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Fears Chella ‘Polaroid’

Fears Chella are an evocative Stoke/Manchester based ‘Slackerpop’ band who cheekily blur elements of grunge and pop with sparkles of dreamy and chaotic 90s indie-rock. Forming in 2016 Fears Chella quickly gained support from Huw Stephens on Radio 1, Shell Zenneron Amazing Radio, Hattie Pearson, The Unsigned Guide’s ‘Artist Spotlight’, Ditto Music and BBC Introducing. The band have now released their new single ‘Polaroid’ which follows the success of their previous singles ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Lush’ which have earned the band playlisting slots with Spotify, 150k streams and a plethora of blog and radio coverage. The new single ‘Polaroid’ is “A song about the intoxicating feelings of that freeze-framed teen abandon you get with new loves, and about the games people play when really everyone just needs to feel wanted”. Having spent 2017 playing shows like headlining stages at Dot To Dot Festival and slots at Threshold Festival and Sonder Festival the band have also been busy playing shows with the likes of The Big Moon, Get Inuit, Honeyblood, All Tvvins, King No-One and PINS. All of this has been in culmination for Fears Chella upcoming 2018 tour starting in March.

‘Polaroid’ is a fizzy luscious can of sugar indie pop bursting with sunny vibes and energetic youthfulness. Vibrant zesty guitars interweave between a foot tapping beat and an irresistible honey coated melody. This track explodes with sparkling luminosity as swirling adrenaline infused soundscapes deliver a sugar rush of bliss while jangly guitars add a refreshing spritz of sharpness to the sweet syrupy euphoric track. Its a peppy, catchy, sun kissed anthem bursting with oodles of youthful pizzazz and intensity.

You can catch Fears Chella live at:

2nd March //  Birmingham // Actress & Bishop

8th March //  London // Old Blue Last

9th March //  Brighton // Hope & Ruin

10th March //  Norwich // Epic Studios

13th March //  Leeds // Oporto

15th March //  Glasgow // Broadcast

16th March //  Manchester // Night and Day Cafe

17th March //  Stoke // Sugarmill

22nd March //  Nottingham // Boedga

Stream ‘Polaroid’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Kingpins

Kingpins are a Brighton-based five-piece formed in May 2017. The band have already played a handful of gigs throughout Brighton including a sold out This Feeling night as well as featured on local radio stations. The band comprised of member Henry Foulkes on lead vocals, Chris Udell on lead guitar, Joe Simmonds on drums, Sam Glinsman on rhythm guitar and Hayden Prenter on bass have released their new single ‘Don’t Go’

‘Don’t Go’ is a blistering swagger soaked display from this quintet. With punchy drums and a boisterous bass laying down a rumbly elastic foundation for the crashing guitars to rebound off these guys have created an electrifying wall of sound that is both intricate and well layered. It’s catchy and explosive in all the right places with the fiery chorus erupting instrumentally while the cool vocals douse some effortless swagger on top. It’s a fine track from Kingpins and a confident panache driven offering. Keep an eye out for these chaps.

Stream ‘Don’t Go’ below

Vrillon ‘Find You’

Four piece alternative rock band Vrillon  have released their highly anticipated single ‘Find You’. The Bath-based lads have built up a solid reputation and a cult following in their local area playing sold out shows on a regular basis and their debut EP is set for release later this year with fans already eagerly awaiting its release.

‘Find You’ is a cruising indie track steeped in melancholic tones and a swayable wholesome groove. The track progresses steadily and fluidly as raspy vocals glide over a sweet luscious melody and sublimely subtle jangly guitar. The real thrill of the track is the emotional content and ethereal guitar moments. They touch the soul with a moody darkness yet soothe it sweetly and delicately. This track is focused and well thought out creating a slow jam that speaks to and can relate to everyone.  A mellow warm guitar solo radiates glowing illumination into the track while adding a hazy tender glare over the cushioned beat. These guys have developed a mature sound that has ability to evoke the emotional life beneath their melodies.

Stream ‘Find You’ below

Tender Glue ‘With You Here’

New York City based alternative folk artist Tender Glue has release the first single from his forthcoming album ‘Closet Leftovers’, which will be released monthly over the coming year. Self-recorded in the closet of Tom Gluewicki’s studio apartment, the album is a delicate blend of indie rock, alternative folk and elements of post punk. As an active and passionate member of the artist community, singer-songwriter behind Tender Glue, Tom Gluewicki set up his own label ‘Don’t Label Me Records’ which has a main focus of building an integrated and like-minded community whose priority is to create genuine songs. Furthering that ideology, Tom set up his own live project ‘Smartphone Sessions’ created to support passionate musicians and artists by documenting live performances recorded by volunteers using their smart phones.With a passion for genuine music and the sole aim to create and experiment, Tom wrote the first single ‘With You Here’ in a five-minute burst of creativity before work. The single itself is a textural and ambient modern take on alternative folk. Following his DIY ethos, the track was recorded in Tom’s closet, leading to some challenges with static and interference along the way, all adding to the endearing and warming character of the single. Written, performed and recorded by Tom himself it gives a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming releases. Release dates of all next singles will be posted on social media throughout the coming months.

