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Indie Buddie Introducing : Cloakroom

Alternative rock band Cloakroom have released their debut two singles ‘Don’t Come Home’ and ‘Wankman2000’. Hailing from Newry, Daniel Havern (Drumer), Conall Coulter (Guitarist), Dan Monaghan (Bassist), Ryan Elmore (Vocals) and Sean Hickey (Synth) formed after two of the members (Conall and Sean) saw LCD Soundsystem during their live set at Electric Picnic 2016. This influenced them to start a band which had many musical similarities to LCD. Of course, with the advent of Cloakroom they followed less of these musical influences as the sound developed with the additions of Dan, Ryan and Danny. Influences of the band “Slint” are present with both tracks due to the spoken word vocals featured. However, the influence of LCD soundsystem is still ever present with these tracks due to the synth arrangements.

‘Don’t Come Home’ is an intense spine chilling ominously dark trip. Twinkling creepy sinister synths create an almost horror movie like start. The steady pulsing beat creates a menacing foundation for the track while ghoulish haunting falsetto “ooh”, between anguished shaky vocals. It’s chilling and obscure smothered in simplicity as the feathery light melody on synths glisten, interweaving playfully and eerily against the harsh striking emotional lyrics. The track builds in intensity as drums pound and guitars crash becoming heavy and mosh ready, ending with the piercing shrill of distortion. This track is weighty both instrumentally and emotionally. It’s agonising, harrowing and brilliantly crafted. These guys build to a fury bursting crescendo while still holding back on some of the emotion. Its like a controlled explosion that is held taut so the intensity and torment remains throughout the fierce blow up.

‘Wankman2000’ is a pulsing psychedelic trip swirling in hypnotic soundscapes and flickering synths. A strong beat once again acts as a constant as the track wobbles and warps around it. Becoming heavy the track builds into fury infested headbang rock smothered in psychedelic delusions. Spoken vocals become aggressive and shouty. Dripping in acid-like illusions with dark eerie tones and pounding rhythms it’s another dense staggering track from this five piece.

Cloakroom have presented two chilling throbbing heavy hitting tracks with arrangements that take you on a roller-coaster ride of lurching and rolling with raw anguish and intensity. These two tracks whack these guys into the ones to watch list.

Stream singles ‘Don’t Come Home’ and ‘Wankman2000’ below



Anna Tosh ‘Weightless’

London born and bred, Anna Tosh has released her new single ‘Weightless’ which was produced by Anna and bassist Herman Stephens, and recorded at Cafe Music Studio in Bow, East London, by Mark Sutherland. Tosh has been lending her considerable six-string skills to a varied roster of bands since she was a teenager, among them Wildhood, Love Nor Money, Hey Gravity and Shotgun Venus. But with her own collection of striking self-penned songs demanding attention, and the assistance of Herman Stephens (bass) and Jeremy JayJay (drums) she decided it was high time to make her mark as a solo artist.

‘Weightless’ is a strut like flexy groovy track that oozes cool swagger and seeps chilled chicness. With a sticky snappy beat and soul soaked sleek bass groove it’s skin tight hot and well-polished. Glossy as a waxed car this attention-grabbing fluid track boasts slick musicianship and competent construction. The pulsing rhythm infectiously worms its way into your head while Tosh’s emphatic vocals lull you into a stupor. Swirling in mystery and obscurity with melodic guitar embellishments playfully weaving in between a catchy pop chorus it’s a throbbing, sweetly sprinkled edgy indie rock delight.

Stream ‘Weightless’ below

Dominic Wolf ‘Wasting Life’

London based singer-songwriter Dominic Wolf has released his long awaited new single ‘Wasting Life’ after receiving rave reviews for previous singles ‘Behind the Sun’ and ‘Thieves of Today’ which reached over 50k plays. After playing guitar for over ten years and truly perfecting his craft, Dominic Wolf has experimented with the use of a variety of pedals, keyboards and pads and his end sound is a distinctive alternative, indie, electronic that can’t be pigeon holed into one specific genre.
‘Wasting Life’ is a darkened dreamy flurry of electronic, almost psychedelic soundscapes. The songs shadowy- like entrapment with bouncy light guitar chords and wobbly distortion creates a tranquillising mirage of hazy wispy utopia. Effortlessly cool and sleek the track seeps sticky swagger and sultry tones while adding a hair raising eeriness. It’s luring and grippingly sensual and steamy. Whispered vocals are both chilling and soothing while the swirling floaty soundscapes wrap you in an immobilised state of mind melding bliss. It’s sweet soft and opiate while also carrying dark haunting tones and eerie mystery. ‘Wasting Life’ is an all immersing mind liquefying gem. Trippy and breathtaking it’s a must listen.


