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The Elephant Room ‘Naive Green’

Dublin-based trio The Elephant Room released their debut album Body in 2014, followed by the EP ‘Blotch’ last summer. They have now released their new single ‘Naive Green’. This psychedelic tinged track is sun kissed lazy days bliss. With smooth laid-back vocals and soft bouncy percussion all wrapped in a breezy mellowness it’s an instant tranquilising shot of ecstasy. With diluted guitar lines paving the path to the dreamy wobbly promised land this track is that subtle gesture and nudge that takes you to your mind-numbing state of bliss. With simple hypnotising “do do do” lyrics and fluffy comfy swirling soundscapes it’s the most luscious melty track that calms, sedates and fills you with hazy summer joy. This track is well crafted as The Elephant Room lull and coo with sublime weaving instrumentation as the perfect backing. Slightly trippy and sweet and oh so smooth these guys are ones to keep an eye on.

Watch the video for ‘Naive Green’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Ali Horn

Ali Horn has released his new single ‘Bloom’ via Liverpool based The Label Recordings.  His second single after the release of ‘Days Like Today’ in February. The track which has already been played by Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music and by BBC Merseyside, is four minutes of hazy psychedelic bliss. With a wall of spiraling guitars and punchy drums embracing your brain with tranquilising bubbliness it’s a hallucinogenic inducing trip of ecstasy. The echo laid back vocals soothe and lull you into a mind-numbing stupor while the whirling flower floating soundscapes playfully weave their way between sharp warm guitar stings. It’s a dreamy utopian experience that just consumes you with every note. The blistering guitars are the only strong fragment to hold onto, so you don’t lose yourself completely in the mind dissolving track.

When asked about the track Ali explains: “It was the first track that I wrote away from Strange Collective in recent years that I actually thought was any good, first taking form in my basement bedroom come studio the original demo was 9 minutes long. This was then shortened for our live shows and then even more for this single version that we did last month in Parr Street Studios. I guess in essence it’s about loneliness, sitting around out of my head thinking about where all my friends and loved ones were, sending them love and good vibes and hoping they were doing the same”

Stream ‘Bloom’ below

Watercolours ‘Feel Tomorrow’

Watercolours are a Cheltenham based indie trio. Band members Conal Kelly, Matt Sharlot and Hamish Woolley have just released their debut single ‘Feel Tomorrow’. This sparkling indie pop track glides in on a sticky beat and breezy sunny soundscapes. Smooth cruising vocals and shimmering synths create a laid back dreamy vibe of bubbliness. It’s a shimmering gleaming bright track with sombre raw undertones. With silky zealous guitar features and wispy hypnotic psychedelic elements it’s instantly likeable and enchanting. Lush backing vocals and sweet sugar-coated melody create a glistening little gem that is succulent and rich. A strong debut from Watercolours as they display a tight well rooted sound and fine musicianship.


Watch the video for ‘Feel Tomorrow’ below

Crome Yellow ‘Yellow Road’ EP

Waterford’s alternative rock/ synth pop band Crome Yellow have released their debut EP ‘Yellow Road’. The band have created a 5 track collection of liquefying mind melting tunes that are just sublime.
The sweet dazed ‘My Chateau’ kicks off the EP doused in narcotic psychedelia and ridiculously chill tones. Sharp guitar adds a wobbly sting to the hazy mirage while gentle vocals soothe you into a calming state of hypnosis. ‘Cordial People’ takes you on a funky tinged journey with spacey hints and darker tones of dreamy delusions. Whispered almost eerie vocals and the zesty guitar jingle create a dull shot of acid-fried absurdity. ‘You Never Ask Me If I’m Happy’ is a peppy clap along friendly track with a western desert feel. Psychedelic guitar adds scorching heat to the optical illusion. A sway like melody and peppy beat adds a shimmy wavy danceable element to the EP. ‘Grey Cords’ once again lulls you into Crome Yellow’s tranquillised state of opiate ecstasy. With lush backing vocals and trippy synths they take you further and further down the rabbit hole. ‘Jean’ brings us to the end of our journey with Crome Yellow with sonic pulses twinkling guitars and warm toned keys. It’s a swoony slow-moving track that is mind numbing and dreamy with space-age like psychedelia.
Crome Yellow’s ‘Yellow Road’ EP is a sophisticated deeply dreamy collection of tracks that drown you in a synth pop trippy illusion filled pool of euphoria. Its rich in intricately layered synths blended with hypnotic chimes and spacey psychedelia. Funky guitar elements and pop melodies create lush texture and deliver the bands distinctive sound. A strong debut EP from the four piece. Its a relaxing mind dissolving treasure.

Watch the video for ‘Jean’ below

Mouth Breather ‘Mysteries of Nature’.

Mouth Breather have released a video to their new track ‘Mysteries of Nature’. This funky track is slippery, swanky, flamboyance smothered in sultry psychedelia and 70’s tinged grooves. Its all flares and flowers wrapped in a dreamy hypnotic haze. This track is sweet simplicity, catchy and laced in a funky bass. Wobbly trippy 70’s soundscapes flood the track in a wispy mind bending euphoria while lush nectarous vocals unwrap your mind. This dreamy light track is so catchy and free like a helium balloon it floats in the air, gravity sure isn’t telling this track what to do. Exceptionally well formed ‘Mysteries of Nature’ is a Utopian gem.
When asked about the track the band said
“Mysteries of Nature” grew out of a funky bass-line I laid down while jamming with some friends last summer. Simple, yet catchy enough that every other part of the song just seemed to naturally fall into place. There wasn’t much planning that went into the video either. The director, William Wilkinson, and I used an old TV zoom lens and a sequin curtain to capture a glossy, zoom-heavy 70s visual accompaniment”.

