Donal Quinn ‘Twat’

Following a string of big dance bangers during summer 2017 and the BBC 6 Music plays of “Massif Anthem”, Drogheda-based indie dance artist Donal Quinn has released his new single ‘Twat’ which was recorded in Hackney, London with top producer Tom McFall (Kasabian, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party). With its shuffle slow jam verses and sway ready radio friendly chorus ‘Twat’ is a sing along anthem (well until you pay particular attention to the words). Smothered in soft velvety tones, it’s a sweet melancholic drown your sorrows tune with a few cheeky lyric jabs. Featuring a sombre strong piano chord progression, soft beat and lush melody it has everything you need to create a wistful ear worm. This ditty even comes packed with a steamy sorrowful guitar solo. Its damn catchy and smooth on the ears. Keep an eye out for Donal Quinn.

Stream ‘Twat’ below

Royal Blood at the 3Arena Dublin with support from Black Honey and At The Drive In

Rock duo Royal Blood ascended into the 3Arena Sunday night for their biggest headline show in Dublin to date. The band who have built a devoted fanbase with their hard-pummeling rock have been known to put on some insane live shows and the 3Areana was no different. I’ll admit having seen the lads perform at smaller venues before and experienced the raw intense show they put on I was afraid that a larger venue would lose that intimate mania…. I was wrong.

Brighton four-piece Black Honey kicked off the night for their Dublin debut blasting straight into ‘All My Pride’. Front-woman Izzy Baxter (who popped outside before the show to give queuing fans posters and encourage them to stay warm) exuded sass and swagger with every hip pop and powerful point at the crowd. It’s difficult to connect with the crowd with a lengthy runway between you and the audience but she ventures as far out as her guitar lead would let her and wallops out as much charisma and oomph as possible. It’s an enchanting display as Baxter commands the stage with a daring poise that can only be admired. Their tracks, undoubtedly catchy with spaghetti western guitar wails it’s fiercely thrilling live. The hazy fiery ‘Madonna’ with it’s blazing guitar lines follows using the shrilling distortion and hysteria causing intro of ‘Somebody Better’ as its chaser. They belt out solid tunes that blend hazy dreamy melodies with shattering drums and scorching guitars. Baxter’s sultry vocals radiate over the dizzying instrumentation as she struts about exuding a fierce confidence. “Sláinte” she says while lifting her drink to the crowd, “did I get that right? … what’s the craic?..what is the craic though?” she questions before the steamy new single ‘Dig’. ‘Hello Today’ sparks a clap along among the crowd and you have to hear ‘Spinning Wheel’ live that’s all i’m going to say, it was dynamite. Black Honey are an exciting band for sure who amply coped with the large crowd and put on an exciting show. With a debut album due next year, I can’t wait to see what they do at a headline show here in Ireland.

At The Drive In followed and wow words can hardly describe the experience. Cedric Bixler-Zaval leapt rolled, kicked and wailed his way through the set. It was hard core brain assaulting mania and the crowd loved it. With his signature mic drop and kick trick as he strutted down the runway oozing swagger and attitude it was a swanky spectacle for sure. With tracks accelerated to neck breaking speeds they had the crowd pumped and ready to rock. “yeah that’s right tell your momma tell your nan” he shouts before the frantic ‘No Wolf Like The Present’. The crowd erupt into a blur of moshing heads and flailing limbs. “Can you feel it in your veins?, can you feel it in your teeth?, let me see your teeth” he bellows while the crowd scream back and you could for sure feel the sound pounding through your body bashing your senses. It was a mighty frenetic set that was unforgettable. Cedric Bixler-Zaval is tireless he doesn’t stop moving from climbing onto the speakers and karate kicking to springing into the air frantically. He gets the audience riled up and pumped. The mass of spiraling interweaving guitars pulverising drums and screaming vocals grip the crowd into submission, At The Drive In are a force to be reckoned with.

