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Charlie Millikin ‘All These Things’

Ohio soulful singer-songwriter Charlie Millikin has recently released his newest single ‘All These Things’. Being born into a family of musicians, singers and songwriters, it was only natural that Charlie grew a strong passion for music and after being inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Gavin DeGraw and Eminem, Charlie chose to put his focus on his songwriting talent. ‘All These Things’ is written about the feeling of waking up every day under the weight of a combination of these mental illnesses and continuing to live with it rather than working towards getting better because of becoming comfortable with the feeling in a paradoxical sense.

‘All These Things’ is a sweet feathery light little ditty. This easy listen track displays Millikin’s warm smooth soulful vocals which soothes and adds a tone of positivity to the lyrical theme of the perils of anxiety and depression. A bouncy beat, honey soaked melody, sing along infectious chorus and bright tones add a sun kissed vibrancy and heart-warming vibe. This heartfelt track reaches out and speaks to everyone, its deeply moving and honest but also hopeful and comforting. Millikin is a versatile artist and uses his sincere writing skills to approach a tender delicate emotional theme in a wholesome passionate yet peppy manner.

When asked about the track Millikin said “This song, to me, paints the picture that no matter what you’re dealing with, it will pass and you’re going to be alright.”


Stream ‘All These Things’ below

ScttWlkr ‘Sleep Cycle Cyanide’

Alaska based singer-songwriter ScttWlkr has recently released his newest single ‘Sleep Cycle Cyanide’. As an artist, ScttWlkr is notorious for his use of soulful lyrics and his powerful raspy voice and although he’s experimented with different instruments, as every good artist does, he’s built a following around his bare bones acoustic music, allowing the focus to remain on the lyrics that he pours his soul into.

‘Sleep Cycle Cyanide’ is a warm melodic treasure packed with passionate soulful vocals depicting heartfelt emotional lyrics. Sweet guitar twangs as ScttWlkr’s soothing raspy tone creates a beautiful tender scene and candle lit delicacy. With soft acoustic guitar strums throughout it’s cosy and intensely moving and captivating. With a stunning gentle melody and toasty mellow exterior wrapped in nostalgic tones its wholesome and pure. It’s simply presented but extremely effective.

Explaining the inspiration behind the release, ScttWlkr said,

“I wanted to capture the feeling of sadness, and write a song that could be felt and related to by anyone who has ever been through a rough patch in relationships. Whether it be family, friends or significant others.” 

The track was released in late June and is available to stream or purchase via all major media providers. For more information about ScttWlkr, his future releases and any upcoming live shows, follow him on his social media pages here

Stream ‘Sleep Cycle Cyanide’ below


 James Walker ‘Weathered’

British singer-songwriter James Walker has released  his new single ‘Weathered’. The track is taken from Walker’s forthcoming album ‘English Bones’ due for release later this year and is the follow-up to his recent single ‘Next To Me’. Originally a session musician, James Walker performed as a piano player for a number of touring artist’s, spending the past six years playing across the world.  Soon after, Walker developed a rare heart condition, which resulted in a year-long battle and major surgery to save his life. Earlier in 2016 he released his debut EP ‘Modern Medicine’ drawing on influences from the likes of Conor Oberst and The Weepies.  Following its launch, Walker announced a UK and US tour to support his debut EP, which was his first chance to play to an audience as a solo artist. The shows became a great success and enabled him to build up an international fan base.

‘Weathered’ is an emotional blow and hard hitting melodic track, with warm acoustic accompaniment and ethereal breezy soundscapes. Smothered in emotional depth and tender passionate vocals it’s sweet soul searchingly striking yet heartwarming and strongly moving. Sweet falsetto vocals pull at your heart strings while lush harmonies fill out the sound with warmth and compassion. A sway-like tempo and touching lyrics make this track instantly stand out. It stops you in your tracks, makes you listen and pulls every feeling out of your soul and lays it in front of you. Packed with simple raw emotion which Walker carefully portrays in a soothing tender manner. It’s a beautiful experience.