Stream ‘Wasting Life’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Delphina Kings 

Manchester-based alternative trio Delphina Kings have released their new single ‘Kid Calm Down’.It’s a blistering indie track soaked in vibrant explosive energy. Smouldering verses add a sultry swagger while the anthemic chorus bursts with infectious dynamic intensity. Rooted elastic basslines keep a hip shaking sensuality to the track while crashing guitars and punchy drums add an eruptive heavy gritty wallop. Brimming with adrenaline and thrilling distortion this track is a rush of blood to the head. With a raw edgy feel while also maintaining a cool polished sleekness this track is on fire. Delphina Kings are ones to watch.

Stream ‘Kid Calm Down’ below

Mister Goodnite ‘Adulteress’

Los Angeles duo Mister Goodnite have unveiled a new song from their upcoming mixtape ‘Nite In The Attic’ which is an ode to Light In The Attic Records, each track on the tape will sample a different song from the label’s vast back-catalogue. Tyler Parkford (Mini Mansions) and Alex Nicolaou (Drab Majesty) gave us a glimpse of what to expect with ‘Fast Time in the LBC’ which we featured on Indie Buddie a few months ago and a brand spanking new video for the track ‘Old Enough’ in June.
‘Adulteress’ which features samples of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons’ song ‘The Night’ is a sweet melodic catchy little ditty smothered in espionage-esque mystery. With a shimmy coaxing beat, lush honey coated enticing vocals and an effortlessly charming persona this track is a finger clicking delight with underlining hints of danger and intrigue. With tight production and sharp writing ‘Adulteress’ is the perfect mouth-watering little appetiser for the ‘Nite In The Attic’ mixtape.


Stream ‘Adulteress’ below


Also watch the video for ‘Old Enough’ below

Sukh ‘Flight’

Following up with his first collection of material since 2015, songwriter Sukh has announced the release of his brand new single ‘Flight’, taken from the forthcoming album ‘Galactic Love Machine’. The new single follows his previous hit single’s ‘Kings’ and ‘Something Good’ which received critical acclaim from fans and media alike. On this single Sukh has teamed up with a list of notable names including John Simm (Cleft) and the Manchester String Quartet. ‘Flight’ is due for release July 7th and will be available on all major media providers with the album ‘Galactic Love Machine’ expected to drop later this year.
‘Flight’ is a stunning graceful track that exudes passion and emotion from every note. From the delicate piano intro to the twinkling zealous guitars this track glitters and sparkles delicate bright beauty. Feather-like and enchanting with elegant strings it flows with sweet lush finesse. The introduction of the spongy elastic beat helps build to the sublime crescendo. With a delightful creamy melody this track its velvety smooth and a heavenly treasure.
Sukh is scheduled to perform at this years Kendal Calling on July 28th with further gigs due to be announced. Further details can be found on Sukh’s official website here http://www.iamsukh.com/

Stream ‘Flight’ below

Motions Two Track EP Featuring ‘Say Goodbye’ & ‘Coincide’ Premiere

Motions are an alternative rock band formed in Dublin, in 2016 by Dave Nulty and Tom Daly. Following an impressive 2016 with their debut single ‘Back to Where I Begun’ and ‘All I’ve Ever Known’ earlier this year, Motions now approach the release of a two track EP featuring ‘Say Goodbye’ & ‘Coincide’.

‘Coincide’ is filled with breezy soundscapes that are coated in dark eerie tones. It’s a haunting striking track that is goose-bump inducing. Raspy vocals lure through the verse with a warning, haunting, spooky tone they become more dynamic as the chorus blasts in. The verses are mysterious as creepy synths wisp in the background while sticky slapping beats keep a steady grounding. The explosive chorus erupts with pounding drums, shredding guitars and spiraling frenzied soundscapes that, like a rush of blood to the head gush with enraged frenzy. This track is a hair raising steady surge of chilling soundscapes and raw emotion.

‘Say Goodbye’ displays Motions gritty side. It’s dark and mysterious smothered in sultry steamy tones. Each note evaporates off the track  with a misty humidity. Muggy slapping beats and a sensual bass groove give the track a stirring flexibility while slick guitars subtly seduce with devilish enticement. It’s seductively dark and enticing while packing a catchy hypnotic chorus. It’s brawny and shadowy tightly packed together and layered creating a slick track.

Motions have stepped things up a notch with this EP showing their heavier darker side without compromising on emotion and passion. They are showing diversity within their musicianship using their knack for melody, rich layering and tight production to create two sublime knock out tracks.

