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We-Are-Z ‘Goldigaz’ Video Premiere

We-Are-Z are a four-part French, one-part Anglo-Italian avant-garde rock group. Oozing with instrumental flair, they are the dream musical collaboration. Gabby, the vocal wizard behind the lyrical magic tells unconventional tales of modern day intrigue. The man with the hands – the bassist and keys master – Archie, is a seasoned session musician and producer, and has collaborated with, amongst others, Beyonce and Pharrell Williams. With Max on the strings, Guillaume on the drums and Clement on the keys to finish off this multi-cultural, multi-talented facet to the punk funk face of the music industry.  With several tours of Europe already under their belt, We-Are-Z are not afraid to rock the boat and cause an irresistible stir. The four piece are currently at work on their debut album, provisionally titled ‘Z Is Not X’, We-Are-Z are about to release their new single, ‘Goldigaz’, a song about the corrupting influence of money. Aided by the visual allure of their energetic video, we are drawn down another storyline of contemporary reflection with all the added quirks and frills of this exquisite combination.
‘Goldigaz’ is a catchy quirky entertaining track that sounds like it could be from a vaudeville stage show. The theatrical expressive vocals adds a wacky fun flair to the track while instrumentally this track is tight and well composed with its bounce effect and fantastic snappy percussion. The track drives forward energetically in a charming humorous and lively manner. It is snappy and witty and luring as it entices you into a swirling journey of manifesting ecstatic dizzy joy with darkened eerie and mysterious undertones.
The video to ‘Goldigaz’ portrays the song perfectly with its concoction of wild and wacky events as We-Are-Z stroll about the street in extravagant costumes with feather boas and fangs. Long yellow nails while singing on the toilet teamed with monkey masks and colourful wigs, its creepy and silly yet fantastic. The band are partying hard as they smoke and throw money around and of course what wonk funk video would be complete without a creepy dolls head thrown into the mix. It definitely got me into the Halloween mood. Check it out for yourselves below.

We-Are-Z will be hosting a showcase in London this September and will be on tour in the UK and Europe from November supporting Electric Six.
Tour Dates :
Goldigaz (Single Launch) 30th September 2016 Cargo Shoreditch, London
25 dates supporting Electric Six 6th November – 5th December 2016
Find out more from We-Are-Z here


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NGOD ‘Can You Hear Me?’

NGOD are an alternative indie band from Bradford. The band consists of members Samuel Augustine (Lead Vocals & Guitar),Luke Fielding (Guitar),Lewis Dutton-Taylor (Backing Vocals & Bass) and Alex Dutton-Taylor (Backing Vocals & Drums) . We did a feature on their fantastic buzz fuelled frenzy single ‘Blue’ earlier this year and they are back again with the release of their new single ‘Can You Hear Me?’
‘Can You Hear Me?’ is a driving high powered snappy tune. Once again NGOD present us with a catchy fireball tune with brisk punchy drums and a whirlwind of nimble accelerated guitars. The spirited guitars add a light bounce to the track with their zesty infectious jingle. The bass adds an elastic pep and drive to the track while the vocals are animate and exude strutting swagger and enthusiasm. ‘Can You Hear Me?’ is an edgy track with frantic tones of energy and funky groovy swagger.
Stream ‘Can You Hear Me?’ below


Ripcord_64 ‘Coattails’

Ripcord_64 Loftus Hall copy

Ripcord_64 are a Rock/Pop band from Wexford. Ollie Dempsey (Vocals/Guitars),Steve Tierney (Bass/Vocals) and Bryan Barnes (Drums/Vocals) are three songwriters who have spent their lives playing music in all types of bands, everything from Jazz to Metal, including plenty of rock and the occasional Surf band. Their debut album ‘Interloper’ was released without any fanfare in early 2014, featuring 10 songs written and perfected in the two previous years. The band were happy to sell out all copies of this debut within  weeks of its appearance. Since then Ripcord_64 have remained pretty quiet as they took time to write their second album, which is yet to be released. While we wait they have given us ‘Coattails’ as a taste of whats to come.
‘Coattails’ is a “raucous swipe at their musical peers who desperately self promote themselves as the “next” Hozier KOL or god forbid Mumford and Sons”. Ripcord_64  give us a smooth catchy melody set to a classic rock background. The bass and drums are the flexible foundation of the track. The strong steady beat adds brawn and muscle to the track without being forceful, its commanding. The compelling guitar solo adds warmth to the track while the attention grabbing riff is infectious. The vocals are soft to start and become slightly dynamic as the track progresses adding a glow and passion to the track. ‘Coattails’ is released today so head out and get a copy.
You can bye ‘Coattails’ here
Watch  ‘Coattails’ below

