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Indie Buddie Introducing : Nightshifts

Nightshifts is a young, upcoming producer from Toronto. He spends most of his nights experimenting and creating music using vintage synths, groovy guitars, and drum machines to create new sonic universes. Having caught an early break with a remix of Bon Iver’s ‘Michicant’ which reached the ears of Justin Vernon himself, he has now released his debut single ‘All Along’. It’s a dreamy hazy marshmallow with a blissful lo fi production and a laid back whimsical misty atmosphere, it’s beautifully euphoric. Sweet luscious melody melts like butter on toast while synths swirl and elegantly dance around a slapping beat and groovy guitar jingles. It’s a smooth crooning swagger infused delight. Heavenly sweet and richly layered it’s refined and sleek with breezy sonic flecks that create a wispy sedative effect. A sublime debut from this young producer.

Stream ‘All Along’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing: MRYGLD

MRYGLD (pronounced ‘marigold’) is a rock band from Birmingham, Alabama formed in 2017. This band is as fresh as they come, formed by Brandon Snipes (vocals, guitar) and the musical “dynamic duo” of Shane (lead guitar) and Alyssa Jewell (vocals, keys). After recruiting drummer Kyle Blair and bassist James McCauley, the lineup was set and MRYGLD was born. They have released their debut music video for their single ‘Cool Kids’.

‘Cool Kids’ is a dynamic infectious indie track bursting with oodles of catchy melodies honey coated and smothered in sweet heartfelt nostalgia. Sharp zealous riffs drive the track, cutting through the bubble bouncy beat and sublime melody. The blend of Snipes warm vocals with Jewell’s light sweet vocals creates a unique beautiful tone. It’s a delicious can of sugar coated indie pop with a refreshing sharp sting. Dreamy harmonies create a laid-back vibe while the driving rhythm adds a bounce quality and bop. Its instantly likable, gentle and gripping with a sway like quality and ear worm infectiousness. It’s a dainty melodic gem. Snipes vocals at times remind me of Brandon Flowers from The Killers and the guitar work is majestic, that solo is bright vibrant and energetic all while flooding you with nostalgia and reminiscence. These guys have written a track that makes you feel something. It’s pretty impressive.

Watch the video for ‘Cool Kids’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Cloakroom Q.

Alternative rock band Cloakroom Q have released their debut two singles ‘Don’t Come Home’ and ‘Wankman2000’. Hailing from Newry, Daniel Havern (Drumer), Conall Coulter (Guitarist), Dan Monaghan (Bassist), Ryan Elmore (Vocals) and Sean Hickey (Synth) formed after two of the members (Conall and Sean) saw LCD Soundsystem during their live set at Electric Picnic 2016. This influenced them to start a band which had many musical similarities to LCD. Of course, with the advent of Cloakroom Q they followed less of these musical influences as the sound developed with the additions of Dan, Ryan and Danny. Influences of the band “Slint” are present with both tracks due to the spoken word vocals featured. However, the influence of LCD soundsystem is still ever present with these tracks due to the synth arrangements.

‘Don’t Come Home’ is an intense spine chilling ominously dark trip. Twinkling creepy sinister synths create an almost horror movie like start. The steady pulsing beat creates a menacing foundation for the track while ghoulish haunting falsetto “ooh”, between anguished shaky vocals. It’s chilling and obscure smothered in simplicity as the feathery light melody on synths glisten, interweaving playfully and eerily against the harsh striking emotional lyrics. The track builds in intensity as drums pound and guitars crash becoming heavy and mosh ready, ending with the piercing shrill of distortion. This track is weighty both instrumentally and emotionally. It’s agonising, harrowing and brilliantly crafted. These guys build to a fury bursting crescendo while still holding back on some of the emotion. Its like a controlled explosion that is held taut so the intensity and torment remains throughout the fierce blow up.

‘Wankman2000’ is a pulsing psychedelic trip swirling in hypnotic soundscapes and flickering synths. A strong beat once again acts as a constant as the track wobbles and warps around it. Becoming heavy the track builds into fury infested headbang rock smothered in psychedelic delusions. Spoken vocals become aggressive and shouty. Dripping in acid-like illusions with dark eerie tones and pounding rhythms it’s another dense staggering track from this five piece.

Cloakroom Q have presented two chilling throbbing heavy hitting tracks with arrangements that take you on a roller-coaster ride of lurching and rolling with raw anguish and intensity. These two tracks whack these guys into the ones to watch list.

