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Leftover Crack and All Torn Up with support from The Dubtones, DEATHBUS and The Divils At The Bowery Dublin

Last  Saturday night I headed down to The Bowery Dublin to what I can honestly say was the most brutal savage show I have been to so far. U.S.A Punk giants Leftover Crack were headlining along with All Torn Up with support from The Dubtones, DEATHBUS and The Divils. I knew it was going to be crazy but this was insane. Firstly, a venue that looks like the inside of a ship…. epic idea, the stage was the bow, canons around the walls lanterns above your head and wood décor you couldn’t ask for a better venue. Feeling like a shifty pirate from Pirates Of The Caribbean I settled in nicely.

Dubliners The Divils warmed up the crowd with a reggae hint to their punk rock. Light and bouncy they have the crowd bopping to their tropical toned guitar riffs and moshing to the punkier tunes. They brought a danceable fun atmosphere with humorous banter and solid energetic catchy tracks. Each track takes a heavy aggressive turn adding a bit of grit to the set and giving the crowd something to mosh to. Acting as the calm before the storm they deceive us with sunny holiday vibes. That is until DEATHBUS swarm in playing “some really stupid music really f***ing fast”. It’s a fierce growling set of heavy ear bleeding metal. What the lyrics are I couldn’t tell you, but it set the crowd alight in an insane fury of headbanging. There was hair swishing everywhere one guy was so entranced and heavily moshing I thought he was going to bash his head off the stage. Shrilling guitars with a neck snapping speed their set was brutal, blood thirsty and adrenaline pumping lunacy. The Dubtones follow with an equally energetic but less slaughterous set. With rock and roll hints and groovy rhythm they bring back a taste of the boppy bubbly vibes causing a wiggle-like mosh dance among the crowd.Cracking pirate ship jokes and all “cos we arrr!” it’s an entertaining set. Brassy NYC punk band All Torn Up follow. Interacting directly with the crowd frontman Joey Steel jumps into the audience to mosh along with them before preaching about the wretched world and “backward pieces of sh*t”. His sweat flicking everywhere as the crowd laps up his enthusiasm. These guys have a demanding stage presence and relentless stamina as they jump shout and swear with compelling endurance. It’s a slick brisk set bursting with fiery attitude. The audience erupt into spasms of madness. Jumping pushing headbanging and just plain going crazy. Each track is a battering assault to the senses but an invigorating experience for sure. Punk mammoths Leftover Crack take over the stage like a kraken. With literally a bruising set, crowd members are bashing into each other throwing one another to the floor. There is a strange sense of  comradery amongst these heavy moshers once they fall down they get picked up to be bashed to the floor again. Their rapturous set drives the crowd wild. These guys provide one of the most involving satisfying raw live sets I’ve experienced. They are musically airtight and enraged with brutally efficient riffs, pummeling drums and dynamic vocals that alternate between raspy roars and croons. Unfortunately much to my frustration my battery died before their set so I couldn’t take any pictures, but these guys are larger than life and put on a fantastic show.

It was a night of beards,badges and denim with pulverizing music to batter your eardrums and slick grooves. Don’t you just love it when a bunch of fierce throttling mighty bands get together and put on a thrilling show- vocal growls, head-splitting tunes, sweat and all. Unforgettable.


Ragweed ‘Silver Spoon’

After 8 self booked tours Brighton’s Ragweed have released their debut AA single ‘Rust Box’ on Milky Bomb Records in November 2016, receiving mutual praise from radio stations and blogs alike. Their second single ‘Silver Spoon’ sees the trio exploring a much darker, sleazy and dirty corner of their minds. Their sound caught Alan Douches of West Side Music’s attention over in New York, most famous for his work with Motor Head, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die and Screaming Females, who mastered the band’s second single ‘Silver Spoon’ was released with has 2  other tracks ‘Grey Matter’ and West Coast Pop’.
 ‘Silver Spoon’ announces itself with a gritty filthy riff shredding against punchy drums and creepy catchy melody. It’s mighty powerful and heavy perfect for sticky mosh pits and manic headbanging. ‘Grey Matter’ follows in a swarm of neck snapping fury. Yelling rasp on vocals and crashing guitars make for a frenzy soaked track with beating blood thirsty drums that create a massacre of sound. ‘West Coast Pop’ follows this whip-lashing trend with vigorous guitars and an aggressive bounce on drums that smash through the track with wild ferocity. Ragweed give us  a fierce 3 track powerhouse of savage pummelling punk rock.

