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Neon Dolls ‘Black’ EP

Leeds rock five-piece Neon Dolls have announced the release of their new ‘Black’ EP with the release of the new single ‘Creep Inside’ set for release Friday 8th September. Since forming three years ago, Neon Dolls have been busy perfecting their hybrid of muscular Alt-Rock whilst blowing away audiences on the buzzing UK music scene. Formed from the ashes of defunct bands on the scene, the boys quickly developed a sonic formula influenced by guitar greats Oasis, Foo Fighters, Green Day and Led Zeppelin, as well as more recent grunge and rock bands from the USA. With a growing fanbase affectionately dubbed the Neon Army behind them, tracks from their debut album Imperial (released 2015) and 2nd Album When It Strikes (released 2016) were playlisted on BBC Introducing and their sold out live shows led to Fred Perry Subculture hailing them as one of the best new bands in the country.

‘Black’ is an EP brimming with raw ruckus causing rough and tumble rock and roll. The guys slap up a plate of frantic gritty no nonsense rock to sink our teeth in to, and boy it is good. The shrilling oh so thrilling new single ‘Creep Inside’ kicks off the EP. Slick razor sharp riffs pierce throughout while elastic bass bounces against punchy drums creating a hair raising coarse wall of sound. Sneering raspy coated vocals add an aggressive compelling swagger while irresistible seizure inducing guitar licks cause a rush of blood to the head. It’s a bitter bite but satisfying start to the EP.  ‘Invincible’ follows just as raw and bloody but perhaps with a little more sweat and leather. Gravelly vocals scream while slick steamy guitars crash and stride throughout the track leaving burn marks behind. It’s a punchy aggressive beast, rugged and fuzzed but exuding fire and brimstone strut quality and swagger. ‘Nasty Habits’ brings us to a groovy end to the EP. With Kasabian hints and anthemic chorus, this one is sure to go down well at a live show. It’s jagged and bristly soaked in attitude and brawn with nimble silky slick guitar and infectious groove, its sensual, punchy and a little pouty.

Neon Dolls ‘Black’ EP is a rough rugged blow of sharp bruising rock and roll. They know what they are doing and these tunes are staggeringly electrifying.

Neon Dolls will embark on a UK tour this Autumn – for more dates and info head to http://www.neondolls.co.uk/

Stream the new single ‘Creep Inside’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Cloakroom

Alternative rock band Cloakroom have released their debut two singles ‘Don’t Come Home’ and ‘Wankman2000’. Hailing from Newry, Daniel Havern (Drumer), Conall Coulter (Guitarist), Dan Monaghan (Bassist), Ryan Elmore (Vocals) and Sean Hickey (Synth) formed after two of the members (Conall and Sean) saw LCD Soundsystem during their live set at Electric Picnic 2016. This influenced them to start a band which had many musical similarities to LCD. Of course, with the advent of Cloakroom they followed less of these musical influences as the sound developed with the additions of Dan, Ryan and Danny. Influences of the band “Slint” are present with both tracks due to the spoken word vocals featured. However, the influence of LCD soundsystem is still ever present with these tracks due to the synth arrangements.

‘Don’t Come Home’ is an intense spine chilling ominously dark trip. Twinkling creepy sinister synths create an almost horror movie like start. The steady pulsing beat creates a menacing foundation for the track while ghoulish haunting falsetto “ooh”, between anguished shaky vocals. It’s chilling and obscure smothered in simplicity as the feathery light melody on synths glisten, interweaving playfully and eerily against the harsh striking emotional lyrics. The track builds in intensity as drums pound and guitars crash becoming heavy and mosh ready, ending with the piercing shrill of distortion. This track is weighty both instrumentally and emotionally. It’s agonising, harrowing and brilliantly crafted. These guys build to a fury bursting crescendo while still holding back on some of the emotion. Its like a controlled explosion that is held taut so the intensity and torment remains throughout the fierce blow up.

‘Wankman2000’ is a pulsing psychedelic trip swirling in hypnotic soundscapes and flickering synths. A strong beat once again acts as a constant as the track wobbles and warps around it. Becoming heavy the track builds into fury infested headbang rock smothered in psychedelic delusions. Spoken vocals become aggressive and shouty. Dripping in acid-like illusions with dark eerie tones and pounding rhythms it’s another dense staggering track from this five piece.

Cloakroom have presented two chilling throbbing heavy hitting tracks with arrangements that take you on a roller-coaster ride of lurching and rolling with raw anguish and intensity. These two tracks whack these guys into the ones to watch list.

Stream singles ‘Don’t Come Home’ and ‘Wankman2000’ below



Blank Parody ‘A Tension’ EP

Birmingham rock band Blank Parody are set to release their debut EP ‘A Tension’ on the 18th August. The band comprised of members Joby Fitzgerald (Vocals), Liam Howard (Guitar), Connor Hodgkiss (Drums), and Freddie Shaw (Bass) are making a name for themselves with their monstrous guitars, heavy drums, gritty vocals and distorted poetry.

