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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Bad Lungs.

Bad Lungs are a garage/punk band from North London. The band comprised of members Tom Rowlett(vox/ Guitar), Frank Lada (Guitar), Dominic Sennet (Bass), Winfred Kent (Keys) and Chris Britain (Drums) have released their debut single ‘The DT’s’ which the five piece self released and pressed themselves.

‘DT’S’ is a vicious bombardment of garage punk, relentlessly wacked out at a neck breaking pace creating the ultimate dizzying hyper assault to the senses. With vocal howls that spit and snear, shrilling guitars that whine pierce screech and wail teamed with pummelling drums it’s a mammoth cyclone ready for those sticky blood thirsty mosh pits. Its fast-heavy garage rock played dexterously and ferociously by this quintet. Ghostly keyboards eerily creep while meaty guitars stride and stomp with raging hysteria. It’s a force to be reckoned with topped off with thrilling distortion bashed along with mighty powerful drumming. This beast of a track shoots you with such a high voltage it will take days to recover.


Stream ‘DT’s’ below

Static Vision ‘What Is and Now’ Album

Static Vision are a punk band from Limerick who have just released their debut album ‘What Is and Now’. It’s a no nonsense assault to your eardrums of slickly presented swagger drenched punk rock with some powerful garage thrown in. Recorded in one day in the Music Hubb Studios in Limerick with Chris Quigley it’s a impressive collection of tunes. ‘The Unknown’ slaps you straight into their rowdy punk sound with shrilling distortion and an aggressive vocal. However, it’s not all shouting and bashing instruments these guys refine it down adding some sublime indie drizzled guitar riffs and an infectious melancholic sing along ready melody into the mix. ‘Tune’ introduces an Arctic Monkeys ‘Brianstorm’ – esque riff to start building into a sun soaked hazy verse which explodes with screaming vocals. It’s a fiery expressive album showcasing their raw kinetic sound. With tunes like ‘Got Soul’ and ‘Familiar Faces’    bringing us the light indie bops rooted in a ruckus causing explosion that I can imagine gets a crowd going crazy. Their tracks are well crafted leaving space to wiggle and dance between the frantic moshing and neck snapping headbanging. ‘Feels Like I’m Older’ is the mellow mood shifter of the album. With bright jangly guitar lines and a peppy sway-like tempo teamed with lush backing vocals it’s a breezy spurt of luminous indie. The vocals remain harsh and fiery but the instrumentation contrasts with a sweet Californian sun kissed vibe. The album is brimming with organic coarse tracks that exude the energy of a live show. Sure, it’s rough and tumble but that’s why it works it’s real and honest. ‘Dead’ is moody sulky bliss reminiscent of Nirvana while the vibrant ‘Alcoholic’ and the sultry ‘Girls’ bounce back with quirky vocals and an infectious indie elasticity which brightens the atmosphere. With psychedelic hues thrown on top and some shredding guitar features these guys are ones to watch.

Static Vision ‘What Is and Now’ Launch show is on tomorrow the 18th November in the Pharmacia Limerick if your around check them out.

Stream ‘What is and Now’ below

Orange ‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’

LA pop punk veterans Orange emerge from four years of complete silence with a new UK based line up which took a year of auditioning to find, a new single and a UK headlining tour this September. The long awaited come-back single ‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’ was recorded and produced entirely by Joe Dexter (vocals, bass) in his bedroom and paints a picture of what it’s like being on the road night after night, hangover after hangover. The band’s touring history consist of tours shared with Bowling For Soup, Zebrahead, Reel Big Fish, The Misfits, Agent Orange, Phenomenauts, Nekromantix, The Aditcts, UK Subs, US Bombs and many others.

‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’ smashes with powerful punk rock punches. Guitars crash and crunch while deep vocals sneer over a nostalgic soaked melody. Whip-cracking punchy drums and elastic bass slaps give a fire fueled brawn and roughness to the track. It’s sharp, rapid and adrenaline pumping punk rock that hits hard and blasts out even harder.

You can catch Orange on their UK tour at

Sept 13 – Southampton, Talking Heads

Sept 14 – Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms

Sept 15 – Swindon, The Vic

Sept 16 – Birmingham, The End

Sept 17 – London, New Cross Inn


Stream ‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The OBGMs

The OBGMs (The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores) are a Canadian punk rock quartet based out of Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2007, by Densil McFarlane (Lead Vocals and Guitar) and Colanthony Humphrey (Percussion), the band fully formed their unique sound with additions Jemuel Roberts (Keyboard, Vocals) and Joseph Brosnan (Bass, Vocals).The bands forthcoming self-titled debut album will be released in a few weeks and the band have revealed a third track from the record in the form of ‘Beat Up Kidz’, which has been released alongside an illustrative music video. The video is full of colour and goes some way to demonstrating the punk rock dance party that is a The OBGMs live show. It’s a party vibe that The OBGMs brought to London’s Afropunk last month and they were even able to translate the good times to a stripped-down set for Sofarsounds.

