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Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From HotKid

Toronto based trio HotKid have released their new single ‘Caught In The Light’ from their new LP, ‘Late Night Mornings’ which is due for release on May 5th. ‘Caught In The Light’ is a blistering snappy enthusiastic track that will cause a frantic dancing epidemic. Rapid in its nature this track swarms in at full force with blazing guitars and a mighty adrenaline pumping chorus. The elated endorphin releasing track will have you up and dancing in no time. The elastic groove on bass teamed with the rapid punchy drums gives a flexible rebounding slap and bounce to the track. ‘Caught In The Light’  relentlessly keeps its tempo, tirelessly attacking your senses with luscious melodies and infectious beats.

When asked about the track HotKid said

Caught In The Light” is about that feeling of escape you get from watching your favourite old movie, or when you’re upfront at a concert. It’s about that longing to be taken outside of yourself, out of the everyday. It also recognizes how we all exist in-between those moments of escape.

Stream ‘Caught In The Light’ below

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