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Public Access TV ‘Lost In The Game’

Public Access T.V. have released another appetizer from their upcoming album ‘Street Safari’ which is set for release in February. ‘Lost In The Game’ is the second single teasing the glorious joys to come from the bands sophomore album. It’s a funky effortlessly smooth track that drifts in with swagger soaked vocals spread upon a sleek liquefying flaunty melody and buoyant rhythm. It’s stamped with the chicness and cruising swagger of this swanky four piece.  With an elastic exuberant bass teamed with vibrant shimmers on guitar its a rich luscious display. The brass elements and jazzy keys add a sprightly lift and wiggle-ready dynamism. It is oh so cool with a soul tinged hue smothered in infectious melodies, steamy guitar licks and a laid back disco vibe. It hits all the right spots and will have you grooving and boogieing in no time. Refined and smooth this number is an ear worm that charms its way into your brain leaving you uncontrollably bopping and sliding along the dance floor.

Stream ‘Lost In The Game’ below

Public Access T.V. ‘MetroTech’

The boys are back, rejoice, New York’s finest Public Access T.V. have followed their stunning debut album, ‘Never Enough’, with their new release ‘MetroTech’. It’s the first single from the quartets upcoming sophomore album ‘Street Safari’ which is due for release February 2018. This effortlessly cool track seeps and oozes swagger, drenched in funkadelic bravado. It’s a chilled shuffle and strut of infectious funk. With a running elastic sensual bassline that pulls you to the dance floor and rich jittery rhythm this track cruises with finger clicking panache. So danceable, prance worthy and strut ready it’s the definition of slicked back flaunty flamboyance. Smooth sliding lyrics glide and lure while jagged sharp guitar injects a gritty, warm burst into the steamy track. Dripping in finesse it sizzles and burns hot vapor off every note while glissading on a mellow laid-back coolness. An exciting new track from the four-piece, can’t wait for the album.


Stream ‘MetroTech’ below


Public Access T.V. ‘Never Enough’

New York City’s Public Access T.V. have released their smart, smooth and effortlessly cool debut album. ‘Never Enough’. The four piece swan in with their laid back sunny vibes exuding panache and present us with an album to get excited about. John Eatherly (lead vocals, guitar), Xan Aird (lead guitar, vocals), Max Peebles (bass, vocals) and Pete Star (drums, vocals) give us their brand of spine- tingling rock and roll that is a triumph from start to finish.

‘ Never Enough’ kicks things off with ‘In Our Blood’ a rapid snappy infectious track that hooks you in from the start. With smooth swagger filled vocals, brawny flexible drums and of course the incredible slick guitar. This track is infectious and tight. With attention paid to perfecting the small details you wont be able to stop yourself from dancing. ‘Evil Disco’ brings us Public Access T.V. ‘s groovy sensual sound. Its funky elastic rhythm and 70s vibe give a strut quality. The velvety deep almost sleazy vocals coax and lure for the verses. The ear worm melody and chord progression will ensure this song will stick in your head and leave you prancing down the street with this track as your soundtrack. Its so dangerously smooth  and polished if it was a floor you would slip on it and break your neck. ‘Summertime’ is a fuzzed hazy catchy track with an impulsive clap along effect. The steamy sharp guitar and flexible beat lures your hips into a swing while Eatherly’s vocals pine and almost whine with emotion. With lingering notes on vocals the track is soaked in longing and craving. The sticky intensity of the track changes up a little in the middle adding energy and vibrancy and light peppy backing vocals. The jazzy piano feature brightens the track and lightens the gluey mood to a freeing peppy tone. ‘I Don’t Wanna Live in California‘ is a revamped version of ‘ Metropolis’ which I must admit I found was somehow lacking to the original. I feel it didn’t need the revamp. they have given the track a spacey vibe with a disco feel and changed it around a bit. Thankfully they kept the shredding guitar solo and the hazy sunny vibe and added more spice and oomph to the laid back sound. The malleable beat and springy guitar give the track a bite. Eatherly presents us with a gritty, more fiery vocals and rebellious attitude. ‘End Of An Era’ is old school rock and roll reminiscent of Thin Lizzy. Its a swagger infused track that exudes fiery confidence. The zesty biting guitar adds an old school feel with a blazing riff that is red hot giving the track a razor sharp edge. With spirited energetic perky bass and animated beat it is infectious and dance provoking. ‘Patti Peru’ divulges in their grittier sound. The open line ” I was Ready to Die” gives an image of a desperate man on the edge. Eatherly’s shouty/growl vocals adds urgency and anguish to the track. The sharp guitars and pounding drums give the pop punk bouncy vibe. With sweet backing vocals to sing the track out and another display of proficient nimble guitar, six songs into the album and we are addicted craving more.
‘Careful’ is the mood changer in the album. It takes the roll of the slow ballad Public Access T.V. style. With a sway waltz- like sorrowful tone this track displays suffering and agony in three- four time. The misery and torment is displayed perfectly through the wail like vocals you can almost imagine Eatherly with tears running down his cheeks as he expels his agonising martyrdom to his listeners. Contrary to the shrill of vocals, the instrumentation is delicate and elegant. Fluidly flowing piano and a soft beat creates the perfect sweep of graceful delight. The strident ‘In Love and Alone’ is a short burst of boisterous energy. Its brawling rowdy swagger and interchanging between backing vocals and main vocals slaps you with original innovative rock and roll. The band’s knack for ridiculously catchy melodies keep this track constantly replaying in your head. Its a ruckus causing piece of melodic genius. The bridge is dynamic and frenzy evoking unruly joy. ‘Remember’ is a charming sun soaked easy going track with striking sweet guitar and bright tones. Rumbling drums and gritty vocals add texture to the smooth creamy track. ‘Sudden Emotion’ swirls with intensity and confusion as the verses are subdued and cheery, the chorus brings the explosion of instrumentation conveying conflicting emotions. The content lively vocals keeps a bouncy feel and bop to the track. The repetitive bridge with distant vocals and the soft drum beat slows the track down and gives a fantastic link to the final burst into the energetic chorus. ‘On Location’ is a summer high energy middle finger to the world anthem. Where Eatherly tells us to ” do what you want to do” The whole song seems to build both in energy and tone with blustering guitars and pounding drums while still maintaining a sunny Californian vibe up to its crescendo as the vocals progress to a growly shouty “I don’t wanna hear it” end. The album concludes with ‘Sell You on a Lie’ confirming Public Access T.V. ‘s organic undisputed cool stroll swagger and flair for catchy melodies that are sure to give you stuck song syndrome.
Public Access T.V. have big things ahead. They’re just getting started…
Stream ‘ Never Enough’ below