‘Beat Up Kidz’ is a bruising blistering track, razor sharp and fiery from the start it’s a slap in the face of OBGMs harsh punk rock. Blustery and brutal shrilling guitars cut through the track with ear bleeding distortion while punchy drums wildly pulverize. It’s head crushing ferocity but slick and cool. Elastic groove on bass drives the track into a sensual state of delusion while spitting sneering vocals howl and wail. With a wall of bloodthirsty heavy sounds these guys would drive a live crowd crazy. It’s mighty powerful and absolutely electrifying.

Watch the video for  ‘Beat Up Kidz’ below



Atlas Wynd ‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ / ‘You’re On My Mind’

Atlas Wynd have unveiled two new singles in the form of a double A-side release, following April’s explosive cut, ‘Mona Lisa’, which secured them fans in Huw Stephens (Radio 1) and Elise Cobain (Amazing Radio). The Brighton-based trio of Peter Chapman (vocals/guitar), Harry Sotnick (drums) and newly acquired Sam Evans (bass) who are barely out of their teens have created a tight slick sophisticated sound with each track. The garage rock three-piece grew up in the North East of England before moving to Brighton to study. Following stand out slots at Great Escape, Y Not Festival and regular appearances at Brighton’s Green Door Store, Atlas Wynd have firmly established themselves as a promising name to look out for in the not too distant future.

‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ is a raw edgy indie track that glides in on a deceptive breezy tone. Hazy guitar and daydream  vocals introduce the track with a lazy laid back vibe. The chorus suddenly shocks you into wakening with crashing vigorous guitars, pounding drums and distortion, it’s a forceful sharp slap of alternative rock. Atlas Wynd soothe and relax you just to punch you in the face with their mighty raw sound and most worthy fuzz blasting crescendo. It’s a thrilling wake me up that shows the diversity and refined musicianship of this trio.

The other side to the new double A-side is a much more punk rock affair. ‘You’re On My Mind’ is neck snapping and frenzy doused mighty bliss. Rapid punchy drums pummel through the track while the shredding shrill on guitars pierce with a razor sharp sting. It’s a rumbling dance worthy track filled with mosh ready might . It’s catchy with Peter’s staccato vocal hook adding emotional power while the rhythm gives a nice groove to bop and dance to. These guys are showing skills beyond their years. Definitely ones to watch out for.

Stream ‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ below

Ragweed ‘Silver Spoon’

After 8 self booked tours Brighton’s Ragweed have released their debut AA single ‘Rust Box’ on Milky Bomb Records in November 2016, receiving mutual praise from radio stations and blogs alike. Their second single ‘Silver Spoon’ sees the trio exploring a much darker, sleazy and dirty corner of their minds. Their sound caught Alan Douches of West Side Music’s attention over in New York, most famous for his work with Motor Head, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die and Screaming Females, who mastered the band’s second single ‘Silver Spoon’ was released with has 2  other tracks ‘Grey Matter’ and West Coast Pop’.
 ‘Silver Spoon’ announces itself with a gritty filthy riff shredding against punchy drums and creepy catchy melody. It’s mighty powerful and heavy perfect for sticky mosh pits and manic headbanging. ‘Grey Matter’ follows in a swarm of neck snapping fury. Yelling rasp on vocals and crashing guitars make for a frenzy soaked track with beating blood thirsty drums that create a massacre of sound. ‘West Coast Pop’ follows this whip-lashing trend with vigorous guitars and an aggressive bounce on drums that smash through the track with wild ferocity. Ragweed give us  a fierce 3 track powerhouse of savage pummelling punk rock.

Stream ‘Silver Spoon’ below

Wolf Alice ‘Yuk Foo’

Wolf Alice have released their new single ‘Yuk Foo’, the first track from their second LP ‘Visions of a Life’. This frenzied vicious track is a brutal beating, ear bleeding bash of punk rock. Ellie Rowsell screams, wails and cackles  against the most fury filled enraged backdrop of  savage crashing guitars and pummeling battering drums. It’s a vicious bloodthirsty bruising assault that is so manic and frenzied it’s adrenaline pumping thrilling lunacy. Rowsell’s vocals snarl in a whispered poison spitting rage for the verse which is oddly luring and entrapping before the dangerous riotous chorus kicks in. This track is a rush of ferocity that announces the triumphant return of Wolf Alice.
Stream ‘Yuk Foo’ below

Indie Quick Picks

 Rusty Shipp

Genre: grunge rock

Bio: Rusty Shipp is a rock band from Nashville, TN that likes to call their style Nautical rock n’ roll. They combine the influences of rock legends like The Beatles, Dick Dale and The Beach Boys with the hard-hitting sounds of modern alt rock bands like Nirvana, Muse, and Thrice to craft songs distinguished by their addictive melodies, unconventional riffs, and haunting vocals. At the forefront is the singer-songwriter and guitarist, Russ T. Shipp (literally his birth name), followed by Jake Adams on bass, and AJ Newton on drums.

Track: Devil Jonah

When asked about their sound Russ T. explained: “Though we’re noticeably darker and more aggressive than The Beatles, Their form of songwriting resonates with the largest number of human beings, and we try to tap into that same magic. Bands like Nirvana and Muse did the same thing, but we’re taking it in an even more philosophical direction, while still having fun by incorporating the nautical theme.”

