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Indie Buddie Introducing: Letters to Lions

Letters to Lions are an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band consists of Curt (drums), Joel (Guitar/vox), Jackson (bass) and Adam (guitar/vox). They recently released their single ‘Come Around’ via Code One Recordings. This sizzling breezy indie track bursts with slick aerial soundscapes and meticulous refined musicianship. It’s tightly crafted with razor sharp guitars piercing throughout and gashes of vibrancy cutting slices through the airy instrumentation. Punchy drums and elastic rumble on bass add a bouncy flexibility to the track while velvety expressive vocals add a slap of passion. The anthemic chorus is expressed by a swarming dynamic explosion of crashing guitars and bruising rhythm. Joel’s vocals maintain a cool laid-back vibe that glides upon the compelling instrumentation, creating a seamless blend of hazy mellowness and stinging splintery indie. It’s well-crafted and expressive yet dreamy and luscious. These guys have developed and layered this track perfectly. Its flawless, dynamic and a breath of fresh air.

The track is taken from their second EP ‘Grays Point’ which is set for release tomorrow 10 November, make sure to check it out.

Stream ‘Come Around’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Everywhere

Following the success of acclaimed single ‘Man Up’, London Alt Rock band Everywhere have released their new track ‘Moments’ available now in co-operation with ‘BMD w Friends’ and Universal music. Since their Hypemachine charting debut ‘Eddie’, Eveywhere’s music has been streamed millions of times on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify. They made their first International appearance at the 2013 NME Awards in the UK, playing alongside Django Django and Palma Violets, and later went on to support the Kaiser Chiefs and headline Notting Hill Arts Club in London.

‘Moments’ is a divine soaring infectious indie track. With a kinetic electronic soundscape consumed in a sticky flickering beat and laid back hazy vibes, it’s a dazzling knock out from the five piece. Max Berga’s vocals coo and almost whisper the verses with a compelling allurement building and becoming more dynamic as the track progresses. The song explodes into a dynamite chorus exuding carpe diem vibes and an instant burst of freedom. The production on this track is in the immaculate crisp manner we expect from Everywhere as its oozes oodles of passion. It’s a dreamy laid-back tune that rushes in with floods of adrenaline and a breezy freeing power. The song was originally performed by fellow Swedish Electro crooner ‘Kev’ and was later adapted by ‘Everywhere’ after a chance encounter.

About the track the band said: “We just heard the original and felt that it screamed for a certain kind of arrangement and feel.”

Stream ‘Moments’ below


Nightshifts ‘Karma’

Toronto based producer Nightshifts has released his new single ‘Karma’. Having had past musical successes in other Toronto bands and produced an official remix of “Michicant” for Bon Iver,  Nightshifts is gearing up to release his debut LP this November. ‘Karma’ is a soulful blast into Nightshifts sonic universe. Its smooth cool and ridiculously groovy. With a finger clicking beat and groovy swagger soaked guitar melodies it’s a silky little number. Velvety vocals coo and charm while sonic flecks dazzle and flicker between shimmering synths. This laid-back track is polished and creamy and effortlessly cool. With a relaxing sway like tempo and clap along feature it an infectious funky pop sprinkled ear worm.

When asked about the track Nightshifts said “Karma was written at a time when all my friends and I were very unsure about what we wanted to do with our lives. I wrote the song to try and calm my own nerves; to say it’s ok not to know, let’s just enjoy the ride. Matthew Vlahovich of Young Empires co-produced this track at his Trinity Bellwoods Studio”

Stream ‘Karma’ below

0141 ‘Born To Sing’

Glasgow rock band 0141 have released their new single ‘Born To Sing’ which was produced by Rod Jones of Idlewild. The quartet have played in some of Scotlands most notable venues including King Tut’s, 02 ABC and have previously ventured around Scotland, Manchester, Liverpool and Holland electrifying audiences with their bold, funky and rhythmic sound. They have also made a TV appearance on STV Glasgow in 2015.

‘Born To Sing’ is an infectious smack of indie rock. With an anthemic fist pump ready chorus, battering drums and blistering guitars it’s a feisty unleashed beast disguised in a smooth pop tune. With sharp stings on guitar scorching through the golden inspiring atmosphere it’s an adrenaline surge, highly energetic track that is sure to be epic live. Few bands sound as brazenly ambitious as this four piece, their sound is charming catchy and arena ready. This track is razor sharp and piercing in all the right places while still maintaining a radio friendly smoothness and polished exterior that will have you hooked and singing along from the first note. Keep an eye out for 0141.

The release of ‘Born To Sing’ coincides with their BBC Introducing show at King Tuts on the 9th of November so make sure to check that out if your around.

