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Dominic Wolf ‘Wasting Life’

London based singer-songwriter Dominic Wolf has released his long awaited new single ‘Wasting Life’ after receiving rave reviews for previous singles ‘Behind the Sun’ and ‘Thieves of Today’ which reached over 50k plays. After playing guitar for over ten years and truly perfecting his craft, Dominic Wolf has experimented with the use of a variety of pedals, keyboards and pads and his end sound is a distinctive alternative, indie, electronic that can’t be pigeon holed into one specific genre.
‘Wasting Life’ is a darkened dreamy flurry of electronic, almost psychedelic soundscapes. The songs shadowy- like entrapment with bouncy light guitar chords and wobbly distortion creates a tranquillising mirage of hazy wispy utopia. Effortlessly cool and sleek the track seeps sticky swagger and sultry tones while adding a hair raising eeriness. It’s luring and grippingly sensual and steamy. Whispered vocals are both chilling and soothing while the swirling floaty soundscapes wrap you in an immobilised state of mind melding bliss. It’s sweet soft and opiate while also carrying dark haunting tones and eerie mystery. ‘Wasting Life’ is an all immersing mind liquefying gem. Trippy and breathtaking it’s a must listen.


Stream ‘Wasting Life’ below

Swedish Death Candy ‘Oh My’

Swedish Death Candy have released their blistering new single ‘Oh My’.Band members Louis Perry (Vocals / Guitar),Francesco Codardo (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Jiwoon Whang (Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals) and Marco Ninni (Drums) are a clashing combination of cultures, boasting members from Italy, South Korea and Britain but they call London their base. The four piece create a heavy blues sound dowsed in heavier psych and its ridiculously good.
‘Oh My’ is a cut throat blast of thrilling psych-pop. It creeps in like an assassin with an innocent organ jangle only to blast you with the most lush rich riveting burst of gritty bluesy riffs distorted over punchy drums and spaced out trippy soundscapes. With a sweet delicate melody, velvety Tame Impala- esque vocals and dense psychedelic swirls it’s a brutal bash of hair raising noise that is euphoric and a mind bending electrifying experience. These guys know what they are doing- slick, tight, red hot sounds smothered with enough distortion and sultry guitar riffs chilled with psychedelic bliss, it’s a crafted work of genius. These guys are fast becoming one of my favourite bands out there at the moment.

Stream ‘Oh My’ below

Glassmaps ‘Summer Rain’

Glassmaps is the solo project of Joel Stein, lead guitarist in the much-loved Howling Bells. After four successful albums with the band, the UK-based Australian has brought his worldwide touring and recording experience to this exciting new endeavour. ‘Summer Rain’ is the first release from Glassmaps’ upcoming ‘Strangely Addicted’ LP which is to be released on Lost In The Manor Records later in the year. The LP was honed in Las Vegas, at the home studio of The Killers’ bassist Mark Stoermer, where Joel was staying while recording with Howling Bells.
‘Summer Rain’ is a swoony crooning blues tinted track brewed and entangled in hazy psychedelia. Driven by a blues rock stomp this track exudes and bleeds lazy laid back swagger. Dragging blurry delusions with sunny psych harmonics it’s a weary search for a resolution for ones own problems. The sharp twanging guitar freshens up the lethargic dreamy staggering soundscape. Stein’s raspy swooping vocals add a drowsy narcotic effect to this hypnotic sweltering track. Stuffy and muggy this track evokes images of humid days it almost suffocates you in its delusional trip. Catchy and hypnotic ‘Summer Rain’ is almost soothing and sedating while holding an air of seduction and confusion.

Stream ‘Summer Rain’ below

The Bandicoots ‘Dead End Street’

Ontario indie rock Quartet The Bandicoots have released their new single ‘Dead End Street’ from their new EP ‘Zolly’. Band members Nicolai Kozel (Guitar), Andrew Parkinson (Drums and Vocals), Lorant Polya (Bass), and Justin Ross (Guitar and Vocals) give us a trippy delusional track reminiscent of sixties rock. It’s a dreamy hazy addictive high of seduction smothered in sultry psychedelia and sweet luscious melodies. With twinkling guitars layered upon a soft beat this track swoons with a laid back steamy stroll and elegant glide. Classy yet sinister featuring creepy backing vocals and eerie guitars. It’s a smoke and mirrors track drenched in steamy hazy illusions and mystery which is chilling and hair- raisingly enticing. It’s a must listen.

Stream ‘Dead End Street’ below

Serene ‘Chemtrails and Fairytales (Exhale)’

Cumbria’s three piece Serene have released their new single ‘Chemtrails and Fairytales (Exhale)’ along with a video. The band consists of Kieran Day (vocals, guitar, bass, synth), Ryan Patterson ( lead guitar and synth) and Matthew Southwell (drums and percussion). ‘Chemtrails and Fairytales (Exhale)’ is darkened dreamy summer-scented bliss that glides with tender delicate emotion. Warm melancholic guitar chimes add flickers of light while the the swooning track dowses you in waves of cool hazy tones. Slight guitar wobbles add a psychedelic flicker throughout the calm verses while raspy passionate vocals bleed and coo the lyrics and sweet melody. The track builds in intensity to a punchy mosh worthy bounce and might. With full bodied bass and shredding razor sharp solo it becomes more spine chilling and piercing with tints of hallucinogenic hues. Serene have tightened up their sound refined it and created a thrilling moving piece that shows maturity and skill.