Public Access T.V. ‘End Of An Era’

We are big fans of the New York City band Public Access T.V. here at Indie Buddie. They just keep belting out quality tunes. Earlier this year they released ‘Sudden Emotion’ which gave us a taste of what is to come from their debut album ‘ Never Enough’ which is set for release on 30th September. Now band members John Eatherly (lead vocals, guitar), Xan Aird (lead guitar, vocals), Max Peebles (bass, vocals) and Pete Star (drums, vocals) have released ‘End Of An Era’ to ease the anticipated wait for ‘ Never Enough’.
‘End Of An Era’ lives up to the hype of its predecessors. It glows with infectious rock and roll qualities and a Thin Lizzy vibe. Its a strut-like, swagger infused track that exudes flaming confidence. With slick zesty biting guitar that adds an old school feel and a blazing riff that is red hot giving the track a razor sharp edge. It is enthusiastic and bold with a high spirited peppy elastic bass and sprightly beat that is contagious which will have you bopping along in no time. With cool smooth vocals and catchy lyrics these guys know how to write  a good track and have you hooked from the first note.
‘End Of An Era’ is setting the bar high.
Stream ‘End Of An Era’ below

Public Access T.V. ‘Sudden Emotion’

New York City band Public Access T.V have been banging out major tunes with some awesome EP’s and infectious singles, which we have previously written features on. They have now released ‘Sudden Emotion’ which is glimpse of whats to come from their debut album ‘ Never Enough’ set to release this Autumn.
John Eatherly (lead vocals, guitar), Xan Aird (lead guitar, vocals), Max Peebles (bass, vocals) and Pete Star (drums, vocals) present us with that “oh so sunny” and contagious rock and roll sound that we love in their new single ‘Sudden Emotion’ . From the bright rich guitar intro and punchy drums that soften leaving the zesty guitar to bring a sunny atmosphere and good times . Eatherly’s vocals remain cool and smooth for the verse and become more intense and dynamic for the chorus  as the track progresses. The verses give a smooth carefree vibe while the chorus bursts with energy and emotion. The track is about trying to keep your emotions in check when something affects you as quickly as it does deeply. This is conveyed perfectly as the verses seem to act as the holding back of your emotions as they swirl inside you when eventually and inevitably the chorus brings the explosion of your emotions. Public Access T.V. portray this theme with an infectious melody, strong chords and slick zealous guitars. The repetitive bridge with distant vocals and the soft drum beat slows the track down and gives a fantastic link to the final burst into the energetic chorus.
Another fantastic track from a band who is constantly developing and expanding musically.
Big things ahead for Public Access T.V.

Looking forward to their debut album.
Stream ‘Sudden Emotion’ below