A Chat With: Sun Mahshene


We caught up with Nathan Henderson from Sun Mahshene  last month after their set in  Sin É Dublin, to get to know them a little better and try and decipher the inner workings of those blissful psychedelic tunes

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

N: My name is Nathan Henderson and I’m the chief songwriter, vocalist and guitarist in Sun Mahshene. Myself and the other core members of the group make up a 6 piece indie/psych rock n roll outfit from Dublin. The other members are Ian McGinn on guitar, Ryan Daffy on Guitar, Darren Hughes on bass, Dave Murray on drums and Ray Burke on percussion and backing vocals. We also have some other players who stand in if we’re short. They are Stephen Mooney on guitar, Graham Matthews on guitar, Martin Fagan on bass and Tom Moylan on drums.

How did ‘Sun Mahshene’ come about?

N: It originally started out as a bit of a “bedroom” project for me back in 2014. I was in between bands and putting down ideas in my home studio to keep myself entertained. But once I put some demos up online it soon grew legs. There was a good bit of positive feedback coming in so I decided to work on taking it to the next level. The early incarnation of the band consisted of friends who I had previously played in bands with, who agreed to helped me to get the ball rolling. Dave is the only one left in the current line up from those early rehearsal sessions. There’s been a bit of a revolving door of members but we’ve a settled core group of players now.

 Tell us about what it was like when you first started writing music and coming up with your sound?

N: Before Sun Mahshene I was involved in mainly indie rock bands with sounds along the lines of The La’s, Oasis, The Stone Roses, that sort of thing. So this time around I wanted to create something with a bigger, more raw and darker sound. It was when delving  into the Shoegaze, Neo-Psych and Garage rock genre’s the my vision became clearer of what I wanted to achieve sound wise. I did a lot of research on how my favourite bands from these genre’s achieved their sounds from what guitar pedals and amps they used right up to the type of guitar strings and different tuning scales. I’ve a box in my studio that’s absolutely full of guitar pedals. It’s been a fantastic voyage of discovery so far and a lot of fun. And long may it continue!

You released your fourth EP ‘Drones That Don’t Kill’ last year tell us a bit about the EP?

N: Yeah, the EP was released on New Years Eve. We recorded it at Darklands Audio in Dublin and was co produced with Daniel Doherty who’s the main man there. Working with Dan was great and a nice learning experience. He chipped in with some good advice and little ideas to help us fine tune things. It was our way of closing off  what was an eventful year for the band. 2016 was a year that we worked hard on establishing the line up and creating a cohesive live sound. So we wanted to put something out, for ourselves more so than anything else, so that we had something to show for our hard work. And we’re happy with the overall reception it has gotten since it was released.

Do you have a favourite track on the EP?

N: Mine has to be the lead track, ‘No Control’.It’s an absolute belter of a rock n roll tune and great to play live! It’s also Darren’s go too tune. Ryan and Dave are into ‘Shine Your Light’ and Ian is into ‘In The End’. Martin Fagan, who was our bass player at the time of recording the EP, loves the bonus track ‘I Love You’ which plays on the tail end of ‘You’.

The tracks are hazy and soaked in blissful twisted psychedelia with enough fuzz and heaviness to keep it punchy but it’s still ridiculously dizzying and delusional tell us how you achieve this sound and what drove you to create a mirage of darkly saturated tunes?

N: We wanted to do something which not many are doing here at the moment. Or certainly not in Dublin. There are some good indie bands doing the jangley thing but we’re more interested in playing tunes with a bit more bombast to them. So we’ve got 3 guitarists rather than the standard 1 or 2 you’d get in a lot of bands. It adds extra weight to our sound and an extra dimension to how we play.

 The track ‘In The End’ was co-written and features vocals from Lydia Des Dolles of Daag Hur, how did that collaboration come about?

N: I was part of an early lineup of  Daag Hur with Lydia and we had recorded a demo of In The End before I left the band. The song used to be called Before The Light Fades which had different lyrics and slightly different melody which I used to sing. We reworked the lyrics and vocal melody to suit her style of singing. After I left I thought it’d be a waste not to put the song out on something and so asked Lydia if she’d be cool with it being a Sun Mahshene release. She was happy to go with it and the result was great.

 There is a lot going on in your tracks with swirling soundscapes meandering through droning sometimes explosive percussion and sharp piercing guitar arrangements talk us through the writing and producing process for your songs?

