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Five Days North ‘City of Wonder’

Manchester-based indie pop band Five Days North have released a music video for their new track ‘City of Wonder’. Comprised of members Darryl Messer (Vocals, Synth), Dave Urwin (Guitar/banjo, Backing Vocals),Sam Taromsari (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Lewis Howells (Bass) and Zoravar Bakshi (Drums) Five Days North are an energetic indie pop band creating music that centers around powerful vocals, catchy choruses and memorable melodies. In the summer of 2016, they released their debut EP ‘Past Times’ which contained the single ‘Won’t Stop for Nothing’ which has featured on ITV’s This Morning and was released with an accompanying music video. Their second single in April 2017 ‘Shapeshifters’ was played on BBC Introducing in Manchester. They have played a multitude of live events around the UK, alongside performing on festival stages such as Dot to Dot 2017, Warrington festival 2016 and multiple performances at Pangaea Festival.

‘City of Wonder’ is a breezy indie pop dazzler. A buoyant beat sets the foundation for this spirited elastic track. Shimmering synths sparkle throughout the sticky beat while sharp stings on guitar pierce through the syrupy soundscape. Smooth vocals soothe throughout with passion as the nostalgic soaked sweet melody oozes emotion. It’s a catchy tune complete with tight production and vibrancy. Melodic and sugar drizzled it’s a sweet moving little gem.

Watch the lyric video for ‘City of Wonder’ below


Wild Youth ‘Lose Control’

Dublin band Wild Youth comprised of members David Whelan (vocals/guitar) Conor O’Donohoe (keyboard/vocals) Ed Porter (guitar/vocals) and Callum McAdam (drums) have released a video for their upcoming new single ‘Lose Control’, which is set for release this Friday 8th September. ‘Lose Control’ is an instantly catchy radio ready surge of indie pop. Sweet vocals caress  a smooth feathery light melody. The rich clap along finger clicking rhythm makes this track danceable and breezy. Twinkling guitars and soft shimmers on keys create a floaty blissful melty atmosphere and rush of youthful adrenaline while the steady beat pulses throughout. This dreamy ear worm will have you dancing and grooving in no time. It’s a sophisticated, intricately layered, sublime track that is sure to be a hit.

You can catch Wild Youth live at

12 Sep Cyprus Avenue, Cork

13 Sep Abner Browns, Dublin

19 Sep Trinity Freshers Ball, Dublin

22 Sep Grand Social, Dublin

23 Sep Roisin Dubh, Galway

Check out the video for ‘Lose Control’ below

ZEALS ‘Ready To Fly’ EP

Somerset based three-piece, ZEALS have released their second EP ‘Ready To Fly’. The EP was recorded over the last few months at Longwave Studios in Cardiff with producer Romesh Dodangoda who’s best known for his work with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Motorhead, Funeral For A Friend, Lower Than Atlantis and Twin Atlantic. The follow up to their ‘Playing Games’ EP, the new collection features five pop flavoured and addictive indie – rock tracks and includes live favourite and lead single ‘Feel It’ which is accompanied by a stunning video. ZEALS current line-up of Harrisen Larner (Vocals & Guitar), Rob Whelan (Drums)and Toby Andrews (Lead Guitar & Vocals) formed eighteen months ago in Weston-Super-Mare after taking inspiration from and sharing a mutual love of acts such as The 1975, Fickle Friends, Prides and One Republic to heavier bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis and Fatherson. Since then the band have developed a truly exciting and powerful live set that sees them play to ever growing and excitable audiences from around the Bristol area to as far afield as Austria and Hungary. This new found fanbase ensured that the aforementioned eight track long ‘Playing Games’ EP peaked at number 59 in the iTunes Rock Album Charts on its release last year.

‘Ready To Fly’ is a blood pumping rush to the head of indie rock that makes you feel every note from delicate tender to ballsy energetic anthems. It’s a youth filled five track collection to enjoy and hold dear. Lead single ‘Feel It’ kicks off the EP with bright bubbly vibes surrounded by squirts of zesty guitar and hip shaking rhythm. It’s light warm and sun kissed with a catchy chorus that displays a grittier sharp side without becoming overpowering. The sweet honey drizzled melody is so infectious and dreamy and with Larner’s velvety smooth soul infused vocals, it’s the perfect start to the EP. ’Do You Really Care’  is a massive passionate track brimming with punchy drums, razor sharp guitar and adrenaline pumping energy. It’s mosh pit, crazy jumping ready with feathery light blissful guitar and a hefty meaty rhythm. Dancing embarrassingly around the room is guaranteed with this emotionally and instrumentally explosive track. ‘Paddles’ is oh so slick. This track really shows off the sensual bluesy tinged sound of ZEALS. Swagger soaked and fiery with shredding guitars crashing against pummeling drums and a groovy hip shakingly smooth bass line. It’s a scorching, blistering Lower Than Atlantis- esque sizzler. ‘Dark Waters’ cools the tone and takes the role of the slow burning tender mood shifter. Sway-like and sweet with a punchy bopping rhythm it’s nostalgic and delicate. Lush “oooh” vocals create a sing along friendly quality to the heart-warming track. The song builds becoming a little more heavy and emotional but still maintains a light bounce and breezy vibe. ‘Ready To Fly’ brings us to an explosive end to the EP. Flickering soundscapes flash bright scintillation while punchy drums, glistening guitars and fist pump anthemic chorus create a powerful energetic rush of intensity.