Wons Phreely ‘Stars’

Wons Phreely aka Justin Wonsly has recently formed his “ultimate-dream-team” of musicians Wons Phreely + The Horses. They have released a new single ‘Stars’ which is a charming upbeat indie pop track bursting with an infectious 80s pop sound. The track glows with a gloriously catchy melody that is so smooth and polished it easily seeps into your brain leaving you singing and bopping along compelling you to replay it. The soft playful beat keeps the track spirited and energetic. While the synths glisten and glitter giving this track a sugar coated bounce and shimmer. The track oozes an Elvis Costello swagger with its blissful “dream topping” richly textured melody that is so sweet and creamy and ridiculously catchy. With silky lush toffee vocals this track is instantly likeable. Wons Phreely + The Horses add some zest to the track with a zealous guitar feature running throughout the song which sharpens their sound.
Stream ‘Stars’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Brahma-Loka


Brahma-Loka are a rock band from Mossley. The band consists of members Patrick Neville (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Will Owen (Guitar), Josh Leach (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Ryan Prescott (Drums). 2015 saw the band release their debut EP and tour the full length of Mainland Europe and the UK. They are currently working on tracks marked for release later this year. We have chosen their new single ‘Noble Savage’ to be our worth a listen track this week.
‘Noble Savage’ has already had heavy radio play from BBC Introducing Manchester and has been featured on Phil Taggert’s BBC Radio 1 show. The single was produced by Bill Ryder-Jones and is set for release on September 5th. Its a short slap in the face mind-blowing track with smooth sensual tones. The vocals are deep and dark for the verse adding a mysterious dangerously luring quality to the track while the contrasting backing vocals are higher in pitch adding a sweeter quality that is both effective and innovative. Neville’s  vocals become velvety, brimming with a swagger and confidence that is captivating. We are blasted from the start with punchy beats and fantastic crunching guitars that become more intense and dynamic as the song progresses. ‘Noble Savage’ is staggeringly intoxicating as Brahma-Loka coax you with every note and lead you down their eerie psychedelic-rock rabbit hole of seduction and obscurity. The flexible bass gives this track a funky dance quality that persuades the listener to dance and indulge in their magnetic and bewitching sound.
A fantastic catchy track from Brahma-Loka look forward to hearing more.
Watch the video for ‘Noble Savage’ below

Val Cale ‘Two People In The Dark’

val cale

Val Cale are a Garage Blues band from Leeds. The band consists of members Tom Lister (Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar), Henry Smith (Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals), Shafiq Dufrene (Bass Guitar / Keys / Backing Vocals) and Sam Hamer (Drums / Backing Vocals). The band has quickly made progress through the Leeds city gig scene, and is gaining a reputation for enthralling, atmospheric and groovy live performances. They claim their music is “capable of reducing the listeners mind to the creamy texture of a head of stout” and they are absolutely right.
‘Two People In The Dark’ gives us a taste of what we can expect from their upcoming debut EP ‘Blackstuff’ which is set for release this September. Its a deep dark swirling concoction of gritty blues and rock with a dash of psychedelia. ‘Two People In The Dark’ introduces itself with a massive attention grabbing dirty blues riff. The track becomes more sensual and luring with an elastic bass that adds an enticing lustful quality and burning desire feel to the track. While Lister’s vocals are raspy and emotion filled adding to the longing tone. The drums keep a flexible tempting beat that teases the listener as we wait for the massive crescendo. The shredding guitar solo adds that touch of psychedelia as it screeches with powerful distortion and is performed with slick proficient and nimble skill.
‘Two People In The Dark’ shows Val Cale’s skillful musicianship, looking forward to their EP.
These guys are ones to watch.
Stream ‘Two People In The Dark’ below

Atlanta House ‘Girls Like you’


Atlanta House are a five piece Leeds based Indie Rock band. Band members Matt Hirst (Vocals), Jake Ingleson (Guitar), Luke Williams (Guitar), Nigel Ngwenya (Bass) and Connor Carbutt (Drums) have released two singles ‘Daggers’ and ‘Not One To Make Mistakes’ and their third single ‘Girls Like you’ is set for release on the 27th. Since early 2016 the band have begun working with Double Denim Live, a promotions company putting on events around the U.K. and have gone on to perform a plethora of venues around Leeds as well as Tramlines Festival 2016.
We got a sneak peak of their new single ‘Girls Like you’ ahead of its release on Saturday. The indie track is coated in aerial tones with subtle reverb and a soft beat that gives this track a spongy bounce. The guitar adds an edge to the track as it is sharp and zesty while adding a lift and brightness to the melancholy nostalgic tone of the track. It has a creamy texture with a delicate melody and a bit of grit to add some bite while the vocals remain velvety and smooth. Atlanta House give us a polished indie sound with aspects reminiscent of Catfish and The Bottlemen yet they hold their own individuality and sound. ‘Girls Like you’ becomes dynamic and energetic as the track progresses with distorted crunchy guitars that pulls the song together and illuminates and ignites the track.
You can pre order ‘Girls Like you’ here