N: I have a studio at home and write all of the parts for the songs and take them to the rest of the guys. It’s probably not the most democratic of bands but once an idea is brought to the everyone the feel changes somewhat as their different styles of playing add extra personality to things.

How do you find the recording process is there anything in particular you find difficult?

N: We love being in the studio and recording. It’s extrememly gratifying to hear something you’ve been working on in rehearsals come together. Sometimes you’re focused on your own parts of the song when rehearsing making sure you’re getting it right. So it can be easy to miss or not fully take in what everyone is doing. So once it’s put down in the studio you get to hear the consolidation of everyone’s input fully. I think the most difficult thing is the mixing process. We tend to layer up a lot of different sounds and guitar effects so the impact of certain songs can be lost when there’s too much going on. We really need to sit down and make some tough decisions on what parts need to be stripped out to ensure the song we happen to be working on can be as good  as can possibly be. Drones That Don’t Kill was co produced with Daniel Doherty. So he helped push the song in the right direction and offered great advice.

 Tell us about the concept for the cover art for the EP?

N: The cover art was a summary of what a crazy year 2016 was politically. Both on a national level and internationally. We had the Irish Water debacle happening, Brexit in the UK and then the Trump farce in the US. So we wanted to captured that somehow. It goes back to what Nina Simone once said, an artist’s duty is to reflect the times.

 What is a live show with you guys like?

N: Loud, sweaty and full of melody. We’re probably not the most animated bunch on stage. But we hope the music does the speaking for us. Although, Darren on bass does enjoy a bop.

 How do you get a crowd warmed up and ready to engage and rock out with you guys?

N: Our set is full on from start to finish so our ethos at the moment is to kick the door down and ask questions later in that respect. There’s no better way to catch someones attention by blowing their heads off. As an unsigned band you have to do something which will capture people’s attentions right from the start. But we’re constantly working on new ideas on how to change things up a bit so I’m sure how we deliver our shows will evolve into something else as time goes on.

 Have you had any bizarre things happen while you were on stage?

N: At one show we played, a guy in the audience loved our stuff so much he started throwing beer mats at Ian. He was punching the air and giving rock signs with his hands. I don’t think Ian even realised what was happening. He’s a typical shoegazer, once the song starts his head drops down when he’s playing. So it was funny to have beer mats flying past our heads like frisbies. We got off lightly though because the guy threw a bar stool at the headline act because he was so into their stuff. Luckily it didn’t make it on to the stage. I guess people can have a funny way of showing their appreciation. Either way we’re glad he liked it!

 What is your favourite venue to perform in so far and why?

N: Out of the venues we’ve played so far it’s probably The Workmans Club in Dublin. They have great sound engineers there and the venue is a nice size. As an added bonus, we all manage to fit on the stage which can be a struggle for us in other venues.

 What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

N: The biggest challenge is when one of the core members can’t do one of our shows. It can be at short notice, so getting one of our stand ins up to speed with new songs can be tricky. But everyone that comes in to play for us are great musicians so they generally pick up on things fairly quickly. We haven’t had to cancel a show yet and long may it continue.

 What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band?

N: Forget about trying to be the next big thing or trying to sound like what the flavour of the month is on the radio or whatever platform you listen to music on. Do what ever feels right and inspires you. And ultimately enjoy yourself. The hardwork will pay off in the end.

 What’s next for ‘Sun Mahshene’?

N: We’ve a couple of shows coming up, one in Stage 19 on Francis Street, Dublin on the 14th of October. We’ll have great support on the night from Segrasso and Free Sunshine Acid. Then we’re in with the good folks at Gigonometry on the 20th of November in The Workmans Club, Dublin. We’re also demoing our debut album which we aim to begin recording early next year.

Stream ‘Drones That Dont Kill’ below

Isaac Gracie With Support From Wildes at The Grand Social Dublin

Isaac Gracie’s debut Dublin show was on Tuesday night in The Grand Social Dublin with support from Wildes. We are big fans of Gracie so naturally there we were to see the magic happen in the flesh.