ZEALS have created an EP that shows their tight plucky musicianship. It’s a treasure of tunes glowing and sparkling packed with emotion and passion that makes the listener feel every note like a spark of electricity. Each track maintains a powerful explosive stamina to keep you pumped throughout. It’s bright, light indie pop grounded by some heavy elements adding a bit of punch and gravity. Overall a sublime satisfying listen.

Stream ‘Ready To Fly’ below


Miles Horn ‘Stranded In Emotions’

Singer songwriter Miles Horn has released his new single ‘Stranded In Emotions’.Born and raised in South West London Horn has won support from BBC Introducing in Oxford and has had features from credible tastemakers at Bittersweet Symphonies and Independent Clauses. ‘Stranded in Emotions’ displays Horn’s slick contemporary blend of soul rock and synth pop. The track is funky with an effortlessly cool groove and swagger. Its dark longing verses are drenched in sultry tones. Sharp guitar licks add a seductive steamy whine while a steady shimmy beat and sweet backing vocals give an almost disco effect. It’s catchy and richly layered with intricate warm guitar melodies interweaving playfully between Horns deep vocals. Smothered in sensual sleekness and yearning it’s a confident little dazzler that is vaporous and humid yet ridiculously groovy and infectious.

You can catch Miles Horn performing a headline show at the iconic Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on September 13th as well as an extensive London tour in the Autumn.

Stream ‘Stranded In Emotions’ below



Beachwood Coyotes ‘I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes’

Indie rock four-piece Beachwood Coyotes have released their new single ‘I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes’. The new single features socially conscious lyrics, critiquing race relations in America. The Los Angeles based band have received acclaim from KROQ, Huffington Post, Wonderland Magazine and XS Noize among other tastemakers.

‘I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes’ is an energetic explosion of luscious indie pop soaked in electronic retro 80’s sounds. Rich rhythm and flickering soundscapes  create a lavish texture and blinding bedazzlement. With a vocal melody that rushes through like a surging flood, pumping adrenaline through your veins and an anthemic powerful chorus, these guys have written a track that is so intense and mighty yet glides with effortless breezy cool tones. With funky elements and hip hop hues it’s a multi faceted spurt of infectious songwriting and craftsmanship.

Beachwood Coyotes EP ‘Scrubby’ is set for release this Wednesday  September 6th  with a special release party at the Satellite in Los Angeles, California so make sure to check that out.

Stream ‘I’m Tired Of Rolling My Eyes’ below

James Ghareeb ‘Do It With Luv’

Singer-songwriter James Ghareeb has announced the release of his new single ‘Do It With Luv’ from his forthcoming EP available later this year. Ghareeb first found success after becoming a social media breakout star through his Vine videos. He started making short clips covering the likes of Justin Bieber, surpassing over 6 million views along the way.  In 2015 James recorded his first EP ‘Hanging From The Stars’ which debuted at number 4 on the iTunes chart upon release. During that time, the Lebanese American, caught the attention of critically acclaimed produced Tony Ghantous (Kris Allen, Disney), who quickly began work on Ghareeb’s sophomore release.

 ‘Do It With Luv’ is a crisp fresh sun soaked tune that radiates laid back vibes and good times. Laced in tropical rhythms with rock pop elements and an infectious delicious melody it’s slick cool and oh so catchy. Sharp zests of guitar squirts between rich clap along rhythms and velvety vocals. Lush backing vocals “woo” adding colour and vibrancy. The track cruises with mellow easy-going euphoria and elastic bounce. It’s breezy sun kissed and mind numbingly dreamy all while packing some nice perky stabs of R&B and soul. Tightly wrapped in intricate sleek production and fine musicianship this track rolls in on a wave of carefree bliss. I’ll look forward to hearing more from James Ghareeb