‘A Tension’ is a blistering fierce six track EP seamlessly blending gritty grunge with heavy rock and anthemic pop sprinkled melodies. The rip-roaring track ‘Dark Pretenders’ which we have previously featured on Indie Buddie kicks off the EP, thunderous and fiery this explosive track blasts straight into the no nonsense sound of Blank Parody. It’s a ballsy guitar shredding adrenaline pumping force to be reckoned with. Slick riffs and elastic bass slap against thrilling distortion and punchy drums while vocals growl with gritty hair-raising creepiness.It’s a blood pumping start to the EP. ’Still Stuck Here’ and ‘Thickened Pulse’ maintains this accelerated intense pace. Drenched in gritty sweaty mosh ready rhythms, passionate vocals, well-oiled slick guitar licks and shredding solos, they stomp through with a neck snapping ferocity. ‘Marching Through the Smoke’ follows. It’s an agitated bruising track featuring a sublime emotion filled instrumental that builds to an echoed abrupt sweet vocal end. Dramatic and spirited it’s a flaming raw track with jagged razor-sharp guitar cutting throughout, backed by an animated rhythm. ‘Underachiever’ relieves the tension of the EP a little. The track is much lighter and melodic, softer vocals ethereal guitars and rumbling bass add buoyancy and a lift to the song. However the instrumental break still packs a punch as guitars screech and sting with a rugged scratching shrill. The all-powerful ‘Snakes’ brings a rowdy, growly, bloodcurdling end to the EP. Aggressive, eerie and smothered in dark tones this savage track is a raging body pounding mammoth. With vicious strident guitars pulverizing drums and a mighty throbbing bass it packs a bruising frantic punch.

‘A Tension’ is an EP that showcases the relentless stamina Blank Parody have. Oozing chilling enraged energy with slick proficient musicianship they deliver a fantastic debut EP with raw catchy anthemic tracks that leave you imagining and anticipating a thrilling live show and wanting to hear more. Each track sets itself up to be epic live. Keep an eye out for these guys.

‘A Tension’ is set for release on the 18th August with the EP launch night held at The Asylum, Birmingham on 18th August also. You can buy tickets here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/blank-parody-ep-launch-tickets-35931608408?aff=ebopdstthelist

Stream ‘Dark Pretenders’ below

Before The After ‘What If That’s It?’

Wicklow band Before The After have released their new single ‘What If That’s It?’ taken off their debut self titled E.P. The five piece consisting of members Skye Norton (vocals), Josh O’Reilly (Guitar),
James O’Connor (Bass), Peter Kavanagh (Drums) and Éanna Malone (Guitar) have been jamming and crafting heavy punchy rock music for nearly three years. Drawing inspiration from many 90’s and early 00’s bands such as ‘At The Drive’, ‘TOOL’, ‘Alice in Chains’ and ‘Queens of the Stone Age’.

‘What If That’s It?’ is a raw heavy belter with gritty slick instrumentation smothered in dark tones and a glossy polished finish.Mighty expressive vocals are the powerhouse to this track while razor sharp guitar riffs, punchy drums and elastic bass add a spine tingling sensual almost luring quality. It is mosh worthy with a richly textured rhythm adding a rumbling almost churning effect, this five piece have crafted this track well. Its slick swagger filled guitar licks slide against an intense lusty soundscape creating a biting strong layered track that is thrilling.

Stream ‘What If That’s It?’ below

Behold The Brave ‘Great American Challenge’

Nashville based band Behold The Brave have released their new single ‘Great American Challenge’.This blistering indie  track oozes edgy raw gritty rock smeared in sleazy dragging rhythm and sweat and leather swagger. Slick shredding guitars crash with fuzz fueled euphoria while punchy drums beat with bruising fierceness. It’s a strutting gloat and prance of panache with dynamic raspy expressive vocals and shrilling distorted guitar screeches interjecting the melody. A mosh worthy chorus and fiery instrumentation create a sweltering red hot rock track that is worthy of repeat listens.

Stream ‘Great American Challenge’ below

Ego Kill Talent ‘My Own Deceiver’


Brazilian rock band Ego Kill Talent have released their new single ‘My Own Deceiver’.The band is comprised of members Theo Van Der Loo (guitar/bass), Jean Dolabella (drums/guitar), Jonathan Correa (vocal), Niper Boaventura (guitar/bass) and Raphael Miranda (drums/bass). On the road since 2014 the band’s name comes from the famous saying “Too Much Ego Will Kill Your Talent”. They have gained great exposure in South America playing in festivals such as Lollapalooza, Maximus and Planeta Atlantida. Most recently they performed at Download Festival in France and later this year they are confirmed to play in Rock In Rio Brazil.

