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Baum Jr. ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Baum Jr. is a newly emerging musician with an aptitude for creating catchy electro songs with edgier vocals. Boasting a background in rock, this eclectic artist is always keen on exploring electro-synth music from a whole new perspective. His music combines electronic soundscapes, retro synths, bleeps, bloops and blips with glitchy sonic effects, all fused with the familiar warmth of rock vocals and acoustic drums.
Baum Jr. has released his new single ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’. Its a powerful  classic rock ballad-like anthem soaked in nostalgic tones and smothered in edgy sonic effects. Bewitching flashing electronics teamed with dramatic punchy drums adds urgency and fist pumping energy while the vocals burst with vibrancy and stamina. This catchy laser light bedazzlement packs a punch with flickering soundscapes and a lyrical intensity that comes from the soul. Its an overwhelming powerful track that burns with fiery enthusiasm. With an explosive chorus and infectious melody its mighty yet smooth, sleek and extremely well crafted.
Watch the video for ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’ below

Baum Jr. ‘When I Grow Up’

Hailing from Manchester, Baum Jr. is a newly emerging musician with an aptitude for creating catchy electro songs with edgier vocals. He has a background in rock and describes his newly-invented genre as ‘Next-Gen 8-bit’, calling upon influence from film scores and game soundtracks of the 1980’s. His debut single ‘When I Grow Up’ was released in October and is a re-imagination of a Garbage song, the popular American-Scottish alternative rock outfit founded in the mid 90’s. Baum Jr.’s rendition of the track boasts some restructuring and sonic shifts. In lieu of Garbage’s alternative rock stylings from 1998, Baum Jr. has opted for an electronic pop landscape that’s infused with his signature ‘8-bit’ sound. It is elegantly contemporary while wholly retro.
‘When I Grow Up’ is an electronic composition bursting with thick gooey synths that bleep and bloop with bombastic acoustic drums that create a dramatic backdrop for the anthem-like chorus. With an eerie spacey electronic vibe created by the darkened shimmering synths and elastic bounce and rumble beat Baum Jr. gives us a dramatic swirling electronically bubbling punchy track that seems a little subdued by the tactful, edgy vocals. Baum Jr. has rebuilt Garbage’s song from the ground up utilising a new key and style while effortlessly showcasing his complicated, structured music.

Stream ‘When I Grow Up’ below