Stream ‘Say Goodbye’ & ‘Coincide’ below

Atlas Wynd ‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ / ‘You’re On My Mind’

Atlas Wynd have unveiled two new singles in the form of a double A-side release, following April’s explosive cut, ‘Mona Lisa’, which secured them fans in Huw Stephens (Radio 1) and Elise Cobain (Amazing Radio). The Brighton-based trio of Peter Chapman (vocals/guitar), Harry Sotnick (drums) and newly acquired Sam Evans (bass) who are barely out of their teens have created a tight slick sophisticated sound with each track. The garage rock three-piece grew up in the North East of England before moving to Brighton to study. Following stand out slots at Great Escape, Y Not Festival and regular appearances at Brighton’s Green Door Store, Atlas Wynd have firmly established themselves as a promising name to look out for in the not too distant future.

‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ is a raw edgy indie track that glides in on a deceptive breezy tone. Hazy guitar and daydream  vocals introduce the track with a lazy laid back vibe. The chorus suddenly shocks you into wakening with crashing vigorous guitars, pounding drums and distortion, it’s a forceful sharp slap of alternative rock. Atlas Wynd soothe and relax you just to punch you in the face with their mighty raw sound and most worthy fuzz blasting crescendo. It’s a thrilling wake me up that shows the diversity and refined musicianship of this trio.

The other side to the new double A-side is a much more punk rock affair. ‘You’re On My Mind’ is neck snapping and frenzy doused mighty bliss. Rapid punchy drums pummel through the track while the shredding shrill on guitars pierce with a razor sharp sting. It’s a rumbling dance worthy track filled with mosh ready might . It’s catchy with Peter’s staccato vocal hook adding emotional power while the rhythm gives a nice groove to bop and dance to. These guys are showing skills beyond their years. Definitely ones to watch out for.

Stream ‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ below

James Holt ‘Whatever Happened to John?’

James Holt is a singer,songwriter from Manchester whose unique alternative rock sound, is receiving attention and praise from music industry giants and the listening public alike. He has recently released his new single ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ which was chosen by world-renowned producer Brian Eno for the NOISE arts festival.Holt performs regularly at venues and festivals in towns and cities across the UK including prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London.
‘Whatever Happened to John?’ is a speedy energetic track blended with rich varieties of euphoric sounds, from country twangs and rock and roll bounce to sensual ethnic sensibilities and loads in between. With a snappy beat and mellow harmonica twangs, it’s an infectious relentless brisk ball that constantly rebounds back with infectious enthusiasm. Slick guitar flickers and mysterious ethnic feature provides a sultry steamy bridge with psychedelic delusional hints. The track continues it’s steam engine pace laced with adrenaline and heart stopping excitement. It’s a refreshing cracking track smothered in bustle charm and staggering swagger. This guy has some talent.

Stream ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ below

Golden Curtain ‘Underwater Gospels’ Album

Golden Curtain is the collaborative relationship between an indie rock band from New Zealand and a California poet. The band consists of members Andrew Mckenzie (vocals, guitar), Andrew Gladstone (vocals, drums), Brad Gamble (bass).After striking up a friendship with Hawkes Bay’s Golden Curtain around the time their debut album came out in 2011, Alex Green and Golden Curtain front man Andrew Mckenzie started collaborating via Skype on a truly transpacific musical endeavour. The result is the release of the ‘Underwater Gospels’ album
‘Underwater Gospels’ is ten tracks of laid back indie pop. From the twinkling soundscapes coated in edgy guitar strides of ‘Heart Attack Summer’ to the almost country warmth and bounce of ‘Etc Etc’,Golden Curtain give an album that is light and cosy while also displaying a knack for sublime melody and rich rhythm. ‘ I Changed My Mind For You’ has a beachy reverb laden, catch a wave vibe. It’s relaxed with echoing backing vocals and a bouncy rhythm. ‘Amen’ blasts with soulful handclaps lushly textured rhythm and nautical basslines. With a catchy percussion section that draws you into its groove and sweet passionate melody, it’s hot summers evening fireside bliss. ‘So Easy’ is sun soaked nostalgia smooth with a day dream melody and bright guitar feature that flickers and glows lifting the track into a hazy vibe. Soft beat, velvety raspy vocals and warm tones it verges into country territory without actually crossing that line.’The Captain’ is your tender slow jam while ‘The Pier’ closes the album with a doo wop vibe mixed with subtle swirling guitars and bouncy drums. The “bop shoo be doo wop” lyrics add a quirky catchy element that will have you singing along in no time.
‘Underwater Gospels’ is a display of Golden Curtain’s intricate attention to detail as they create an album easy to listen to and relaxed while maintaining rich luscious soundscapes.

Stream ‘Underwater Gospels’ below