Fighting Caravans ‘Blue Heart Motel’


Fighting Caravans are an alternative rock band from Leeds. Band members Daniel Clark (Lead Vocals), Roff James (Guitar), Cinnamon Lees (Bass), Ali Fletcher (Guitar) and Joshua Hagzenberg (Drums) released their debut EP ‘Beasts Of England’ in 2015, which was promoted alongside a UK and EU tour, earning strong local and international acclaim. The quintet have already played at Live At Leeds, Liverpool Sound City and Tramlines and they will start work on their second EP in the autumn, alongside additional tours of the UK and Europe in association with Sofar Sounds.
Fighting Caravans released a new single ‘Blue Heart Motel’ earlier this year. Its is a dark mysterious track to start with deep eerie vocals and ghostly backing vocals. The drums are steady and give a “marching of the dead” feel. The track becomes more funky with elastic bluesy bass and smooth sensual guitars. The song builds into a psychedelic trip with screeching guitars and dynamic haunting vocals that create an aching longing atmosphere. The spiralling narcotic effect builds for the crescendo creating an intoxicated confused atmosphere with a shredding guitar solo. The intense vocals teamed with the ghostly backing vocals that echo and wail will give you goosebumps. ‘Blue Heart Motel’ is an eerie haunting psychedelic trip hybridised with gritty rock and embroidered with funky bluesy elements.
You can catch Fighting Caravans live at:
Aug 26 Leeds Festival Leeds, United Kingdom
Aug 28 Reading Festival,Reading, United Kingdom
Sep 06 Bar Bloc, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Sep 07 Secret Show, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Sep 09 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading, United Kingdom
Sep 10 Brudenell Social Club (Games Room),Headingley, United Kingdom
Sep 11 Blues Bar, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Sep 23 The Magnet, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Sep 24 The Underground, Bradford, United Kingdom
Sep 28 Dog & Parrot, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Sep 30 FAC251 Manchester, United Kingdom
Oct 01 The Rocking Chair, Sheffield, Uk
Oct 14 Cafe De Speeltuin,Breda, Netherlands
Oct 15 Huize Spoorloos, Emmen, Netherlands
Oct 16 Secret Show, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Oct 17 The Waterhole Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 18 Dorett Bar,Mainz, Germany
Oct 20 Secret Show, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Oct 21 Subway to Peter, Chemnitz, Germany
Oct 24 Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic
Stream ‘Blue Heart Motel’ below

The Chris Paterno Band ‘Pressure’

The Chris Paterno Band are a seven -piece indie-pop-soul band from New York. The band pull together elements of rock, soul, blues, and folk music to create their unique sound. They have released their new single, ‘Pressure’ which is the third release from their debut, self-titled EP due for release in late 2016.

‘Pressure’ is a groovy strut worthy track that exudes a stylish swanky persona while maintaining a cool smooth sensual tone that is captivating. The velvety vocals are coaxing for the verse then become more dynamic and soulful for the chorus. This track has a classy flamboyance to it with glimpses of cheeky sass. The horns add a rich luxurious texture to the track and give us a big band feel while the groovy rhythm adds a flexible quality. The guitar is soft and mellow and warms up the track adding a subtle glow of passion and spirit. ‘Pressure’ is a juicy multi textural track to sink your teeth into.
Stream ‘Pressure’ below


Edgar Duke ‘You And I’

Edgar Duke are a psychedelic-funk rock band from Leeds. The band consist of members Tom O’Reily (lead guitar and vocals), James Raymond (drums) and Luke Strange (bass). Their slick bluesy track ‘You And I’ caught our attention this week. Its a confident funky track oozing swagger and strut quality. Edgar Duke pull in a variety of styles and sounds creating their own blend of seductive smooth tones that spark fiery steamy 70s suave while maintaining cool and indifferent. The sharp sting of the guitar keeps the track fresh and adds an edge and zest, while the elastic bass gives that hip swaying flirtatious effect. The rapid beat is smooth and keeps the track spirited and light while adding a brawn and muscle. The track is catchy and with dynamic vocals is a fantastic listen. Keep an eye out for Edgar Duke. ‘You And I’ shows these guys have great potential.
Stream ‘You And I’ below