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Smash Boom Pow ‘Way Too Much’

Smash Boom Pow are Vancouver, BC blood-brother duo Ulysses (Vocals / Guitar) and Zane (Drums). They have released their new single ‘Way Too Much’. The track is taken from the duo’s forthcoming sophomore EP, which is scheduled to be released later this year.

‘Way Too Much’ is a raw razor-sharp garage pop track brimming with gritty jagged riffs so harsh and dirty you will need a tetanus shot. Pounding drums are skull bashingly thrilling while Ulysses’ raspy vocals spit and exude attitude and almost disgust. It’s a splintery fiery track with a sick catchy pop drizzled melody that will be stuck in your head all day. You will have to forcefully prise this track from your head. Watch out for these guys they are just too good.

About the track the band said, “The lyric you’re asking way too much of me” is not about an unreasonable labour request, but rather unfair emotional demands and the psychic damage they can inflict. On one hand, you have love for someone and are inclined to compromise for the sake of the relationship, on the other you’ve gotta be true to your experience and set the record straight. It’s not worth living a lie.”

Stream ‘Way Too Much’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Otherkin

Dublin’s garage-rockers Otherkin have released their new single ‘React’ and it’s a fire cracker. The track comes with the announcement of their much-anticipated debut album ‘OK’, which is set to be released on September 29th.‘React’ is a dirty sweat and leather rock riff driven smasher. Exuding adrenaline and swagger from the opening vocal wails this track is a kick ass atomic bomb blasting through your skull at a powerful mighty force. Blazing guitars shred through the track with piercing zesty sting while punchy drums relentlessly keep the neck snapping pace.The slick infectious melody will give you a sudden fever inducing dose of stuck song syndrome while raspy gritty vocals soaked in attitude pumps a rush of energy through your body. With its frantic pace, shrilling guitars and flickering percussion this track is a blazing example of the fine musicianship from this four piece. Keep an eye out for these guys.
Otherkin will play a Dublin show at The Button Factory, December 15th make sure to check that out its going to be insane.

Watch the video for ‘React’ below


Indigo Husk ‘Goes Around Comes Around’

Indigo Husk are a four piece alternative band from London that combine the energy of punk and the lo-fi sound and high volume of garage rock.  Having sold out their headline show at Camden Assembly at the end of May 2017, and with previous sold out headline shows at Kamio, Borderline and Islington Academy 2, they have released their new single ‘Goes Around Comes Around’ via Atomiser Records. Joe Hamm,Joe Taylor ,Joe Maclaren and Flynn Allott are known for their high-energy sets, and have already supported Rat Boy, Declan Mckenna and High Tyde.

‘Goes Around Comes Around’ is a blazing indie track packing plenty sharp intricate guitar licks and dynamic energy. It’s punchy fierce and blisteringly fiery. This track radiates sizzling heat with piercing distortion and dazzling hooks. A triumphant instrumental feature leads into a dizzying byzantine crescendo filled with thrilling blasts of frenzy. Slurred vocals add a drunken stagger and messy blur to this blinding track. It’s striking with a luminous glow and infectious groove that leaves you mind boggled but intrigued to have another listen. These guys are ones to watch for sure. Love it.

Stream ‘Goes Around Comes Around’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Vast Robot Armies

Toronto’s Vast Robot Armies have released their new single ‘Dinner Music’. The four piece Jason Thomson (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards), John Agee (Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Piano), Joseph Wells (Guitars, Bass) and Chris Metcalf (Drums, Percussion) have created a garage indie rock track oozing with effortless swagger and subtle bursts of anthem like might. Its slick cool and filled with bright exuberant energy.Hazy echoed laid back vocals and shredding guitar riffs fill your veins with a powerful supreme feverous sound. Sharp guitars add a blissful shrill of ecstasy while punchy drums and rich percussion add a meaty elastic texture. It’s a rapturous delight and sweet honey to the ears.
Stream ‘Dinner Music’ below

Indie Quick Picks

 Rusty Shipp

Genre: grunge rock

Bio: Rusty Shipp is a rock band from Nashville, TN that likes to call their style Nautical rock n’ roll. They combine the influences of rock legends like The Beatles, Dick Dale and The Beach Boys with the hard-hitting sounds of modern alt rock bands like Nirvana, Muse, and Thrice to craft songs distinguished by their addictive melodies, unconventional riffs, and haunting vocals. At the forefront is the singer-songwriter and guitarist, Russ T. Shipp (literally his birth name), followed by Jake Adams on bass, and AJ Newton on drums.

