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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From April Towers

Nottingham April Towers have released their new single ‘Takes One to Know One’. Since forming, the duo of Alex Noble (vocals, guitars & keyboards) and Charlie Burley (production, samples, guitars & keyboards) have put out a series of singles and EPs including last year’s ‘Silent Fever’ and have played shows and festivals in the UK and Europe. They have been away from the spotlight in recent months honing the finishing touches to their debut album ‘Certified Freaky’. Recorded at Soho’s legendary Dean Street Studios in the same room David Bowie recorded Diamond Dogs, the album is co-produced with highly revered electronic artist-cum-DJ Ben Pearce and mixed by Nathan Boddy.
‘Takes One to Know One’ is a shimmering synth pop track jammed with infectious grooves and lustrous soundscapes. It’s a sweet bubbly can of sugar rush filled pop. Smooth vocals glide along a rich catchy melody while bopping beats slap with honey coated stickiness. With body grooving rhythm and glittering synths it’s instantly enjoyable and teamed with a Pet Shop Boys vibe it’s a timeless gloopy yet smooth delight.

‘Takes One to Know One’ is the first single taken from their debut album, due out early next year, which is currently being funded through Pledge Music, more info here http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/apriltowers

You can catch them live at

Stream ‘Takes One to Know One’ below

The Strypes ‘Spitting Image’ Album

The Strypes have released their third album ‘Spitting Image’. It was written and rehearsed in the local Town Hall in the bands hometown Cavan, and recorded in legendary Rockfield in Wales. The explosive four piece comprised of members Ross Farrelly (Lead Vocals/Harmonica),Josh McClorey (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Pete O’Hanlon (Bass Guitar/Harmonica) and Evan Walsh (Drums/Drums), kick started their career with a well-received performance on the Late Late Toy Show in the winter of 2010, the indie foursome released their debut EP in April of 2012 before following it up with two critically-acclaimed albums ‘Snapshot’ and ‘Little Victories’ in 2013 and 2015, respectively. The band who all grew up within a few miles of each other, all the same age have toured relentlessly together for over 5 years. Now they return with their highly anticipated new album ‘Spitting Image’ which sees the band take a step further with their sound.
‘Spitting Image’ is a thirteen track collection of tight, slick surf rock blended with their signature R&B, with new wave flows and ridiculously catchy pop smacks. ‘Behind Closed Doors’ kicks off this beachy upbeat vibe. It’s snappy bright and oozing feel good sunshine. With a melody that is The Beach Boys – esque and luscious, it becomes clear they have tightened up their sound becoming more sophisticated while still holding a fun care free vibe.It’s playful, energetic and exuberant as it bounces with an infectious beat with sharp zealous guitars that stride and sparkle with vibrant enthusiastic luminosity. ‘Consequence’ has a gleaming guitar feature that adds a sting to the hazy track while passionate vocals give a raspy grit. Rich percussion and well crafted, it follows its predecessor blazing with intensity and a golden radiance. The jaunty ‘(I Need A Break From) Holidays’ is up next with dazzling guitars and a punky vibe while ‘Grin and Bear It’ bring us mellow nostalgic tones with a melty sweet melody and zesty golden guitar flickers. The riff based infectious ‘Easy Riding’ glides in with a strutting tempo and swagger infused charm. The infectious explosive chorus will have you dancing around the room like a fool. It’s a confidence building little gem, play this song in the morning and you will be set for the day nothing will get you down. With a shredding harmonica feature it’s got all the quirky components you need. It’s the lion tamer of the album. ‘Great Expectations’ introduces itself with a beautiful warm instrumental. This track bounces with a peppy fun rebound. Another melodic delight with blissful guitar – it’s sublime. ‘Garden of Eden’ begins with a steamy sultry guitar feature and sizzling distortion with gently luring vocals it’s the scorching hot temptress of the album. Sticky muggy tones and sensual sway add an enticing bewitching almost psychedelic effect while the harmonica stings break up the hazy delusion with refreshing sharp bursts. ‘A Different Kind of Tension’ brings us back to the animated sprightly sound and ‘Get Over It Quickly’ returns us to the sun soaked breezy shimmy summer fun sound. ‘Turn My Back’ is vibrant with a neck snapping beat and rapid tempo that will have you bopping along uncontrollably. ‘Blue Shades Over Red Eyes’ is a smooth glide of positivity. It’s a shades on and prance like a boss kind of track. ‘Mama Give Me Order’ takes the role of the tender gripping heartfelt track.It’s simple with just acoustic accompaniment yet quite powerful. The rhythmically rich ‘Oh Cruel World’ brings us to the end of the album with a warm twang and African beat. It’s hard not to clap along to this insanely catchy track. It sums up the album well, irresistible melody tight production and extremely danceable. This track will make you want to listen to the entire album again and again.
The Strypes have created an album rich with great tunes. Their knack for an irresistible melty melody is undeniable and their slick refined musicianship for this album is incredible. They really have grown immensely creating an album that is a treasure trove of opulent sounds.