Royal Blood take to the stage as the crowd explode with screams and whoops. ‘Lights Out’ sets the fans alight. The duo have an impressive red laser light display which encased the band for the first track and with artistic screen images they were ready to make an impression. Every lyric, riff and drum roll was bellowed out by the crowd as frontman Mike Kerr takes every opportunity to strut down the stage to the crowd. There’s a lot going on from stage hands swiftly placing mic stands as Kerr moves about the stage to rapid guitar changes. Favourites from their self-titled debut album sparked massive cheers and huge sing alongs. Their fans adore them and make filling an arena like this easy for the pair. Kerr has grown into his frontman role and is taking it in his stride as he slickly blasts out those lusty beefy riffs. “I don’t believe this is happening to us tonight this place is huge” he admits before the explosive ‘Come On Over’. It’s a tireless set of moshing singing and hair everywhere. Ben Thatcher’s pulverising drumming is so powerful and mighty it sends the crowd into a frenzy of headbanging. With dashing backing singers introduced for ‘I Only Lie When I Love You’ these guys exude a new suaveness. They’ve learned a lot and for a two-piece filled the arena with their larger than life swagger. Track after track is announced to mammoth screams and whiplash causing headbanging. They pulled out all the stops from a dramatic clap along, shredding solos to a stick on fire hitting a gong. Royal Blood made sure they put on a show to remember. There was crowd surfing, pushing, fighting for the drum sticks Thatcher threw out followed by the “Olé, Olé, Olé” chant. The duo had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Though these guys have developed a rock and roll persona they haven’t left their humbleness behind “we feel very uncomfortable right now. Worst front man of all time.  I’m a man and I’m at the front and that’s it.” Kerr admits before the knock out  ‘Hole In Your Heart’ which sees Kerr relocate to the front of the stage to play keys. Kerr recalls their first time in Dublin where they got “so f**king drunk… I feel like we fit in here, I feel like we all drink the same”.

The crowd scream and stomp for the encore until Royal Blood triumphantly return with ‘Ten Tone Skeleton’ and the fierce ‘Out Of The Black’ which causes total anarchy among the crowd. Thatcher approaches the crowd stepping up on the barrier they fight over him and reach forward to grab any and every part of him so much so he says “whoa whoa hang on guys”. They leave the stage like heroes as the crowd bellow, scream and clap.

Royal Blood blew the roof off the 3 Arena. They steamrolled in and blasted out a cracking show losing little to none of the manic intensity of their more intimate shows.

Delphina Kings ‘Electric’

Delphina Kings will release their new single ‘Electric’ tomorrow December 1st. Recorded in and around Manchester and produced by the band themselves, the track is a cocktail of everything they have learned whilst working with producers Sugar House (Pale Waves, Viola Beach) on previous releases. Delphina Kings play an angular brand of indie rock, combining the fuzzy energy of Blur and the singalong hooks of The Hunna. Formed in 2017, the combination of a barista, a baker and a university dropout landed a feature on E4’s Made in Chelsea with their first single. They have also shared the stage with Razorlight and Starsailor.

‘Electric’ is a kinetic blistering indie rock track that instantly pumps dynamic energy into your bloodstream. Stinging guitars pierce with a thrilling sharpness through peppy punchy drums and infectious melody. The swirling soundscapes create a dizzying blast of euphoria as each distorted note surges with electricity. It’s an adrenaline inducing, sizzling indie rock anthem that is radio ready sing along friendly and invigorating to listen to.