Track: Devil Jonah

When asked about their sound Russ T. explained: “Though we’re noticeably darker and more aggressive than The Beatles, Their form of songwriting resonates with the largest number of human beings, and we try to tap into that same magic. Bands like Nirvana and Muse did the same thing, but we’re taking it in an even more philosophical direction, while still having fun by incorporating the nautical theme.”

Why We Like It: Its a mighty pounding piece of unconventional rock wrapped in dark pop melodies which are set alight by metallic riffs and heavy headbang ready instrumentation. Its fiery gritty and brawny, thundery and robust in all the right places.

You can follow Rusty Shipp on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/rustyshippband

Watch the video for Devil Jonah below

The Discarded


Genre: garage rock/punk

Bio: Toronto garage-rockers The Discarded is made up of two teenagers and their musician father, brothers Jared Dean-Bass, backing vocals, Caden Jax- Drums, backing vocals and J.P Wasson is best known as the drummer for popular Toronto bands Fifth Column and The Snowdogs, but Caden wanted to drum – so in The Discarded, Dad sings and plays guitar.

Track: Could That Be You

When asked about the track Wasson said: “Could That Be You was the first song I wrote with the band and it came together very quickly. Over the previous months, the boys’ mother and I had divorced. This song is about looking forward and what qualities you’d like a person to have in a new relationship. And ultimately wondering if that person you are seeing is that type of person.”

Why we Like It: It’s a rapid breakneck fuzzy frenzy covered track. Blistering guitars and pummelling drums belting throughout with a lo-fi rock n’ roll vibe that will have a live audience dancing and bopping in no time.
You can follow The Discarded on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/thediscarded16/

Stream ‘Could That Be You’ below

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Swedish Death Candy ‘Won’t be long’

London four piece Swedish Death Candy have released their bruising new track ‘Won’t be long’. Band members Louis Perry (Vocals/Guitar), Jiwoon Whang (Bass), Marco Ninni (Drums)and Francesco Codardo (Guitar) create heavy blues dowsed in heavier psych in a giant cast-metal kiln, the end result from this particular forging is a three minute metric tonne of rock entitled ‘Won’t be long’.
‘Won’t be long’ is rough raw garage swallowed up in a hefty rhythm while spitting acidic bluesy riffs.The maddening blues tinged riffs wallop through the track with sensual slick frenzy while the pummelling drums kick out a stomping beat. Its hair raising, thrilling mania that batters your skull with the most electrifying invigorating assault it can endure. Brimming with distortion and oozing cool sweat and leather swagger with massive harmonised guitar choruses and catchy lyrics, its a mighty meaty punch and exhilarating surge of heavy rock. What a track, it has everything you want and more. Definitely a band to watch out for.
Stream ‘Won’t be long’ below

Odd Couple ‘Am I Evil’

Our favourite new garage-rock duo Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft from Odd Couple have released their new single Am I Evil’. This follows their previous banger ‘Gone Solid’ which we featured on Indie Buddie last month. Both tracks feature on their debut album ‘Flügge’ which is due for release later this month.

‘Am I Evil’ is a fatal blast of ruthlessly sleek infectious garage rock that effortlessly drifts from slinky and groovy to head banging mania. Mind blowing and blissfully obscure this duo know what they are doing as they present us with a septic jaunt back to a time when things weren’t so mercilessly sanitised and lobotomised. Dirty gritty riffs forcefully hook you into their villainous prowl while Odd Couple question their unhealthiest and most intrusive thoughts. Mighty pulverising drums bring the track to that powerful brawny punch and mosh worthy frenzy. With western cowboy-like guitar interjections and incredibly slick guitar licks, Odd Couple gives you mind numbing thrilling opaque fierceness that holds a slithery retro sleekness. It’s sultry silky and packs a mighty punch all while having a retro tint and brutish swagger. These guys are ones to watch.