Wildes which is the performance name of Ella Walker walks timidly on stage picks up her guitar and begins to sing. The crowd swiftly stop their chatting and absorb this deeply touching performance. Her stance is simple as she delicately stands with just her guitar overwhelming us with the power, depth and rich emotion in her vocals. Beautiful melodies drowned in melancholic emotions run throughout her performance while her vocals express the rawness in such a crisp clear yet haunting manner. There is such silence during her set you could hear a pin drop as the audience are captivate by her voice and moving lyrics. She gingerly introduces her songs with a hint of nervousness that appears to disappear when she begins to sing. ‘Bare’ displays a sorrowful heart-breaking quality to her vocals. Walkers performance is an enchanting display of vulnerability and vocal fortitude. She dips into her lower register while the sweet guitar accompaniment dolefully mourns along. Her tracks display a sense of refinement and elegance with gorgeous melodies and a sway like wistfulness. Walker tells the crowd about her family from Waterford and her sister who went to Trinity bridging any gap between herself and the crowd. After each track the audience whoop and clap enjoying the sweet toned breath of fresh air her tracks tend to bring. She takes to the keyboard for the celestial ‘Illuminate’ “I always feel a bit sassy when I do this” she giggles before beginning an enthralling pure version of her track. Evoking a peaceful silence and longing throughout the room, it’s hair raising and captivating. She closes her set with the chilling and haunting ‘Ghost’ after trying to convince us she didn’t nick the name Wilds from Oscar Wild.

Isaac Gracie and his band take to the stage with a sweet shy little “hello” he thanks the audience for turning up to his first headline show in Dublin. ‘All In My Mind’ kicks off his set, the addition of a bassist and drummer add a bit of punch to his live set. One thing that becomes apparent is Gracie is fantastic live, his voice so clear with a sublime depth and maturity beyond his years. If you enjoy his tracks then live he will just blow you away. His drummer Alex is probably the most enthusiastic drummer I’ve seen in a long time from his facial expressions to every bounce and bop he oozes energy. Bassist Jamie is Gracie’s “guardian angel” running about the stage plugging in Gracie’s guitar and giving him little tips like talking through the tune up. Gracie’s musical poise is simple he lets his heart wrenching tunes speak for themselves his eyes drift into the meaning of the track and that is where the magic in the performance happens. It’s all in the emotion and melodies. One audience member is so taken with his set he shouts, “I Love You” Gracie reply’s “I love you too.. I hope you said I love you, I can’t really hear properly if you didn’t it’s ok I still love you” before the most beautiful rendition of ‘Silhouettes Of You’. The spellbound audience sway dumbfounded by the passion exuding from this shy young chap. The sorrow and despair flooding through every note and hitting you bang smack in the middle of your chest. It’s heart breaking and graceful. It’s my favourite track on the New EP and it was as tear jerking and tender if not more so than I expected. It’s the second show performing with his band and it’s a working progress as they stumble over blunders with the audience barely noticing. With a show like this all the hiccups and bashfulness makes it special it’s raw and fresh. ‘Running on Empty’ takes a different heavier persona with the band. Personally, I prefer the solitary version it’s more striking and personal however, with the band it takes on a danceable wiggle vibe. Gracie’s vocals still shine and the lyrics still pierce but it’s just a little more fun and less heart breaking. “The second guitar solo of my life” Gracie announces at the end of the track it feels like we’ve experienced a pillar moment for Gracie. Struggling to open his bear bottle he introduces the agonising ‘Terrified’. The band retire from the stage for the encore leaving just Gracie and his guitar for the affectionate ‘Last Words’. The maturely written tender track that made him an artist to watch. The audience sway and sing the lyrics along with Gracie, everyone’s heart breaking in that beautiful moment, his eyes closed, his brow creased with deep sorrow, we feel every emotion and painful quiver. The perfect way to end his set.

Gracie is like an unpolished diamond in the rough. The “Padwan rockstar’s” undeniable talent sparkles and glimmers as each and every track touches the soul of every person in the room creating a unique beautiful experience each time. The small flashes of goofiness and bashfulness just makes the show all the sweeter. His songs alone are refined and passionate he blends soft tender soundscapes with heavier reverb laden soundscapes seamlessly. With smokey delicate poetic lyrics and beautiful melodies simply portrayed it’s a magnificent experience. Go see him live you won’t regret it. And he is actually a nice guy, we met him after the show and he took a picture with our logo, sound chap.