Stream singles ‘Don’t Come Home’ and ‘Wankman2000’ below



Indie Buddie Introducing : Bon Villan

Bon Villan is a three piece electro pop band from Toronto preparing for the release of their first single ‘Outta Cash’. The band’s three members, multi-instrumentalist/Vocalist Jared Parker, multi-instrumentalists Julian Powell and Alex Hanes are all seasoned members of the Toronto music scene. Collaboration between the three began back in the spring of 2016 and the project has been picking up steam since.
‘Outta Cash’ is a fizzing bubbly can of electronic pop. Deliciously sweet and juicy with simmering electronics darting between sticky sugary beats. The candied lush vibrant melody exudes swagger and instant likeability. With raspy vocals adding a touch of grit this track oozes oodles of rich luxurious textures. It’s energetic and refreshing with snappy beats and a blissful rush of exhilarating soundscapes. This track takes you on a floaty nectarous journey of ecstasy. It’s a slick swagger infused effortlessly cool blend of electro mouth watering pop. A sublime debut from Bon Villan.

Stream ‘Outta Cash’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : VITO

VITO are an indie/alt-rock foursome from Newcastle Upon Tyne. The band consisting of members Tom Conway (Guitar, Main Vocals), Andy Bell (Guitar, Vocals),Jasper Watson (Bass, Vocals) and Dom Willis (Drums) channel the genuine and unprocessed vibe of garage rock. They have released their new single ‘Moonlight Dancing’ with End of The Trail Records after the success of their first single ‘Masquerade’ which was featured regularly on BBC Introducing and Radio X.
‘Moonlight Dancing’ is a blazing indie track glistening with raw breezy soundscapes shredding guitars and punchy drums. It’s refreshing with an elastic rhythm slapping along vibrant edgy riffs creating an explosion of dynamic blustery energy. With a flair for compelling lyrics and a catchy smooth melody smothered in nostalgic tones this track is one for the youthful free spirit in all of us. These guys create music that strikes you with emotion and passion while absorbing you in their organic sharp sound.

When asked about the track Andy Bell said
“It’s about an argument our friends had who are in a relationship. We were on a night out and they were just constantly snapping at each other and eventually refused to talk to each other – a very common occurrence. By the end of the night they had drifted back together and acting like nothing had happened. We felt like this was so common and relatable that it had to be romanticised and put into a song. “

Watch the video for  ‘Moonlight Dancing’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Harry Strange

London based singer-songwriter, Harry Strange has released his debut single ‘Back Around’.Its gripping and intensely emotional pulling at your soul with every subtle beat. Gentle and delicate piano adds a beautiful elegant glide and sway while Harry’s soulful vocals packs a tender passionate punch. Chill smooth electronics create a breezy ethereal atmosphere that is just sublime. Expressing raw fragile emotions in such a sweet touching way, Harry delivers a pure and flawless performance for his debut single. Its simple yet striking with crisp clean production, almost immaculate.
Stream ‘Back Around’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : The Hemingways

The Hemingways are a five piece rock band from London. Consisting of Louis Takooree, James Burrage, Ben Butler, Jack Ames and Noah Henry.  Despite mostly still being in their teens, some members have been playing together for close to 10 years resulting in a musical chemistry not expected from a band of their age. Their debut single ‘Never Alone’, produced with Tom Donovon (Monster Florence, Animal Noise) is now available to stream on Soundcloud and will be officially released on all other platforms May 1st.
‘Never Alone’ is a catchy energetic track, invigorated with plenty of scuzzy elements to add a gravelly raw texture. Its infectious light anthemic melody keeps the track fun while sharp guitars and mighty drums keep it endearing enough to pack a punch. Raspy powerful vocals are reminiscent of a good classic rock track, full of emotion and wallop. Zealous guitar flickers in and out with feathery light nimbility and sizzling intensity while this mighty track explodes into an arena worthy feverish chorus. The Hemingways have created a blistering track that introduces them in a blaze of fire onto the scene. Keep an eye out for these guys.
Stream ‘Never Alone’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Mind Redux

Mind Redux is the alter ego of 25 year old songwriter/producer Harry Blackman from Farnham, Surrey.  He has released his debut EP ‘Colour Of Dreams’ on which he self composed and produced over the winter of 2016/17 in a shed at the top of his garden huddled around an electric heater to stay warm.

‘Colour Of Dreams’ is a 5 track EP that perhaps personifies Blackmans desire for warmth in that shed. Glowing with laid back sunny vibes and laced in subtle sweet hooks its perfect to transport you to a hazy sunny daydream. ‘Divide’ kicks off the EP with peppy beats, swirling soundscapes and lo- fi vocals. Drowning in blissful psychedelia this track sweeps you up into the unique dreamy world of Mind Redux.’ Love Luck’ brings us sharp zesty guitar riffs against sweet melodies and trippy vibes. It’s a refreshing tutti frutti on a sweltering hot day. Smothered in easy going laid back vibes backed by slick instrumentation its euphoric bliss. ‘Moving To The City’ bounces and floats with jubilant elation. Bright guitar riffs and soft beats teamed with wispy breezy soundscapes create a cushion of summer sun to rest your head on. Blackman really knows how to set your mind at ease and place you happily in a content stupor of euphoria. ‘Coincide’ darkens the tone a little with hints of mystery and eerie qualities.The track perhaps acts as the unexpected cloud that covers the sun momentarily . Strong strides on guitar interweave the sticky beats as they swirl in a gentle opaque whirlpool. Final track ‘This Trap’ is a bubble of snappy catchy indie. Again featuring zealous bursts of honey-toned guitar teamed with a delicious melody and heavenly soundscapes. The sing along friendly chorus dripping in wistful tones creates a luscious track that is almost angelic and too sweet for our human ears. Blackman shows real talent with this EP. Looking forward to hearing more from Mind Redux.