Why We Like It: Its a mighty pounding piece of unconventional rock wrapped in dark pop melodies which are set alight by metallic riffs and heavy headbang ready instrumentation. Its fiery gritty and brawny, thundery and robust in all the right places.

You can follow Rusty Shipp on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/rustyshippband

Watch the video for Devil Jonah below

The Discarded


Genre: garage rock/punk

Bio: Toronto garage-rockers The Discarded is made up of two teenagers and their musician father, brothers Jared Dean-Bass, backing vocals, Caden Jax- Drums, backing vocals and J.P Wasson is best known as the drummer for popular Toronto bands Fifth Column and The Snowdogs, but Caden wanted to drum – so in The Discarded, Dad sings and plays guitar.

Track: Could That Be You

When asked about the track Wasson said: “Could That Be You was the first song I wrote with the band and it came together very quickly. Over the previous months, the boys’ mother and I had divorced. This song is about looking forward and what qualities you’d like a person to have in a new relationship. And ultimately wondering if that person you are seeing is that type of person.”

Why we Like It: It’s a rapid breakneck fuzzy frenzy covered track. Blistering guitars and pummelling drums belting throughout with a lo-fi rock n’ roll vibe that will have a live audience dancing and bopping in no time.
You can follow The Discarded on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/thediscarded16/

Stream ‘Could That Be You’ below

You Can Follow Our Indie Quick Picks Spotify Playlist Here 

Skaters ‘In Your Head’

Skaters have released their new video for their single ‘In Your Head’. Following the excellent comeback ‘Rock and Roll Bye Bye’, playing a sell-out tour with Ratboy and putting the world to rights with their live session for Annie Mac on Radio 1, Skaters are kicking down the doors again, this time it’s in the form of their skewed take on pop with new single ‘In Your Head’ which sets up the release of their sophomore album on March 24th on the band’s very own Yonks Records. Based in New York City via LA and Hull, the international partnership of the band brings all sorts of original ideas to the table which is clear to hear on the new single ‘In Your Head’. The track is the closing track on the band’s full-length album and is the perfect closer to an album which unites clever songwriting and interesting production.
‘In Your Head’ is chilled laid back punk pop, its smooth cool with enough fizz to refresh and add zest to a sticky summers day. Skaters take the NYC/CBGB grit and mix it in with the English spit before letting that ferment in some California sun. Sharp stinging guitar licks brighten up the track and pierce through the thick spongy sticky beats. Thrilling distortion and subtle swirling instrumentation radiate scorching heat and evoke hazy lazy vibes encouraging you to sit back with a cold one and relax. The velvety smooth vocals which are almost drowned in the hazy sun kissed instrumentation exudes attitude with a daydream free spirited vibe. The accompanying video is as charming as it is bratty, as a ballet-dancer-come-street-hoodie is seen pirouetting down the street of Hull, providing a perfect backdrop to perhaps the true meaning of ‘In Your Head’. Lead Guitarist and founding member Josh Hubbard describes how the video came to be;
“The ethos brought to this new project is similar to that of the DIY ethos… but it’s more inclusive, so we’ve coined it DIWOP2, which his short for ‘Do It With Other People Also’. We reached out on the internet to people and people got back. Conversations were had, relationships forged and collaborations were born….
This here video is the outcome from one of those ‘online’ conversations started on the internet. Hull transplant and very talented DP Josh Moore teamed up with us and took a walk down ‘Whitefriargate’ the UK City of Culture’s newly paved high street, real life, in a real city with real people… you can win them all.”
Watch the video for ‘In Your Head’ below


Dear Thieves ‘VIC ROADS’

Melbourne’s indie duo, Dear Thieves, have released the new music video for their single ‘VIC ROADS’. The two-piece, Joel Hansen and Jesse Jones, will also be releasing their 5-track “Bad Habits” EP. “VIC ROADS” is currently available on Triple J Unearthed and everywhere else on 31st March 2017. Having been likened to Black Keys and Royal Blood, Dear Thieves are making waves in their local circuit coming off the back of supports with Sydney-based Strangers and a 5 date east coast tour last year, building a reputation for prolifically fine tuning the two-piece sound with unique and beautifully melodic results.

‘VIC ROADS’ is robust ruckus causing mania that packs a mighty punch. Booming from the start with red blooded powerful drums and sensual gritty riffs its a beast to be reckoned with. Rugged shouted vocals teamed with frenzy causing instrumentation, its one for the sticky blood thirsty most pit . The track oozes lusty brawn with hints of sensual qualities. Its slick, boisterous rough and ready with razor sharp rawness. The video features Hansen and Jones standing at a wall, they drink, they smoke, they sing while all kinds of random items get thrown at them from liquids to papers and balls … so an average night out for some people. These guys are ones to watch.

The two-piece are thrilled to bring their ‘Bad Habits’ tour to east coast audiences throughout March and April you can catch them at

Friday 31st March, Cherry Bar, Melbourne

Sunday 2nd April , Frankies Pizza, Sydney

Friday 7th April || The Haunt, Brisbane
Watch the video for ‘VIC ROADS’ below