‘With You Here’ is a reverb laden track laced in sweet vibrant hazy guitar and a soft tapping beat. It’s tender and beautiful brimming with sun kissed vibes and luscious melodies. For me the golden zesty guitar lines which wistfully whine are the magnificent gem of this track, they flood it with such passion and emotion while lifting it to aerial celestial heights. Tom’s vocals exude emotion and tenderness while the sublime layering on the track creates a special unique experience. Its an ethereal majestic piece from Tender Glue and a sublime beautiful track to hold dear.

Stream ‘With You Here’ below

Galapagos ‘Even This Glow’ EP

Galapagos are a four piece indie band from Ottawa. With the release of the debut Potential Space EP in June 2017,  Galapagos continue to create a presence in the Ottawa musical landscape. Their debut charted highly on Ottawa’s CKCU and CHUO stations and topped the CHUO charts in the fall. Ottawa Showbox, APT 613 and PhotogMusic all placed Potential Space on their lists of top local releases in 2017. The band have now released their second EP ‘Even This Glow’ to a sold out show at Pressed.

‘Even This Glow’ is a laid back thoroughly satisfying EP drenched in mellowed out sweet nostalgia. With a retro indie rock feel opening track ‘Wall’ struts in with thrilling sharp guitars laced upon an infectious bright melody and peppy animated drums. These guys deliver a quality sound, richly packed with sublime luscious layers that bring sun kissed vibes to their pure heartfelt tunes. ‘Lungs’ and ‘Jersey’ add a grittier texture into the mix with distorted guitar crashing for the pounding chorus and zealous illumination for the latter track. These tracks evoke a 90’s vibe as sweet melodies and velvety vocals soothe a wistful longing tone. The songs feature some golden guitar moments so mouth-watering and sweet they are like honey to the ears leaving you craving more. ‘Coffee’ takes a darker tone with acoustic accompaniment twinkling between sombre vocals. It showcases a diverse melancholic side to their easy going sound. It’s a soothing track one which takes its time caressing your soul. Gentle and beautiful on the ears it’s truly immaculate and tender. Though their sound is mellow and laid back it is by no means simple, intricate guitar lines weave between passionate vocals creating music that really makes you feel every note, every beat and guitar quiver. ‘Decide’ closes the EP with beaming sweet marsh-mellowness. It’s melodic, utterly emotive and richly nostalgic. Zesty vibrant guitar lines dazzle through a charming delicate melody while a running bass line wanders adding a lavish texture and meaty depth to this superb track.

‘Even This Glow’ is an EP to relax and watch the sun set to. Each track is refined and precisely layered to create a beautifully nostalgic experience that is heart-warming and wholly satisfying.

Stream ‘Even This Glow’ below


Twist Helix ‘Ouseburn’

Alt-Pop three piece Twist Helix have a lot to owe the valley of Ouseburn, and they intend to repay the area where they honed their craft with their appropriately named forthcoming euphoric track ‘Ouseburn’ which was released on the 9th February, at a sold out single launch gig at “The high place above the river” – the Cumberland Arms venue. With adopted Geordie and lead vocalist, Bea Garcia, reigning from Spain, radio play spanning more than 7 countries and having recently signed for Madrid based record company Paul Back Music, the band is an internationally acclaimed affair. Taking influences from the likes of White Lies, Depeche Mode and M83, the three piece present a synth-pop sound that demands you have a good time. With their 2017 shows spanning across Europe, from Glasgow, to Cumbria’s Solfest festival, and having the opportunity to be introduced by Radio3’s Julio Ruiz as finalists at the Madrid Bdcoder Festival, the three piece have achieved some great success since forming.

‘Ouseburn’ is a dynamic track that explodes with a bedazzlement of flashing electronics swirling between a snappy kinetic beat and powerful vocals. This track is pumped with adrenaline and vigorous energy as whirling soundscapes fill the song with a breezy spacey atmosphere while the catchy melody and power chorus lift the track to anthemic heights. It’s mighty frenzy inducing alternative power pop.

Named as one of the North Easts must see bands for 2018 by NE Volume, Spotlight Music and Spark FM Twist Helix have a list of upcoming live dates to look out for -see below

London – 20th Feb – The Dublin Castle

Sheffield – 21st Feb – The Washington

Bristol – 22nd Feb – The Old England

Worcester – 23rd Feb – Mars Bar

Manchester – 24th Feb – The Castle Hotel

Barnsley – 28th Feb – One Over The Eight

Sunderland – 03rd Feb – The Independent

Darlington – 3rd March – Noisy Daughters Event

Stockton – 31st March – Stockton Calling Festival

Stream ‘Ouseburn’ below


George Simpson ‘Finding Myself’

