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Toxic Radios ‘Face The Tide’ EP

Toxic Radios are an indie/garage rock outfit based in part in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire. The four piece have played at venues such as O2 ABC, Broadcast and The Record Factory to name a few and have now released their debut EP ‘Face The Tide’. This three track EP is an infectious whack of garage rock meets indie pop. First track ‘I Can’t Turn It Around Tonight’ is a catchy snappy indie flavoured number. With sharp crashing guitars and punchy drums, they display their fierce no nonsense garage instrumentation. The smooth indie pop melody contrasts the smashing instrumentation creating a likable easy to listen to track. ’Lone Wolf’ once again blasts with razor sharp aggressive guitars backed by a breakneck pounding rhythm. The elastic rumble on bass gives a rich depth and rooted back bone that holds the track together. Its energetic and mosh pit ready. ‘These Wires’ is the last track on the EP. Melodic stings on guitar create a breezy vibe and a vibrant illumination. An impressive debut EP. These guys have talent with all the right components to make a solid EP. They have a bit more polishing off and refining to do but once they do they will be unstoppable. I reckon to really appreciate this quartet and to experience all the luscious melodies backed by pounding instrumentation you need to see them live.

Stream ‘Face The Tide’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Ali Horn

Ali Horn has released his new single ‘Bloom’ via Liverpool based The Label Recordings.  His second single after the release of ‘Days Like Today’ in February. The track which has already been played by Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music and by BBC Merseyside, is four minutes of hazy psychedelic bliss. With a wall of spiraling guitars and punchy drums embracing your brain with tranquilising bubbliness it’s a hallucinogenic inducing trip of ecstasy. The echo laid back vocals soothe and lull you into a mind-numbing stupor while the whirling flower floating soundscapes playfully weave their way between sharp warm guitar stings. It’s a dreamy utopian experience that just consumes you with every note. The blistering guitars are the only strong fragment to hold onto, so you don’t lose yourself completely in the mind dissolving track.

When asked about the track Ali explains: “It was the first track that I wrote away from Strange Collective in recent years that I actually thought was any good, first taking form in my basement bedroom come studio the original demo was 9 minutes long. This was then shortened for our live shows and then even more for this single version that we did last month in Parr Street Studios. I guess in essence it’s about loneliness, sitting around out of my head thinking about where all my friends and loved ones were, sending them love and good vibes and hoping they were doing the same”

Stream ‘Bloom’ below

The Franklys ‘Keeper’

The Franklys have released their new single ‘Keeper’. Comprised of two members from Sweden and two from England, The Franklys have created something unique, commonly described by themselves as “frenetic garage rock with heavy and psychedelic overtones”. The band have built a reputation for themselves as one of the most exciting live bands on the London circuit and beyond with relentless touring across the UK, Europe and America the past couple of years. They are best known for being a band that can’t be pigeonholed, and have proved that by making festival appearances at both Isle of Wight 2015, Download Festival 2016 and Rebellion Festival 2017.The latest single to be released off their debut album ‘Are You Listening?’ is the fourth track ‘Keeper’. It’s a dark gritty number consumed in a dominating drum and bass combo that is chilling, haunting and enticing. This lures you ominously into the mysterious shadowed verse. Jennifer Ahlkvist’s vocals begin with an eerie whisper and build to spine chilling howls. The track progresses slowly creeping from crawly darkened rock to an upbeat indie chorus. Brawny guitar riffs hook you in while the crashing cymbals teamed with the psychedelic swirling melody traps you in the mesmerising chorus – mind boggled and entranced. It’s a sinister hair raising thick concoction of dire seduction and a thrilling listen.

Watch the video for ‘Keeper’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Carnivals

Carnivals are a home-grown talent from South East London, Cal Green (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Joe Hannen (Guitar/Synth), George Brimble (Bass/Vox) and Harry Wood (Drums/Vox) came together in 2015 after musical party antics turned into dynamic jamming sessions and inspired song writing. The band have recently released their debut single ‘Leave It All Behind’. Immersed in hallucinogenic 60’s and 70’s retro-psych this track is a slick blistering blast of euphoria. With stinging strides on guitar and punchy drums creating a thrilling piercing wall of sound for the dizzying synths to rebound off it’s a wobbly mirage of bliss. The liquefying almost misty melody evaporates off the scorching humid instrumentation while Green’s vocals effortlessly coo with a laid back hazy tone. This track is both cool, dewy and sizzling hot all at once. It’s a smashing debut from the four piece. Keep an eye out for Carnivals.

Stream ‘Leave It All Behind’ below

Look to the Lady ‘Delirium’ EP

Wicklow’s, Look to the Lady will be releasing their new EP ‘Delirium’ this Wednesday 22nd of November along with a launch show in The Workman’s Club, Dublin​. Look to the Lady are a hard-hitting Alternative Rock/Indie band with powerful female vocals at the forefront of their guitar driven sound. Formed in 2012,  they have graced many stages including the Button Factory, the Workmans Club and most recently Whelans for Whelans’ Ones to Watch Festival. The band have achieved success with their 2014 EP ‘Mechanical Lights’ as well as with their two most recent singles ‘My Name’ and ‘Distant Waves’. The EP was recorded on a week long escape to Portlaoise in 2016.

