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Deep Sky Objects Self Titled EP

Photograph by Jack Deacon

Deep Sky Objects are a three-piece alternative-rock band originally from Kerry. The band members include brothers Kevin O’Brien (lead vocals, guitar), Thomas O’Brien (drums and backing vocals) and DD Foley (bass guitar and backing vocals). The trio have released their new self titled EP which has been featured on Today FM’s ‘Ed’s Songs of Praise’, Spin South West’s ‘Spin-Alt’ and many other stations throughout the country.

‘Deep Sky Objects’ is a five track EP of alternative anthemic whizzers. With biting guitars and fierce bass lines that penetrate through each track with a thrilling ground shaking bloodthirstiness these guys have whacked out a sublime EP where each track holds its own and is epic in its own right. Opener ‘This City’s At War’ explodes with fist pump fury and breezy ice braking might. The guitars are sharp, sublime and melodic while the laid-back vocals glide along the infectious melancholic melty melody. The soaring ‘Bones’ follows blustery guitars and elevated vocals give the track an aerial vibe and take the track to towering heights. Oozing passion with mini explosive bursts for the choruses this track is chilling with eerie tones lying beneath a blanket of breath-taking instrumentation. ‘Desire’ fleshes out the trio’s swagger soaked grittier side. A hair raising sensual dark bass line runs rampant all over this track and it’s awesome. A force to be reckoned with, dominant in all its glory. Punchy mosh worthy drums add fire and rage to this grimy ominous track while a shredding guitar solo scorches with such steamy slickness it burns all in its path. ‘See You When It’s Over’ returns to the peppy lighter indie rock sound. It is catchy with a bouncy rhythm that rebounds and slaps off the melody with playful animation hiding the sinister piercing guitar shrills and mysterious vocals. ’Crazy New Addiction’ brings us to the end of the EP the best way Deep Sky Objects can with a fantastic bass line that grabs your ears and seeps inside holding you captive to its infectious groove. Dark and luring this track crawls and creeps under your skin with chilling goosebump inducing instrumentation. The guitars simmer and scald with razor sharp stings while a body grooving rhythm obtains an uncontrollable danceable hold on the listener.

Deep Sky Objects are a band to watch out for. Each track is engaging, thrilling and well crafted. It’s a meaty well produced collection of tracks that is laser-focused on doing the simple things to perfection and boy do they excel. The choruses are catchy and the hooks will rattle around your head for days. These guys know what they are doing and it’s pretty impressive.

Stream Deep Sky Objects EP below


Dirty Orange ‘X.X.X’. EP

South West London three-piece rock band Dirty Orange have released their scorching new EP ‘X.X.X’. The band comprised of members George Wilkins (guitar/ lead vox), Scott Thompson (bass), and Connor O’Shea (drums & BV) have created a collection of tracks that are so fiery, raw and gritty it demolishes all in its path. The staggeringly swagger soaked ‘Time And Again’ kicks off the EP with its driving guitar strikes and gripping scuzzy attitude. Its rock and roll stained infectious melody is so catchy and slick it slithers its way into your brain refusing to leave. Featuring a steamy guitar solo this track steamrolls in in a true grimy rock and roll kick ass fashion. ‘Dancing With The Gypsy’ follows with an Arctic Monkeys ‘Teddy Picker’- esque riff and punchy drums belting throughout pounding your skull and forcing you to mosh. With gravelly vocals and a catchy chorus, it’s another infectious fierce assault of Dirty Orange’s strut worthy panache driven rock. ‘I Don’t Mind’ follows. Another slick killer that exudes effortlessly cool sweat and leather swagger. Final track ‘Council Estate’ is a neck snapping tune, rapid lyrics glide along instrumental jabbing and a razor sharp jaunty riff. Another attitude drenched track that ensures the EP goes out as rapid, boisterous and accelerated as possible.

Keep and eye out for Dirty Orange these guys ooze swagger and attitude with tunes that seep slick fierce vapour so hot it will scald you.