James Walker’s first full-length album ‘English Bones’ will be released via Wild Native Records and was produced by Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Bring Me The Horizon). ‘English Bones’ is a step away from Walker’s debut EP, both thematically and stylistically and for the first time will be accompanied by a full band. To support the release of his new album, Walker has announced a 35-date tour across the UK and Europe this year, kicking off in the Netherlands this August. More information and tour tickets can be found on his official website here


Stream ‘Weathered’ below.

Ben Bateman ‘Don’t Breathe A Word’

Ben Bateman is a singer/songwriter from the northeast of UK. He began playing guitar at the age of ten and writing songs at thirteen. He travelled to New Zealand at the age of 17 to perform music and develop his live performance skills, which he brought back to the UK shortly after and began performing at all the folk clubs in the north east.He is releasing his new single ‘Don’t Breathe A Word’ on July 31st. Its a warm dreamy folk pop track. Swoony and light doused in gentle romantic tones with a sweet melty melody it’s a tender delicate delight. Reverb laced guitar adds a mellow comforting tone as Bateman’s smooth slightly rasped vocals coo and soothe you into a gentle swaying lull. The subtle bass adds depth to the feathery light fluttering heart track. It’s simply composed and as sweet as pie.

‘Don’t Breathe A Word’ is the first of six songs Bateman will be releasing monthly over the next half-year so keep an eye out for those.
You can hear ‘Don’t Breathe A Word’ on YouTube below


Lana Del Rey ‘Groupie Love’ and Summer Bummer’

Global superstar Lana Del Rey has unveiled two new singles ‘Groupie Love’ and ‘Summer Bummer’ with further details of her upcoming studio album ‘Lust For Life’ which is set for release July 21st via Polydor Records. Alongside the full tracklist and list of featured artists, ‘Lust For Life’ is now available to pre-order which will unlock instant downloads of her new singles.
‘Groupie Love’ featuring A$AP Rocky is sweet smooth dreamy coated retro tinged pop. Del Rey’s reverb glazed vocals croon with a sultry soft sweetness while breezy wispy soundscapes and pulsing beats create the perfect narcotic backing. It’s majestic and beautiful gliding with elegance around A$AP Rocky’s rap which adds a favourable dose of hip hop swagger.
‘Summer Bummer’ has a heavier hip hop influence with snappy floppy beats and a larger verse for guests A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti. Del Rey croons with a smokey lull and sultry swagger. Backing vocals wail adding a ghostly haunting atmosphere to the dark drenched track. This track gives us a summer haze with a shadowy opaque stained hue. Lana Del Rey presents us with two new luscious dreamy tracks with ‘Groupie Love’ and Summer Bummer’.

Including the already-released singles ‘Love’ and ‘Lust For Life’, the full album tracklist is as follows:
1. Love
2. Lust For Life (ft. The Weeknd)
3. 13 Beaches
4. Cherry
5. White Mustang
6. Summer Bummer (ft. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti)
7. Groupie Love (ft. A$AP Rocky)
8. In My Feelings
9. Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind
10. God Bless America – And All the Beautiful Women In It
11. When The World Was at War We Kept Dancing
12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (ft. Stevie Nicks)
13. Tomorrow Never Came (ft. Sean Ono Lennon)
14. Heroin
15. Change
16. Get Free

Stream ‘Groupie Love’ and ‘Summer Bummer’ below

Aaron Espe ‘Heidi’