Watch the video for ‘Electric’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Jacks

Southern Californian four-piece The Jacks have released their new single ‘She’s A Mystery’. Comprised of members Jonny Stanback (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Tom Hunter (Lead Guitar), Scott Stone (Bass) and Josh Roossin (Drums & Percussion), the band have developed their brand of 60’s / 70’s flavoured rock n’ roll. ‘She’s A Mystery’ is a swagger drenched dash of slick swanky smooth rock n’ roll. Doused in sultry guitars, groovy basslines and a shimmy ready rhythm it’s sleek, red hot and instantly likable. The luring strut worthy melody and sharp jabbing guitars teamed with the hazy sun kissed vibes create a biting bold infectious sound that is just sublime. With bluesy hints, musical twists and layers it’s a breezy melodic jab that is sure to grab attention. The zesty guitar lines insert a rush of tantalizing adrenaline into the track while velvety vocals keep a mellow easy-going vibe. It’s effortlessly cool and smooth with an edgy spurt adding a refreshing bit of grit and rough and tumble to their panache soaked sound. It is laid back cool and oh so groovy, definitely worth a listen. Keep an eye out for The Jacks.

Watch the video for ‘She’s A Mystery’ below



Queens of the Stone Age at the 3Arena Dublin with support from BRONCHO

Sultans of Rock Queens of the Stone Age returned to Dublin last Friday night at the 3Arena to a sold-out show of elated fans. It is the last night of the European tour and some of the fans have been queuing in the bitter cold since the morning to get to the safety and immaculate view of the front barrier.

Oklahoma four-piece BRONCHO began the thawing of the crowd with their chunky, fuzzy garage rock smothered in deliciously infectious pop. They coolly walk on stage and blast straight into ‘Try Me Out Sometime’. Ryan Lindsey the immensely energetic frontman, yelps and wiggles throughout the tracks. His floppy coat adding flight and a floatability to his jumps. From the instantly singable ‘Class Historian’ to the slick shaky ‘Señora Borealis’ these guys put on a swagger drenched flamboyant show that oozes suave and swagger. It’s difficult not to wiggle and bop to these tunes and BRONCHO let the music do all the talking with little to no banter between tracks except for the chanting of “Queens of the Stone Age” which the crowd were only too happy to join in. Their tunes are power pop smacks of delight, their sound is fresh and invigorating, ideal for hazy summer days and just what those early bird queuers needed to defrost.

A translucent black curtain falls between the crowd and the stage creating a shaded filter to the goings on on stage as AC/DC blast from the speakers to entertain the fans. The audience erupt as Queens of the Stone Age take to the stage. Their presence undeniably larger than life. ‘If I Had A Tail ‘ kicks off their set to screaming fans. Homme is in a particularly good mood smiling and dancing with gyrating hips and wiggles. The anecdotes are plenty and the atmosphere is electric. The villains of anarchy have arrived, and boy do they put on a show. There is no massive screens or fancy distractions, it’s the five piece and the crowd and it is extraordinary. The charisma, swagger and just plain godliness has the crowd in awe. There is so much happening on stage as each member exudes fiery stamina. Like a tag team they keep everyone on their toes with their explosive vigour. ‘Monster in your Parasol’ ’My God Is The Sun’ three songs in and it’s total turmoil in the mosh pit. Limbs flailing everywhere, hair flicking into strangers faces and necks whipping while the five-piece stride back and forth on stage jumping and kicking. ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me’ whacks the crowd into another frenzy. This is the thing with a band like Queens of the Stone Age they have so many cracking tracks a live show is a constant thrilling battering to your body. Michael Shuman strides about the stage with a fierce, intense, sultry stage presence belting out lusty mammoth bass lines and haunting backing vocals. While Troy Van Leeuwen suave and dobonair as always skips about the stage in a red suit. “We came to dance, drink and hopefully get everyone laid.. let’s get loose” Homme declares before introducing ‘The Way You Used To Do’ as Dean Fertita ventures from behind the keys to add some brawn on guitar. Members of the audience are already being lifted out of the pit all kerfuffled and distressed from the mania. It’s all crowd surfing, shoes in the face craziness. With so many guitarists on stage the band members at times crash into the free-standing strips of light while wandering and spinning around the stage. ‘No One Knows’ evokes screams as the crowd bellow out the riff and lyrics along with the band once again causing total anarchy among the crowd. Jon Theodore showcases his slick pummelling drumming skills for first of two drum solos while Homme lights up a cigarette and watches the crowd’s reaction smiling. The crowd erupt shouting “Olé, Olé, Olé” “that’s exactly why we are here…that, right there, that’s the f**king moment…  tonight, it’s our night, your f**king night, our f**king night” Homme responds before the finale of ‘No One Knows’. Usually a drum solo is a brave move but it’s Jon Theodore for god sake it was legendary! Homme is effortlessly cool with his slicked back swagger and sensual guitar licks his presence commands the attention of the arena. We all subdue to his every wish. ‘I Sat By The Ocean’ ‘Smooth Sailing’ every track bashing out relentless stamina and maintaining the frenzy of the crowd. ‘Make It Wit Chu’ and ‘Villains Of Circumstance’ act as the breathers on the set list giving something to sway and sing along to while also allowing the body feel the pain of the moshing and battering from the previous tracks.

