchy,  feel good track full of hopeful vibes. Appletons tender voice with a slight rasp tells us a story of hope and gives a smooth feeling of optimism. With soft bouncy rhythm and beautiful piano feature this song gives you that lift you need when you feel all is lost. This song gives you a comforting support or assurance that maybe your dreams can come true. The added country twang in the middle gives a refreshing break in the song and enhances the bright vibe.
‘This Is America’ is a great introduction to Appletons style of music and we will look forward to hearing more.
You can catch Stevie Appleton on May 20 at The Mesmerist, Brighton.
Stream ‘This Is America’ below

5 Dollar Shakes ‘Auxiliary Love’

5 Dollar Shakes are an alternative rock band from Gorey, Co. Wexford. The band consists of Jack McEvoy (Vocals), Colin Doran (Lead guitar), Caleb Dowdall (Rhythm guitar), Richard Deering (Bass guitar) and Ciaran O’Doherty (Drums). They have released their new single ‘Auxiliary Love’ from their recently released second EP ‘Come and See Enough To Stay’
‘Auxiliary Love’ is a melodic track which starts off with a smooth slick guitar intro which is then joined by a light drum beat leaving the main focus on the lyrics and vocals. This is followed by a catchy anthem like chorus with pounding drums and a lustrous infectious guitar riff. McEvoy shows off his vocal skills in this track with the added falsetto at the end of the chorus accompanied by lush harmonies on backing vocals. The song builds to a powerful crescendo both instrumentally and vocally, with a break for a “hands in the air and clap” moment. This adds the anthem quality before the intense bridge that brings us a heavier sound and mosh effect, with pounding rhythm and dynamic guitars. The song slows down again and leaves us with a beautiful melancholy guitar feature to play the song out accompanied by a soft beat.
‘Auxiliary Love’ is a powerful compelling track that is well written and shows their  song writing and musical skills. I can imagine this song is brilliant live as 5 Dollar Shakes have had a lot of experience doing live shows. They have supported The Riptide Movement, Hudson Taylor and  Seasick Steve. In the Summer of 2015 they made their Festival Main Stage début at the Sea Sessions Music Festival. We will be on the look out for their next live show!
Look forward to more from these guys!
Stream ‘Auxiliary Love’ below



ISLE are Scottish electro-pop duo Liam Rutherford and Ben Singer. The have created a refreshing blend of electro pop and rock that is just infectious. Their track ‘Kid’ is an energetic explosion of dynamic synths winding guitar and snapping beats. With beautiful piano feature in the background and even a Celtic undertone this song has everything and more. From just seconds into the song you are blasted into a swarm of amazing sounds that blend remarkably well together. The animated spirited vocals adds an anthem-like quality to the song with fist pumping intensity that makes this song vibrant and enthusiastic.
‘Surrender’ is a melodic track with again a beautiful piano feature running throughout. Its upbeat positive tone is conveyed with clap along bridge, snapping snare and uplifting “oh wo-oh” backing vocals. Its a catchy rhythmic track that you can’t help but sing and clap along to.
Stream ‘Kid’ and ‘Surrender’ below


Manchester’s PALE WAVES are Heather, Ciara, Hugo and Charlie. They are making a name for themselves for their infectious indie pop sound. ‘The Tide’ Is a bright pop track with a daydream beach feel. The longing vocals give this track a sentimental tone while the guitar bursts give a hazy fantasy feel that you can lose yourself in. The smooth drum beats and slick lustrous guitar riff make this song easy to listen and enjoy every minute of it. It has a youthful “run away with me” freedom vibe.
‘Heavenly’ is a fantastic catchy melodic track. It radiates sunshine with gleaming, light airy vocals that is appealing to the ear. The glistening sun kissed guitar riffs are stunning yet subtle and give a free and easy vibe. This is a bright bouncy tune that you can get up and dance along to or sit back in the sun with a drink in you hand and let Pale Waves take your imagination on a shimmering sun lit journey

PALE WAVES have a bright future ahead of them!
Stream ‘The Tide’ and ‘Heavenly’ below

LIFE ‘ Popular Music’


LIFE are an alternative punk-rock band from Hull. Band members Mez , Loz, Mick and Stew released their new single ‘Popular Music’ in February this year and it has caused an instant frenzy on the airwaves bagging multiple spot plays from Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart on Radio 1 as well as Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music. These guys are a force to be reckoned with.
‘Popular Music’ is a fierce track that is fast passed from the start with accelerated verses that make you feel like your running a marathon at a hundred miles an hour and cant keep up. With powerful, ferocious screeching guitars and pounding drums you are taken in to a frenzy created by a savage tune that refuses to let you go. You get a moment to breath as they break into an addictive chorus where the music breaks and the vocals repeat in an almost whisper ” feels like she’s pealing off” and then you are rushed off again into a whirlwind of psychedelia where you are thrown back into the race. By the end of the experience you feel exhausted but want to do it all again. This is a turbulent track and not for the light hearted but a must listen!
Look forward to more from these guys!
Stream ‘Popular Music’ Below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes from Broken Hands

Formed in Canterbury, Broken Hands are brothers Dale & Callum Norton, Jamie Darby, Thomas Ford and David Hardstone. They have made a name for themselves with their fusion of space rock, psychedelic garage and blues influences, and their track ‘Four’ is a concoction of heavy dark rock that has festered and ready to explode. Its blistering energy, riffs and rhythms and loud monstrous sound make this an awesome track. The grungy bass riff adds the hard rock vibe that shakes your core and would wake the dead. The verses are full of intensity with pounding drums and sick bass as the chorus becomes more vocally melodic while instrumentally still hitting it hard. A brilliant track to mosh to! definitely worth a listen!
Stream ‘Four’ below


Bel Esprit ‘Leave Me Here’

Picture by James Polley

Bel Esprit are an Indie/Alternative Rock band based in Southampton. With sets at Common People, Wickham, Independence and Icebreaker Festival under their belts and playing sold out shows at Southampton’s Joiners, Sheffield’s Plug and Camden’s prestigious Barfly supporting acts such as Ezra Furman, Sundara Karma and Nothing But Thieves, band members,Billy Herklots, Fahad Siddiqui, George Wardley and Sachin Croker are really making a name for themselves. Their début single ‘Lose My Mind’ has scored over 150,000 plays across all platforms and their most recent release ‘Leave Me Here’ is sure to follow in its footsteps.
‘Leave Me Here’ is a smooth and groovy track with gritty guitar and sizzling sultry vocal. The seductive guitars featuring distortion and addictive hooks give this song a confident and alluring vibe. Herklots’ effortlessly cool vocals is full of suave and swagger and conveys the lyrical yearning. The foot tapping rhythm and sensual bass gives this song its groove feel.
Looking forward to more from these guys.
Stream ‘Leave Me Here’ below