Folk singer-songwriter George Simpson has announced the release of his highly anticipated new single ‘Finding Myself’. The single comes after a short break from the music scene after releasing his first 2 successful albums, which received support from BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine, Graham Norton and Clair Bolding. Surprisingly, music came late for Simpson who picked up a guitar at the age of 17 and didn’t begin performing as a solo artist until the age of 27 after performing as part of a couple of different bands in the meantime. After experimenting with different genres, he soon settled on a country folk style after being inspired stylistically by Sky’s ‘Nashville’ series. The male-female duets heard in the series specifically sparked an interest for Simpson, which lead to his newest release ‘Finding Myself’. Influenced by the likes of James Bay and Jason Mraz, ‘Finding Myself’ is a story of Simpson’s first ever relationship with specific lines throughout the track reminding him of particular moments. The song reflects on the point in a relationship when you begin to feel that things are no longer working and its time to decide exactly what you want and which direction to take. Recorded as part of a collaborative process, George described the writing and recording as a fairly straightforward process in which all parties involved creatively contributed to the single.

‘Finding Myself’ is a beautifully melodic track filled with warm guitar beaming through a foot tapping beat, swayable melody and glorious harmonies. It’s sweetly delicate yet oozing passion and heart warming emotion. The melody is supple and deliciously sing along sweet. With melancholic tones filling the track with tenderness it’s a charming little ditty. Though the sombre tones and elegant piano twinkles add a sweet sorrow to this track the luscious vocals and peppy guitar strums supply a warm almost cheery luminosity and positivity. It’s a sweet little pick me up that adds a nice bit of sunshine into your day.

The accompanying video reflects the simplicity and the meaning of the song. The location, pointed out by featuring female vocalist Kezia, used to be a buzzing business and is now left a shadow of what it used to be, with the original wildlife dying around it. ‘Finding Myself’ is set to be released on 23rd February and will be available to stream and download via all major media providers. The release will be supported by a number of live shows, to stay up to date follow George Simpson on social media here https://www.facebook.com/georgesimpsonmusic/

Stream ‘Finding Myself’ below


Kev Minney ‘Chances’

Kev Minney is a Brighton based acoustic guitar player, singer and songwriter. Using open tunings and catchy melodic vocal lines he creates a dexterous and unique sound. He has now released a live video for his single ‘Chances’ which is taken from his debut album ‘Stories of the Sky’. ‘Chances’ is a sweet delicate track with twinkling piano accompaniment flooding heart-warming emotion and tenderness into the song. The cello glides through adding an overwhelming warmth and fireside glow. Lush backing vocals embrace the main vocals with a swoony sweet delicacy. The live video removes the piano and replaces it with soft acoustic guitar accompaniment however the backing vocals are just as crisp and immaculate perhaps even more so. It’s a little more stripped back but still remains beautiful and gripping.

Watch the live video for ‘Chances’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From 0141

0141 have released their new single ‘Stay True’. Comprised of members John Neil-Rce, Nicky Ferguson, Ross Watters and Mark Mcghee 0141 are a four-piece rock band from Glasgow, formed in 2017 who have played in some of Glasgow’s most notable venues including King Tuts for BBC Introducing. Their new single ‘Stay True’ which was produced by Rod Jones of Idlewild barges in whisked in a whirl of adrenaline. With crashing guitars and punchy drums belting at turbo fire speeds this track feels like an instant shot of hyper active alternative rock that relentlessly blasts through in a blood rushing frenzy. The melody however, is sweet and creamy as smooth vocals coo over shouting backing vocals and riotous instrumentation. It’s vibrant with rumbling elastic bass lines and shredding guitars which add a whack of grit into the luscious peppy mix.

Stream ‘Stay True’ below


SLF&Co ‘Red’ Video

SLF&Co have released their new video for ‘Red’ (Lord Fluffy & SLF Remix) [feat. Vicky Harrison] from the ‘No Beats In Algebra’ album just in time for Valentines day with the message “It’s all about the LOVE LOVE LOVE …so when it wears off fill it with a little RED”.’Red’, with its sticky thick  gloomy beat smothered in swirling plush soul keyboards and psychedelic soundscapes is a gloopy concoction that starts off dark and eerie and builds into a full out trip-hop acid bath. Its seductively sleek composure is reinforced by the lingering echo vocals which create a spine-chilling dreamy entrapment in the song. It’s trippy and rave ready. The video is a collage of hallucinogenic inducing images that flicker and move with each beat, pulse and groove. The images and colours are fascinating creating the perfect canvas to zone out to. As the track becomes heavier the video becomes more trippy and dazzling.

When asked about the video for ‘Red’ video creator, Jacob Tomlinson said “My aim was to bring out the combination of heavy atmosphere and nervous energy which makes this song so special.I assigned different shapes to the skittish drums and drew them frame by frame to the track. I then drew a series of stamp like posters to showcase the lyrics that hide deeper in the mix, setting everything on a blown out time-lapse of a busy junction I took last year.My hope is that people can watch the video in full screen and zone out, getting lost in the haziness of the synths and dreamlike vocals from Vicky Harrison. Then when they’re not expecting it, they get hit by the drums and everything gets a bit weird and cut up.”

Watch the video for ‘Red’ below