Stream ‘Born to Sing’ below


Indie Buddie Introducing : Kavalier

Kavalier is an alternative four-piece band based in Kilkeel, Co. Down consisting of members Ryan O’ Neill(Guitar/Vocals), Tommy Rice (Guitar), James Burns (Bass) and Mark Mc Donald (Drums). Their formation was brought about in the winter of 2015, evoked by a desire to relieve boredom while simultaneously combating the cold winter climate. The loft space of an old, post-war knitting factory would later become the bands headquarters. Quickly they began to hone in on a sound that concluded the band had potential to develop beyond a means of alleviating winter boredom. As winter turned to spring and into the summer, the band had narrowed down their newly written material to 3 songs. These select tracks would later be recorded and compiled into their debut EP ‘Songs For Walter’. This year the band had the chance to play at Electric Picnic after being chosen as one of eleven acts to play the “Play The Picnic Stage” Courtesy of RTE 2FM.

 ‘Songs For Walter’ is a three track treasure box overflowing with luscious melodies, calming tones and some shredding instrumentation. The delicately beautiful ‘Wake Up’ kicks off the EP with sweet gentle tones ready to lull you into an elegant state of bliss. Warm ethereal guitar melodies jingle across a soft creamy soundscape. The cushioned bounce on drums and bass give a divine feathery light texture to this sublime track. The sharp injections on guitar and shredding solo pierce the calm track with a zesty sting adding acute spurts of brightness. ‘Stop, Rewind’ follows continuing with a supple tone, but this time the four-piece add a little more grit to the creamy flow of the EP. The stop start jumps give a jitter to the track while winding guitar melodies weave playfully throughout. Another delicate mind easing song that is oh so easy and delightful to listen to. ‘Drop 65’, the final track on the EP shows us the heavier gritty side to Kavalier. It’s swagger soaked attitude driven and darker. The guitars take a rough rugged approach with a choppy fuzzed aggressive element. The drums pound while the bass rumbles creating a meatier more rock infused track.

Kavalier ‘Songs For Walter’ EP displays their knack for beautiful organic melodies, slick intricate guitar work and sophisticated musicianship. It’s a tight EP that place’s these guys firmly in the ones to watch list.

Stream ‘Songs For Walter’ below


Public Access T.V. ‘MetroTech’

The boys are back, rejoice, New York’s finest Public Access T.V. have followed their stunning debut album, ‘Never Enough’, with their new release ‘MetroTech’. It’s the first single from the quartets upcoming sophomore album ‘Street Safari’ which is due for release February 2018. This effortlessly cool track seeps and oozes swagger, drenched in funkadelic bravado. It’s a chilled shuffle and strut of infectious funk. With a running elastic sensual bassline that pulls you to the dance floor and rich jittery rhythm this track cruises with finger clicking panache. So danceable, prance worthy and strut ready it’s the definition of slicked back flaunty flamboyance. Smooth sliding lyrics glide and lure while jagged sharp guitar injects a gritty, warm burst into the steamy track. Dripping in finesse it sizzles and burns hot vapor off every note while glissading on a mellow laid-back coolness. An exciting new track from the four-piece, can’t wait for the album.


Stream ‘MetroTech’ below


Anna-Liese ‘Stand On My Own’ EP

Waterford-based Anna-Liese have released their new EP ‘Stand On My Own’. The four piece which consists of members Emmet Conefery (vocals, guitar), Mark Walsh (vocals,guitar), Eddy Blake (drums) and Sean Carey (bass guitar) have fabricated a collection of tracks that takes their sound to a new level. The ‘Stand On My Own’ EP marks a serious more sophisticated and refined venture into their alternative rock. ‘Standing By The Riverbed’ is the first track on the EP and it screams their new tighter more competent sound. With a Green Day-esque feel mixed with a massive anthemic chorus, crashing guitars and punchy drums, it’s one hell of an introduction to the EP. Showcasing a substantial growth since their previous EP ‘Chasing and Fading’ it’s crisp compact and oh so catchy. This quartet have learned to take their time pacing each track out building and brooding with the verses with little chorus bursts teasing and leaving space for the crescendo’s to soar and excite. ’Oh Me Oh My’ is perhaps my favourite track on the EP. It jingles and sways with sweet sharp guitar melodies while a soft punch on drums adds a shot of grit. The vocal melody glides with bright melty smoothness while lush backing vocals coo with tender delicacy. It’s melancholic and gentle but those guitar lines are sublime- sharp and zealous adding splinters to the breezy sombre track. ‘Scrappy Boy’ adds a bit of heaviness to the EP. It’s slick swagger soaked and gritty. Once again shredding guitar lines lift the track into legendary status while a driving rumble on bass adds a ripply foundation and flexibility to the track. The vocals are strong and expressive. ‘First In Line’ lightens the tone of the EP, again it’s energetic and instrumentally snug. The tracks run along balancing heavier soundscapes with light airy indie seamlessly. Now ‘Stand On My Own’ brings us to the end of the EP with a cocktail of sounds and tempos. Beginning jangly and almost tropical before the vocal line brings a slower cruising tempo, with twinkles of warm guitar. The feisty chorus is catchy and assertive. The track returns to the brisk peppy tropical tone before resting on a swayable weaving hazy crescendo.

