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Scott Dean ‘Lucky Seven’

London-based singer-songwriter Scott Dean has released his new single ‘Lucky Seven’ from his recently released album ‘Neon’. The lyrics of ‘Lucky Seven’ were inspired by Dean’s experience working as a croupier, he explores the effects of obsession and addiction in society.
‘Lucky Seven’ is a melodic track with an airy atmosphere. The reverb used conveys this perfectly and teamed with soaring guitars which add an edge to the track you really get a feel of wanting to escape. The drums are light and keep a melancholy tone as they provide a soft steady beat. The instrumentation is light leaving the guitar and vocals to portray the message to us. Dean’s vocals are smooth and emotion filled and become slightly more animated for the anthem like chorus, while the guitars give an aerial feel like a sharp breeze that is refreshing.

‘Lucky Seven’ explores a  hard-hitting subject matter which Dean portrays through reverb-laden guitar riffs, atmospheric soundscapes and a soaring chorus that displays the range of Dean’s influences and abilities.
Stream ‘Lucky Seven’ below.

Jackie Venson ‘Next Life’

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Jackie Venson is an Indie Blues artist from Austin, TX. She has released her video for her new single, “Next Life.” The track is about Unrequited love which is a universal theme and is easy to relate to.
‘Next Life’ begins as a gentle melodic track with soft instrumentation and steady piano that holds a strong foundation for the track. Venson’s vocals are strident and strong. This track has a laid back atmosphere and a cool calm vibe. The track is a slow burner that gradually builds to a fiery guitar solo and abrupt end. The track is presented in a precise manner, and every note and strum has its place but blends well forming a melodic track that shows superb musicianship.
Watch , ‘Next Life’ below.

Norma Jean Martine ‘No Gold’

Born just outside of New York, blues-rock singer/songwriter Norma Jean Martine relocated to Nashville to study at Belmont University, before making the jump to London. Since then, she’s released several preview tracks to Soundcloud, opened for top acts like Tom Odell, James Aruthur and Lissie, along with releasing her debut single, ‘No Gold’. She has co-written and featured on two tracks ‘We Ain’t Dead Yet’ and ‘Paint’ on Pablo Nouvelle’s current album ‘All I Need’, out on Armin Van Buuren’s label Armada Music. Martine’s most recent release ‘Freedom’ was her cover of George Michael’s classic 90’s track, which is currently the soundtrack to a multi-million pound Europe wide advertising campaign, reaching nearly 1 million streams on Spotify.

Her latest single ‘No Gold’ was released on May 20th via Virgin EMI Records. It was produced by Joel Pott from Athlete and mixed by Danton Supple, ‘No Gold’ was taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Only In My Mind’ which is due for release on 9th September.
‘No Gold’ is a blues rock track that is full of positive hopeful tones. The track is full of soft beats and is “swayingly” fantastic with added bounce. With lush backing vocals and a tribal beat to start followed by Martine’s amazing almost raspy yet clear vocals for the verse. She performs the verse with an ease and smoothness that grabs your attention and makes you listen. The catchy chorus brings a positive “Can do” atmosphere that is revitalising. The theme that “you have to leave a place in order to come back and appreciate, and see it from the outside” is effectively portrayed in the instrumentation but also through the many dimensions and emotions in Martine’s outstanding vocals .

Watch ‘No Gold’ below

Alexandra Savior ‘Shades’

21-year-old Alexandra Savior from Portland, Oregon has already had her demo “Risk” appear in series two of True Detective, and she has collaborated with Tame Impala’s Cam Avery on ‘We’re Just Making it Worse,’ and now has released her new single ‘Shades’ which was produced and co-written by Alex Turner along with James Ford (Florence, Haim).
‘Shades’ is a dark alluring track that’s full of mystery. Filled with smooth cool tones, soft spongy beats and a sensual fuzzed bass line that adds a seductive quality. The flash of electric guitar adds a bite to the track and contrasts with the smooth tone giving a feeling that there is danger ahead, however Savior’s soft enticing vocals eases the mind and has a trance like effect. Her vocals are confident and assuring while having a lull effect that is bewitching and captivating.
This Track is dangerously infectious but its charming, seductive tones will have you fascinated and craving more.
Watch “Shades” below

Deepshade ‘Time’