Watch the video for ‘Mysteries of Nature’ below


Ivory Wave ‘Separate Beat’

Birmingham’s Ivory Wave have released their new single ‘Separate Beat’. The new track which the band have been debuting live at gigs across the midlands, is produced by Matt Terry and recorded at Warwickshire’s Vada Studios.

‘Separate Beat’ is a psychedelic trip swirling with narcotic dizzying soundscapes. Sparkling zealous guitars  and mind expanding synths swirl with euphoric bliss while lush lulling backing vocals take the track to a hazy dreamy state. The commanding vocals and heavy beat becomes the steady anchor to hold on to while the track attempts to sweep you up into its woozy hypnotic  electronics. Its a track for relentless dancing.

You can catch Ivory Wave live at

May 20th The Sunflower Lounge (single Launch) The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

June 9th Record Junkee, Sheffield

June 10th Verve Bar, Leeds

Stream ‘ Separate Beat’ below

Flashes ‘The Upset’

Hailing from the deepest darkest Cornwall, UK band Flashes have released their new single ‘The Upset’. Consisting of members Jim (vocals/guitar), Peasy (guitar/laptop), Dan (guitar) and Graham (bass), Flashes have released 2 albums (Latency and Flashes) and a handful of one-off singles, receiving coverage from Consequence of Sound, Thought Catalog, Amazing Radio and BBC Radio 1.
New single ‘The Upset’ is a hypnotic psyched-out tale of perceived reality recorded in a run-down 19th century chapel where some of the band live. Its woozy dark pop at its best with a thick sticky beat the track oozes and glops surrounded by hazy dizzy psychedelia. Saturated in eerie shadowy tones teamed with haunting whispered vocals the track lures you into a wispy swirling dark abyss. The elastic luring bass adds a sensual quality to the trippy opaque track. The guitar glistens with sharp sparkles through the murky exterior of the track as it churns and sways around revealing light little melodic guitar glimmers. ‘The Upset’ is spine chilling and hair raisingly superb, a must listen.
Stream ‘The Upset’ below

Desert Fevers ‘Raindrops’

Desert Fevers are Jake Rutter, Zac Blow, Joe Roberts, and Sam Roberts. They play a unique blend of raw, soul flavoured surf tinged garage. This new unique band have released this sweet little track ‘Raindrops’. Its an old school reverb drenched jangle of utter bliss mixed with lo-fi psych pop. Its the perfect recipe for success. The sweet honeyed melody glides with effortless flow creating a sound that is pure delight. A strut worthy jangle on guitar adds a swanky prance and flamboyance to the oh so sleek track. The hip shaking groovy beat coaxes you to move with a funky bounce and vitality. This track exudes swagger and panache from it very core spreading syrupy pop mixed with psychedelic euphoria like sticky sap oozing from every note. It gentle delicate mind numbing psychedelic vibes contrast with the sunny energetic upbeat spring creating a sublime bubble of heavenly elation. The vocals soothe, coated in reverb alongside the instrumentation but not as the main focus they act more like an accompaniment to the rippling elastic oh so cool instrumentation.
Stream ‘Raindrops’ below

Fauna Twin ‘Water on Mars’

Fauna Twin are Parisian singer-songwriter Claire Jacquemard Ginsberg (leader of Hippies Vs Ghosts) and North Wales’ Owain Ginsberg (We Are Animal). The duo have recently signed to Crammed Discs Records and they released their new single ‘Water on Mars’ taken from their debut ‘The HYDRA EP’, which will be released in October followed by a string of shows around Europe.
‘Water on Mars’ is a dark intoxicating swirling concoction of alternative synth pop. The track lures you into its bewitching atmosphere from the very start with meandering instrumentation that draws you into a psychedelic labyrinth of complexity and confusion while enticing and coaxing you into its rich interweaving textures. Jacquemard’s vocals are haunting and gently coo and soothe the listener while giving a mysterious eerie tone to the track. The guitar adds grit and gives that final pull, drawing the listener in and trapping them in an enthralling brooding atmosphere. The track is coated in mesmerising rhythm and shadowy hints of tribal beats that give this track a fantastic bounce and multi texture.
Put ‘Water on Mars’ on repeat and let yourself become consumed and enraptured by this fantastic dark enchanting track.
Watch ‘Water on Mars’ below

Ethan & The Reformation ‘Hummingbird’

Ethan & The Reformation are a Psychedelic Rock/Pop band from Manchester. The five piece Ethan Dundavan Davies (frontman/rhythm guitarist ), Mick Mac (lead guitarist), Samuel Parker (keyboard player and vocalist), James Cordeiro (bassist) and Thomas Oliver Gorton (Drumer) have created a retro pop/rock sound, that pays homage to the 1960’s / 1970’s psychedelic era while giving it a modern twist.
They have just released their new single ‘Hummingbird’ which is a smooth sensual track full of 70’s funky swag. The track features fantastic sleek seductive ” wah wah” guitar and an inviting smooth funky bass with a soft irresistible beat that creates a swaying effect and gives this track a seductive quality. With raspy, husky vocals that add grit and some brawn to this instrumentally steamy track, Hummingbird has dark undertones and a melancholy melody which contrasts to the captivating swag of the instrumentation. This track shows how diverse and talented Ethan & The Reformation are as they give us a refreshing luscious sound that is distinctive.
Looking forward to Ethan & The Reformation’s  EP which is set to be released later this year.
You can catch Ethan & The Reformation live at
08 Jul Soup Kitchen Manchester
09 Jul The Dublin Castle Camden
30 Jul Ashtonbury Northampton
19 Aug Glass Butter Beach Abersoch

Stream ‘Hummingbird’ below