Raised in small-town northern Minnesota, singer-songwriter Aaron Espe got his start by opening for the folk duo Storyhill in Minneapolis before dropping out of college to tour on his own. His career has taken him across the U.S. and overseas, playing in coffee shops, bars, churches, and even the occasional yoga studio. He has released five solo albums, a Christmas EP, and several singles. Nettwerk Records released the EP Through Frozen Forests in 2012, which peaked at #7 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. In October of 2015, his song “Beyond the Sun” was recorded by the Nashville Cast (feat. Lennon Stella) and aired on ABC. Among other coveted placements, Espe’s recordings have been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, and the documentary film Where the Yellowstone Goes, as well as commercials by Sainsbury’s, Volkswagen and Toys “R” Us. A resident of Nashville, Tennessee, Espe often performs songwriter rounds at local venues The Basement and Bluebird Café. He has released his new single ‘Heidi’ taken from his upcoming LP ‘Passages’ which is out September 8th via Nettwerk.
‘Heidi’ is a sweet honest wholesome track richly satisfying but so tender and beautiful. Gentle elegant acoustic guitar caresses Espe’s lush delicate vocals creating a sublime dreamy atmosphere that oozes rose petal sweet scented romance. Instantly catchy this hum along worthy tune is blissfully lovable and comforting. Simple and passionate, it’s a treasure that will melt any heart. This song is pure and true unadulterated romance, clean and crisp with warm raspy tints it’s simply heavenly. So beautiful and touching it stops time while you are listening to it.
When asked about the track Aaron Espe said
“Heidi is my wife. One of the first times we talked in depth was beside a campfire in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at a KOA campground. This song is about that time, more than 10 years ago now. I was so damn in love. It wasn’t requited for a while, but as you can see, things worked out. Besides literally being a tribute to that memory, I suppose this song is about the moment you know you’ve already chosen somebody, but they have to choose you back. You have no idea if that’ll ever happen. It’s way out of your control. But the weird thing is, even though your life is basically in someone else’s hands, you feel so good.”

Stream ‘Heidi’ below

Olly Flavell ‘Caged’

Olly Flavell a Manchester-based singer-songwriter currently studying at British and Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute, has released his new single ‘Caged’. Olly has obtained slots at festivals such as 2000 trees and has played iconic venues such as Birmingham’s Genting Arena and the ICC Symphony Hall. Olly’s skillfully crafted songs have earned him the opportunity to write toplines for Swedish dance music and also write for the likes of Little Mix. Collaborations with Tim Lord and Ben Newbury, stylist and video director to artists such as James Bay, also feature on his list.
‘Caged’ is a sweet melodic emotion- filled track that just warms the cockles of the heart. Candied mellow toned guitar twinkles throughout adding vibrant bursts of light to the cosy track. Soft drums wrap the song in a comforting blanket while adding a strong rumble -like beat. Olly’s passionate vocals display tender raw emotion as he wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s filled with hope and bright scintillation soaked in longing wistful tones. This track is bouncy light and passionate with a catchy chorus – its a sweet little ditty.

Stream ‘Caged’ below


James Holt ‘Whatever Happened to John?’

James Holt is a singer,songwriter from Manchester whose unique alternative rock sound, is receiving attention and praise from music industry giants and the listening public alike. He has recently released his new single ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ which was chosen by world-renowned producer Brian Eno for the NOISE arts festival.Holt performs regularly at venues and festivals in towns and cities across the UK including prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London.
‘Whatever Happened to John?’ is a speedy energetic track blended with rich varieties of euphoric sounds, from country twangs and rock and roll bounce to sensual ethnic sensibilities and loads in between. With a snappy beat and mellow harmonica twangs, it’s an infectious relentless brisk ball that constantly rebounds back with infectious enthusiasm. Slick guitar flickers and mysterious ethnic feature provides a sultry steamy bridge with psychedelic delusional hints. The track continues it’s steam engine pace laced with adrenaline and heart stopping excitement. It’s a refreshing cracking track smothered in bustle charm and staggering swagger. This guy has some talent.

Stream ‘Whatever Happened to John?’ below

Lisa Loughrey ‘Coming Up’