‘My Own Deceiver’ is a grunge soaked rock track that travels full throttle blasting your ears with heavy mosh ready sounds. Shredding vigorous guitars and pulverizing drums pelt out the mighty track while raspy powerful vocals flood the song  with swagger filled attitude.This mighty brawny assault to the senses is plastered with gritty riffs and bulky basslines under a catchy melody and snappy rhythm. It’s headbang worthy and fierce while holding sensual elastic elements that give it a slick polished effect.

Stream ‘My Own Deceiver’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Otherkin

Dublin’s garage-rockers Otherkin have released their new single ‘React’ and it’s a fire cracker. The track comes with the announcement of their much-anticipated debut album ‘OK’, which is set to be released on September 29th.‘React’ is a dirty sweat and leather rock riff driven smasher. Exuding adrenaline and swagger from the opening vocal wails this track is a kick ass atomic bomb blasting through your skull at a powerful mighty force. Blazing guitars shred through the track with piercing zesty sting while punchy drums relentlessly keep the neck snapping pace.The slick infectious melody will give you a sudden fever inducing dose of stuck song syndrome while raspy gritty vocals soaked in attitude pumps a rush of energy through your body. With its frantic pace, shrilling guitars and flickering percussion this track is a blazing example of the fine musicianship from this four piece. Keep an eye out for these guys.
Otherkin will play a Dublin show at The Button Factory, December 15th make sure to check that out its going to be insane.

Watch the video for ‘React’ below


The Struts ‘One Night Only’

UK rock band The Struts have released their new single ‘One Night Only’ on Polydor/Interscope Records. It is the first piece of music to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated follow up to their 2016 debut ‘Everybody Wants’. Formed in Derby, England in 2012, The Struts are Luke Spiller (vocals), Adam Slack (guitar), Jed Elliott (bass) and Gethin Davies (drums).The band have been touring nonstop since forming, including worldwide headlining shows, prestigious festival plays and support slots for The Rolling Stones, The Who, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe and The Killers. The Struts will now be opening the first leg of Foo Fighters’ autumn tour across the US.
‘One Night Only’ is the anthemic big rock track you expect from The Struts. With colossal fire fuelled chorus’ and theatrical bursts its got showmanship written all over it. Spiller’s powerful vocals explode emotion while dramatic guitar strides and punchy drums set a scene of excitement and massive adrenaline filled anticipation. Soaked in comradery with hints of nostalgic tones it’s a classic rock anthem. With a shredding air guitar worthy solo these guys have gone all out to blast us with the biggest rock whopper, filled with mighty spirit and a larger than life persona. It’s ambitious and mighty and is sure to be epic live.

Stream ‘One Night Only’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From AT THE SUN

AT THE SUN are a heavy rock five piece from London. Harry (Vocals), Alex (Bass), Kieron (Guitar),Chet (Guitar) and Craig (Drums) blend their love of blues, metal and classic rock to create a powerful sound of big riffs, soulful vocals and ripping solos. We have chosen their single ‘Breathe’ the title track off their new EP as our worth a listen track this week.
‘Breathe’ is a rip roaring blast of straight up rock & roll with slick meaty riffs slapped against adrenaline pumping drums and lusty basslines. Its neck snapping frenzy smothered in sleek anthemic swagger. Robust and heavy while maintaining a shrilling blast of snappy elasticity its instantly likeable. With a shredding air guitar worthy solo and mosh ready brawny heaviness its a catchy exuberantly zingy gutsy track.
AT THE SUN are playing at Shindignation, Bow London, United Kingdom on Aug 5 at The Beehive so make sure to head down and check them out.

Watch the Official Lyric Video for ‘Breathe’ below

Look to the Lady ‘My Name’

Hailing from county Wicklow, Look to the Lady are a hard-hitting alternative rock band, whose dynamic ranges from quiet moments of melancholy to raucous musical madness. Consisting of the lady; Kelly Bolger on vocals, Josh Meakin and John Dunne on guitars and the Newell brothers Michael and Paul on drums and bass, Look to the Lady have been working the Dublin scene hard over the past few years. With regular shows across Dublin. The release of their acclaimed début EP ‘Mechanical Lights’ in 2014 secured a reputation and an increasing fan base. Having headlined venues such as the Mermaid Bray and Charleville Castle, Look to the Lady have proved that with hard work comes reward. The band have been working on an eclectic collection of new material for some time, waiting for the perfect time to release it to the world. They have recently released their single ‘My Name’ along with a stunning video to accompany it.
‘My Name’ is an impressively sophisticated track well layered and mighty with a rock sound that is earthy and breezy while packing a potent punch. Kelly Bolger’s soaring, angelic, powerhouse of vocals are compelling and really quite outstanding. With crunchy guitars strident throughout, Look to the Lady have created a sound and style so satisfying and dark you almost hunger for it. With strong bass and punchy drums teamed with a haunting thrilling melody these guys have meticulously built a song brick by harmonious brick from start to finish, adding textures, tone and emotion and letting it flourish throughout. Keep and eye out for these guys.

Watch the video for ‘My Name’ below