After ‘Sick Sick Sick’ the band leave the stage as the crowd howl for “one more tune” impatient they scream for “Burn The Witch” and Queens of The Stone Age oblige with an encore of ‘Misfit Love’, ‘Head Like A Haunted House’ which comes with a anecdote about a cheeseburger incident when they were last in Dublin where a guy sneaked into their van and was eating a cheeseburger when they found him. Homme calls him “the fastest drunk person I’ve ever seen in my life…..if he’s here tonight f*ck you man …no,  if he’s here tonight…I’ll suck your dick” Homme laughs. They leave ‘Burn The Witch’ to last and the crowd go nuts.

Queens of the Stone Age are just too cool and induce a state of riotous lawless anarchy among the crowd. They are the divinity of rock, the stage their temple and the crowd their loyal adoring worshipers. And a show like this is the reason why nothing can beat them, they hold all the trump cards. The crème de la crème of rock music.


Nigel Phillip Davies ‘How Wrong Can a Man Be’

Swansea Born Nigel Phillip Davies has released his new single ‘How Wrong Can a Man Be’. Nigel has  been on the bill with some very notable artists in the past, including Amy Wadge and the Strawbs and ‘How Wrong Can a Man Be’ is the latest single from the classically trained pianist. The single see’s Nigel return to an Acoustic/Folk style after years of playing Prog Rock and Jazz. It’s a gentle emotional little ditty with elegant piano wandering through a melancholic melody steeped in heart wrenching nostalgia. It’s a meaningful tender track that evokes images of a sombre Christmas scene. It reminds me a little of David Essex’s ‘A Winter’s Tale’ – just as sweet, dainty, immensely emotional and passionate. The lyrics are honest and pure expressing the rawness of heartbreak so simply and beautifully it will bring a tear to your eye. The feathery light piano wistfully twinkles and floats with a soft innocence and fragility creating a tender delicate emotional scene.

The inspiration for ‘How Wrong Can a Man Be’ came from Nigel’s experiences throughout his life. It is about dealing with love and the loss of that love, but as Nigel says “most songs do” address that. What separates ‘How Wrong Can a Man Be’ from the other songs about losing love is that it is skilfully lyrically driven. The poignant song stemmed from the title and slowly grew to contain various phrases of misdirection, naivety and double meaning.

Stream ‘How Wrong Can a Man Be’

Toxic Radios ‘Face The Tide’ EP

Toxic Radios are an indie/garage rock outfit based in part in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire. The four piece have played at venues such as O2 ABC, Broadcast and The Record Factory to name a few and have now released their debut EP ‘Face The Tide’. This three track EP is an infectious whack of garage rock meets indie pop. First track ‘I Can’t Turn It Around Tonight’ is a catchy snappy indie flavoured number. With sharp crashing guitars and punchy drums, they display their fierce no nonsense garage instrumentation. The smooth indie pop melody contrasts the smashing instrumentation creating a likable easy to listen to track. ’Lone Wolf’ once again blasts with razor sharp aggressive guitars backed by a breakneck pounding rhythm. The elastic rumble on bass gives a rich depth and rooted back bone that holds the track together. Its energetic and mosh pit ready. ‘These Wires’ is the last track on the EP. Melodic stings on guitar create a breezy vibe and a vibrant illumination. An impressive debut EP. These guys have talent with all the right components to make a solid EP. They have a bit more polishing off and refining to do but once they do they will be unstoppable. I reckon to really appreciate this quartet and to experience all the luscious melodies backed by pounding instrumentation you need to see them live.