Steam ‘X.X.X’ below

Dan Rico ‘Flesh & Bone’

Chicago Singer Songwriter Dan Rico has released his new 7″ called ‘Flesh & Bone’. Its three tracks back in time to all things glam rock, vintage pop and beautiful. It’s a timeless collection that rewinds all the hustle and bustle and brings you swagger and slickness suave at its best. ‘Flesh & Bone’ resurrects Mark Bolan in all his glam rock strutting fineness. Its gritty riff driven and smooth as hell. Snappy and thrilling with lush backing vocals teamed with Rico’s oh so smooth vocal croons its like it could be a T-REX track. With steamy guitar licks and a shimmy ready flamboyance its sure to get those hips shaking and feet tapping.  ‘Gold Volvo’ is just beautiful. Sweet vocals and luscious melody glide immaculately together while jangly guitar blasts bright rays of sunshine into this hazy dreamy track. Gentle and soothing its a sun kissed heart felt sublime tune that oozes nostalgia. ‘Anyway You Want Me’ continues this timeless laid back sentimentality. With a delicious pop melody smothered on a rock and roll slow jam this track cruises and glides with charm and charisma. It is so mellow and easy-going with a clap along rhythm and danceable chorus, Rico knows how to write some infectious tunes. Perfect for hazy lazy days in the sun.

Stream ‘Flesh & Bone’ below

Toxic Radios ‘Face The Tide’ EP

Toxic Radios are an indie/garage rock outfit based in part in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire. The four piece have played at venues such as O2 ABC, Broadcast and The Record Factory to name a few and have now released their debut EP ‘Face The Tide’. This three track EP is an infectious whack of garage rock meets indie pop. First track ‘I Can’t Turn It Around Tonight’ is a catchy snappy indie flavoured number. With sharp crashing guitars and punchy drums, they display their fierce no nonsense garage instrumentation. The smooth indie pop melody contrasts the smashing instrumentation creating a likable easy to listen to track. ’Lone Wolf’ once again blasts with razor sharp aggressive guitars backed by a breakneck pounding rhythm. The elastic rumble on bass gives a rich depth and rooted back bone that holds the track together. Its energetic and mosh pit ready. ‘These Wires’ is the last track on the EP. Melodic stings on guitar create a breezy vibe and a vibrant illumination. An impressive debut EP. These guys have talent with all the right components to make a solid EP. They have a bit more polishing off and refining to do but once they do they will be unstoppable. I reckon to really appreciate this quartet and to experience all the luscious melodies backed by pounding instrumentation you need to see them live.

Stream ‘Face The Tide’ below

Look to the Lady ‘Delirium’ EP

Wicklow’s, Look to the Lady will be releasing their new EP ‘Delirium’ this Wednesday 22nd of November along with a launch show in The Workman’s Club, Dublin​. Look to the Lady are a hard-hitting Alternative Rock/Indie band with powerful female vocals at the forefront of their guitar driven sound. Formed in 2012,  they have graced many stages including the Button Factory, the Workmans Club and most recently Whelans for Whelans’ Ones to Watch Festival. The band have achieved success with their 2014 EP ‘Mechanical Lights’ as well as with their two most recent singles ‘My Name’ and ‘Distant Waves’. The EP was recorded on a week long escape to Portlaoise in 2016.

‘Delirium’ is an ambitious smashing blast of moody alternative rock complete with powerful vocals and crashing instrumentation. ‘Sixteen’ kicks off the EP with gritty guitars slamming against punchy drums while Kelly Bolger’s hearty vocals exude potency and might. It’s catchy and powerful with a shredding guitar solo and rock and roll swagger. ‘My Name’ which we previously featured on Indie Buddie follows. This track is highly passionate and emotive as Bolger’s vocals soar with an angelic tone through the darkly hued instrumentation. Crunching guitars stride through the track with a heavy thick rhythm and dynamic bass slaps. This haunting song is both chilling and exciting as it propels into the powerful chorus. It’s tightly crafted and impressively arranged.  ‘Halo Halo’ follows taking on the role of the tender ballad. A lighter blend of twinkling guitars and a soft beat accompanies the verses while the chorus takes on a heavier anguish fueled instrumentation. ‘Fantasy’ shows off some slick sharp guitar work flickering between pummeling soundscapes while harsher vocals scream and wail between dizzying guitars. Though not as catchy as the other tracks on the EP it’s feisty and fierce and a force to be reckoned with. At times these guys have a Linkin Park- esque vibe to them as they play around with a similar style of anguish pop. ‘Take Me Somewhere’ brings us to the end of the EP, with its sway like tempo and jangly guitar the track flurries  and swooshes beneath a dark mysterious atmosphere. This is the lightest track on the EP. It showcases a more mature elegant and graceful display from the band. With an Evanescence feel and slick musicianship the track builds a little to a melodic guitar solo which has an anthemic fist pump ready vibe. Once again Bolger’s vocals are sublime as she delivers a knock out performance full of emotion and depth.