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Hubbards

Riding high on a wave of praise following their most recent single ‘Just Touch’, Hull-born Leeds-based four-piece The Hubbards have already notched up support slots for the likes of stadium stars Foals and The 1975, not to mention a coveted slot at this year’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Their material has aired on both Radio One and 6Music, while previous single ‘Cold Cut’ was used on ‘Made In Chelsea’. The quartet have now released their new single ‘Body Confident’. This laid-back indie bopper cruises against a backdrop of crunching sharp guitars and punchy drums. The dazed hazy melody drifts with a woozy dreamy loftiness and ear worm infectiousness. With an air of casual easy going almost “meh” nonchalance to take the edge off the piercing dynamic soundscape it’s effortlessly cool and breezy. Elastic bass and bouncy drums give a gyrating swagger and enthralling allurement to the track. It’s smooth with a groovy mellow backbone and one for lazy hazy days.

You can catch The Hubbards Live at

7th October: Sebright Arms, London

13th October: Fruit, Hull

21st October: – The Shed, Leicester

22nd October:- The Brunswick, Brighton

Watch the video for ‘Body Confident’ below

All Them Witches with support from The Ghost Wolves in Whelan’s Dublin

We were invited to check out All Them Witches headline show in Whelan’s on Monday with support from The Ghost Wolves. With a live act said to be jam-filled, where no two shows are the same, we couldn’t refuse. Where there is big fuzz, deep grooves and kaleidoscopic mind bending psychedelic blues-rock I’m there.

Like a storm in a teacup The Ghost Wolves take to the stage. With a white wolf mask sitting on a mic stand watching and judging us all, they blast us straight into their ruckus causing rock and roll dripping in bluesy swagger. Carley with her cowboy hat and boots strides across the stage lean, mean and fiery she wails, shouts and bellows at the crowd who are enthralled ready to subdue to her every command. Together this duo are a well-oiled machine each track belting into the next while the crowd go wild moshing and jumping. The thrilling guitar fuzz and shrill teamed with adrenaline pumping drums gets the crowd warmed up screaming for more in no time. ”Do You Like Cry Babies?” Carley shouts at the crowd “nobody likes crybabies” is the fiesty introduction to the neck snapping ‘Crybabies Go Home’. The crowd roar the “whoohoohoo” lyrics back to her as she jumps about the stage. Elaborate guitar poses and all it’s purely captivating. Swagger is a tame word for these guys, they are wild and absolutely mental but it makes for a fascinating live set and the crowd were lapping it up. When you think it couldn’t get better she introduces the one string wonder “because all you need is one god damn string” that’s right a guitar with one string that plays just as mighty and meaty as a six string makes you wonder why anyone plays guitar normally. This duo are cool and feisty and boy do they put on a live show.

All Them Witches stroll on stage following the crowds sing along to Black Sabbath‘s ‘War Pigs’. Drummer Robby Staebler is in nothing but fluorescent yellow shorts. On a chilly October night, I can only assume he planned to work up a sweat. Pretty slick and cool they compose themselves and smash straight into their sweet blissful wobbly psychedelia. With our minds all melted and dazed by their instrumental intro they belt out ‘When God Comes Back’ the crowd erupt bellowing the lyrics back full of expression. They throw themselves into the tracks yelping and wooing after each song. Vocalist and guitarist Charles Michael Parks in a timid deep voice thanks the crowd for coming and tells them the band almost didn’t make it over. His advice for the night “do whatever you want, be yourself, have fun and don’t hurt no body”. The set becomes extremely manic as the crowd grow more and more hysterical by each track the four-piece play, one guy bows at Parks’ feet in worship of him. Frenzied moshing consumes the entire center floor as people get pushed around some onto the stage only to bounce back up to jump, dance and mosh again. All while All Them Witches maintain a cool suave on stage just jamming through the bluesy psychedelic tunes. Live these guys are awesome, the sound so thrilling and mind liquefying yet hefty and monstrous. ‘Charlies William’ once again is met with screams whoops and yelps from the crowd. They are so into it I think even All Them Witches seem surprised. Their Irish fans are insanely enthusiastic changing the room into a moshing slaughter house, while still having respect for the others around them. ‘Bulls’ and Alabaster’ brings a surge of exhilaration over the crowd as they adoringly chant the lyrics back with an overflow of joy, it’s like they are at an altar, wildly worshiping. They beg the band to stay when Parks announces their last few songs but he soothingly insists he can’t.

After screams, whistles and shouts for “one more tune” the band return to the stage for a ferocious rendition of ‘Swallowed By The Sea’. The crowd explode in a rapture of moshing and dancing Parks ventures off stage to join them in this wild frenzy –  much to the crowd’s surprise and delight they swarm around him so much he almost has to crawl back on stage to finish the track lying down. It was Epic, raw and spontaneous and therefore perfect.