Stream ‘Silver Spoon’ below

Wolf Alice ‘Yuk Foo’

Wolf Alice have released their new single ‘Yuk Foo’, the first track from their second LP ‘Visions of a Life’. This frenzied vicious track is a brutal beating, ear bleeding bash of punk rock. Ellie Rowsell screams, wails and cackles  against the most fury filled enraged backdrop of  savage crashing guitars and pummeling battering drums. It’s a vicious bloodthirsty bruising assault that is so manic and frenzied it’s adrenaline pumping thrilling lunacy. Rowsell’s vocals snarl in a whispered poison spitting rage for the verse which is oddly luring and entrapping before the dangerous riotous chorus kicks in. This track is a rush of ferocity that announces the triumphant return of Wolf Alice.
Stream ‘Yuk Foo’ below

Galants ‘Evergreen’

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Dublin post-punk-pop purveyors Galants have released their new single ‘Evergreen’ taken from their self titled debut 10” EP. Band members David Kennedy (guitar, vocals),James McDonald (drums),Colin O’Dwyer (bass, vocals) and Ruairi Paxton (guitar, keys) slap you in the face with a mighty piercing hurricane of punk. This blistering tune is disguised as a bubbly indie track with warm bright tones and honeyed melody however backed by a powerhouse of relentless drumming and vigorous crashing guitars, it’s a whirlwind of aggressive snappy punk. Breezy vocals and fresh tones create an exhilarating track that is frenzy inducing and i’m sure makes for manic live shows.

Stream ‘Evergreen’ below

Dear Thieves ‘VIC ROADS’

Melbourne’s indie duo, Dear Thieves, have released the new music video for their single ‘VIC ROADS’. The two-piece, Joel Hansen and Jesse Jones, will also be releasing their 5-track “Bad Habits” EP. “VIC ROADS” is currently available on Triple J Unearthed and everywhere else on 31st March 2017. Having been likened to Black Keys and Royal Blood, Dear Thieves are making waves in their local circuit coming off the back of supports with Sydney-based Strangers and a 5 date east coast tour last year, building a reputation for prolifically fine tuning the two-piece sound with unique and beautifully melodic results.

‘VIC ROADS’ is robust ruckus causing mania that packs a mighty punch. Booming from the start with red blooded powerful drums and sensual gritty riffs its a beast to be reckoned with. Rugged shouted vocals teamed with frenzy causing instrumentation, its one for the sticky blood thirsty most pit . The track oozes lusty brawn with hints of sensual qualities. Its slick, boisterous rough and ready with razor sharp rawness. The video features Hansen and Jones standing at a wall, they drink, they smoke, they sing while all kinds of random items get thrown at them from liquids to papers and balls … so an average night out for some people. These guys are ones to watch.

The two-piece are thrilled to bring their ‘Bad Habits’ tour to east coast audiences throughout March and April you can catch them at

Friday 31st March, Cherry Bar, Melbourne

Sunday 2nd April , Frankies Pizza, Sydney

Friday 7th April || The Haunt, Brisbane
Watch the video for ‘VIC ROADS’ below

The Good Water ‘Mansaid’

Birmingham-based garage-psych-rockers The Good Water have released their new single ‘Mansaid’. The track comes hot on the heels of their previous single ‘See Your Light’ which received airplay with Steve Lamacq, Mary-Anne Hobbes and Shaun Keaveny at BBC 6Music as well as tastemakers at Amazing Radio and influential LA stations KROQ and Indie 1031). Since forming in early 2015, The Good Water have been busy. The boys quickly picked up loyal support from Brum Radio with their drone-rock debut single ‘Everything Is’,  They have gained new fans at raucous shows around the Midlands and blew away audiences supporting Mercury Rev, Super Furry Animals and Bill Ryder-Jones at Lunar Festival. The duo’s brand of psychedelic rock grooves, obscure lyrics and nimble riffs is streamlined into tight garage-pop frameworks and press has been quick to spot their talents, with rave reviews from Soundsphere Magazine, Ear To The Ground Music, Slap Magazine, Diamond Deposits, Born Music Online and Mytacism Music amongst many others.
‘Mansaid’ is red hot fiery garage rock smothered in a gritty fuzzed mind trip of psych-pop. Its a strutting frantic rush of effortless cool puzzlement that exudes swagger and blistering slick flamboyance. Blazing riffs give the track a scorching intensity while the psychedelic pop harmonies soothe and cool the track down before it kicks into the shredding frenzied mosh worthy chorus. With verses that glide in with liquid fluidity backed by feverish flaming guitar riffs and a driving punch on drums its insanely addictive. These guys are ones to watch.

