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Divining Rod ‘Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling’

Americana, folk singer-songwriter Miyuki Furtado has announced the release of his debut EP with his newest band Divining Rod, a new direction for the previous member of popular post punk band The Roger Sisters. The double A side single was released yesterday and it illustrates the earliest and the most recent paths Miyuki’s songwriting has taken. Released under Killipaki Records, Divining Rod take inspiration from the likes of Bert Jansch, Stephen Stills and Fairport Convention to present a soul tinged, country sound and a taste of what is to come from their full album, ‘Return to Crystal Cove’ which is  set to be released later this year. During his upbringing in Kauai, Hawaii, Miyuki was surrounded by live music and the inspiration from that environment carries through to the tracks in this EP. Recorded by grammy-nominated Brian Forbes (Emily King, Bilal), both tracks on the EP have an interesting story behind the lyrics, with Hemlock Blues being a story of the sensationalism of news in the modern day and the repercussions it can have and Love Come Tumbling inspired by a dream of Miyuki’s which lead him to put pen to paper.
‘Hemlock Blues’ is bouncy soul infused Americana that rushes through you like blood in your veins, it’s wholesome and honest with dark sinister tones lying beneath its rooted sound. Rich country twangs fill the track with sharp bursts of refreshing zest while smooth vocals and soft beat add warmth and comfort. Dramatic stops and vibrant guitar twinkles create a delicate yet striking track that is foot tappingly good.
‘Love Come Tumbling’ is a melodic gripping track with a kick drum acting as the heartbeat of the song. Once again sharp bright guitar melodies flicker in and out adding bright little speckles of luminosity. With a sweet instrumental feature Divining Rod display their slick refined musicianship as lush guitar lines and mellow harmonica twangs blend seamlessly with sweet tones creating a well layered lavish experience. Its vocal melody is simple but with a hearty wholesome sound backing this track it is sublime and warming.

These intricate well layered tracks act as the perfect appetiser for the album ‘Return to Crystal Cove’.

Stream ‘Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling’ below

David Arn ‘Power Line’

David Arn is an American singer, songwriter, musician best known for his highly personal lyrical style. He currently has two albums entitled, ‘Postmodern Days’ and ‘Walking in Dreamland’ (which in 2015 was played on over 85 US and Canada FM stations). Streamed worldwide on myriad outlets, Arn’s music has been featured on NPR stations, BBC Radio and heard on Delta Airlines commercial flights. Hailing from a literary background, the most important aspect of Arn’s songs are the lyrics which have an endearing lyrical style with a poetic flair. David has recently released his new single ‘Power Line’ which was mastered and engineered by Andrew Walter (David Bowie, Coldplay) at Abbey Road Studios and is a musical collaboration with Toby Wilson who features in the single as lead guitarist. As a sophisticated multi-instrumentalist and musician, this particular release is a new sound for David, who cites Leonard Cohen as one of his main influences. The single marks the first release of a larger project set to be released later in 2017.
‘Power Line’ twangs with melancholic nostalgic tones that glimmer with warm mellow scintillation. This new release still retains the lyrical style that David has been well known for in his previous two album releases, however the track echoes more of a mainstream folk sound. Smooth vocals lull you into a state of tranquillity while steady strums surge a hush of serenity with bright evening sun-setting glows. Sweet subtle guitar licks add warm sapid melodious qualities. Its a gentle song to sway to for those thoughtful contemplative moments on the patio.
Stream ‘Power Line’ below

Climbing Trees ‘Amber’

South Wales four-piece Climbing Trees consists of members Matthew Frederick (Piano, Guitar, Vocals), Colenso Jones (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Martin Webb (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and James Bennetts (Drums, Percussion, Vocals). They describe their sound as Cymrucana (mixture of folk, country and Americana). The band formed in 2011 and came to the attention of BBC Introducing with the distinctive sound of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hebron’, which was recorded in isolation in the woods of Carmarthenshire, the band were announced as one of twelve artists to take part in the inaugural year of the BBC and Arts Council of Wales’ Horizons project in the Spring of 2014. They have had appearances at Green Man Festival, Festival No.6 and The Hay Festival and have also performed at the Dylan Thomas Centenary celebrations in Laugharne Castle. With a live session at London’s legendary Maida Vale Studios , a television appearance alongside the BBC National Orchestra of Wales as well as soundtracking the BBC’s Real Valleys season and featuring in American documentary Fade To Winter, Climbing Trees have  had a busy few years and gained an ever growing following.
The band have finished their eagerly-awaited and much anticipated second album ‘Borders’ which has been shortlisted for this year’s Welsh Music Prize. This month they released their new single ‘Amber’ which is the third to be taken from the album. The track is flush with bright warm tones and richly entwined with lush melodies and glowing textures. The addition of the string quartet adds a delicate sweet elegance and sway to the track lifting it up and giving it flight and motion. The piano is also gentle and tender and compliments the track perfectly adding a beautiful graceful quality. The vocals are warm and soothing with smooth soft country tones. The guitars glitter and glisten while also adding depth to the elevating song. Climbing Trees continue to progress and perfect their unique sound and give us a track that is feathery light yet dense with warm golden textures.
Stream ‘Amber’below