The Americans brought a bluesy soaked cyclone into Whelan’s on a quiet Monday night and it was legendary.

Event News: The Unsigned Music Awards 2017

Five Days North have been nominated for the Best Unsigned Band category at the Unsigned Music Awards 2017.

Five Days North from Manchester who we have featured on Indie Buddie have beaten thousands of other acts to be named in the UK’s top ten Unsigned Bands at the 2017 Unsigned Music Awards (UMAs) and we couldn’t be more proud of them.Launched in 2012 the awards have seen more than 50,000 music fans cast their vote including celebrities such as rock star Frank Turner and International footballer Gareth Bale. Five Days North consists of five members who all met through the University of Manchester, balancing their passion for music alongside their university studies. Whilst based in Manchester, only Sam (Guitarist) originates. The remaining four’s hometowns are: Darryl (Lead singer) – Portsmouth; David Urwin (Banjo/Synth) – London; Lewis (Bass) – Swansea; Zoravar (Drums) – New Delhi, India.

Darryl Messer said: “It’s a fantastic feeling to even just be nominated, it shows that all our hardwork over the past four years is being noticed.”

Other award categories include Best Female, Best Male and Best Song, the latter previously won by Molly Smitten-Downes, who went on to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest. The awards are organised by Best of British Unsigned  (B.o.B), the UK’s number one website for ‘Unsigned Music’ which supplies a weekly radio show to 70FM stations in 15 countries.  The winner of each category is crowned thanks to an online public vote. Nominees are also put forward for ‘The Critic’s Choice Award’, and Five Days North will hope their sound impresses a panel of three industry experts.This year’s judges are: Max Helyer, guitarist for rock band You Me at Six, Dave Gilyeat, radio presenter for BBC Introducing, and Louise Dodgson, Editor of online music directory The Unsigned Guide.

Max Helyer said: ” For me it’s important to support upcoming artists and help to give them more exposure. I’m looking forward to listening to the wide variety of styles of music submitted, some of which will hopefully become part of my personal everyday music catalogue.

David Gilyeat added: It makes a real difference to get behind new unsigned music. The Talent of the future depends on our passion for it in the present.

The 2017 awards are sponsored by Vocalzone who produce world famous throat pastilles and herbal tea used by singers and voice professionals.

George Ponsford, Sales & Marketing Director said: “Unsigned music in the UK is stronger than ever before, and these awards are not only great for recognising some of this country’s most promising artists, but also giving them the platform to share their music with the masses online.”. 

The vote for Best Unsigned Band 2017 takes place at https://www.vocalzone.com/

BEST UNSIGNED BAND: Monday 2nd October – Sunday 08th October




Deep City Diver Self-Titled Debut Album

Hackney indie rock band Deep City Diver will release their self-titled debut album on the 6th October. This trio have crafted an album with tracks anthemic in every way with their brand of guitar pop stamped all over it. Doused in synth soundscapes they bring each track to life and evoke every fiber of emotion in the listener. Their sound is ambitious and exciting fully polished and meticulously formulated, it doesn’t feel like a debut album it feels like the fourth or fifth album of a well-established  band. They know their sound and it’s so familiar and comfortable it’s like they have been around for years, yet fresh and new. ‘Easy Prey’ kicks off the album smothered in 80’s synth pop shimmer and sparkle. The melody is sombre and sway-like and Nico’s vocals coo and brood for the verses before becoming dynamic for the anthemic chorus. Running basslines and a snappy beat adds a dance-like shuffle while jingley guitars flicker and stride with swagger and panache. It’s an infectious 80’s flashback. This trio do exuberant fist pump anthems well and ‘Everyone Is Alone’ and ‘Another World’ display this perfectly. With Bon Jovi-esque fiery choruses, powerful vocals and that adrenaline pumping get up and dance your worries away vibe. They bring the rock and roll nostalgia to the album with melty ear worm melodies and some sharp guitar injections adding a bit of edge and rawness to their sound. ‘As the Crow Flies’ is a beautiful melodic tune. Wandering soundscapes wisp around strident guitars. It’s pretty sweet and tender however the musical background adds a film like dramatic sorrow and breezy sharpness. ‘Down On Wreckyn Street, I’m Ruined’ is another indie rock thumper. Energetic, boppy and vibrant smothered in vitality with a dash of airy synths filling out the sound and giving a refreshing little multi dimension to the track. ‘Nothing Hurts’ is an elastic guitar driven tune. A rebounding spring on guitars adds buoyancy before the shredding air guitar worthy solo. ‘Honeyeater’ another slow burner with a strong thumping beat and elegant honey drizzled melody gives a 60’s feel mixed with a bit of the The Smiths. Probably my favourite track on the album for its depth and sweet sorrow filled guitar feature. It’s richly emotive and Nico’s vocals are immensely passionate and divine. It’s a tearjerker for sure utterly romantic and raw, just sublime to listen to.‘Living In The Hyphen’ and album closer ‘Youth’ are the delicate ballads. Beautiful melodies and smouldering synths create a dark sorrowful atmosphere swirling around Nico’s compelling emotion-filled vocals. ‘Youth’ displays Nico’s vocal depth.It’s a little organ-y which adds warmth to the track and once again this track is very passionate and heart wrenching. It’s a short track, just over two minutes bringing a nice end to the album. With simple accompaniment it leaves space for contemplation.