Stream ‘Am I Evil’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Crushed Out

Crushed Out is husband-and-wife team Frankie Sunswept on guitar and Moselle Spiller on drums. Crushed Out’s songs have been featured in VICELAND’s King of the Road, MTV’s Finding Carter, web clips by Clifbar, ESPN, Big Star Jeans, and heard in skateboard videos by Thrasher Magazine, The Berrics, Element Skateboards, and Nike. They’ve toured with Shakey Graves, Band of Skulls, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Social Distortion and Joan Jett. We have chosen their single ‘Love Howl’ from the album ‘Alien Ocean’ released last year, as our worth a listen track this week.
‘Love Howl’ is a riff driven weighty track that roars bluesy gritty rock with a curvy sensual sleekness that is alluring. Fuzzed guitars and thumping almost primal beat gives the track brawny hefty power and muscle. With funky tactile elements that add a steamy gliding slither, its a carnal silky track that glissades with hair-raising swagger backed with mighty thrusting force. Crushed Out manage to blend rough garage rock with slinky seductive bluesy narcotic psychedelia. With smooth luring vocals that develop into yelping and howling its a wild feverous taste of what Crusted Out can do.
Crushed Out are embarking on a UK/European tour you can catch them live at:
Wed 19 Apr Sebright Arms, London, UK
Thu 20 Apr The Shed,Leicester, UK
Fri 21 Apr Box Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
Sat 22 Apr The Grand Social,Dublin, Ireland
Sun 23 Apr Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, Ireland
Mon 24 Apr Bannerman’s,Edinburgh, UK
Wed 26 Apr The Monarch, London, UK
Wed 26 Apr The Thunderbolt Bristol, UK
Thu 27 Apr Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Liverpool, UK
Sat 29 Apr The Full Moon, Cardiff, UK
Watch the video for Love Howl’ below

Odd Couple ‘Gone Solid’

German rockers Odd Couple have released their new single ‘Gone Solid’ ahead of their second album ‘Flügge’ (meaning “independent” or “to spread one’s wings” in German) which is set for release April 21st. Odd Couple duo Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft’s modern approach to recording sound takes influence from hip hop and the kosmische musik experimentation of West Germany in the seventies.
‘Gone Solid’ is a blissfully brutal attack on the senses with a hybridisation of garage rock pummelling with ferocity and chilled with swagger filled vocals and waves of electronic psychedelia. With a beat that straddles the line between motorik rhythms and hip hop its a strut and display of effortless cool panache within the constraints and solid structure of the track. Infectious gritty chunky guitar riffs add brawn and a beefy punch. This track oozes attitude and slick swanky flamboyance all while packing a serious dose of heavy mosh worthy frenzy. The quality is on point ,richly layered and multi textured, you hear a new impressive feature of the song each time you listen. These guys are musical wizards. Its eccentric and retro while remaining fresh and original. ‘Gone Solid’ is the epiphanies and freakouts of decades past with hints of soul, garage rock, psychedelia and funk . You feel sure you recognise something to pin it down to a genre, but you don’t quite, hence mind blowing.
Stream ‘Gone Solid’ below

The Good Water ‘Mansaid’

Birmingham-based garage-psych-rockers The Good Water have released their new single ‘Mansaid’. The track comes hot on the heels of their previous single ‘See Your Light’ which received airplay with Steve Lamacq, Mary-Anne Hobbes and Shaun Keaveny at BBC 6Music as well as tastemakers at Amazing Radio and influential LA stations KROQ and Indie 1031). Since forming in early 2015, The Good Water have been busy. The boys quickly picked up loyal support from Brum Radio with their drone-rock debut single ‘Everything Is’,  They have gained new fans at raucous shows around the Midlands and blew away audiences supporting Mercury Rev, Super Furry Animals and Bill Ryder-Jones at Lunar Festival. The duo’s brand of psychedelic rock grooves, obscure lyrics and nimble riffs is streamlined into tight garage-pop frameworks and press has been quick to spot their talents, with rave reviews from Soundsphere Magazine, Ear To The Ground Music, Slap Magazine, Diamond Deposits, Born Music Online and Mytacism Music amongst many others.
‘Mansaid’ is red hot fiery garage rock smothered in a gritty fuzzed mind trip of psych-pop. Its a strutting frantic rush of effortless cool puzzlement that exudes swagger and blistering slick flamboyance. Blazing riffs give the track a scorching intensity while the psychedelic pop harmonies soothe and cool the track down before it kicks into the shredding frenzied mosh worthy chorus. With verses that glide in with liquid fluidity backed by feverish flaming guitar riffs and a driving punch on drums its insanely addictive. These guys are ones to watch.

Stream ‘Mansaid’ below