Stream ‘Spitting Image’ below

Look to the Lady ‘My Name’

Hailing from county Wicklow, Look to the Lady are a hard-hitting alternative rock band, whose dynamic ranges from quiet moments of melancholy to raucous musical madness. Consisting of the lady; Kelly Bolger on vocals, Josh Meakin and John Dunne on guitars and the Newell brothers Michael and Paul on drums and bass, Look to the Lady have been working the Dublin scene hard over the past few years. With regular shows across Dublin. The release of their acclaimed début EP ‘Mechanical Lights’ in 2014 secured a reputation and an increasing fan base. Having headlined venues such as the Mermaid Bray and Charleville Castle, Look to the Lady have proved that with hard work comes reward. The band have been working on an eclectic collection of new material for some time, waiting for the perfect time to release it to the world. They have recently released their single ‘My Name’ along with a stunning video to accompany it.
‘My Name’ is an impressively sophisticated track well layered and mighty with a rock sound that is earthy and breezy while packing a potent punch. Kelly Bolger’s soaring, angelic, powerhouse of vocals are compelling and really quite outstanding. With crunchy guitars strident throughout, Look to the Lady have created a sound and style so satisfying and dark you almost hunger for it. With strong bass and punchy drums teamed with a haunting thrilling melody these guys have meticulously built a song brick by harmonious brick from start to finish, adding textures, tone and emotion and letting it flourish throughout. Keep and eye out for these guys.

Watch the video for ‘My Name’ below

Golden Curtain ‘Underwater Gospels’ Album

Golden Curtain is the collaborative relationship between an indie rock band from New Zealand and a California poet. The band consists of members Andrew Mckenzie (vocals, guitar), Andrew Gladstone (vocals, drums), Brad Gamble (bass).After striking up a friendship with Hawkes Bay’s Golden Curtain around the time their debut album came out in 2011, Alex Green and Golden Curtain front man Andrew Mckenzie started collaborating via Skype on a truly transpacific musical endeavour. The result is the release of the ‘Underwater Gospels’ album
‘Underwater Gospels’ is ten tracks of laid back indie pop. From the twinkling soundscapes coated in edgy guitar strides of ‘Heart Attack Summer’ to the almost country warmth and bounce of ‘Etc Etc’,Golden Curtain give an album that is light and cosy while also displaying a knack for sublime melody and rich rhythm. ‘ I Changed My Mind For You’ has a beachy reverb laden, catch a wave vibe. It’s relaxed with echoing backing vocals and a bouncy rhythm. ‘Amen’ blasts with soulful handclaps lushly textured rhythm and nautical basslines. With a catchy percussion section that draws you into its groove and sweet passionate melody, it’s hot summers evening fireside bliss. ‘So Easy’ is sun soaked nostalgia smooth with a day dream melody and bright guitar feature that flickers and glows lifting the track into a hazy vibe. Soft beat, velvety raspy vocals and warm tones it verges into country territory without actually crossing that line.’The Captain’ is your tender slow jam while ‘The Pier’ closes the album with a doo wop vibe mixed with subtle swirling guitars and bouncy drums. The “bop shoo be doo wop” lyrics add a quirky catchy element that will have you singing along in no time.
‘Underwater Gospels’ is a display of Golden Curtain’s intricate attention to detail as they create an album easy to listen to and relaxed while maintaining rich luscious soundscapes.

Stream ‘Underwater Gospels’ below

Ragweed ‘Silver Spoon’

After 8 self booked tours Brighton’s Ragweed have released their debut AA single ‘Rust Box’ on Milky Bomb Records in November 2016, receiving mutual praise from radio stations and blogs alike. Their second single ‘Silver Spoon’ sees the trio exploring a much darker, sleazy and dirty corner of their minds. Their sound caught Alan Douches of West Side Music’s attention over in New York, most famous for his work with Motor Head, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die and Screaming Females, who mastered the band’s second single ‘Silver Spoon’ was released with has 2  other tracks ‘Grey Matter’ and West Coast Pop’.
 ‘Silver Spoon’ announces itself with a gritty filthy riff shredding against punchy drums and creepy catchy melody. It’s mighty powerful and heavy perfect for sticky mosh pits and manic headbanging. ‘Grey Matter’ follows in a swarm of neck snapping fury. Yelling rasp on vocals and crashing guitars make for a frenzy soaked track with beating blood thirsty drums that create a massacre of sound. ‘West Coast Pop’ follows this whip-lashing trend with vigorous guitars and an aggressive bounce on drums that smash through the track with wild ferocity. Ragweed give us  a fierce 3 track powerhouse of savage pummelling punk rock.