Stream ‘Mansaid’ below


Bear Trap are a Punk Rock band from Manchester. Band members Callum (Guitar/Vocals), Matt (Bass/Vocals), Sam (Guitar), Dean (Drums) have released their first track ‘LENA, YOU’RE A MIRACLE’ which i’m told is “inspired by every shitty love movie that ever left you slightly feeling something”. Riding the wave of punchy punk Bear Trap explode with strident guitars pounding drums and animated chorus. Its vigorous yet melodic and bright all while belting out frenzy causing chaos. Its fast pace, to-the-point, and catchy sound certainly gets your foot tapping, puts a smile on your face, and echoes in your head. A good start for a fresh faced new band.
Bear Trap will start playing live shows from 25th March with a support slot at Zanzibar in Liverpool, followed shortly after with a spot at Lennons Bar in Liverpool. They are set to play Fab Cafe in Manchester on the 25th June.
You can follow Bear Trap on Facebook here

Lumer ‘Futile’

Hull’s scuzz punks Lumer have released their new track ‘Futile’. Alex Evans (bass/vocals), Benjamin Jackson (Guitar), Jacob Wardle (drums) and Thom Foster (synth/guitar) have unleashed a storm of ferocity, beaten and pummelled with pulverising drums and shrilling razor sharp riffs. The splintering guitars sting with knife edged slashes as the track races into a bloodthirsty frenzy of venom induced intense passion and mania. Strong vocals brood to start developing into a hurricane of screaming howling roars exuding fiery aggression. This track is a brawl of bustling gravelly grit mixed with explosive punk topped with fury and turmoil. Its pure unadulterated bedlam that is headbangingly good and mosh pit frenzy ready.
Stream ‘Futile’ below

Neon Dolls ‘Step Out Of The Dark’

Leeds grit-rock four-piece Neon Dolls have released their new single ‘Step Out Of The Dark’ which is taken from their upcoming second album ‘When It Strikes’. Since forming two years ago, band members Tom Axe (vocals), Sean Hatherley (guitar/Vocals),Michael Jarvis (drums) and Fernando Manresa(bass) have been busy perfecting their hybrid of muscular Britpop and shoutalong punk vocals. They have been blowing away audiences on the buzzing Leeds music scene. With a growing fanbase affectionately dubbed the Neon Army behind them, tracks from their debut album ‘Imperial’ which was released last year were playlisted on BBC Introducing and their sold out live shows led to Fred Perry Subculture hailing them as one of the best new bands in the country.
‘Step Out Of The Dark’ is a gigantic hefty powerful track booming with earthquake causing mighty pounding drums and kick ass shredding rock riffs and licks. The dominant rooted bass gives the track a powerhouse brawn and depth. The anthem like chorus steamrolls in with fist pumping energy and frenzy. Its headbanging ferocity is neck-breakingly good as the track pounds through you with brute force. Raspy aggressive vocals keeps the intensity of this rapid brawl. ‘Step Out Of The Dark’ is an onslaught of manic vigorous energy and slashing dynamic guitar.
Watch the video for ‘Step Out Of The Dark’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Fangclub


Fangclub are a Garage rock band from Dublin. Band members Steven King, Kevin Keane and Dara Coleman released their EP ‘Bullet Head’ this year and we have chosen the title track as our worth a listen track.
‘Bullet Head’ is an energetic, gritty, grunge rock track that is reminiscent of the 90’s style organic rock. The track begins with an infectious guitar riff intro that builds into a fantastic mosh with pounding drums and vigorous guitars. The verse stalls the mosh and is delivered in a shadowy, cool yet intense manner. With light instrumentation while the vocals are smooth and clear with a slight rasp giving a gritty texture to the track that is enticing. It then explodes into the chorus with dynamic and animated vocals, shredding guitar and thunderous strong rhythm. The chorus is lyrically simple and infectious and difficult not to sing along to. With its punk attitude for the chorus and intense dark verse which has a luring and captivating effect this track shows how diverse Fangclub are.
A Fantastic track which I can imagine is insane when performed live!
You can catch them live at
Jul 24 Knockanstockan Festival,Wicklow
Jul 29 Indiependence Festival Mitchelstown
4 Aug , Whelans Upstairs, Dublin
Watch ‘Bullet Head’ below