Anna-Liese ‘Stand On My Own’ EP exudes passion. It feels like they let go and poured themselves into this EP wholeheartedly and it pays off. They have grown up and with that have taken a strong command, honed in and refined their sound. It’s a joy to listen to. They flicker and fluctuate between different musical styles seamlessly creating their own unique style which is hard to do without sounding choppy and rough. There is something for everyone. It’s so melodic, luscious and well crafted. Anna-Liese are coming into their own.

Stream ‘Stand On My Own’ EP below

The Curious Incident ‘Got Ya’

The Curious Incident have released their new single . It is the second single from the duo’s upcoming EP “Conjugate” which is set for a January 2018 release. It follows the first single “Get What You Give” which has been nominated for Best Song at the Vocalzone Best of British Unsigned Music Awards. The band has had a busy year (both in the UK and abroad) and since playing their first show in The Netherlands in October 2016 the band have now been chosen as KX Radio’s ‘KX Talent’ in The Netherlands and have also been booked for 17 shows so far in the country’s largest travelling music festival – Popronde. “Honey Hunger”, another of the band’s singles has climbed passed the 100,000 streams mark on Spotify and their ‘Indie with a Caribbean Twist’ has been played on BBC2 and 3FM (NL), been featured on BBC Introducing and had spot plays on XFM, Absolute Radio, Wizard Radio and Amazing Radio. The boys have also gone the extra nautical mile to bring their summer vibes to the masses by teaming up with The Ice Cream Union to create the band’s very own ice cream flavour; It’s passionfruit & coconut.

‘Got Ya’ is a wiggle ready track oozing oodles of those good times and summer vibes this duo do so well. Starting simply with an acoustic guitar and smooth vocals the track unravels gently into their tropical kissed sound. The bouncy peppy beat rebounds off the sweet tender melody while the zesty sting of guitar adds a refreshing burst of vibrancy. The duo take their time with this track, with breezy soundscapes wisping into a sombre hued melody, it’s a slower deeper dose of heaven. Still remaining lively instrumentally it’s a bop and a half bursting with energy. The lush backing vocals and chilled bridge showcases their skill with adding emotion and depth to their tracks. They are blossoming nicely.

Stream ‘Got Ya’ below

Gundogs ‘Monsters’

Gundogs have released their debut single ‘Monsters’. Formed from 3 national touring bands, the members of Gundogs donned the masks to bring some mystery and danger back to rock music. Their first release ‘Monsters’, a sing-along desert rock jam, featuring the smoky vocals of up-and-coming starlet Cloe Corpse, a BBC Introducing favourite who has turned industry heads, even working with Avicii. ‘Monsters’ is a catchy snappy indie rock track smothered in spooky vibes its perfect for your Halloween party playlist. Punchy drums pound, shredding guitars crash while haunting backing vocals add a chilling sense of a fun fright night. Well layered with gritty rock elements and a pop smattered melody it’s a catchy little ditty. With dark undertones infectious shaky rhythm and slick guitar work it’s a fun bouncy portrayal of a darker theme.

When asked about the track the band said “Monsters was written about our reaction to terrorism and the changing face of the modern world, and finding our place within it”

Stream ‘Monsters’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Michael Jablonka

Michael Jablonka is a musician from London. In addition to performing as Michael Kiwanuka’s chosen guitarist Jablonka has been fine-tuning his own powerful 21st-century take on bluesy alt-funk and soulful indie-rock. The 27-year-old has been gigging since the tender age of 14 as an in-demand guitarist for hire. Those who have enjoyed his dextrous services include Charlie Brown, Stooshe, Shakka and Delta Maid. Jablonka’s intense yet universal alt-rock’n’soul tunes scream for wider appreciation and ‘Peacefully’ is the first of a dynamite double-A to be released by Jablonka on Lost In The Manor Records.

‘Peacefully’ erupts with a blistering guitar riff that sizzles and scorches into a whip crack slapping rhythm. Jablonka’s vocals, raspy and soul infused bleed over the melty infectious melody. It’s so satisfyingly heavy and fuzzed with sharp enthralling guitar exuding red hot fiery swagger. Jablonka is cool and majestic while the massive anthemic chorus explodes with a combustible rawness. Edgy and refined it’s an electric soul belter that will leave you gobsmacked. This guy has so much talent it seeps from every note, every lyric, glowing like divinity, it’s a track to gather the masses and consume them in its celestial sound. It’s a slap in the face announcing a true musician in all his glory. Put it on repeat ‘Peacefully’ is your doorway to escapism, consume and absorb this divine track. Keep an eye out for this guy.

“Peacefully is about separating yourself from a rough situation,” says Jablonka of the track produced by Ben ‘BJ’ Jackson at NXNE Studios in London. “Everyone is constantly in need of escapism.”

Stream ‘Peacefully’ below