When we asked Harry Blackman what were his plans for the future he said:

This project started just as a pastime for something to do after work and soon developed into a collection of songs I thought I should probably release rather than letting them collect dust. I decided to go under a name which could manifest itself into a band for a live setup. I have never wanted to do a solo project and would always rather be in a band setup but not knowing many musicians makes it slightly difficult. Also not having to consult fellow band members about a track works well with me.  I do hope to meet musicians in the near future that would be willing to play the songs as a live setup. I’m very much looking forward to getting back into the shed to start another EP or even a full length album.


Follow Mind Redux on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/mindredux

Stream the ‘Colour Of Dreams’ EP here



Indie Buddie Introducing : Two Islands

The Liverpool collective, Two Islands, have released their debut single ‘Heaven’. Its a snappy clappy ball of heavenly delight wrapped in cleverly well layered production and an oh so sweet melody. These guys have written an insanely infectious luscious track that listeners everywhere will fall in love with in a heartbeat. Soft vocals soothe while the swirling blissful soundscapes add ethereal graceful textures and wispy ecstasy. The track is grounded with rapid spongy beats rebounding the track with elastic energy, it will have you uncontrollably clapping along to its dreamy pop bliss. These guys are ones to watch they know what they want and they are going for it.

We caught up with Two Islands to have a chat and get to know them a little better following the release of ‘Heaven’

Tell us a bit about Yourselves ?

We’re Two Islands. We’ve always felt as if we existed on our own island, like outsiders looking in. Taking musical cues from the classic songwriting synonymous with Liverpool but dressing our songs in a modern and unique way; we’re aiming to follow in the lineage of Northern bands whose originality and creative ambition have helped to alter our perception of what is possible in pop music.

  Where did the name Two Islands come from?

It’s both a geographical reference as we’ve all grown up between two major cities and it’s the juxtaposition between the everyday reality of the mundane nine to five and the time we spend making music outside of our day jobs.

There is very little info about you guys around at the moment we are loving the mystery but why the suspense with introducing yourselves?

We want to reclaim the romance of falling in love with an artist solely through their songs, something that has been lost in the internet era. We’re not looking to hide; we just want to engage through our music.

You have released your debut single ‘Heaven’ tell us a bit about this track?

It’s an old song that’s been through many incarnations. Heaven describes the euphoria of finally arriving at a sound that best represents us.

 The track is unique and creative instantly catchy and likable what was the music writing process for the track and how did all the intricate pieces come together?

The chords and the vocals came together quite quickly. The bass and drums have been reworked a number of times over the last few months until we were fully satisfied with the parts.

The production and detail on the track is amazing it appears simple but has a lot going on did this take a long time to develop?

Yes we spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room developing the layers of the song before taking it into the studio.

Its definitely a track that announces your arrival and leaves the listener impatient for more tunes how soon can we  expect another delicious tune from you guys?

Heaven is the first marker ahead of a stream of output to come this year.

Stream ‘Heaven’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Dome Hall

Dome Hall are a Newcastle based alternative indie band. Consisting of members Danny Lynd ( Lead vocals), Matty Floyd (Bass guitar, vocals), Olly Brooks (Sax), Matt Edge (Keyboard) and Dom Hall (Drums) they fully embrace the clean indie sound with added quirky components such as saxophone and keyboard. The band have released their debut single ‘Marske Woods’ today.
‘Marske Woods’ is a sweet little ditty, gentle, delicate and oozing warm comforting tones. Rich diverse instrumentation takes this track into a mushy mellow bliss with the glowing snug tones on saxophone really setting a laid back vibe. The soft cushioned beat and bounce on bass give the track a vibrancy and suppleness. With a creamy easy flowing melody it is melt in your mouth good while jazz-like keys glide with elegance and style. Velvety smooth vocals soothe while the sax playfully frolics with a swanky dashing charm. This track exudes fine sharp classy musicianship.
Dome Hall will be playing Hit The North Festival on the 28th April so make sure to check them out.
Stream ‘Marske Woods’ below