‘Delirium’ is a sophisticated collection of tracks scrupulously crafted and tightly bound creating the perfect blend of elegance almost theatrical indie meets ominously dark rock. The instrumental drama is high key and the melodies are catchy, its heavy and energetic all the way through creating the perfect headbanging moments. Another mighty step in the bands progression.

Watch the video for ‘My Name’ below


Cider Wasps ’Ethereal’ EP

Cider Wasps are a four-piece alternative rock band from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland. The band consists of brothers Danny and Tommy Dunford, Stephen Keating and Colin Drummey. Formed in early 2013 the quartet have been gigging in various venues across the country but as of late have started hitting the Irish festival scene with an appearance at Indiependence 2016. The band launched their debut EP entitled ‘HERE’ in the autumn of 2015 which featured their single Lúnasa. Many radio stations and DJ’s picked up on the EP immediately and it began to hit the Irish airwaves on stations such as WLR-FM, Beat 102-103, CRY104FM, and 98FM to name a few. Their most recent ’Ethereal’ is the second EP release from the band which was launched alongside an independent tour of Ireland starting in Whelans and finishing in Waterford.

’Ethereal’ is an impressively smooth EP packed with passion and sublime melodies. Each track glides smoothly into the next. The tempos are easy-going with dramatic crescendos and with sleek production it’s radio ready. The dreamy delicate ‘80beatspersecond’ kicks off the EP. Silky smooth vocals caress a sweet luscious melody while a throbbing beat sets up the tension for the explosive chorus. These guys write tracks from the heart, every song evokes a rush of urgency and intense emotion while soaring backing vocals and aerial breezy soundscapes lift the tracks to skyscraper heights.’Hummingbird’ trots in with a lively bounce and jangly melodic distorted guitar. The heavy rapid drums and resounding pulse on bass adds a lively energy to the track and danceable foundation. ‘Home’ slows the tone again to start. It’s a heavenly delicate romantic track that builds into a mammothly anthemic explosion. Elevated backing vocals and a heart wrenching rush of blood to the head chorus displays just how good these guys are at making you feel every heavy towering note. ‘Magic Beans’ is simply beautiful and graceful with heavenly soundscapes to start. The track once again erupts for this striking mind-blowing crescendo as Danny Dunford slips into his sweet falsetto range while hefty drums pound and crashing guitars blister and burst through the colossal soundscape. The divine ‘Ethereal’ finishes the EP with warm mellow guitar plucks and tender glowing tones. It’s candy coated purity and tear jerkingly delicate. A sublime melody and sharp guitar stings create a hazy sombre feathery lightness that is just heavenly. When the beat kicks in it’s soft and spongy adding a soothing cushion and bounce. It’s just sublime, a song to treasure.

The ‘Ethereal’ EP is a luscious highly emotive and passionate collection of tracks that touch on all aspects of modern pop/pop-rock without losing cohesion. Silky smooth with the right amount of punch and heaviness throughout. Dunford uses his velvety vocals to inject the right combination of sincerity, drama and emotion into all five tracks creating a satisfying beautiful listen.

You can catch Cider Wasps at their next live show on 23rd November at Fibber Magees, Dublin make sure to check them out.

Stream ‘Ethereal’ below

The Strypes ‘Almost True’ EP

Cavan rock and roll band The Strypes have released a new EP ‘Almost True’ to ease the withdrawal symptoms of those eager fans craving some more music from the four piece. ‘Almost True’ follows the rooted rock and roll sound of their outstanding album ‘Spitting Image’ which was released in the summer. ‘How Could I Forget’ propels the EP into motion with it’s sun kissed laid back hazy vibes, glorious guitars and snappy punchy drums. Catchy and vibrant it’s dance around the room in your PJs bliss. The song is sweetly nostalgic and easy-going, romantic yet sombre but still hard-driving. It’s the kind of track that hits your bloodstream with the urgency of one’s first kiss and one’s first heartbreak all at once.‘Heavenly Soul’ is a banger. That gritty darkly hued slowed T-REX- esque riff to start followed by a foot tapping beat sets the track up for big things. With shaky percussion building tension and an infectiously catchy chorus, it’s a triumphant blast of euphoric adrenaline. With blistering guitars, rumble on drums and a sharp harmonica injection smothered in dark tones it’s chilling yet fiery. Intricately layered and tightly bound it’s one for the sticky mosh pits. ‘Freckle And Burn’ brings us the four piece’s swagger drenched shimmy ready 60’s tinged rock and roll. Trying not to wiggle and dance to this song is impossible. It’s so infectious and groovy and that bassline, elastic, sensual and slick. The track builds to a mammoth crescendo of screaming vocals and frenzied instrumentation it’s so cool and sleek. The guitars stride and jab with a feverish charisma creating  a strut worthy swanky prance of summery delight. The final track on the EP is a live cover of ‘Summertime Blues’. This feisty accelerated version showcases some shredding guitar work, neck snapping drumming and attitude driven panache. Razor sharp and laced in distortion these guys have whacked out a smashing cover. I’m a fan of the original Eddie Cochran version but who can resist a rough and tumble pumped up rock and roll cover.