‘Delirium’ is an ambitious smashing blast of moody alternative rock complete with powerful vocals and crashing instrumentation. ‘Sixteen’ kicks off the EP with gritty guitars slamming against punchy drums while Kelly Bolger’s hearty vocals exude potency and might. It’s catchy and powerful with a shredding guitar solo and rock and roll swagger. ‘My Name’ which we previously featured on Indie Buddie follows. This track is highly passionate and emotive as Bolger’s vocals soar with an angelic tone through the darkly hued instrumentation. Crunching guitars stride through the track with a heavy thick rhythm and dynamic bass slaps. This haunting song is both chilling and exciting as it propels into the powerful chorus. It’s tightly crafted and impressively arranged.  ‘Halo Halo’ follows taking on the role of the tender ballad. A lighter blend of twinkling guitars and a soft beat accompanies the verses while the chorus takes on a heavier anguish fueled instrumentation. ‘Fantasy’ shows off some slick sharp guitar work flickering between pummeling soundscapes while harsher vocals scream and wail between dizzying guitars. Though not as catchy as the other tracks on the EP it’s feisty and fierce and a force to be reckoned with. At times these guys have a Linkin Park- esque vibe to them as they play around with a similar style of anguish pop. ‘Take Me Somewhere’ brings us to the end of the EP, with its sway like tempo and jangly guitar the track flurries  and swooshes beneath a dark mysterious atmosphere. This is the lightest track on the EP. It showcases a more mature elegant and graceful display from the band. With an Evanescence feel and slick musicianship the track builds a little to a melodic guitar solo which has an anthemic fist pump ready vibe. Once again Bolger’s vocals are sublime as she delivers a knock out performance full of emotion and depth.

‘Delirium’ is a sophisticated collection of tracks scrupulously crafted and tightly bound creating the perfect blend of elegance almost theatrical indie meets ominously dark rock. The instrumental drama is high key and the melodies are catchy, its heavy and energetic all the way through creating the perfect headbanging moments. Another mighty step in the bands progression.

Watch the video for ‘My Name’ below


Say The Word ‘Toe The Line’

Say The Word are an Alt Rock band from Nottingham, England. Formed in late 2014 the band are currently working with independent label Sound-Hub records. Having gigged all over Nottingham in venues such as Rescue Rooms, The Bodega and Rock city, they are looking to make their mark on the music scene. They begin this adventure with new single ‘Toe The Line’ which is released today. It’s a feisty punk pop track and a crisp clean display from the four piece. Elastic slapping on bass teamed with punchy rumble on drums and slick guitar licks create the mighty blow to the head sound of Say The Word. Emotive vocals and a catchy riff to start, it does exactly what pop punk should – gets your foot tapping, pumps energy through you and echoes in your head for days. The brief chant in backing vocals tastefully placed in the chorus adds a multi texture and energy to the track. The sing along chorus is arena worthy and the production is radio ready. It’s a weighty track from Say The Word.

Watch the Video for ‘Toe The Line’ here


Flatlands ‘Friday Night’

Flatlands are an indie pop four piece from Oxford. They combine the melodic world of modern British indie with the dance punk vibes of West Coast USA. The bands first foray onto the UK music scene in 2016 saw the band achieve support slots for Yonaka, Redfaces, Rhys Lewis, Rews and Neon Waltz. Early 2017 saw the release of their debut E.P, with support from BBC Introducing followed by a sold-out headline show. Having signed to New Level Management, Flatlands have been invited to play for Sofar Sounds Winchester and Oxford, played festival slots at, amongst others, Cornbury and Riverside. The  band have now released their new single ‘Friday Night’ today. This indie pop banger is catchy, vibrant and bursting with good vibes. Bright sharp guitars playfully entwines with the infectious melody and snappy punchy drums. Featuring thrilling guitar wails and smooth sometimes screaming vocals, it’s a scorching blistering indie track. This song exudes oodles of fiery energy and charisma with rapid lyrics it’s a buzzing rush of adrenaline. It’s one for the lively mania of the mosh pit while the crowd bellow out the infectious lyrics joyously. Well crafted it’s crisp, edgy and meticulously layered creating a wholly satisfying listen. Perfect for Friday night antics.

Watch the video for ‘Friday Night’ below

Cider Wasps ’Ethereal’ EP

Cider Wasps are a four-piece alternative rock band from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland. The band consists of brothers Danny and Tommy Dunford, Stephen Keating and Colin Drummey. Formed in early 2013 the quartet have been gigging in various venues across the country but as of late have started hitting the Irish festival scene with an appearance at Indiependence 2016. The band launched their debut EP entitled ‘HERE’ in the autumn of 2015 which featured their single Lúnasa. Many radio stations and DJ’s picked up on the EP immediately and it began to hit the Irish airwaves on stations such as WLR-FM, Beat 102-103, CRY104FM, and 98FM to name a few. Their most recent ’Ethereal’ is the second EP release from the band which was launched alongside an independent tour of Ireland starting in Whelans and finishing in Waterford.