40 Shillings On The Drum ‘Brighton Belle’

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Brighton’s Folk/Punk/Rock band 40 Shillings On The Drum are Daniel Scully (Vocals), Steven Cobley (Guitar), Seb Cole (Keyboard/Backing Vocal), Barry Bloye (Bass/Backing Vocal), Sue Buckler (Fiddle) and Danny Woodford (Drums). After over a year’s preparation, 40 Shillings On The Drum launched online in July 2016 and performed their first gig on Wednesday 27th July as part of Churchill Square’s Busk Stop event in Brighton. Attracting the largest turnout of all the acts to perform.
The six piece gave us a sneak peak of their single ‘Brighton Belle’ and its a guzzler. Its a fantastic fusion of Gaelic folk and rock. Bursting with brawl-like attitude and drenched in beer and whiskey, this track will pull in the masses for a tankard-clashing hearty anthem. Embroidered with bright sweet guitar and a delicate tender tear jerking melody on fiddle that will bring a proud tear to any strong mans eye. With its rapid tempo and nimble keys its difficult to sit still, its a crowd-pleaser and will have everyone up and jumping. Soaked in cheeky swagger its a ruckus causing high energy infectious back-slapping cheerful song. You just wont be able to stop yourself singing along.
40 Shillings On The Drum are “armed to the teeth with an array of songs about life, love, friendship, and getting smashed out of your brain, and are ready to take on the world, one town at time”.
Their as-yet, untitled debut album is due for release in 2017.

Here’s a link to a live, acoustic video version of  ‘Brighton Belle’ https://www.facebook.com/40ShillingsOnTheDrum/videos/277798889245606/

40 Shillings On The Drum are releasing the song worldwide as a single on Friday 30th September so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Chalky Seas ‘CAVALIER’


Chalky Seas are a laid back, indie folk band from East Anglia. The line up is made up of like-minded musicians that all met within the local music scene throughout the years. With their ‘gypsy-esque’ style strumming patterns and their ‘rootsy-true’ lyrics comes a very easily listenable ‘Chalky Seas’, appealing to all . They released their debut EP ‘CAVALIER’ earlier this year.  Their success from their early release of the first single ‘Plastic Friends’ has gained them an ever growing following and fan-base.
‘CAVALIER’ is an EP packed with good wholesome tracks that flow smoothly and grab your attention with soul touching rich melodies and warm tones. ‘Riverbend’ and ‘Home’ are bright lustrous tracks with soft beats and gleaming guitars that are relaxing and easing to the mind. They are cosy and comforting tracks with the guitar adding a bite and freshness which acts as a ray of sunlight on your face. ‘Cavalier’ is a simple quite track that stills everything in the room and draws you into every word and emotion. With light accompaniment to start which builds to a pulse like beat in percussion adding depth to the track. It has a stilling effect on the mind and a tender tone. The track builds in tempo and becomes uplifting and vibrant. ‘Plastic Friends’ is a beautifully presented track that is aglow with golden glistening tones. With a melancholy tone that will bring a tear to your eye yet holds a strength and courage that is character building. Chalky Seas manage to take the listener on a journey of emotional discovery while they provide comfort from these emotions through a warm smooth blanket of beautiful tunes.
Stream ‘Plastic Friends’ and ‘Riverbend’ below


Tom Ryder ‘Desk Job’

Essex-based singer-songwriter Tom Ryder has released his new single ‘Desk Job’ from his recent ‘Strings Attached’ EP. Tom has made an impression on BBC Introducing in Cambridge and BBC Essex. BBC Three Counties Radio have play listed Tom’s songs and invited him in for live sessions. The new EP track ‘Strings Attached’ has already been heard on the airwaves of 39 BBC regional stations. His début single ‘Silence Breaking Through Sound’ raised close to £9,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support in 2015 and has gained celebrity praise and approval from Chris Evans and Rod Stewart. Ryder’s new track ‘Desk Job’ follows and doesn’t disappoint.
‘Desk Job’ is a soft gentle track that explores the daily 9 to 5 grind to a beautiful and infectious folk-pop melody. With a delicate rounded beat and velvety smooth acoustic guitar this track is spongy and sweet. While the lyrics are easy to relate to and perhaps sometimes harsh, we are not being told a fairytale as it is a song about “reality”. However the lyrics are performed in a compassionate tender manner. Ryder’s vocals are warm and sympathetic. Although the theme is somewhat melancholy the tone of the song is upbeat and positive, with a brass feature that fills you with hope and positivity. The added almost whisper vocal and break in the song near the end adds a dramatic effect to the track that makes sure to keep your attention.
This is a lovely emotional raw track that is honest and true yet still upbeat and cheery.
Stream ‘Desk Job’ below .