Stream ‘Do It With Luv’ below

Heez ‘This time will be different’ Album

Heez has released his new album ‘This time will be different’. The sensual groovy ‘Aphysical’ kicks off the album featuring sweet vocals from Culture Child. Previously featured  on Indie Buddie this track has R&B soul entwined with  dark clammy sultry flexwave. ‘Whoa there’ is brimming with Heez’s swagger filled attitude and sauve. Sticky beats ricochet off ethnic tinged swirling  soundscapes while aggressive rapped vocals flow with venom-filled vigour. Its cruising slick and steamy while holding a nice bit of punch. ‘Sins’ featuring Trip Carter displays a brighter bubbly side to Heez’s sound. Still oozing swagger and panache from its core this sleek ditty radiates sunshine and good times. Sweet melody caresses the soft beat and gliding electronics. This is the perfect summer tune – cool breezy, sun kissed and catchy as hell. ‘Curfew’ bleeds emotion and passion to a body grooving beat and flashes of electronics. Dramatic and heavy its hard hitting and deeply emotive. With an exotic guitar feature its delicate and balmy and richly textured. ‘Slow me down’ featuring the beautiful voice of Kiki Halliday closes the album with pulsing beats dreamy tones and a delicious arrangement. Its melty melody is delicate and tender flowing with such grace and beauty while still maintaining Heez’s sticky drippy electronics. Halliday’s vocals blend perfectly with Heez’s it’s quite touching and sweet.

Heez has proven with ‘This time will be different’ album that he has a knack with melodies and a refined ear for complex sublime arrangements. At times, its tough and aggressive punchy and dark other times its sweet delicate and touching. He blends these seamlessly creating a unique exquisite album that’s absorbing.

Stream ‘This time will be different’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing: MRYGLD

MRYGLD (pronounced ‘marigold’) is a rock band from Birmingham, Alabama formed in 2017. This band is as fresh as they come, formed by Brandon Snipes (vocals, guitar) and the musical “dynamic duo” of Shane (lead guitar) and Alyssa Jewell (vocals, keys). After recruiting drummer Kyle Blair and bassist James McCauley, the lineup was set and MRYGLD was born. They have released their debut music video for their single ‘Cool Kids’.

‘Cool Kids’ is a dynamic infectious indie track bursting with oodles of catchy melodies honey coated and smothered in sweet heartfelt nostalgia. Sharp zealous riffs drive the track, cutting through the bubble bouncy beat and sublime melody. The blend of Snipes warm vocals with Jewell’s light sweet vocals creates a unique beautiful tone. It’s a delicious can of sugar coated indie pop with a refreshing sharp sting. Dreamy harmonies create a laid-back vibe while the driving rhythm adds a bounce quality and bop. Its instantly likable, gentle and gripping with a sway like quality and ear worm infectiousness. It’s a dainty melodic gem. Snipes vocals at times remind me of Brandon Flowers from The Killers and the guitar work is majestic, that solo is bright vibrant and energetic all while flooding you with nostalgia and reminiscence. These guys have written a track that makes you feel something. It’s pretty impressive.

Watch the video for ‘Cool Kids’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Beck

Beck has released his new single ‘Dear Life’. It is the third single from the upcoming album ‘Colors’. The album is Beck’s first full length offering of new material since 2014’s ‘Morning Phase’ took Album of the Year top honors at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, as well as Best Rock Album and Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical) category. The album also saw him nominated for ‘International Male Solo Artist’ at the 2015 BRIT Awards. In addition to the newly unveiled ‘Dear Life’ Colors includes both of Beck’s singles that preceded it, the new mix of the psych-dance summer jam ‘Dreams’ and the retro-futuristic earworm ‘Wow’.

‘Dear Life’ is a peppy piano driven little ditty. The cheery piano jingles flutter between a slapping beat and a lush pop melody. Drizzled in a 70’s Elton John- esque vibe Beck gives us a hip wiggly track rounded off and coated in hazy dreamy soundscapes. Soft backing vocals lull with sweet luscious tones creating a smooth blissful heavenly atmosphere. It’s laid back and calm with some nice sharp guitar zests squirted in to add a bit of edge and sharpness to the track. Beck layers this track seamlessly creating a contemporary swoony song with an almost jazzy foundation. Well crafted, refined  and so tightly bound it seems simple and laid back. With winding twists and turns  Beck proves when it comes to meticulously combining all the components of a track he is a master.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Dear Life’ below

Ben Stevenson ‘Yellow Bird’

Toronto-based musician Ben Stevenson has released his new single ‘Yellow Bird’. The track is taken from his upcoming LP ‘Cara Cara’ which will be released on September 22 via Culvert Music. It’s a dreamy melodic song gentle and calm gliding on a soft cloud of bliss. With delicate acoustic accompaniment it wisps around in a feathery light flow of elegance. Slight sweet twangs add a hazy wobble and sharp zest while Stevenson’s velvety vocals coo throughout. With a soft melody it’s honey sweet and sensitive, a beautiful delight and perfect for lazy laid back days.

When asked about the track Stevenson said: “I wrote Yellow Bird in the California desert high above Joshua Tree where I was working with Adam Pavao in his desert hideaway studio. I feel the expanse of the land in the song, a song about freedom. It’s about realizing that reality is undefined, not fixed, and to experience liberation you have to rid yourself of attachment and expectation.”

Stream ‘Yellow Bird’ below