Stream ‘Silver Spoon’ below

Queens of the Stone Age ‘The Way You Used to Do’

Queens of the Stone Age have eased the ravenous hunger of their eagerly awaiting fans with the released their new single ‘The Way You Used to Do’ from their upcoming album, ‘Villains’ which was produced by Mark Ronson and is due for release August 25th. It’s a finger snapping danceable number soaked in a slick bluesy guitar riff. Doused in greased back swagger with an effortlessly cool saunter and prance, it’s light and bouncy with just the right amount of dark grit. Homme delicately glides between vocal croons and steamy wails while punchy drums and sultry guitars create a foot tapping hip shaking groove. It’s insanely catchy and feverishly thrilling. Once that riff takes hold of you you’re hooked compelled to blissfully put it on repeat.

Stream ‘The Way You Used to Do’ below

Wolf Alice ‘Yuk Foo’

Wolf Alice have released their new single ‘Yuk Foo’, the first track from their second LP ‘Visions of a Life’. This frenzied vicious track is a brutal beating, ear bleeding bash of punk rock. Ellie Rowsell screams, wails and cackles  against the most fury filled enraged backdrop of  savage crashing guitars and pummeling battering drums. It’s a vicious bloodthirsty bruising assault that is so manic and frenzied it’s adrenaline pumping thrilling lunacy. Rowsell’s vocals snarl in a whispered poison spitting rage for the verse which is oddly luring and entrapping before the dangerous riotous chorus kicks in. This track is a rush of ferocity that announces the triumphant return of Wolf Alice.
Stream ‘Yuk Foo’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Trooper Charlie

Dublin’s indie four piece Trooper Charlie have released their new single ‘Indigo’ which was self written and produced. The band consisting of members Adam Lunnon-Collery  (Lead Vocals), Luke O’Brien ( Lead Guitar),Victor Bell (Bass Guitar & Vocals) and Colin Jackson  (Drums & Percussion) have been playing together for the best part of almost 8 years since the age of 13 years old where they met in secondary school. They have played shows all over Dublin and Ireland from Cyprus Avenue in Cork to Whelan’s in Dublin.

‘Indigo’ is a lush laid back sun soaked track drenched in tropical tones and hazy vibes. Sharp zesty guitar and elegant twinkling keys add spurts  of fruity freshness while smooth bouncy  percussion and mellow vocals soothe creating a calm relaxed atmosphere. This catchy daydream laced track cruises with an effortless flow and infectious groove. It’s polished and breezy, well layered and richly textured. These guys have created a slick fluently smooth track that is just heavenly.

Watch the audio video for ‘Indigo’ below


Serene ‘Chemtrails and Fairytales (Exhale)’

Cumbria’s three piece Serene have released their new single ‘Chemtrails and Fairytales (Exhale)’ along with a video. The band consists of Kieran Day (vocals, guitar, bass, synth), Ryan Patterson ( lead guitar and synth) and Matthew Southwell (drums and percussion). ‘Chemtrails and Fairytales (Exhale)’ is darkened dreamy summer-scented bliss that glides with tender delicate emotion. Warm melancholic guitar chimes add flickers of light while the the swooning track dowses you in waves of cool hazy tones. Slight guitar wobbles add a psychedelic flicker throughout the calm verses while raspy passionate vocals bleed and coo the lyrics and sweet melody. The track builds in intensity to a punchy mosh worthy bounce and might. With full bodied bass and shredding razor sharp solo it becomes more spine chilling and piercing with tints of hallucinogenic hues. Serene have tightened up their sound refined it and created a thrilling moving piece that shows maturity and skill.

Watch the video for ‘Chemtrails and Fairytales (Exhale)’ below

La Bête Blooms ‘Lost and Found’

Fresh off the back of their latest EP ‘I Know It’s Nothing’, the Hull post-punk collective La Bête Blooms have moved fast to release their new brash and bold song, ‘Lost and Found’ portrays the plight of a modern couple seeing the world crumble around them in 2017. This shrilling track oozes their scorching fuzzed up grunge with blasts of thrilling bruising noise however this song takes a more polished refined approach. Its rounded off while still packing some serious punch with razor sharp rawness. Sneering briery guitars pierce with a splintery sting while punchy drums pummel throughout. Wrapped in sweltering hazy tones and shoegazey vibes, it’s tight and slick yet extremely spiky and sharp.

Stream ‘Lost and Found’ below