Irish Singer Songwriter Lisa Loughrey has released her debut single, ‘Coming Up’ today. Loughrey has previously written songs that have featured in documentaries (RTE Radio1), radio, music blogs (Folk Radio UK, Tradconnect) and local and national press.Up until now, she has been primarily known for her work with Dublin based Alt Folk outfit, The Mariannes. She also won the inaugural Clancy Brothers Award for Songwriting in 2014.The track was recorded in The Nutshed Studios, and was mixed and produced by Nathan Maher and Joe Egan. Performing on the track with Loughrey is multi-instrumentalist Nathan Maher (Buffalo Sunn, Slackers’ Symphony), veteran bassist Damian McMahon (formerly of Tupelo), percussionist/drummer Jacob Fry (BIMM graduate) and Eoghan Keane on trumpet.
‘Coming Up’ is a track that holds the weight of the world on its shoulders but withstands its brutal force. Buoyant light guitar twangs and lush soft lull on backing vocals set the track afloat creating a weightless warm feel while throbbing bass and steady drums add a heavy pulse and thud. Coated in dark tones this track gives a sense of endurance however the elasticity and spring adds hope and strength. Loughrey’s hazy raspy vocals simmer with moving emotion. Simple and smooth the track is foot tapping friendly with an authentic country tone however with striking lyrical depths that hit you hard and cast an eerie shadow. ‘Coming Up’ is richly textured and sophisticated displaying a compelling vocal expression from Loughrey .
When asked about the track Loughrey said “‘Coming Up’ plays like a confessional and deals with the universal themes of disillusionment and remorse, it acknowledges a person’s constant struggle to get ahead in life despite facing withstand from both outside and within. The song itself is also a hat-tip of sorts to the 1970’s folk song ‘Sonny’s Dream’, written by Ron Hynes”
‘Coming Up’ is the first release from Lisa Loughrey’s forthcoming solo album. The single release will be followed by a launch on 8th June at Arthur’s Music Venue, Dublin 8 so make sure to check that out.
Stream ‘Coming Up’ below

Sive ‘The Roaring Girl’ Album

Songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Sive first began to delve into songwriting when she was 15. She released her first album of original material, ‘We Are Moving’, to critical acclaim in 2012.She has toured extensively in Ireland, The UK, Europe and New Zealand, sharing stages with the likes of Kila, John Spillane and Gemma Hayes. She was voted viewer’s choice to appear on RTE’s Other Voices in 2014 and has also performed on TG4’s Róisín, TV3’s Ireland AM, ARTE’s Metropolis (Germany/France) and ETV’s Terevisioon (Estonia). Sive has now released her second studio album ‘The Roaring Girl’.
‘The Roaring Girl’ is a stunning unique venture, rich with complex subtle instrumentation and warm melodies mixed with conflicting explosive emotions that create an album to get lost in. From the warm deep melancholic string intro of ‘Turn Down The Silence’ you are instantly made aware of the intensity and depth of the album. The track lightens becoming a little more peppy and bouncy yet underneath this is the menacing strings niggling like a lingering worry. Sive pulls in theatrical elements in all the tracks which makes each track more meaningful and important. ‘Swallow Me’ has a jazzy piano and brighter atmosphere with a bubbly rippling warm guitar feature which playfully flickers in and out of the jittery percussion and jazz like piano.The track leads you down a dreamy path as the music subtly wanders into a hazy state.‘Wingless Bird’ hooks with lush sweet backing vocals as Sive’s main vocals soothe with charming warmth and luxurious texture. The track is a simple little gem with tropical African-fused pop rhythm and blissful honeyed melody, it’s perfect, rich and delightful. ‘If I Had A Home To Go To’ has an eerie waltz-like sway and glide. Full of grandeur and elegant string accompaniment with haunting backing vocals. Its a hair-raising yet sombre drizzled fairy tale. ‘Maude’ glimpses at Sive’s folk tinged style while ‘Humans’ takes a dainty simple approach. Sive’s sweet powerful vocals shine, packed with passion and emotion. Slowly building into a mightier crescendo with darker bewitching tones and rumbling beats teamed with luscious tantalising backing vocals this track again is chilling and goosebump inducing. It’s perfectly breezy and eerie with easy gently sway-like glides that build into an enchanting wind swept flow. ‘Hoverfly’ brings us to the end of our beautiful musical journey with gentle tones, warm acoustic guitar and stunning vocals.
‘The Roaring Girl’ showcases Sive’s ability to gracefully pirouette between genres, effortlessly blending jazz with hints of indie and funk elements wrapped in cloaks of classical whims while creating cinematic images and striking emotions within the listener. The album is mature well crafted and deeply moving.A solid body of work. Refined elegance oozes from every track while you witness the turmoil and emotions flooding through the album without becoming overwhelmed, its satisfying and soul fulfilling. A sublime album from Sive.
Stream ‘The Roaring Girl’ below