Deep City Diver have compiled a collection of tracks that speak to the heart, live in the moment whatever that moment is and makes you feel something. It’s an emotional journey of highs and lows dramatic anthemic tracks that are massive and fiery to slow tender pure passion and raw emotion. It’s epic guitar pop at its best.

You can catch Deep City Diver at their Vinyl Launch Gigs at

20th October 2017 – The Underground, Stoke-on-Trent (w/ DIVENIRE)

21st October 2017 – Blondies, London (w/ Bear Muda)

Stream ‘Another World’  below



The Skullers ‘Meet Me In Memphis’

The Skullers are a rock and roll trio from New Jersey. Band members Jack Skuller (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Gabriel Scholis-Fernandez (drums) and Luigi Sardi (bass) play their blues-soaked brand of modern rock and roll with a down-to-the-bone rockabilly soul.They have released their debut EP ‘Meet The Skullers’ which features the infectious lead track ‘Meet Me In Memphis’. This swagger soaked catchy ditty is the kind of energetic bluesy rock that would have even the most timid person busting a move. It’s oh so slick, effortlessly cool and strut ready. With sharp crashing guitars and punchy drums it’s an adrenaline rush to the head of panache drenched rock. Shimmy ready, sleek and oozing that swoon worthy rock and roll of the 60’s greats these young lads have knocked it out of the park. That harmonica solo shrill and high-powered energy teamed with smooth croony vocals add a fiery hot smoulder to their modern rock and roll. Another mesmerising track from The Skullers, they have a bright future ahead.

Stream ‘‘Meet Me In Memphis’ below

MYA Project ‘Something That Good’

MYA Project is the alternative, electronic/acoustic pop creation from Dalila Mya. Originating from Europe, now based in Los Angeles, this musical creativity comes from a background of classical training combined with a Sound Engineering Degree. MYA Project is a fusion of electronic and acoustic music, where Trip-Hop meets World Music and Pop Rock. Dalila’s background has seen her work as a Live Sound Engineer, working with artists such as Tool, Depeche Mode, Alabama Three and Massive Attack. Besides her live work, she has worked as a Studio Sound Engineer for several studios in England and the U.S.A., including Abbey Road in London and The Village Studio in Los Angeles. She has now released her new track ‘Something That Good’. It is the second single from the album MK. Possibly the most captivating and intense song on the album it was written and recorded in only 3 days. With a sticky flickering beat glooping and slapping against flickering electronics it’s a smouldering dark entrapment of peril. Wobbling soundscapes add a chilling mirage of obscurity, cold and sticky it is almost suffocating. Mya’s luring vocals entice and enchant with a bewitching melody that swallows you up in a confusing delusion of smoke. The melody wisps around like vapours creeping in your ears – you are powerless to its catchy entanglement.  A haunting thrilling second single from MYA Project.

The video for the single was shot and produced in Los Angeles by Dalila Mya, who produced and edited the video in her own studio in partnership with, videographer and visual artist J.F. Brown.