Deepshade are a power house trio from Wigan. Band members David Rybka (Vox/Guitar), Tom Doherty (Bass) and Paul Barlow (Drums) have returned with their raucous fusion of psyched up alternative/grunge rock with the announcement of their new video single release ‘Time’. Their debut album ‘Everything Is Popular Is Wrong’ was released in early 2015 and it propelled Deepshade into the national spotlight with acclamation from UK’s Power Play and Classic Rock Magazine along with receiving support from alternative radio stations worldwide.
‘Time’ blasts  us with its grunged up guitar hooks and pounding hard rock grooves. It is the perfect opening track for ‘Everything Popular Is Wrong’. The track begins in a true rock star manner with an attention grabbing, thrilling scream from Rybka and an infectious riff. The track is bursting with energy and a smooth sensual bass line that lures you in while the thunderous drums give that captivating rock feel. The verses are full of eerie tones with deep vocals that are seductive and alluring. You get the feeling you are being coaxed or enticed into a world of chaos to which you have no control over. The slick shredding guitar solo adds an edge to the track as it builds to a massive heavy crescendo while Rybka’s vocals are intense and commanding.
With new material already to be unearthed later in 2016, Deepshade are gearing up to unveil dates for their UK live shows and first ever tours of Spain and Portugal in November.
Looking  forward to hearing more from Deepshade!
Watch ‘Time’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes in the form of Jackals Rose’s adrenaline filled ‘D.I.D’ (or “Devil In Disguise”)

Five piece Jackals Rose are Jake James, Max James, Darren Griffiths, Zak Simmons and Grant Masters. They are a fuzz rock band from Essex. They have been smashing the live circuit with gigs at the likes of Camden’s iconic Dublin Castle and many more.’D.I.D'(or “Devil In Disguise”) is the second single from Jackals Rose, the follow up to their 2015 debut release ‘All For You’. The track was produced by Nick Gavrilovic (who tours with Placebo). It has gained them a bit of attention scoring Radio X Track of The Week, with plays across BBC Introducing, as well as being made Track of The Day by Fred Perry and Gigslutz.
‘D.I.D’ is a raw Brit-punk track crossed with Indie-rock. Its powerful vigorous guitars, forceful drums and mighty bass creates an energetic frenzy that compels you to dance and mosh. With sharp guitars that has a “The Prodigy” feel with a bit of Kasabian thrown in. The vocals are full of attitude and swagger that draws the listener in. This track maintains a rapid manic tempo throughout instrumentally, however the vocal slows things with its almost moody gritty intense tone making this song extremely easy to listen to and very catchy. The track finishes on a heavy hard core headbanging worthy pounding drums.
‘D.I.D’ is an edgy track that is an absolute must listen!
you can catch Jackals Rose live at :
Jul 22 Tramlines – The Crystal Stage,Sheffield
Aug 06 Party in the Pines, Scunthorpe
Check out Jackals Rose video of ‘D.I.D’ which was shot and edited by Liam Masters, brother of drummer Grant below


Pure Youth ‘Other Side’

Pure Youth are an Indie band from Ealing, London .The band consist of members Dave Hibbert (Vocals/Guitar), Oliver Lyu (Bass), Duncan Brookfield (Drums) and Elliott Liu (Guitar). Their debut EP ‘On Our Way’ and the follow-up single ‘I’m Not Yours’ have gained them a wealth of support, including radio airplay from Dermot O’Leary (BBC Radio 2) and Charlie Ashcroft (Amazing Radio), a spot in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, features on renowned websites such as Gigslutz, It’s All Indie, FAME Magazine, Killing Moon and support slots for Lisbon, No Devotion and Youth Club. Their new single ‘Other Side’ is the first of four singles to be released over the coming year and the follow-up to the band’s previous smash hit ‘I’m Not Yours’, racking up 45k+ streams on Soundcloud and over 150k streams on Spotify.
‘Other Side’ is a smooth catchy melodic indie track full of cool nostalgic tones. With fantastic use of reverb which gives this song an airy free vibe. The driving guitar throughout the track is refreshing and gives an edge to the song. The track begins smooth with light soft beats and gentle clear vocals. The nostalgic tones portrays the theme of the song which is “longing to be back in a good place in your life” The song builds to an airy almost trance like instrumental where we see some tight instrumentation that you can loose yourself in followed by the final chorus which becomes more dynamic as we get the feeling of breaking free. This track is full of great hooks and chilled tones with the added sharpness of the guitars adding a brilliant contrast that gives the track a bite and an almost grunge feel.
Stream ‘Other Side’ below

For The Girl ‘Where Did Time Go?’