Stream ‘Face The Tide’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Ali Horn

Ali Horn has released his new single ‘Bloom’ via Liverpool based The Label Recordings.  His second single after the release of ‘Days Like Today’ in February. The track which has already been played by Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music and by BBC Merseyside, is four minutes of hazy psychedelic bliss. With a wall of spiraling guitars and punchy drums embracing your brain with tranquilising bubbliness it’s a hallucinogenic inducing trip of ecstasy. The echo laid back vocals soothe and lull you into a mind-numbing stupor while the whirling flower floating soundscapes playfully weave their way between sharp warm guitar stings. It’s a dreamy utopian experience that just consumes you with every note. The blistering guitars are the only strong fragment to hold onto, so you don’t lose yourself completely in the mind dissolving track.

When asked about the track Ali explains: “It was the first track that I wrote away from Strange Collective in recent years that I actually thought was any good, first taking form in my basement bedroom come studio the original demo was 9 minutes long. This was then shortened for our live shows and then even more for this single version that we did last month in Parr Street Studios. I guess in essence it’s about loneliness, sitting around out of my head thinking about where all my friends and loved ones were, sending them love and good vibes and hoping they were doing the same”

Stream ‘Bloom’ below

The Franklys ‘Keeper’

The Franklys have released their new single ‘Keeper’. Comprised of two members from Sweden and two from England, The Franklys have created something unique, commonly described by themselves as “frenetic garage rock with heavy and psychedelic overtones”. The band have built a reputation for themselves as one of the most exciting live bands on the London circuit and beyond with relentless touring across the UK, Europe and America the past couple of years. They are best known for being a band that can’t be pigeonholed, and have proved that by making festival appearances at both Isle of Wight 2015, Download Festival 2016 and Rebellion Festival 2017.The latest single to be released off their debut album ‘Are You Listening?’ is the fourth track ‘Keeper’. It’s a dark gritty number consumed in a dominating drum and bass combo that is chilling, haunting and enticing. This lures you ominously into the mysterious shadowed verse. Jennifer Ahlkvist’s vocals begin with an eerie whisper and build to spine chilling howls. The track progresses slowly creeping from crawly darkened rock to an upbeat indie chorus. Brawny guitar riffs hook you in while the crashing cymbals teamed with the psychedelic swirling melody traps you in the mesmerising chorus – mind boggled and entranced. It’s a sinister hair raising thick concoction of dire seduction and a thrilling listen.

Watch the video for ‘Keeper’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Carnivals

Carnivals are a home-grown talent from South East London, Cal Green (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Joe Hannen (Guitar/Synth), George Brimble (Bass/Vox) and Harry Wood (Drums/Vox) came together in 2015 after musical party antics turned into dynamic jamming sessions and inspired song writing. The band have recently released their debut single ‘Leave It All Behind’. Immersed in hallucinogenic 60’s and 70’s retro-psych this track is a slick blistering blast of euphoria. With stinging strides on guitar and punchy drums creating a thrilling piercing wall of sound for the dizzying synths to rebound off it’s a wobbly mirage of bliss. The liquefying almost misty melody evaporates off the scorching humid instrumentation while Green’s vocals effortlessly coo with a laid back hazy tone. This track is both cool, dewy and sizzling hot all at once. It’s a smashing debut from the four piece. Keep an eye out for Carnivals.

Stream ‘Leave It All Behind’ below

Indie: (n) an obscure form of rock which you only learn about from someone slightly more hip than yourself.

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