Stream ‘Almost True’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Kavalier

Kavalier is an alternative four-piece band based in Kilkeel, Co. Down consisting of members Ryan O’ Neill(Guitar/Vocals), Tommy Rice (Guitar), James Burns (Bass) and Mark Mc Donald (Drums). Their formation was brought about in the winter of 2015, evoked by a desire to relieve boredom while simultaneously combating the cold winter climate. The loft space of an old, post-war knitting factory would later become the bands headquarters. Quickly they began to hone in on a sound that concluded the band had potential to develop beyond a means of alleviating winter boredom. As winter turned to spring and into the summer, the band had narrowed down their newly written material to 3 songs. These select tracks would later be recorded and compiled into their debut EP ‘Songs For Walter’. This year the band had the chance to play at Electric Picnic after being chosen as one of eleven acts to play the “Play The Picnic Stage” Courtesy of RTE 2FM.

 ‘Songs For Walter’ is a three track treasure box overflowing with luscious melodies, calming tones and some shredding instrumentation. The delicately beautiful ‘Wake Up’ kicks off the EP with sweet gentle tones ready to lull you into an elegant state of bliss. Warm ethereal guitar melodies jingle across a soft creamy soundscape. The cushioned bounce on drums and bass give a divine feathery light texture to this sublime track. The sharp injections on guitar and shredding solo pierce the calm track with a zesty sting adding acute spurts of brightness. ‘Stop, Rewind’ follows continuing with a supple tone, but this time the four-piece add a little more grit to the creamy flow of the EP. The stop start jumps give a jitter to the track while winding guitar melodies weave playfully throughout. Another delicate mind easing song that is oh so easy and delightful to listen to. ‘Drop 65’, the final track on the EP shows us the heavier gritty side to Kavalier. It’s swagger soaked attitude driven and darker. The guitars take a rough rugged approach with a choppy fuzzed aggressive element. The drums pound while the bass rumbles creating a meatier more rock infused track.

Kavalier ‘Songs For Walter’ EP displays their knack for beautiful organic melodies, slick intricate guitar work and sophisticated musicianship. It’s a tight EP that place’s these guys firmly in the ones to watch list.

Stream ‘Songs For Walter’ below


Anna-Liese ‘Stand On My Own’ EP

Waterford-based Anna-Liese have released their new EP ‘Stand On My Own’. The four piece which consists of members Emmet Conefery (vocals, guitar), Mark Walsh (vocals,guitar), Eddy Blake (drums) and Sean Carey (bass guitar) have fabricated a collection of tracks that takes their sound to a new level. The ‘Stand On My Own’ EP marks a serious more sophisticated and refined venture into their alternative rock. ‘Standing By The Riverbed’ is the first track on the EP and it screams their new tighter more competent sound. With a Green Day-esque feel mixed with a massive anthemic chorus, crashing guitars and punchy drums, it’s one hell of an introduction to the EP. Showcasing a substantial growth since their previous EP ‘Chasing and Fading’ it’s crisp compact and oh so catchy. This quartet have learned to take their time pacing each track out building and brooding with the verses with little chorus bursts teasing and leaving space for the crescendo’s to soar and excite. ’Oh Me Oh My’ is perhaps my favourite track on the EP. It jingles and sways with sweet sharp guitar melodies while a soft punch on drums adds a shot of grit. The vocal melody glides with bright melty smoothness while lush backing vocals coo with tender delicacy. It’s melancholic and gentle but those guitar lines are sublime- sharp and zealous adding splinters to the breezy sombre track. ‘Scrappy Boy’ adds a bit of heaviness to the EP. It’s slick swagger soaked and gritty. Once again shredding guitar lines lift the track into legendary status while a driving rumble on bass adds a ripply foundation and flexibility to the track. The vocals are strong and expressive. ‘First In Line’ lightens the tone of the EP, again it’s energetic and instrumentally snug. The tracks run along balancing heavier soundscapes with light airy indie seamlessly. Now ‘Stand On My Own’ brings us to the end of the EP with a cocktail of sounds and tempos. Beginning jangly and almost tropical before the vocal line brings a slower cruising tempo, with twinkles of warm guitar. The feisty chorus is catchy and assertive. The track returns to the brisk peppy tropical tone before resting on a swayable weaving hazy crescendo.