For The Girl are an Indie Pop Rock band from Nottingham. The band consists of members Sam Plenty (Vocals), Josh King (Rhythm Guitar), Isaac Hallas (Lead Guitar ), James Wells (Bass Guitar/ Synth) and Nathan Fox (Drums/ Percussion ). For The Girl have played a number of high profile gigs and toured with the likes of Young Kato. Their stage presence is like no other irrespective of where they play, from small and intimate venues, to the electric crowds of the UK’s O2 Academies. Known for their style and sound that is unique to them they are gaining an ever growing fan base and are fast becoming the ones to watch.
They have recently released ‘Where Did Time Go?’ the uplifting first single taken from the bands new EP ‘Shark Attack’, which is due out on the 8th of July. Lyrically, this song describes the emotions and feelings of something that a large amount of people experience at some point in their lifetime: the search for you inner self. For The Girl portray this theme to us in a fun upbeat energetic manner that is infectious. This track is full of radiant guitars, shimmering synths, soft beats, bright pop cymbal work and rhythms. Plenty has a unique style and vocal tone which is full of confidence and attitude and although its unique and not what you would expect it works extremely well with their sound as it adds a bite to the track and a refreshing sharpness which is effective. This track has a slick seductively captivating guitar feature that is kick ass. ‘Where Did Time Go?’ is full of amazing dimensions and is ablaze with bright tones and an upbeat energetic atmosphere.
‘Where Did Time Go?’ is definitely a must listen! For The Girl have a bright future ahead of them. We will eagerly await their EP.
Watch “Where Did Time Go?” below

Circle Of Reason ‘Never Enough’

Circle Of Reason are a four piece alt/hard-rock band hailing from Southampton. Band members Gary, Simon, Andy and Rob have created a name for themselves as a band who can deliver on the live stage. They have earned themselves support slots with the likes of Feed The Rhino, Marmozets, Neck Deep, Inme, Girlschool, Mallory Knox, Fearless Vampire Killers and many more. They have also performed at numerous festivals including Takedown Festival, X-Treme, Rock Diabetes, Kerrang Radio Summer Festival, Gosport, Keynsham and Weyfest. Having already released two video singles in the past 3 months in support of their mini album ‘Faith Or Theory’, UK unsigned alt-rocker’s Circle Of Reason are back again to announce their new video for ‘Never Enough’.
‘Never Enough’ delivers all of the bands renowned melodic hooks, articulate dynamics and fierce guitar riffs and is a massive attention grabbing opener for the album. From the start this track swallows you up in a whirlwind frenzy of hard hitting material with melodic verses and a soaring chorus. The intense vigorous guitar riffs and thunderous drums pound your very soul and convey an aggressive tone. The songs rapid tempo creates an almost manic circle pit worthy atmosphere which slows a little for the chorus where the dynamic vocals take your attention. The robust flexible bass runs along in the background of the track with powerful effect giving this track a depth. The track explores the lyrical theme of “No matter what you do, it’s never good enough for some people”. and this is conveyed perfectly through the instrumentation. The pounding drums and frantic guitars portray a frustrated and angry perhaps confused atmosphere that one would feel if you thought you were “never good enough for some people”
This track is a beast of a track that deserves to be played at max volume!
The band’s new mini-album, ‘Faith Or Theory’, is available now. You can purchase it  in physical format via the band’s store or digitally via iTunes.
The Video to ‘Never Enough’ was released earlier this month. It shows the emotion behind the song and how it could relate to anyone and features actress and model ‘Hannaj Bang Bendz’ check it out below.

Odstocks ‘Cookie Jar’

Odstocks are a rock band from Salisbury. Band members Jack Wilkinson-Holton (Guitar & Vocals), Tommy Nicklen (Guitar & B-Vocals), Tom Hollinworth (Bass) and Alec Mackenzie (Drums) have won ‘Best young band’ at the Salisbury music awards and are creating quite a stir with their energetic indie rock sound. They released their debut track ‘Cookie Jar’ earlier this year and are currently working on their debut EP.
‘Cookie Jar’ is a riff based rock track full of attitude. It begins with an infectious guitar, riff some guitar distortion and thumping drums. The guitars subside a little to a psychedelic wah wah in places for the verse while an unexpected strong but subtle almost funky bass line adds a groove that is contagious.The vocals are gritty and aggressive which adds a contrast between the groovy seductive bass and light slick lustrous guitar. The chorus builds both instrumentally and vocally and becomes more vigorous and intense. The instrumental gives a chance for them to showcase their talent as we hear a confidant zealous guitar feature with slick running baseline and stirring drums. The song increases in tempo to the final chorus which is introduced by the catchy riff then the song ends suddenly in a true rock star “drop the mic fashion”.
‘Cookie Jar’ is a brilliant introduction to a talented band which deserve to do well.
Stream ‘Cookie Jar’ below