’Ethereal’ is an impressively smooth EP packed with passion and sublime melodies. Each track glides smoothly into the next. The tempos are easy-going with dramatic crescendos and with sleek production it’s radio ready. The dreamy delicate ‘80beatspersecond’ kicks off the EP. Silky smooth vocals caress a sweet luscious melody while a throbbing beat sets up the tension for the explosive chorus. These guys write tracks from the heart, every song evokes a rush of urgency and intense emotion while soaring backing vocals and aerial breezy soundscapes lift the tracks to skyscraper heights.’Hummingbird’ trots in with a lively bounce and jangly melodic distorted guitar. The heavy rapid drums and resounding pulse on bass adds a lively energy to the track and danceable foundation. ‘Home’ slows the tone again to start. It’s a heavenly delicate romantic track that builds into a mammothly anthemic explosion. Elevated backing vocals and a heart wrenching rush of blood to the head chorus displays just how good these guys are at making you feel every heavy towering note. ‘Magic Beans’ is simply beautiful and graceful with heavenly soundscapes to start. The track once again erupts for this striking mind-blowing crescendo as Danny Dunford slips into his sweet falsetto range while hefty drums pound and crashing guitars blister and burst through the colossal soundscape. The divine ‘Ethereal’ finishes the EP with warm mellow guitar plucks and tender glowing tones. It’s candy coated purity and tear jerkingly delicate. A sublime melody and sharp guitar stings create a hazy sombre feathery lightness that is just heavenly. When the beat kicks in it’s soft and spongy adding a soothing cushion and bounce. It’s just sublime, a song to treasure.

The ‘Ethereal’ EP is a luscious highly emotive and passionate collection of tracks that touch on all aspects of modern pop/pop-rock without losing cohesion. Silky smooth with the right amount of punch and heaviness throughout. Dunford uses his velvety vocals to inject the right combination of sincerity, drama and emotion into all five tracks creating a satisfying beautiful listen.

You can catch Cider Wasps at their next live show on 23rd November at Fibber Magees, Dublin make sure to check them out.

Stream ‘Ethereal’ below

Static Vision ‘What Is and Now’ Album

Static Vision are a punk band from Limerick who have just released their debut album ‘What Is and Now’. It’s a no nonsense assault to your eardrums of slickly presented swagger drenched punk rock with some powerful garage thrown in. Recorded in one day in the Music Hubb Studios in Limerick with Chris Quigley it’s a impressive collection of tunes. ‘The Unknown’ slaps you straight into their rowdy punk sound with shrilling distortion and an aggressive vocal. However, it’s not all shouting and bashing instruments these guys refine it down adding some sublime indie drizzled guitar riffs and an infectious melancholic sing along ready melody into the mix. ‘Tune’ introduces an Arctic Monkeys ‘Brianstorm’ – esque riff to start building into a sun soaked hazy verse which explodes with screaming vocals. It’s a fiery expressive album showcasing their raw kinetic sound. With tunes like ‘Got Soul’ and ‘Familiar Faces’    bringing us the light indie bops rooted in a ruckus causing explosion that I can imagine gets a crowd going crazy. Their tracks are well crafted leaving space to wiggle and dance between the frantic moshing and neck snapping headbanging. ‘Feels Like I’m Older’ is the mellow mood shifter of the album. With bright jangly guitar lines and a peppy sway-like tempo teamed with lush backing vocals it’s a breezy spurt of luminous indie. The vocals remain harsh and fiery but the instrumentation contrasts with a sweet Californian sun kissed vibe. The album is brimming with organic coarse tracks that exude the energy of a live show. Sure, it’s rough and tumble but that’s why it works it’s real and honest. ‘Dead’ is moody sulky bliss reminiscent of Nirvana while the vibrant ‘Alcoholic’ and the sultry ‘Girls’ bounce back with quirky vocals and an infectious indie elasticity which brightens the atmosphere. With psychedelic hues thrown on top and some shredding guitar features these guys are ones to watch.

Static Vision ‘What Is and Now’ Launch show is on tomorrow the 18th November in the Pharmacia Limerick if your around check them out.

Stream ‘What is and Now’ below

Eléa Calvet ‘Trigger’

Following up from her electrifying debut single Lust, French Canadian artist Eléa Calvet has released her second single ‘Trigger’.19-year-old Eléa Calvet taps into music’s emotive foundations with elements of Tom Waits & Patti Smith reminiscent in her lyrical style. Born in Canada and raised in India, Elea has since settled in the UK and is set on becoming one of the most prolific alternative artists on the independent scene today.

‘Trigger’ is a sass smothered bluesy rock track drenched in dark gritty bewitching swagger. The track creeps in with a menacing subtle guitar accompaniment while Calvet whispers a cooing enticing vocal. The track builds becoming more blood curdling as she wails over a sensual bass and punchy drum combination. The elegance of the cello and piano add a swing and graceful seduction to the muggy entrapment. It’s a chilling sultry hair-raising cobweb and Calvet is the black widow luring you further and further into her sticky trap. This song possesses a classic timeless sense of grandeur and peril all at once. An enthralling and gripping track from Eléa Calvet.

Stream ‘Trigger’ below