Anna-Liese ‘Stand On My Own’ EP exudes passion. It feels like they let go and poured themselves into this EP wholeheartedly and it pays off. They have grown up and with that have taken a strong command, honed in and refined their sound. It’s a joy to listen to. They flicker and fluctuate between different musical styles seamlessly creating their own unique style which is hard to do without sounding choppy and rough. There is something for everyone. It’s so melodic, luscious and well crafted. Anna-Liese are coming into their own.

Stream ‘Stand On My Own’ EP below

Young Earth ‘Frequency Illusion’ EP

Dublin Indie-Pop/Rock band Young Earth have announced the release of their debut EP, ‘Frequency Illusion’ on Tuesday 7th November along with their biggest headline show to date in The Academy 2, Dublin to mark it’s release. The five track EP will include previous singles ‘Worth It’ and ‘Got A Secret, the latter having amassed over 100,000 Spotify Streams and was previously featured on Indie Buddie. The band have earned critical acclaim from blogs and music tastemakers both internationally and in Ireland, leading to a busy summer of festivals, a co-headline tour and regular local and national radio play, including being included on RTE 2fm’s Rising Playlist.

The ‘Frequency Illusion’ EP is an oh so sweet collection of infectious indie bangers. Every track is short,snappy and feverishly good, they will give you stuck song syndrome. The warm vibes kick in from the first track which is title track ‘Frequency Illusion’. Featuring some golden guitar lines that twinkle throughout it’s indie at its best. With running elastic basslines and a punchy beat teamed with velvety soothing vocals, it’s a balmy soothing track soaked in sweet nostalgia. Honey drizzled summer pop melodies add a swoony hazy tone while the sharp zesty spurts of guitar give a nice edge and sting to the track. This ear worm dreamy haze continues with ‘Worth It’ however, it takes a heavier raw approach to the verse. These guys have a knack with melody and this is visible in every single smashing delicious chorus. Though the lyrics can portray a sombre or longing theme they balance this with a boppy contagious sound that fluctuates between sugar pop and heavier indie rock. ‘Got a Secret’ displays their grittier side. Blistering guitars, striking rhythm and fiery drums- it’s a tight display of their refined musicianship. It features finger clicking swing-like panache soaked verses, zesty sprightly choppy guitar strums and a vibrant bounce on drums teamed with breezy cool vocals. The song oozes oodles of competence and swagger. The powerful instrumental break adds a heavy mosh ready neck snapping might to the track displaying Young Earths diversity and seamless blend between luscious pop and heavy rock. ‘Under Cover’ cruises in, smooth and sleek with an enticing luring verse and glossy exterior. It’s just too cool and suave. The track builds becoming more dynamic for the anthemic chorus and shrilling guitar solo. Catchy as hell and razor sharp yet oh so smooth, it just screams panache. ‘Let Go’ brings us to the end of the EP on a high. Melty bright melody, creamy vocals and luminous tones bring that state of euphoria and elation that Young Earth do so well. Warm mellow guitar lines playfully entwine between the delectable melody while a throbbing rhythm adds a flexible groove and danceable quality. It’s uplifting and motivating with hints of sentimentality creating a richly emotive track that grabs you and makes you want to listen to it over and over again.

Young Earth ‘Frequency Illusion’ EP is a refined well crafted EP brimming with killer melodies and smashing instrumentation. These guys blister and bubble in all the right places while also wrapping you in a luscious layer of sun kissed dreamy pop. The tracks are like smarties, smooth creamy heavenly inside with a harder shell coating. They balance summer pop anthems and sweet melodies with heavier, fuzzier sounds seamlessly. An impressive EP from the Dublin four piece.

Lead Single, ‘Let Go’ will be released on the 31st October. Tickets for their EP launch will be available through Ticketmaster Ireland in association with MCD productions here – http://Bit.do/YOUNGEARTHTICKETS It’s one not to be missed.

Stream ‘Got a Secret’ below