Watch the video for ‘Something That Good’ which was shot in one day in one of the historical venues in L.A. – the Hollywood Hotel  below



Matt Katsis ‘As The River Runs’ EP

Melbourne bluesman and folk balladeer Matt Katsis has recently released his newest 6-track EP,’ As The River Runs’. The EP will be the third release from the artist and the release will be accompanied by an 8-date tour across Australia. The seed was planted for Matt through exposure to family friends playing the acoustic guitar at family gatherings, and since then Matt has grown into a well known Australian alternative singer-songwriter with an individual edge. The successful release of his last EP ‘The Burke & Wills Sessions’ back in 2016 was warmly welcomed and since then Katsis has been working hard on writing and recording his newest collection of tracks. After extensively touring over the past couple of years, Katsis shows no signs of slowing. His newest EP release ‘As The River Runs’ encompasses his distinctive fusion of folk, blues and roots and now, after a recent trip to the US travelling through Nashville, New Orleans and Memphis, his music hints at influences of alternative country and Americana.

‘As The River Runs’ is a wholesome slice of folk and blues flavoured country pie. ‘Colours’ kicks off the EP foot stomping and soaked in bluesy swagger. Gritty guitars screech and whine while a  throbbing pulsing beat adds a strong foundation and kick to the track. Katsis’ warm raspy vocals add a gritty texture while guitars wail with a sensual allurement. ’ Need You Here’ is a delicate subtle track with very little instrumentation to start letting Katsis’ soothing warm vocals take the limelight. Light guitar twinkles throughout with delicate percussion chimes and a stomping beat. Golden and wholesome this track glows with infectious bright tones and comforting positivity. Extremely passionate and emotional it’s the kind of track that fills you with hope, puts a smile on your face and brightens your day. ‘All I Wanna Do Is Fly’ is a little darker to start with deep vocals and a shadowy undertone. The vocal harmonies add a chilling coolness to the western like pistols at dawn vibe. It’s a little bit eerie and cold with only the haunting guitar twangs to brighten the track.  ‘You & My Guitar’ returns us to the jingly bright bluesy soaked Americana. It’s gentle sway-like tempo and light guitar twinkles evokes images of a sunset and relaxation. With touching vocals and warm tones it’s a blissful cosy blanket to snuggle into. ‘Tomorrow & The Next Day’ again twangs with country warmth. The thing that becomes apparent with this EP is how detailed and moving a guitar feature can be. The guitar twangs really add depth and vibrancy to the track and lift it into a melancholic sense of playfulness and it’s quite beautiful. ‘Need You Here (unplugged)’ brings us to the end of the EP it’s here you feel the true impact and depth of Katsis’ soulful vocals. It’s quite the calming exquisite way to end a beautiful EP.

‘As The River Runs’ is a warm soothing EP brimming with passionate graceful tracks that warm the cockles of your heart. It pure and honest and charming. Each track flows smoothly into the next while displaying subtle variety’s in Katsis’ musicianship and depth. So rich and moving its immensely satisfying and a soul fulfilling adventure.


When asked about the track Katsis said “This EP as a whole pushed me further as a songwriter and led me to cross new territory, using a wider use of instrumentation and taking a closer look into song arrangement.”

You can catch Matt Katsis live at

23rd Sept – Albany, WA

24th Sept – Margaret River, WA

6th Oct – Canberra, ACT

14th Oct – Bendigo, VIC

20th Oct – Mildura, VIC

29th Oct – Adelaide, SA

1st Nov – Melbourne, VIC

23rd Nov – Brisbane, QLD

Stream ‘As The River Runs’ below


The Screens ‘Jennifer Jones’

Since the release of their first single ‘Avalanche’ which we previously featured on Indie Buddie, in May, The Screens have been locked away writing and arranging tracks for the release of their album in 2018. Included in that batch of new material is their next single ‘Jennifer Jones’ which will be available from Friday 13th October. This sweet blend of theatrical pop swirls and swishes with fine elegant composition. The graceful strings and a delicate piano feature glide along with grandeur and innocence. The lush melody captures your heart as it melts like butter on toast. Though dramatic and oozing romanticised flamboyance there is a dark underlining tone filled with danger and mystery. The Screens lay their tracks out like a narration of a tragic love story, the music expresses a beautiful and naive love that goes sour and treacherous. With light bouncy soundscapes this infectious track skips and hops along though holding a shadowy undertone. With rich instrumentation and sublime melodies, it’s a magnificent composition with a 60’s and 70’s film and TV characterisation. Another stunning track from The Screens.

When asked about the track the band said “its a story of a girl who falls helplessly in love with a guy who manipulates her mind and destroys her independence.”

Watch the video for ‘Jennifer Jones’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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