Watch the video for ‘Chemtrails and Fairytales (Exhale)’ below

Strange Cages ‘Leader Of A Cult’

Strange Cages are set to make their return with an epic new EP this June. With their frenetic, snotty, psych-surf rock ‘n’ roll sound in the vein of The Cramps or Ty Segall, Brighton’s Strange Cages have made big strides in their short existence, gaining support from the likes of Clash Magazine, NME, Q Magazine, The 405 and The Line of Best Fit, whilst tearing up stages in support of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Night Beats, and Boogarins. Having followed up their Theo Verney produced debut ‘Desert’ with their next release ‘Pony’, the trio are now set to release a new 6-track EP ‘The Cracks’ on Vallence Records this June, with new single ‘Leader Of A Cult’ being the first track to surface from the upcoming EP.
‘Leader Of A Cult’ is a dark sinister track all menacing with spine chilling elements of krautrock combined with post-punk. Floppy wobbly riffs smothered in sultry psychedelia create a tranquillised dreamy half passed out state of delusion. Punchy drums and foreboding vocals create an eerie creepy vibe within the musical hallucination. Its like a 60’s trippy dream that has taken a dark perilous turn into a shaky paranoid nightmare. The track becomes more intense with fuzzed distortion perfectly placed like a mind boggled unfortunate soul frothing from the mouth on the cusp of a seizure. ‘Leader Of A Cult’ is a stirring opaque mind-bending trip sweltering in sticky psychedelia that will have you in a hazy paralysed daze . These guys are a band to get excited about.
You can catch Strange Cages live at
19 May – BRIGHTON – The Globe
20 May – MANCHESTER – The Peer Hat
22 May – BRISTOL – Crofters Rights (w/ Vulgarians)
23 May – LONDON – The Old Blue Last (w/ Vulgarians)
25 May – HULL – The New Adelphi
27 May – NOTTINGHAM – Rock City (w/ Vulgarians)
28 May – LEEDS – Eiger Studios
Watch the video for ‘Leader Of A Cult’ below

Odd Couple ‘Flügge’

German duo Odd Couple Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft, have released their new single ‘Flügge’ which is the title track off their album.This dirty scuzzy riff loaded track is as dark and thrilling as they come. Smothered in psychedelic vibes, its a dizzying trip that blisters and spits gritty rock. This grunge-laden track is a steady beefy jittery wallop, highly strung and intense – its headbanging-ly good. The raspy rough vocals will make your blood tingle while the punchy drums and melody assaults your ears with the most mind blowing electrifying sound your ears will probably ever experience. Its blissfully obscure, mighty and overpowering. The track finishes with an odd acoustic bit which is pretty random but I love it.
Stream ‘Flügge’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Cuckoos

Psych rock band The Cuckoos from Austin have recently released their self-titled debut EP. The Cuckoos are Kenneth Frost (Lead Vocals/Songwriter, Keys), Dave North (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Eric Ross (Bass) and Cole Koenning (Drums). These young guys (the oldest is just 21) create music that sounds like it’s straight from the 1960’s however with their own unique twist. The quartet recently completed a successful first-ever run at SXSW and aren’t slowing down any time soon, booking shows across their home-state and in the UK. We have chosen their track ‘Mind Breakthrough’ as our worth a listen track this week.
‘Mind Breakthrough’ is a dark grimy twisted concoction of classic rock brewed with psychedelic garage and hints of acid. Its an opaque trip into a thick hazy hallucinogenic delusion. With mesmerising eerie synths and thrilling razor sharp guitar, its a swirling dizzy opiate mirage smothered in dark dingy tones. The groovy rhythm adds a shimmy to the track, the limp kind one would do when mind boggled and dazed. Deep strong vocals command with a spellbinding possession while the track consumes you in its narcotic swirling abyss. ‘ Mind Breakthrough’ is an enchanting luring track that is riveting and smothered in nostalgic and retro vibes. It showcases the fine musicianship of these young guys. If they are writing tracks like this now imagine whats next… its going to be good. Watch out for these guys.

Stream ‘Mind Breakthrough’ below

Ivory Wave ‘Separate Beat’

Birmingham’s Ivory Wave have released their new single ‘Separate Beat’. The new track which the band have been debuting live at gigs across the midlands, is produced by Matt Terry and recorded at Warwickshire’s Vada Studios.

‘Separate Beat’ is a psychedelic trip swirling with narcotic dizzying soundscapes. Sparkling zealous guitars  and mind expanding synths swirl with euphoric bliss while lush lulling backing vocals take the track to a hazy dreamy state. The commanding vocals and heavy beat becomes the steady anchor to hold on to while the track attempts to sweep you up into its woozy hypnotic  electronics. Its a track for relentless dancing.

You can catch Ivory Wave live at

May 20th The Sunflower Lounge (single Launch) The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

June 9th Record Junkee, Sheffield

June 10th Verve Bar, Leeds

Stream ‘ Separate Beat’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Factory

Rock and Roll four piece Factory have released their new single ‘Step A Little Closer’. The band consists of members James Shelley (Lead vocals/Guitar), Karl Richardson (Vocals/Lead Guitar, Tony Dainteth (Vocals/Bass Guitar) and Benjamin Worrall (Drums/Percussion). They have played countless gigs and festivals up and down the country at venues like the Queens Hall and The Cavern as well as packing out venues in their home town. The band are no strangers to big stages, playing academies and theatres such as the Epstein Theatre and the Brindley. They were also chosen by Alan McGee (Creation Records) to open up at the British Sound Project for Primal Scream at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.
‘Step A Little Closer’ is a swagger soaked rock and roll doozy, infusing swinging 60’s blues with the razor sharp edge of modern rock. Dripping in panache with slick splintery guitar and shimmying percussion its an infectious blistering triumph. This high energy track builds in intensity right up to the sultry steamy bridge which slows the tone to a hip swaying sensual psychedelic trip. Punchy drums and dynamic powerful vocals give the track a rugged texture and a Jagger strut vibe. These guys have crafted a staggeringly good hair raising track that is definitely worth a listen.
Stream ‘Step A Little Closer’ below